Toronto's bevy of blue-liners continues to draw interest

Toronto’s bevy of blue-liners continues to draw interest from around the league.

With Jake Gardiner unavailable, multiple teams would like to pry Luke Schenn loose, however the Leafs insist he won’t get moved unless faced with an offer they can’t refuse, and so far, that offer hasn’t been made. Carl Gunnarsson, Cody Franson and Keith Aulie are also generating interest.

Chicago, Detroit, New Jersey, Edmonton and Winnipeg remain among the teams still searching for defencemen, so Toronto expects an opportunity will surface in the days ahead.

The Edmonton Oilers are also hoping action heats up on Ales Hemsky. Inquiring teams say Hemsky’s asking price of an NHL roster player in return is too steep, given his lack of offensive production and potential status as a rental. However, unless those currently on the fence shift to selling mode, teams like Edmonton and Toronto, who have players in play, may hold firm on what they expect in return.

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  1. leafmeister says:

    30 games of decent play from Reimer? Why not bet the season on him? So *****ing dumb. Its always gotta be something. Sigh.

  2. leafmeister says:

    Make no mistake, the Leafs lost that game BECAUSE of goaltending. Burke thought to address everything else; and did so fairly well. He just kind of ignored goaltending though, banking on two guys so far from having proven consistency at any North American level. I won't say that I was screaming for a better goalie in the summer, but I definitely questioned why 30 games is enough of a sample. 

  3. 93killer93 says:

    According to Eklund the Leafs are in the lead in terms of acquiring Bernier from LA.

  4. albertateams says:

    IMO I don't see Bernier as a good fit in TO. Kids got talent but isn't he just an upgrade on future potential over Reimer and Gus. He's still going to have the inconsistencies of a developing goalie. If TO wants to provide stability I say they look for a veteran. The other consideration is at what cost, LA isn't going to be selling off Bernier for cheap.

  5. albertateams says:

    Could be worse. You could have your goalie stand on his head for 2 periods and still get thumped by the 2nd worse team in the NHL.

    That effort by the Flames was embarrassing lat night. Outside of Kipper no one showed up.

  6. TheLeafNation91 says:

    To be honest, I don't think the drop off in play with the entire Grabovski line has helped the team this year.

  7. leafmeister says:

    Gustovsson let in a 60 foot floater that was going wide in overtime…

  8. leafmeister says:

    Yeah but what was Burke gonna do about that? They played well so he gave them reasonable contracts and chanced it again. Kulemin has been laughably awful, MacArthur has been decent, and Grabo has been Grabo (is very much a positive and a a negative), so Burke can't be blamed so much for that.

    Its a good thing Kessel and Lupul have picked up the slack. 
    Burke has never been a very good judge of goaltending. At the beginning of 09/10 he went with Toskala, which I would contend was the single biggest reason why Seguin is a Bruin; cant exactly blame him for going with Giguere, but an alternative to Gustovsson would have been nice; going with just Reimer and Gustovsson this year was pretty dumb. Two guys with so little experience in Toronto? Fool proof.
  9. dumbassdoorman says:

    Well as much as I know I called for a vet backup to be brought in this summer by Burke, I was for riding reimer. Until he got hurt, he was 4-0-1, not bad, really. Plus I still say Wilson panicked and rushed him back, which has hurt him. That on top of not being allowed to really collect his game has compounded problems. I am not saying he is a star or anything, but the cards dealt this season, weren't exactly in his favour. The main problem we has is and continues to be Wilson.

  10. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think with his new contract Elliott has landed from Stl, Burke should look into Halak. You gotta know he would relish the chancr to shove it right up Mtl's a$$es. However if they are going to again go the young goalie route, why not go after Stl's other goalie Bishop, who could yet turn out to be a UFA.

  11. Steven_Leafs says:

    I cannot understand how Gustavsson is consistently letting in 1 or 2 shitty goals a game while looking somewhat good to stellar in those games. I'm about ready to accept us trading him if we can get a return like everyone else has been getting for their rentals. I mean if we can get a 1st round pick for Gustavsson and then draft Malcolm Subban, I would happy. Or maybe expand on a Carter deal:

    Kulemin, Gustavsson, Blacker, 2012 2nd round pick


    Carter, Mason

    if we can give up slightly less for Carter to take on Mason's contract, I say do it. Worse case, we send Mason down for a conditioning stint and give Scrivins a proper shot.

  12. Steven_Leafs says:

    Maybe in retrospect going out and getting a veteran goalie would have been the way to go but I like most of us were not up for trading Gustavsson for a 3rd round pick (I cannot remember what his value was at the time I assume it was kinda low) just to re-sign Giguere (this was the only other option for Toronto, trying to out bid teams for Vokoun or Bryzgalov was not going to happen when we could have signed Giguere for cheap).

    We probably should have went with Giguere, but what can you do.

  13. Steven_Leafs says:

    I can see why Bernier would be an attractive option for Toronto but I cannot see why LA would trade him to us. Bernier has a cheap contract for one more season so any goalie Toronto would send back (Gustavsson) would not work, and unless the return was well worth it (Like Gunnarsson, Gustavsson, pick) there is no reason for LA to do it and at that price there is no reason for Toronto to do it either.

    Now Halak on the other hand is a different story. I'm all for giving up a quality player or 2 to upgrade to Halak. I cannot see St.Louis doing it really since Halak is the more attractive playoff option but if they can get a couple decent bodies for their playoff run then you never know.

    Also if Bishop hits free agency, I'm all for signing him. I would love to get him to a 1 year, 2-way contract so that we can switch back and forth from him and Scrivins behind Reimer but if we can get Bishop signed to a 800k one-way deal then I'm ok scratching Bishop if Scrivins out plays him.

  14. dumbassdoorman says:

    I am not surer scrivens, does outplay him, Bishop is considered the best goalie not playing in the NHL right now, and by a wide margain.

  15. mapleleafsfan says:

    Absolutely no chance he returns a first rounder. He basically has no value at this point.. You also have to look at how few competitive teams right now need goalies.. Chicago and Philly (nothing they can do there). They have a problem with consistency, gus doesn't solve that problem at all… Then if you look at not competitive teams, there is just no chance they move a mid-high first rounder for a goalie who has proven nothing other than he's a back-up at best. 

    Gus has some raw talent, but he's not a starter… Any team would be smart just to keep their pick and draft subban themselves if they want a project goalie.
    If Gus could return a first rounder, he'd be long gone.  
  16. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah I know but unless we got a replacement goalie in a larger deal, there is no point giving up on Gustavsson for a 3rd round pick. We have no better options at this point, and I doubt we would be able to get Harding off of free agency, assuming he gets there.

    Giving up Gustavsson for nothing when he could go on another streak (he did a couple times this season) and get us into the playoffs is a bad idea.

  17. Steven_Leafs says:

    true, and that status always nets you a one-way deal by someone. Alright I can live with that. lol.

  18. dumbassdoorman says:

    So, BOb Mac, reporting that Car & Ruuttu, close to a 4yr deal, argh, there is the type of player we needed gone

  19. leafmeister says:

    If he were on the market the Leafs would be outbid by a contender, who would be willing to offer Carolina what they want.

  20. dumbassdoorman says:

    Meh, I meant as a UFA target this summer

  21. MystifoLeafs says:

    Would everyone be okay with giving up something along these lines for Halak?

    Because while I have posted similar trade Scenarios about Halak before this is what I expect Armstrong to be asking for. Do we overpay? Yes we do but we do get a Goaltender who has proved himself before and did it in a hockey mad city of Montreal.
  22. mojo19 says:

    The funny thing is that Giguere wanted to stay. But Burke opted to go with Reimer and Monster. Giggy would have been a good veteran to have around. His play with the Avs this year has been decent. He would've been cheap.

    Anyway's I'm not against trading for Giguere back. Khabibulin could be had, Ryan Miller doubt it, Nabakov maybe, anyone else? Nittymaaki or Concklin but I don't think either guy would be a real upgrade. Same shit.

  23. KingCanada says:

    Thats definatly an overpayment if you ask me.  He was originally traded for an A prospect and a B prospect.  Not that thats his value written in stone..but still holds some weight IMO.

    And I dont think Burke is trading roster players since he will want to try his luck in the playoffs this spring.

  24. dumbassdoorman says:

    I would do it at this point I think and hate to say it but for cap reasons the second deal make UFA signings easier

  25. MystifoLeafs says:

    Yeah but you got to remember the Blues want to try for the playoffs as well. So they are not going to want the typical Picks/Prospects package unless they can be used in a larger deal. Like say a three way trade.

  26. TimTheBone says:

    Well coming from a MTL fan…. Halaks value was more than that…. He wasn't shopped and He was RFA… so it brought the return down a bit…

  27. TimTheBone says:

    that being said…. if a trade could be made…. I think a Roster player, a Mid to high level prospect, and a 2nd gets it down easy… unless a bidding war ensues

  28. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah I'm ok with getting Giguere back, but only if we got a lot for Gustavsson. I have no problem giving the current goalie team another shot next year, unless of course a huge upgrade like Halak was available.

  29. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    I have no idea why you guys think Malcolm Subban is that good.

    He went to my high school and we'd always play, and he was a decent goalie, but nothing special. 
    I just don't understand why he's ranked so high
  30. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    I have no idea why you guys think Malcolm Subban is that good.

    He went to my high school and we'd always play, and he was a decent goalie, but nothing special. 
    I just don't understand why he's ranked so high
  31. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    No problem with giving the current goalie team another shot?

    So you don't want the leafs to make the playoffs next year?
    If we can't get an upgrade, bring up Mark in da Park from the Marlies, he's way better than the Monster and Reimer.
  32. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    1st trade no.

    2nd trade definitely.
  33. TimTheBone says:

    well for one thing… players can mature alot in the years after high school… i went to high school with two guys in the show right now…. each of them took different paths and one was actually quite good his entire way up and was shafted for his world junior year IMO because it was the stacked 2005 WJC and both were part of the 2003 draft class…. anyway one guy i never thought wopuld make it when he was drafted in the 5th or 7th round im not sure… but he improved quite abit and has now played a few games and was really looking to make a push on Pheonixs bottom 6….

    The real good player i was talking about is chicagos tender Crawford….

  34. dumbassdoorman says:

    Who is the other player?

  35. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    lol but high school was a year ago.

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