Toronto's Deadline Options

Hopefully without bias, here’s what I think the Leafs should consider, as possibilities to improve their club before the trade deadline.As it stands right now, a healthy Toronto lineup looks something like this:





Renberg, Perrott, Wilm, Belak, Panikarovski




Jackman, Colaiacovo, Belak, Hedin

There is a lot of depth at forward, so the obvious call would be to say that the Leafs will be trading somebody from up front for a defenceman. All the talk right now says that the Leafs are trying to acquire Sergei Gonchar from the Capitals. I think that this would be an alright move for the Leafs, but I’m not too sold on it 100%. The Leafs have one of the highest scoring defence cores in the NHL, so there’s really no need to bring in another offensive minded guy, especially a guy who’s not known for his defensive tendencies. If the Capitals are looking to deal players to dump salary, the Leafs would be better off looking at a guy like Brendan WItt. He’s steady as a rock on the back end, has limited offfensive upside however, but he’s young, plays a very nasty stay-at-home game and would fit well in with the Leafs style of play.

Possible Trades:

Nik Antropov/Tomas Kaberle/3rd Round Pick (TOR)


Sergei Gonchar & Brendan Witt (WAS)


Nik Antropov (TOR) for Richard Matvichuk (DAL)

Another trade that would be great not only for the “now” but for the next 10 years, is picking up Jeff O’Neill from Carolina. He’s a young sniper, who plays with heart and is a true leader. Once Gary Roberts is gone, there is going to be a big hole to fill, O’Neill is the type of guy that could really help out there.

Possible Trades:

Mikael Renberg/$1 million/3rd Round Pick (TOR)


Jeff O’Neill/Bob Boughner (CAR)

Darcy Tucker/2nd Round Pick (TOR)


Ryan Smyth (EDM)

The Ryan Smyth idea is a little bit of a dream, but I did hear the guys on CTV Sportsnet talking about how the Oilers being open to trade anybody off their roster. Smyth is a guy Pat Quinn openly admires, from his play in the Olympics (see Owen Nolan, Joe Nieuwendyk and Ed Belfour) So if Ryan Smyth were to be on the market, it’s not too far fetched of an idea to think the Leafs would make a move, especially with the Oilers interest in Darcy Tucker, going back to the Ninnimma sweepstakes last year.

In any regard, the Leafs will be making some moves in the coming week, because JFJ has to make his presence known to the Leafs and their fans. This is his first real opportunity to build a solid reputation in the city of Toronto, and amongst the Leafs rabid fans for Ferguson…he’s going to make his mark soon.


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  1. mojo19 says:

    The leafs don’t have a 2nd round pick. their 2004 2nd rounder went for Wesley last year.

  2. CrazyAssLeafer says:

    They may play boring hockey, but they are one hell of a team.

  3. RangerBlue says:

    Uh the NBA has a soft salary cap, the NFL has a hard one. 80% of the teams in the NBA are over the cap.

    In the NFL if you are over the cap you are in trouble.

  4. RangerBlue says:

    Actually a problem for the Devils is where they play. Unlike the Rangers and Islanders, if you do not have a car its a pain to get to the game. You could take the bus or train to see the Rangers, you could go on the LIRR to see the Islanders.The Devils need somthing like that if they are going to stay where they are at, but they are trying to move to Newark anyway.

  5. Nothingman says:

    You couldn’t cut it over there could you?

    In fact some of our biggest members over there are Leaf Fans. I don’t hate the Toronto Maples Leafs hockey team at all, good collection of players, but I hate their fans, and jackasses like yourself who have nothing intelligent to say are the premier reason why…

    When the Maple Leafs visit Australia I’ll tell you whether or not I had an altercation with one of them, but until then, keep your stupid Toronto-ass comments to yourself.

    And I don’t go for the Canadiens either poindexter.

  6. Leafs88 says:

    Actually, Goncahr is not a UFA. He is eligble for abirtiration at the end of the season. So the Leafs can lock him up for a few years.

  7. devfanman4 says:

    yup….the Devils suck

  8. Aetherial says:

    Yes it makes sense.

    Unfortunately, if they want to improve their current lineup, probably at least one of those guys has got to go. Given the financial climate, cheap, promising youth has become even more desireable.

    Let’s face it, the Leafs are a very solid team but they do not have a bunch of players other teams are coveting.

    If JFJ can improve the teams without losing one of those guys, more power to him!

  9. Sunnyg says:

    pretty good article. although i highly doubt that the leafs can get jeff o’neill for renberg and and a 3rd round pick…o’neill is known as a big, fast, gritty forward who normally can score 30 goals in a year. plus, he’s still under 30 yrs. old, so he should be good for a long time.

    the reality is that is that nobody is going to get o’neill without coughing up at least one solid prospect and then some…renberg is old and injury prone, plus he makes a decent salary…so that doesn’t help carolina at all. they are looking to rebuild and therefore want good young, cheap talent in return.

  10. nocuphere says:

    I don’t know what to do there. Kabs is so young, and it usually takes these european d-men a little while to figure it out. I just dont trust Gonchar.

  11. Bubblenuts says:

    No kidding.

    Trading Coliacovo (or Kaberle for that matter) for Gonchar won’t get them anywhere. It seems nobody has heard the secret that Kaberle, Coli, and Gonchar all play the exact same style of game. Difference of course between the 3 is salary. Getting Gonchar would be like throwing money for the sake of throwing money, they already have 2 Gonchars, or will in the next few years.

  12. Aetherial says:

    While I do not know if that is sufficient, and I am guessing it is not…

    Those players do have *some* trade value. If for no other reason than they have either potential or they can play in the league and they are not expensive.

    There is also upside there with all 3.

    Jackman is not worse than Jason Smith was… look at him now.

  13. nocuphere says:

    Damn straight!!

  14. HabsNick says:

    One has to wonder why the Leaf fans want to trade half of their team when they are winning more often than not. It’s proven that stacking your team won’t get you more wins (Rangers) so why do Toronto fans keep insisting to go down the same road year after year?

    Frankly, if they WANT to absolutely make a trade to shore up their weaknesses for the playoffs, it’s pretty easy to look up the roster and figure that all they need is a solid defensive second line D. That rules out Gonchar, they don’t need him.

    Let’s take Carolina for example since everyone knows they’ll be sellers at the deadline. That means getting either Wesley (the easier choice, but does he want to play in Toronto again? that’s another matter) or Boughner (harder, Carolina probably won’t trade him unless they get excellent return).

    Let’s say i’m the Carolina GM and i know a lot of teams will inquire for the services of these two players, and Toronto is the first to call. Here’s what i ask:

    For Wesley, give me either Brendan Bell or Pilar, and a 3rd or 4th round pick. (preferably Pilar since he can help right away, Bell is still 2 years away from the NHL)

    For Boughner, give me Kondratiev, Ponikavirski or Antropov and Jackman. (Jackman to finish the season, Kondratiev might be ready next year and i believe that he’s the best prospect the Leafs have, Antropov isn’t bad, but i think Ponikavirsky will be better in a few years)

    As you can see, many teams could use either of those two Ds for the playoffs, and the Carolina GM knows it, so he’ll ask for a lot, with reason. I think Ferguson is intelligent enough not to get rid of all of his good prospects, so he’ll probably just get a veteran D (maybe a rent-a-player) for depth purposes, he shouldn’t destroy his core of players.

  15. HabsNick says:

    Bad sentencing on the Boughner proposition, i meant:

    Kondratiev + Jackman + (Ponikavirski OR Antropov)

    *not* Kondatiev + Ponikavirski OR Antropov + Jackman

  16. rojoke says:

    “…Kondratiev might be ready next year and i believe that he’s the best prospect the Leafs have…”

    Not even close. Kondratiev was sent home a couple of months ago because there was no one else on the Leafs farm team who could speak Russian. He’s at least two years away. Besides, Colaiacovo has been the most reliable blueliner in St. John’s (AHL all-star rep), and Kyle Wellwood is probably ahead of Matt Stajan, simply because Wellwood gets more ice time.

  17. LondonK says:

    Because the leafs have too many players.

    Sundin, Nolan, Roberts, Renberg, Tucker, Reichel, Fitzgerlad, Mogilny, Domi, Stajan, Nieuwendyk, Ponikarovsky, Antropov

    Right there that is 13 forwards. With only 12 positions that means one is already forced out of the lineup when Mogilny returns.

    Add in Belak and Perrot, and now Johnson and that takes it to 16 forwards. And the leafs already have seven current defenseman in Kaberle, McCabe, Klee, Berg, Marchment, Pilar, and Jackman.

    They need to give up roster players to get new players because they have nowhere to put the ones they have right now.

  18. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Nothingman you names becomes you…you said nothing and thus are ignored from now on.

    Stick to watching re-runs of the Crocodile ,you fool.

    Oh one more thing here’s a box of bounty for you to wipe up your tears little boy.

  19. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Your kidding ,I hope?.Talk about Leaf fans making up whacked up trade proposals.

    If you think that is what it would cost to get Boughner then all the more power to you.

  20. cueball says:

    cheesyphilly is a loser the guy is posting his thoughts nobody wants to hear yours.

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