Toskala gets start against Habs

Solid against Ottawa

AM 640 in Toronto is reporting that Vesa Toskala will get the start tonight for the Maple Leafs in their game against the Canadiens.

Andrew Raycroft played in the opener with so-so reviews, as you would expect, and Vesa Toskala made his debut in Ottawa, and played well.

Leafs played well against Ottawa

The Leafs generally played well in their first 2 games against Ottawa and easily could have won both games. They did a reasonably good job in limiting quality scoring chances against one of the most dangerous offensive teams in the league.

Canadiens looking for revenge

The Canadiens will start all-star goalie Cristobal Huet.

The Canadiens will be looking for revenge after blowing a 5-3 lead against Toronto in the final game of last season, which obliterated their playoff hopes.

Montreal is coming off a 3-2 overtime win at Carolina on the strength of 3 power-play goals.


It should be a great game between a team hungry for its first win and a team with something to prove after last year’s final game. Expect the Leafs to prevail if they can keep Montreal’s potent power-play in check. This would be the first win for what promises to be a 100 point season for the Leafs.

2 Responses to Toskala gets start against Habs

  1. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Toskala was solid in both games he started. We could have easily won the second game against Ottawa if we stayed out of the box, and Toskala game through in the clutch during a 4 on 3 in overtime. I'm quite pleased that Toronto ACTUALLY has a starting goaltender again!!! GO LEAFS GO!!!! GO TOSKALA GO!!!

  2. Hoondog2 says:

    Toskala appears to be the real deal.  Now lets hope Raycroft can play well enough to earn some value in a trade later on in the season.

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