Tough questions for some GMs

Speaking of the trade deadline, the Bruins are in a terrific position to pry some top-end talent from teams in the seller’s category, thanks in large part to the Phil Kessel deal that gives Boston another of Toronto’s first-round picks this year (the Bruins used the other to pick up Tyler Seguin in last year’s draft). The Leafs look like they’ll be a draft lottery team again this season, which means Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli can dangle a top-five pick.

So, what do you do if you’re Dallas GM Joe Nieuwendyk or Calgary GM Jay Feaster? Both GMs have assets that, if moved, would be the most sought-after pieces at the deadline in the form of Brad Richards and Jarome Iginla.

Richards will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, and we’re guessing the Stars’ chances of retaining his services will be slim unless they go on a long playoff run. Yet the team has played poorly of late (two wins in its past nine games) and looks like it will relinquish its longstanding spot atop the Pacific Division. Even if the Stars do make the playoffs, what is the probability of a long run? Nothing is a given, but an honest assessment suggests the Stars are likely in one-and-done territory. Weigh that likelihood against having a top-five pick and other assets from Boston if Nieuwendyk asked Richards to waive his no-trade clause.

Talk about a dilemma.

It’s the same with the Iginla case. Feaster has repeatedly said he will not ask Iginla to waive his no-movement clause. The Flames have played their way back into playoff contention in the West and are 7-1-2 in their past 10 games, but they are 10th in the conference and the teams in front of them all hold games in hand. In short, a playoff berth isn’t a given.

With the dearth of talent in Calgary’s minor league system, the lure of a top-five draft pick is a powerful one given Iginla’s attractiveness to other teams like Boston. (He has two more years left on his contract at $7 million.)

You can ask the same question of Ottawa GM Bryan Murray, who has already started to deconstruct his Senators team. Would having two draft lottery picks this spring not be attractive if you thought captain Daniel Alfredsson would yield that kind of return even if it meant dealing the classy veteran to a division foe?

Tough calls all the way around. Guess that’s why those guys get paid the big bucks.

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  1. albertateams says:

    Feaster is in kind of a strange spot there is no way Iginla or Kipper get moved and I would be shocked if any of J-bo, Reggie or Gio were moved.

    What is more interesting to me is what he will do with guys like Glencross and Babchuk and to a lesser extent Hagman. Both Glencross (19 goals)and Babchuk (8-19-27 plus 5) are having very strong years and could probablly bring in a very good return given the limited amount of sellers at this time. Hagman is having a dissapointing season however he still could be moved for a decent return as he has 1 more year at 3 million.

    The other option is the Flames could look at adding, they have cap room with Langkow on LTIR (most likely retiring at the end of year), and Kotalik down in Abbotsford. But two things concern me about this 1) do we tinker with a team that is currently showing fantastic chemistry and 2) what do we give up to add a player (the picks we have are 1st, 4th,5th, 6th, 7th) and our prospect pool isn't that deep.

    Right now the Flames roster is as follows:

    Tanguay Morrision Iginla
    Glencross Jokinen Moss
    Hagman Stajan Bourque
    Kostopolous Backlund Jackman


    J-bo Reggie
    Gio Sarich
    Babchuk Staios

    (Pardy, Micklson)


    I really doubt the flames do much of anything. Maybe they add a bottom six forward for depth or a reliable 5-6 defenseman or trade a Staios or Pardy, but that's pretty much going to be it.

  2. reinjosh says:

    I have to agree they will probably just stand pat going on deadline day. Its a tough situation. Do they go for a quick retool hoping to get some younger pieces that can mildly help now but help for the future? I would actually like to see if Regehr could get a young player. Or maybe Backlund and Hagman together.

  3. albertateams says:

    I don't like the idea of moving Backlund, I Think he is going to be a really good player down the road. The package to move Regehr right now would have to be a clear overpayment, otherwise there is no point as the deal could wait untill the summer. If they could make a package of Hagman, Glencross and a mid level d prospect for a 25-30 year player that is an upgrade I would consider that (Weiss, Pavelski). The problem is I don't think those deals will be available. 

    I have no problem if mangement  leaves the roster as is. Sure it would suck to loose some of our UFA's for nothing, but I would rather do that then give up Backlund, our 1st or one of our better prospects for a short term push.

    It all depends on where we are in the standings after the next five games. To stay in the 8th spot I think we will have to win 3 maybe even 4 of our 5 games before the trade deadline, due to the games in hand that other teams have on us. If Calgary looses 4 of the five playoffs are history and might as well move out people. 

    The west is just so tight, out side of Colorado and Edmonton everyone else still has a shot at the playoffs. Its 10 points between 3 and 13th and most of the lower teams have games in hand so it could actually be closer. 

  4. reinjosh says:

    I haven't seen enough of Backlund this year to really see his potential so I'll take you work for it.

    The West is tight, which is why I would prefer to prepare a little for the future. But yeah the price couldn't be so high otherwise it makes little sense.

  5. alpalstewart says:

    With the oilers in rebuild mode. Do you think Hemsky for Bogosian could be a possibility. Ive heard Bogosian's name mentioned for whatever reason and we all know Penner and Hemsky are up for grabs at the right price. i think this is a deal that would benefit both teams as the thrashers could use a top line forward and we know how the oilers need to rebuild the defence with youth.  Just a thought from a die hard oilers fan. would hate to lose hemmer but we are loaded with small talented forwards and the defence needs work. 🙂

  6. canucks4thecup says:

    If Atlanta would do this deal then if I were Tambellinni I would pull the trigger without a doubt

  7. canucks4thecup says:

    Well If I were Nieuwendyk I would resign Richards, but unfortunately because of ownership issues, it doesn't look like they will.

    Calgary needs to fully rebuild in my mind.  All though they have picked up their play of late, I still feel they will be hard pressed to make the playoffs let alone win when they get there.  Feaster should trade Iginla and get a package in return which would include a lottery pick.
    Senators should do the same thing, full rebuild.  IF they can get a lottery pick for alfredson then DO IT!

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