Tradable Players in the Atlantic Division

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Anyway, let’s get serious. Who are the tradable players in this Division? Comments and thoughts are needed for this article. I think we can have a big and very interesting discussion on this topic.New York Rangers

Tradable players: Nedved, Malhotra, Lefebvre, McCarthy, Purinton.

A slow start from Nedved, Dvorak, and Ciger. These three were suppose to make up a good line, but they failed to build chemistry, leaving Nedved to struggle. Nedved is very useful for a trade, because teams are in need of Nedved. The Washington Capitals would be the first team on the list to land Nedved. You look at the Capitals players, well…not much right? But, the Capitals also hold that number one pick for 2002. Sather could possibly deal Nedved to the Caps for the 1st round pick and who knows what. He certainly is not going to give McPhee an easy ride with such a deal, since McPhee told that unpleasant lie to Sather. Another team could be the Avalanche. Watching this team last night, they need a center. Sakic is still great and he is the only one who is doing something on that team. The Rangers scored 5 goals on Roy, proving that the Avs trap can be beaten, so the Avs must not rely on their defense and goaltending. Possibly Nedved, Lefebvre, and a 3rd round pick for Drury and Reinprecht. Drury would be a great fit on the Rangers, even with his small size, he has great puck handling skills and maybe he could change Dvorak’s numbers into high double-digit numbers. GM Sather will force the other GM to accept Lefebvre, so Lefebvre is included in almost every deal. Sather is deciding on Blackburn, and so far, it still seems Blackburn will stay in a Rangers uniform this season. Another possible deal with Nedved could be with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Lecavalier would be Sather’s choice without a doubt, and he would offer Nedved, Malhotra, and maybe a top round pick. Also, a rumor of Malhotra to the Sharks for Rathje, I could see that happening, and the Sharks and Rangers have a good relationship when it comes to making trades. McCarthy and Purinton could be traded as well, to any team. Who would not want toughness? Purinton will work hard, and definitely bring up the toughness level, as well as McCarthy.

New York Islanders

Tradable players: Czerkawski, Isbister, Bates, K. Jonsson.

The Islanders are in some kind of a slump. Can they face these kinds of slumps? This is an inexperienced team, for the most part, and Mike Peca has to shake things up for this team. Czerkawski just cannot put the puck in the net. He is valuable because he can always have a strong 2nd half of the season, but the Isle’s need someone to put the puck in the net now. Czerkawski and K. Jonsson to Pittsburgh for Kaspiritis and…and…? Who knows, maybe Lang? Isbister is an important player. He is tough, an enforcer, and a future power forward. He is the kind of power forward that can score 30 goals one season and slowly drop in the 20’s, and then become an enforcer again as he gets older. Isbister will have a surprising season, and teams like the Oilers, Stars, Capitals, or a few others would take their chances on Isbister. He is not expensive to get so why not? Bates is another possibility, but he would only be used in a deal to have a big player in return for the Isle’s. Jonsson is probably the first player the Isle’s would offer in any deal. He is a good defenseman, but his value is not worth much at all, and he is no young spring chicken either. The Isle’s should only make offers if necessary, as of now they are a young team that had a great start and they have to face the struggles that a young team faces, no need to hit the panic button.

Philadelphia Flyers

Tradable players: Therien, Fedotenko, Williams

It is hard for this team to make deals, simply because they cannot trade too many players. Can’t trade Hlavac, or else it would make the Lindros deal look like a win for the Rangers. Can’t trade the top forwards and the top defensemen either. Not too many players to choose from. Therien is like the base for any offer, and Fedotenko would be the key player to give up. I was thinking of Fedoruk, but he has such a great personality that he should remain a Flyer. Flyers need…what do they need? Probably a good idea to get Bill Guerin, especially now since he has not scored a lot of goals. Williams looks like a good trade bait too, but I would not give him up either, unless the Flyers are in a real big need of someone, then they can sacrifice Williams. Fedotenko and a middle round pick for Guerin, Guerin is a UFA in 2002…so not too valuable.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Tradable players: Lang, Kaspirits, Kraft

It is incredible how this team changed. Last season it was a high scoring team, this season a low scoring team. Lemieux’s time is running out. He has not done much this season, look for him to play around 50 games. So, they need to make a trade for the future. This team is done, and it is time to rebuild. Lang is not a young player, so it is worth to trade him. Where to? Try the Senators, Blues, Devils, Montreal, or even the Red Wings, or Avalanche. Any team would need a player like Lang, so he is easily tradable and his value goes up when more than two teams want him. Never believe in what Kaspiritis tells the press, he does make up things on purpose. He is a solid defenseman, and again, who wouldn’t want him? Islanders and Leafs are the teams said to be most interested in Kasper. Kasper is worth a young top defensive prospect, a top 10 forward prospect of a team, and a pick. Kraft is talented, but I don’t understand how he has not improved. Because of his talents, he is worth getting, and a team that would want a talented young player would make an offer for Kraft. This team is got to get young players, and it is time for a full rebuild and to find a future leader for the team.

New Jersey Devils

Tradable players: Gomez, Brylin, Commodore, Holik.

No, don’t hit the panic button Lou. The Devils are starting to get it going, especially after last night’s tie against the Flyers. They made Cechmanek work extremely hard, which is great for Cechmanek, now he is back in his old form. See Flyers fans, I told you that it was a good thing, in a way, that Boucher was injured. So, give the Devils at least 5 games and 10 games the most to start winning games, and play for real, but they can’t rely on ugly goals either. I won’t say defense is a problem, how could it be with the strategy they’ve always had? The problem is offense and goaltending. Gomez is just not clicking, and his time as a Devil is running out along with Brylin. Lou should see, before anyone does, if Gomez will start scoring or not, and he must make a trade immediately before people make a full judgement that Gomez is not scoring this season, because when that happens his value drops quickly. Brylin, I don’t even know where Brylin is. He played 15 games, but only has 8 points. Now, Lou has got to think offense and goaltending, because Brodeur must be extremely fatigued. Use Holik and Gomez to get a top forward, maybe Selanne. Use Brylin or Commodore along with a prospect or pick to get a back up, a real solid back up. Clemmenson and JF Damphousse don’t look too good to play 10 games in the NHL. Thing is, 10 games is not enough. Brodeur needs a back up that can play 20-25 games. Try to get Kidd or even Rhodes. The Devils have players that can be traded, a big advantage. Commodore does not look consistent enough for a team like the Devils, and I would use him immediately in a trade.

Comments are always welcomed. Put yourself as a GM for each team, and what would you do with these players? Keep them, trade them, or another player they should trade? Put yourself in GM Lou’s situation, what would you do? And for the other teams?

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