Trade Between Nucks and Leafs?

The Canucks are on a bit of a hot streak, yet Naslund isn’t a part of it. The Leafs are finding it hard to score goals, yet it wasn’t the case when Sundin was injured.

No I’m not suggesting Naslund for Sundin. It wouldn’t benefit either team.

Vancouver needs Naslund to get going, and Toronto needs to work as a team and stop relying on Sundin. The guy is 35, he’s been carrying the team for a decade! Plus I think Sundin is completely underapreciated in TO. Now keep in mind Sundin is a UFA next year and it’s still up in the air if they’ll resign him. I propose the following:

Sundin FOR Morrison, Bulis, Chouinard, TWO 2nd rdp

Now let me explain.

Vancouver gets Sundin (yes another Swede) who could take some of the pressure off Naslund and possibly get him going. If vancouver is going to make the playoffs (they are in a tough division) they will need Naslund to produce. Mo doesn’t motivate him, I bet Sundin does. Although Vancouver would lose a bit of depth, it’s not detrimental.

Toronto gets a ton more depth. A #1 centre in Morrison, yes I said #1, he’s been playing great as of late. Then there’s Bulis who’s never really been given a big enough chance in Vancouver (he could easily put up 40 pts). Then there’s Chouinard, not a great asset, but his face off game is coming back and he’s fairly good on the PK (he’d be more of a salary equilizer due to Sundins huge contract). And of course the two 2nd round draft pick. Which mean a lot in the new NHL, there are a lot of good players who will be available in the 2nd round next draft. Toronto has a choice, they can continue to ride Sundin to the point of exhaustion and miss out on the playoffs (completely unacceptable in TO) OR they can get deeper, younger and build a team identity.

The teams would be as follows:

Cooke – Sundin – Naslund Wellwood – Morrison – Tucker
D.Sedin – H.Sedin – Pyatt O’Niell – Stajan – Ponikarovsky
Burrows – Kesler – Linden Kilger – Steen – Bulis
Green – Cowan – Reid Newbury – Chouinard – Battaglia

Ohlund – Salo McCabe – Kaberle
Mitchell – Bieksa Kubina – White
Krajicek – Fitzpatrick Gill – Coliacovo

Luongo Raycroft
Sabourin Aubin