Trade Between Nucks and Leafs?

The Canucks are on a bit of a hot streak, yet Naslund isn’t a part of it. The Leafs are finding it hard to score goals, yet it wasn’t the case when Sundin was injured.

No I’m not suggesting Naslund for Sundin. It wouldn’t benefit either team.

Vancouver needs Naslund to get going, and Toronto needs to work as a team and stop relying on Sundin. The guy is 35, he’s been carrying the team for a decade! Plus I think Sundin is completely underapreciated in TO. Now keep in mind Sundin is a UFA next year and it’s still up in the air if they’ll resign him. I propose the following:

Sundin FOR Morrison, Bulis, Chouinard, TWO 2nd rdp

Now let me explain.

Vancouver gets Sundin (yes another Swede) who could take some of the pressure off Naslund and possibly get him going. If vancouver is going to make the playoffs (they are in a tough division) they will need Naslund to produce. Mo doesn’t motivate him, I bet Sundin does. Although Vancouver would lose a bit of depth, it’s not detrimental.

Toronto gets a ton more depth. A #1 centre in Morrison, yes I said #1, he’s been playing great as of late. Then there’s Bulis who’s never really been given a big enough chance in Vancouver (he could easily put up 40 pts). Then there’s Chouinard, not a great asset, but his face off game is coming back and he’s fairly good on the PK (he’d be more of a salary equilizer due to Sundins huge contract). And of course the two 2nd round draft pick. Which mean a lot in the new NHL, there are a lot of good players who will be available in the 2nd round next draft. Toronto has a choice, they can continue to ride Sundin to the point of exhaustion and miss out on the playoffs (completely unacceptable in TO) OR they can get deeper, younger and build a team identity.

The teams would be as follows:

Cooke – Sundin – Naslund Wellwood – Morrison – Tucker
D.Sedin – H.Sedin – Pyatt O’Niell – Stajan – Ponikarovsky
Burrows – Kesler – Linden Kilger – Steen – Bulis
Green – Cowan – Reid Newbury – Chouinard – Battaglia

Ohlund – Salo McCabe – Kaberle
Mitchell – Bieksa Kubina – White
Krajicek – Fitzpatrick Gill – Coliacovo

Luongo Raycroft
Sabourin Aubin

50 Responses to Trade Between Nucks and Leafs?

  1. 92-93 says:

    the leafs are finding it hard to score goals? what planet are you on right now?

  2. Pony says:

    Wow, that was, awful.

  3. gio1716 says:

    this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.
    Morrison a #1 centre? I dont think so.  Dont make me laugh.
    You must be a Canucks fan, cuz only in your dreams could they make this trade.

  4. tucksfan says:

    the onl part of that trade that is any good is bulis going to T.O. but dont send sundin send kilger or bataglia.

  5. Pony says:

    Screw that they can keep Bulis.

  6. tucksfan says:

    i stll think bulis for kilger would be a good trade only cuz bulis would be a good 3rd line player and the fact her played for the habs and he would produce a bit more playing montreal. but a trade between th canucjs and the leafs i would love to happen is steen and stajan for H.& D. Sedin.

  7. Pony says:

    Still on NHL 07 I see…

  8. tucksfan says:

    im good at that game so my team does good,so i keep my teams together..

  9. Pony says:

    Well its good thats the most youll ever manage.

  10. tucksfan says:

    do u ridicual ev1's stuff they put on htr?

  11. Pony says:

    I couldn't even guess you what you just 'attempted' to type.

  12. leafmeister says:

    What about Tucker, Gill, White, 2nd rounder and a conditional 3rd rounder. for Naslund and fitzpatrick.

    Then trade Kubina to Edmonton for Staios(Extreme Salary dump) Kubina is the powerplay quarter back edmonton needs.


    Bell-Kronwall(when he is healthy)

    On last trade Raycroft and 5th rounder to st. louis for Legace


    Those leafs with that star power would make the playoffs.

  13. tucksfan says:

    even tho i dont want tucks gone i like this trade. but  i dont think edmonton will take kubinas salary

  14. Gryphon says:

    (I have posted 1 article and this is my 1st comment I've posted, so hey all!)

    …..Anyways, as I was trying to state in my article I posted, Sundin is going nowhere he is a franchise center, so I'm sorry, but just, no!

  15. lukeleim says:

    Tucker is more likely to get traded. Here's what I proposal to you, who is obviously a Vancouver fan:

    Darcy Tucker, Chad Kilger & Jay Harrison for Matt Cooke, Luc Bourdon & Canucks' 4th round pick of 2007.

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Sundin is not underapreciated in Toronto. WE don't want to trade him, only non Leaf fans suggest trading him. Oh yeah, we'd love the always Streaky even though he plays with great players MORRISON. And who wouldn't want the underachiever known as BULIS, or the Overpaid CHOUINARD.

    NO DEAL.

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Kilger is better than Bulis. He is the best hitter on the team.

  18. Sundinrocks13 says:

    Henrik and Daniel would never be traded for Steen and Stajan.

  19. Sundinrocks13 says:

    I'd rather have Naslund come hear like:
    Kubina, Oneil-sign him for 2 years, 1.5 milll, Antropov and a 4th
    Naslund, Fitzpatrick

  20. Aetherial says:

    You could get a better return for Sundin at the trade deadline as a rental,  than you are suggesting. Morrison is the centerpiece of that offer??!? Huh?

    Sundin may be getting older but he shows no signs of slowing down. Look at someone like Shanahan… I could picture Mats being a star player in this league for another 3 years.

    I would love to see him traded… to a contender! not Vancouver.

  21. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    off topic, tucker is out for the game against Boton, so Suglobv is in.

    Steen Sundin O'neill
    Kilger Stajan Suglobov

  22. 42wellwood42 says:

    Wow you guys are sooooo stupied. The trades you people say they should do are they dumbest things iv ever heard! first it was 3 3rd round picks for St.Louis and get Yahsin trade Sundin, We should trade McCabe back to long island HE HAS A NOMOVEMENT CLAUSE AND HE WANTED THAT BECAUSE HE WANTS TO STAY WITH TORONTO so shut up with the McCabe should be traded! And you guys have soo much more crazy moves. Sundin isnt going anywhere nor is McCabe so stop making gay trades and be more relistic!

  23. 92-93 says:

    yup, and we are still waiting of Suglobov to do something. he shows flashes but he is so easy to knock off.

    loving Devereaux, Pohl, and Kilger right now. Hopefully Coliacovo will be playing and the leafs just have to play a simple road game tonight.

  24. Oley says:




  25. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    That's so *****ing stupid.

    Mats Sundin is the only thing worth while in Toronto sports right now, he deserves the Hart trophy this year, and Morrison, Bulis, and Chouinard are all shit.

  26. Pony says:

    Who says they wouldnt want to go to a winner? Don't get your panties in a knot.

  27. PhanufRoxs says:

    So were trading away to future of the Nuck's, and the next Ed Jovanoski for a rental player, who can score. Kovalchuk can go end to end and score, but Tucker can get a pass at the side of net and score. Kilger for Cooke is almost fair, since Cooke is playing better. So it's pretty much a guy who is already on waivers, for a forth round pick. Yeah. The Canuck's won't make trades until they start losing.

  28. PhanufRoxs says:

    The Canuck's don't want another d man, because there already going to have to give up Salo so Bourdon can play. Who the hell would trade for O Neil. if he was on my team, then okay, but I wouldn't trade Nazzy for him. Honestly the Canuck's are winning.

  29. PhanufRoxs says:

    Detroit is playing Chigaco, who let's be honest has probaly the worst team on paper in the NHL, and should get killed every night, Columbus, and St Louis, so that's 48 POINTS right there! I guarentee if the Canuck's were in that division instead of Nashville, they would be 5th or 4th in West, or even second.

  30. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i'm hearing suglobov is not 100% and is a game time decision, if he cannot play Bell will suit up as the 7th defenseman. Kilger is playing great with more ice time.

  31. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, but you'd probably be in the same spot if you were in the other western division (dallas, San Jose, Anaheim)

  32. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    oh, you think that trade is unfair? And trading Sundin for 3 overpaid goons is fair???

  33. leafs-man says:

    I have never ever seen such rubish. boy that was awful!!!!!

  34. 92-93 says:

    yeah back problems for Suglobov. maybe Sundin plays two lines??? maybe Bell plays as a forward? who knows.

    but tonight's game – despite all the injuries – is THE most important game of the year and will have implications for April. the season series is one Boston win from being won by the Bruins and a Leaf loss tonight virtually puts the leafs down with the two florida teams in terms of the East standings (since NYI, Pitts, Wash, Boston have waaay more games left to play).

    and considering the next few games (2 against Buffalo), the leafs aren't going to get any easy games anytime soon. it sucks that there are so many injuries though during this stretch, 5 of their top 9 forwards are out. that's insane.

  35. 92-93 says:

    and all those people – (i.e. the word) – who wanted Steen to be traded during his sophmore season.

    you give him more ice time, he'll produce more.

    you put him on a checking line with Peca, he'll nullify the opposition and his scoring will suffer at the same time.

    i mean, if Maurice is supporting this kid saying that he's a great young player who is responsible and is not a detriment to this team, why are other leaf fans so fickle when it comes to this kid.

    good for Steen, Pohl, Battaglia, White, and Devereaux … either young kids who will be good in the future and are doing pretty well right now … or older guys who are getting a 2nd chance.

  36. 92-93 says:

    again, did you watch the boston game tonight???

    toronto has trouble scoring goals? their 3rd in the league in goals for and in 5-on-5 goals.

    i mean come on!

  37. tucksfan says:

    sundin was not the only one producing 2nite 10-2 TORONTO OVER BOSTON!!!!!!!

  38. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Come on man, this is Leafs Nation. Everyone thinks every game is the most important game of the year. we won 10-2. Newbury played with much more confidence. And how about Ian White. He had McCabe wide open, instead he shots and Battaglia pots the rebound. White is really getting confidence in his game.

  39. 92-93 says:

    no seriously. tonight's game was a huge game.

    check the season series. now the leafs have a shot at winning the season series with boston. they've already lost their season series with Florida.

    why is this important? because there is a good chance the leafs will finished tied with another team in the standings in both points and wins (the first tiebreaker). the second tiebreaker is pts acquired during a season series.

    coming into these 2 games with the Bruins, the leafs were 1-3-1 and the bruins were 4-1-0.

    now they are 3-3-1 and the bruins are 4-3. that sets up their 8th and final game against each other on Tuesday Feb. 20 at home. if the leafs win it in regulation they'll get the season series. if they win it in OT or in a shootout, it will go down to the third tiebreaker, which is the greater differential between goals for and against for the entire regular season.

    i know i know – sounds far fetched. but the leafs are battling with 10 other Eastern teams and they need to win these season series … BIG TIME. if they would have lost one of these two games or even won one of them in OT or a Shootout, the leafs would have lost the season series.


    All the young guys are playing great. but Devereaux is making a case to be the permanent 4th liner (he's been huge since the departure of Peca). Maybe Pohl should be moved to the wing when Peca comes back (?). in any case, Devereaux shouldnt be sent down. Newbury looks good but he will probably be sent down along with Ondrus. and of course, the eternal hope that Belak gets sent down too.

  40. Oley says:

    Sundin no, how many times have sundin said he wants to stay a leaf and retire as a leaf? too many times to count because dumbass's start rumors!
    face the facts sundin is staying!

    mccabe  wants 2 stay a leaf too i can see mccabe waving is clause on his last year as a leaf….

  41. rajan says:

    what the heck are u talkin about man Morrision is not a a number one centre…ur probably a canucks fan lol making up somethin you wish could happen

  42. tucksfan says:

    i hope ur not talk bout sending them down saturday against buffalo . they r winning right now and they should not change the line up. and why send dow that line, they have very good chemistry and should remain the 4th line. this is how the leafs line up should look when poni,wellwood, and tucker come back.


    scratch kilger for a couple games see if they can start winning.

  43. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you scratched Kilger and Battaglia. Heres what the team will look like witrh everyone back (except Peca who is likely gone for the season)


    Newbury and Ondrus will be sent down, Suglobov wil be a healthy scratch along with Bell

    Tucker is expected to play saterday so trhe lineup will look like this


    Wellwood just started skating so its unlikely he'll play tonight.

  44. Aetherial says:

    You would not be doing any better in the Northeast.

  45. 92-93 says:

    Wellwood and Tucker will not be playing saturday night … and i dont mind that considering that their injuries could worsen if they try to play through it. Buffalo is not a must-win game but it would be nice if they could win it of course.

    as for sending people down, of course if tuck read my post correctly it shows that i am suggesting who would probably sent down when the injured guys return: Newbury, Ondrus, with Belak, Suglobov and Bell likely sitting. The good news is that we know we have guys who can step in and do the job right when injuries occur.

    Antropov is gone for awhile apparently even if he has resumed skating.

    Poni is at least a week away.

    but if anything good came out of this injury stretch – is that we found out Boyd Devereaux can play solid 4th line and 3rd line roles.

  46. woodsco85 says:

    Ok so we trade to get Fizpatrik, yet he doesnt even crack the top 6 D?

  47. Blueandwhiteblood says:

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!! We're gonna trade the heart and soul of our team for a couple nobody's and a pick, are you batty??? We need someone to compliment Sundin and to start burying pucks…..hmmmm…… I hear a struggling Shane Doan is on the market and a change of scenery and playing in a big market like Toronto might be the remedy. Phoenix is set to have a fire sale too so maybe Doan for O'Neil and a pick. Maybe we don't even have to give up a regular and we can give up a pick and a prospect for him and then We have a much more balanced first line and a legitimate shot at Bettering the team, as opposed to screwing ourselves over aquiring Bulis, Chouinard, and some nothing picks, and getting rid of everything the Toronto Maple Leafs are about in Mats Sundin

  48. koolcracker says:

    wait wait, we give a better goalie for a worse goalie, and also throw in a draft pick? Also, why are we so high on getting rid of Kubina?

  49. 92-93 says:

    oh love the idea of Doan coming to Toronto. but there are some serious obstacles too.

    namely, that O'Neill and a pick – even a 1st rounder – wouldnt be enough. You would have to trade a 1st rounder, Suglobov and one of Antropov or Poni AT LEAST.

    second, you would have to try to create cap space for resigning Doan in the offseason – which would be at least 5 million per year. That means JFJ would have to try and dump a guy like Kubina (impossible) or Gill (who JFJ thinks is the leafs 'best defenceman') and certainly Tucker (preferably to Edmonton to get that 1st rounder to trade to Phoenix).

    finally you have to wonder if that is a preferable thing, to tie up so much money to 5 players – Kubina, Kaberle, Sundin, McCabe, Doan (totalling about 26-27 million or more than half of the cap space).

    in any case, you need a very saavy GM, and the leafs dont have that GM right now.

    I would also be going after Nagy instead of Doan because he is younger and would be cheaper to sign. but again, i dont think its going to happen.

  50. gurpi13 says:

    wow u r an idiot! Morrison, Bulis, Chouinard all suck and don't tell me their good because they suck! and then u add 2nd rounders!?!? Sundin is worth 1st rounders. doing this trade would just make the leafs even worse. i say try and make mccabe waive his no trade clause so he can go suck somewhere else. and why hasn't JFJ been fired yet?

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