Trade D-Day Approaching

Trade Deadline Week is… ON! Seven days remain until the day where all trades occur.

All the latest comments on possible players to be traded. The latest rumors.

And… is the place to be for a hockey fan to see the latest trades during the deadline day.Happy Friday to you hockey fans. Thanks for reading my Olympic articles, I enjoyed them.

Let’s get down to business here. It’s trade deadline week where trades could happen during the week, maybe tomorrow…or…today…. and if today, maybe in the next few minutes. Exciting, isn’t it?

The abundance of tradeable players is quite pure and this trading week won’t be any different than the previous ones. There could be a lot of trades, the usual amount, or a bit less. I think it will stand between usual and a lot of trades.


Yes, the salary cap puts a limit on how much a team can trade, but this year the NHL only has about five teams that are way under .500. Other teams that are a little bit close to the playoffs but whose chances are slim, will still make trades.

This will become a numbers game as far as player budgets. Teams, besides the ones that are pretty much locked for the playoffs, will look to adjust their player budgets and trade away free agents. I think we could end up seeing trades where players are just swapped.

So, I think it will be quite busy…. yet, only time will tell.

Anaheim: There is no doubt in my mind that Brian Burke will trade J-S Giguere. To who it’s anyone’s guess. A journalist who says it will be Vancouver or Colorado is the same as the average Joe hockey fan on saying it will be Philadelphia. I think it will be Vancouver trading for Giguere and/or Carney. That could be a bit complicated with the Canucks budget at the cap’s max. The Avalanche are an obvious possibility for Giguere’s destination as well. Rarely do you see two teams be trade partners three times in a season; that means I am ruling out the Rangers possibility of getting Keith Carney.

Atlanta: GM Don Waddell could possibly make the Thrashers the team with most noticeable trades as he promised to make the playoffs. If that does not work, he can kiss his job goodbye. Expect the Thrashers to make funky deals. No particular names can be thought of. All I will say is that this is the typical team that is quiet, not too popular in the media’s trade rumors, and ends up making a key trade, or two, that will raise eyebrows.

Boston: I don’t see high chances of the goaltending seeing changes unless a team makes an offer that Mike O’Connell can’t turn down……which could be a crappy offer anyway. I think Samsonov is as good as gone and he’s heading down South or in the Pacific Division. The LA Kings could use a Samsonov, and Dave Taylor has made trades with the Bruins before. Glen Murray? Gone. Where to? Depends what Florida’s Keenan wants to do. Playoff push or sale? Murray in Florida could be a possibility. Maybe Alexei Zhamnov could gain some interest, but I’d be surprised to see any team have interest in him, unless they are desperate.

Buffalo: For real, who would want to trade for Noronen? Martin Biron is the guy that has to go. Noronen only started three games, played in four. Horrible statistics…. who would want him, and why? Only a team that needs a back up goalie, and there are not that many who would want a back-up goalie who rarely played. I think it has to be Martin Biron. I know the Sabres would love to go in the playoffs with these two (Miller-Biron), and maybe they will, but Biron either gets traded now or in the off-season. And, how much would you even give up for Noronen? I would have to think for some time to even give up a 6th rounder for him. After all, that 6th rounder may be as good as Zetterberg…or Lundqvist (former 7th rounders), or Datsyuk. Would you trade those guys for Noronen? I don’t think so. The Sabres could try to land a forward, maybe a center could be quite useful. Maybe someone to place in front of the net on the powerplay. An experienced player, maybe John LeClair? His two year contract makes him very disinteresting, however.

Calgary: Olli Jokinen to Calagry. That’s what the Canadian media would love to see. And, how many times has the Canadian media seen what they wanted? Few, if any! The Flames have squatto to offer to the Panthers. Had they kept Reinprecht, then I’d be still thinking of a possible trade. But the Flames really don’t have much to offer, not even a very solid goalie prospect. I think a perfect fit for the Flames would be Mike York. Not high in salary, not high in trade value. He is on a team that is in a transition phase. He passes well, plays hard, good work ethic, kills penalties. He does very well when playing on a fast line with strength, especially if his winger is a power forward. Tyler Arnason may be a possibility, but Arnason had that rough moment with Sutter’s brother when he was coaching the Hawks. Jason Allison could be a possibility as well.

Carolina: These guys made their moves already by getting Doug Weight. They may want to try and strengthen their blueline (Carney, Gauthier, Weinrich) and add a scoring winger. But, expect this team to be quiet.

Chicago: A poorly managed team, but won’t go for a fire sale. Maybe Arnason and Cullimore may be dealt, but GM Tallon won’t quit just yet. This is a different kind of NHL where a team can do horrible in one season, but make the playoffs the next. I don’t see the Hawks making many moves, if any should occur….. and if so, I expect them to be minor aside from Arnason.

Colorado: GM Lecroix has to make one decision here and answer this question: “Will my team have a chance to play in the Finals if I acquire Martin Biron, J-S Giguere, or Curtis Joseph?” If so, he should make a trade, if not…. he shouldn’t make a trade for a goalie. Why? Luongo sweepstakes will turn up after the playoffs are over. No reason to trade assets that could be used to land Luongo later on.

Columbus: If GM Doug McLean thinks he can part with Marc Denis, here would be my first two thoughts. 1) God bless the team that gets him. 2) McLean ought to be fired. I doubt the guy would be that dumb to do it, unless the offer is lopsided. The B’Jacks have little to offer. I’d expect them to make trades that would be useful for them next season. Other than that, I can’t see any value on their roster.

Dallas: The Stars budget is too close to the ceiling for them to make any significant moves. Not a noticeable player in the trade deadline week/day.

Detroit: They may be looking to get a cheap back up goalie (just in case since I doubt they want to use Osgood as their back-up). Player budget is too high to make any significant moves.

Edmonton: I’ve been saying this since late January and early February about the Oilers looking into Curtis Joseph (even for the Canucks), and just recently has the media said “hey, we think that Cujo would be a great fit for the Oilers”. I’ll say it again. The Oilers with Cujo could be like the Flames of 2004. The Oilers have been a tough playoff team and with Michael Peca and Chris Pronger, they will be tougher. Some added depth could be useful, but Cujo should be their prime target.

Florida: The team that is not getting enough media attention. This is crucial for the Panthers as Keenan is going to make a decision till the last minute. I think his first offer to Jokinen was very fair, as with Luongo’s offer. These two want to be paid top money, and I understand that. But, if they want top dollar it also means that they are not helping the team get any better. Therefore, they can’t say “We want the money and we want you to build a solid team”. That is not an easy thing to do when two players will make up about a third of the player budget. Keenan will make his final offers to Jokinen and if the guy declines them, then not only should Keenan let the media know that Olli is being greedy, but he should definitely trade the guy. Someone who has little loyalty to the team that gave him a career should be dumped. Keenan has a lot of work to do from now till the deadline. And if Jokinen won’t be wearing a Panthers jersey by draft day, neither will Luongo. Not much trading for the Panthers to do. Maybe they can try to get Glen Murray, which could convince Jokinen to stay.

Los Angeles: They need depth. They’ll be looking at every available player that could improve their roster. No particular names, but in general…they could attempt to get Glen Murray, Sergei Samsonov, Alex Zhamnov, Denis Gauthier…

Minnesota: First of all, I don’t see Jacques Lemaire succeeding with this new NHL. Secondly, this team needs to rebuild strong for next season. Dwayne Roloson will most likely be traded. Filip Kuba is another possibility. I don’t think they’ll want to trade Willie Mitchell, too important. Not many players are that interesting to get. Maybe Wes Walz or Pascal Dupuis could get traded. But their main trade bait is Roloson.

Montreal: GM Bob Gainey was hoping to have a smooth season, but the guy must have taken all sorts of medicine for headaches. That is the best way for me to describe the Canadiens…. Headache! Montreal was considered to have the best prospect depth, yet none of those prospects have stepped up as projected years ago. Gainey wants to add depth on the blueline, but I think it’s a lot more than that, I really do. I think this team just does not have the right players. Changes are a must, in all areas.

Nashville: They may add some blueline depth, they may add a forward with playoff experience and success. Legwand is due back sometime soon, but maybe a heavy sized player could help this miniature team. They don’t have too much to trade, but just enough to get stronger for the post-season.

New Jersey: Lamoriello will definitely look to dump some salary. Who? It’s tough to say as any player can go. They’ll make the playoffs, but I don’t see Lamoriello making a move to push for a Finals appearance. He has to set his team for next season. As I said, this is a numbers game for budgets.

New York Islanders: Charlie Wang still did not understand that Mike Milbury had to get fired. Another Wang mistake is that now he’s got Milbury handling the trade deadline. Horrific. Mark Parrish is as good as gone and the Isle’s should manage to get a good return since a number of teams could want his services. Mike York could be dealt, and I’d like to see him in a Flames jersey. Maybe a team that is in a soon-to-be rebuilding phase, or has a young team, could look to get Oleg Kvasha. Asham may be dealt, or Bates. But the main two guys are Parrish and York.

New York Rangers: For the first time in many years, Rangers fans get to feel good again by seeing that the Rangers need minor changes. Most definitely, an added defenseman. The powerplay has picked up as of late, and the fact that the Rangers are not a physical team may have GM Slats look into Denis Gauthier, who I’d love to have on the team. Carney may be a possibility, but I don’t see that happen. Rangers will offer up draft picks, C-level prospects, or someone like Marcel Hossa. Tom Poti may be a possibility if the Rangers acquire a player that has a chubby salary.

Ottawa: GM Muckler should have been prepared for this. I cannot blame the guy since Hasek got hurt in the Olympics, but he should have known better when he got Hasek. He needed a playoff back-up goalie, and never got one. Senators can try to go cheap and nab a guy like Mike Dunham. Maybe Muckler has to get Lalime back, but he is too thickheaded to do that. Forget the Jokinen rumors, not going to happen. Muckler won’t part with anything significant and he shouldn’t have to. No one in particular could get traded, maybe Peter Schaefer.

Philadelphia: I like Esche, I like Nittymakii. But, Bobby Clarke never gets it, eh? The team needs a proven playoff goalie. They won’t get one, of course, so they’ll look to get a forward. With Primeau out, I think they need an impact center. Flyers have a lot of younger assets to trade. Their defense appears to be quite weak, especially in last night’s loss. Not sure what the could part with, but I am absolutely certain that the Flyers will make a significant trade, and a very good one at that.

Phoenix: This one is easy. Who really isn’t for sale on this team? Gauthier, Mara, Morris…. tradeable defensemen. Ricci, Scatchard, Nash? Sure. The Yotes have a lot of work to do, but the one that they have to put a high price tag on is Curtis Joseph. That has to turn out as a very good trade for Coyotes.

Pittsburgh: Well, these guys will be looking to get 1st overall for the third time in just five years. LeClair will be hard to trade because of his two year deal. Mark Recchi may interest some clubs, but won’t fetch much. Ric Jackman is definitely as good as gone, but he won’t get much in return for Craig Patrick. Sergei Gonchar? Hey, you never know. Then again, no one will trade much to acquire Gonchar’s salary. Ryan Malone may get some interest, and he may be the best asset to trade. Once again, the Penguins are sellers and will just get some draft picks and a bunch of “who is that guy?” Then again, they shouldn’t really care. Team will draft either 1st or 2nd overall. They’ll be sold, and then moved. Go ahead Patrick, tank your season……

San Jose: Playoff hungry. These guys are really acting like sharks sniffing blood under water and ferociously looking to find their prey. Defensive help? They can add a body. I can see the Sharks getting a 2nd line forward. Who knows, maybe they’ll bring Jeff Friesen back? Maybe they’ll want a guy like Recchi? Sharks are definitely not parting with good youth. I can see Nils Ekman as definite trade bait. Maybe the Sharks sniffed some blood that came from St. Louis?

St. Louis: Keith Tkachuk will be the center of attention in the next seven days. The Sharks may show interest in him as he’d complete one of the scariest lines in the West Coast, Tkachuk-Thornton-Cheechoo. Other than KT, Eric Weinrich is the other tradeable asset and maybe Petr Cajanek.

Tampa Bay: As much as they want to improve their roster overall, the Bolts may have to clear up some room in their budget to acquire anyone. This is a crapshoot as the only player I could see traded is Burke. Then again, they too need a goalie. Maybe they will be involved in a three-way deal, which seems like a possible solution. It’s a real crapshoot as they have been quiet all season long.

Toronto: What a disappointing season. Now Brian McCabe made the headline. Will he go? And, who gets him? My first suggestion to all you Leafs fans is to not believe in anything that the Toronto media says as far as trades rumors. Understood? You’re not going to get Bertuzzi. Not Luongo… hardly Jovanovski. Those are players that the Toronto media waaaaaaannnts to see in Leafs jerseys. It’s a crapshoot where McCabe will end up. Just wait for the moment to come. Jason Allison is defintely gone. I don’t think Ferguson Jr. will give up on O’Neill. There is not much to work with on this team, but it should be a firesale. Johnny boy should immitate what the Rangers did in 2004. Firesale, use youth, and sign the right free agents, which will be plenty this year.

Vancouver: Like I said with the Oilers, Curtis Joseph should be Vancouver’s main target. If not, maybe Eddie Belfour may think about accepting a trade to Vancouver. Nucks fans cannot give GM Nonis a hard time. He inherited a ton of pressure and Bertuzzi’s and Morrison’s poor performances this year were out of his control. It’s not easy to trade a guy like Bertuzzi, and I definitely think he won’t be traded, yet. Blueline and goaltending help is much needed in BC. Morrisson is very good tradebait as is either Ruutu or Cooke.

Washington: I have to say I respect how the Caps played with Ovechkin this year. Sure they get outscored easily, and beaten, but many times I watched these guys put up a good fight. The players are a bunch of nobodies, but the way Ovechkin plays….gets the players excited, and gets them to work hard. Ovechkin plays hard. Throws his body around and manages to get a response from his teammates, something that Crosby failed to do. Brendan Witt is their key player to trade, maybe Kolzig will accept a chance to win a Stanley Cup. Jeff Friesen won’t fetch much of a return, but the GM George McPhee should look for good returns because the Caps must be competitive next season.

Latest Rumors

Bertuzzi for Souray: This is exactly what I have been saying all season long against the Canadian media. The outlets that reported this rumor just published a bunch of crap. Heck, I’d be interested in Sheldon Souray for the Rangers, but I would not even trade Dominic Moore for him. Not even Tomas Pock. But the Canucks could trade Bertuzzi for him? Bertuzzi is not going anywhere, especially for just a 4th defenseman. It’s either a 1st line player or a top blueliner, or a starting goalie, which the Canadiens do not have available. But, let the media be happy with their dreaming.

Jokinen Goes……..: I saw this on Spector’s Rumors first. I disagree that Keenan is lowballing Jokinen. Four years at $16M is not lowballing a player that never reached 70 points in a season before. I think there is a good chance that Jokinen re-signs (stated in a comment posted), and I read the rest of that article earlier today where Saku Koivu thinks that Jokinen will re-sign. I sure hope so. He is a big part of the team and his future dictates Luongo’s future. GM Keenan knows he can get an abundance of value in return if both are traded. But, he also knows he could risk the organization’s future and loss of respect from the Panthers fans. Florida is the team to watch for the trade deadline. Keep your eyes open. The Senators have squatto to trade and Bob McKenzie is out of his mind to think that Keenan would be happy with just draft picks for Jokinen. Forget the Flames. I think it will be Philadelphia, Boston, Montreal, maybe Nashville.

Rangers scouting Sens and Pens: Don Maloney has been scouting both teams. I believe that the Senators are interested in Weekes, but there is no chance that the Rangers should improve a team that is said to be a Cup winner by many. Senators are not willing to part with youth and regular roster players. So, dream on! The Penguins are interesting. Maloney may be looking at Gonchar, Jackman, and Malone. Jackman could be had for cheap. Malone may not be such a bad idea. And Gonchar? He’d work very well for the Rangers, but his contract is heavy, and it means that the Rangers would have to clear up around $3M to make a trade for Gonchar. That means trading Tom Poti and a player. Unlikely, I’d think.

That’s it, folks. Stick around! has been a great tool for hockey fans to see the latest updates on trade talks. During Trade Deadline day, this site gets busy and we will be looking out for the latest trades and inform you within seconds of any news, as we did years before.

Enjoy your hockey, enjoy the trades!

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