Trade D-Day Approaching

Trade Deadline Week is… ON! Seven days remain until the day where all trades occur.

All the latest comments on possible players to be traded. The latest rumors.

And… is the place to be for a hockey fan to see the latest trades during the deadline day.Happy Friday to you hockey fans. Thanks for reading my Olympic articles, I enjoyed them.

Let’s get down to business here. It’s trade deadline week where trades could happen during the week, maybe tomorrow…or…today…. and if today, maybe in the next few minutes. Exciting, isn’t it?

The abundance of tradeable players is quite pure and this trading week won’t be any different than the previous ones. There could be a lot of trades, the usual amount, or a bit less. I think it will stand between usual and a lot of trades.


Yes, the salary cap puts a limit on how much a team can trade, but this year the NHL only has about five teams that are way under .500. Other teams that are a little bit close to the playoffs but whose chances are slim, will still make trades.

This will become a numbers game as far as player budgets. Teams, besides the ones that are pretty much locked for the playoffs, will look to adjust their player budgets and trade away free agents. I think we could end up seeing trades where players are just swapped.

So, I think it will be quite busy…. yet, only time will tell.

Anaheim: There is no doubt in my mind that Brian Burke will trade J-S Giguere. To who it’s anyone’s guess. A journalist who says it will be Vancouver or Colorado is the same as the average Joe hockey fan on saying it will be Philadelphia. I think it will be Vancouver trading for Giguere and/or Carney. That could be a bit complicated with the Canucks budget at the cap’s max. The Avalanche are an obvious possibility for Giguere’s destination as well. Rarely do you see two teams be trade partners three times in a season; that means I am ruling out the Rangers possibility of getting Keith Carney.

Atlanta: GM Don Waddell could possibly make the Thrashers the team with most noticeable trades as he promised to make the playoffs. If that does not work, he can kiss his job goodbye. Expect the Thrashers to make funky deals. No particular names can be thought of. All I will say is that this is the typical team that is quiet, not too popular in the media’s trade rumors, and ends up making a key trade, or two, that will raise eyebrows.

Boston: I don’t see high chances of the goaltending seeing changes unless a team makes an offer that Mike O’Connell can’t turn down……which could be a crappy offer anyway. I think Samsonov is as good as gone and he’s heading down South or in the Pacific Division. The LA Kings could use a Samsonov, and Dave Taylor has made trades with the Bruins before. Glen Murray? Gone. Where to? Depends what Florida’s Keenan wants to do. Playoff push or sale? Murray in Florida could be a possibility. Maybe Alexei Zhamnov could gain some interest, but I’d be surprised to see any team have interest in him, unless they are desperate.

Buffalo: For real, who would want to trade for Noronen? Martin Biron is the guy that has to go. Noronen only started three games, played in four. Horrible statistics…. who would want him, and why? Only a team that needs a back up goalie, and there are not that many who would want a back-up goalie who rarely played. I think it has to be Martin Biron. I know the Sabres would love to go in the playoffs with these two (Miller-Biron), and maybe they will, but Biron either gets traded now or in the off-season. And, how much would you even give up for Noronen? I would have to think for some time to even give up a 6th rounder for him. After all, that 6th rounder may be as good as Zetterberg…or Lundqvist (former 7th rounders), or Datsyuk. Would you trade those guys for Noronen? I don’t think so. The Sabres could try to land a forward, maybe a center could be quite useful. Maybe someone to place in front of the net on the powerplay. An experienced player, maybe John LeClair? His two year contract makes him very disinteresting, however.

Calgary: Olli Jokinen to Calagry. That’s what the Canadian media would love to see. And, how many times has the Canadian media seen what they wanted? Few, if any! The Flames have squatto to offer to the Panthers. Had they kept Reinprecht, then I’d be still thinking of a possible trade. But the Flames really don’t have much to offer, not even a very solid goalie prospect. I think a perfect fit for the Flames would be Mike York. Not high in salary, not high in trade value. He is on a team that is in a transition phase. He passes well, plays hard, good work ethic, kills penalties. He does very well when playing on a fast line with strength, especially if his winger is a power forward. Tyler Arnason may be a possibility, but Arnason had that rough moment with Sutter’s brother when he was coaching the Hawks. Jason Allison could be a possibility as well.

Carolina: These guys made their moves already by getting Doug Weight. They may want to try and strengthen their blueline (Carney, Gauthier, Weinrich) and add a scoring winger. But, expect this team to be quiet.

Chicago: A poorly managed team, but won’t go for a fire sale. Maybe Arnason and Cullimore may be dealt, but GM Tallon won’t quit just yet. This is a different kind of NHL where a team can do horrible in one season, but make the playoffs the next. I don’t see the Hawks making many moves, if any should occur….. and if so, I expect them to be minor aside from Arnason.

Colorado: GM Lecroix has to make one decision here and answer this question: “Will my team have a chance to play in the Finals if I acquire Martin Biron, J-S Giguere, or Curtis Joseph?” If so, he should make a trade, if not…. he shouldn’t make a trade for a goalie. Why? Luongo sweepstakes will turn up after the playoffs are over. No reason to trade assets that could be used to land Luongo later on.

Columbus: If GM Doug McLean thinks he can part with Marc Denis, here would be my first two thoughts. 1) God bless the team that gets him. 2) McLean ought to be fired. I doubt the guy would be that dumb to do it, unless the offer is lopsided. The B’Jacks have little to offer. I’d expect them to make trades that would be useful for them next season. Other than that, I can’t see any value on their roster.

Dallas: The Stars budget is too close to the ceiling for them to make any significant moves. Not a noticeable player in the trade deadline week/day.

Detroit: They may be looking to get a cheap back up goalie (just in case since I doubt they want to use Osgood as their back-up). Player budget is too high to make any significant moves.

Edmonton: I’ve been saying this since late January and early February about the Oilers looking into Curtis Joseph (even for the Canucks), and just recently has the media said “hey, we think that Cujo would be a great fit for the Oilers”. I’ll say it again. The Oilers with Cujo could be like the Flames of 2004. The Oilers have been a tough playoff team and with Michael Peca and Chris Pronger, they will be tougher. Some added depth could be useful, but Cujo should be their prime target.

Florida: The team that is not getting enough media attention. This is crucial for the Panthers as Keenan is going to make a decision till the last minute. I think his first offer to Jokinen was very fair, as with Luongo’s offer. These two want to be paid top money, and I understand that. But, if they want top dollar it also means that they are not helping the team get any better. Therefore, they can’t say “We want the money and we want you to build a solid team”. That is not an easy thing to do when two players will make up about a third of the player budget. Keenan will make his final offers to Jokinen and if the guy declines them, then not only should Keenan let the media know that Olli is being greedy, but he should definitely trade the guy. Someone who has little loyalty to the team that gave him a career should be dumped. Keenan has a lot of work to do from now till the deadline. And if Jokinen won’t be wearing a Panthers jersey by draft day, neither will Luongo. Not much trading for the Panthers to do. Maybe they can try to get Glen Murray, which could convince Jokinen to stay.

Los Angeles: They need depth. They’ll be looking at every available player that could improve their roster. No particular names, but in general…they could attempt to get Glen Murray, Sergei Samsonov, Alex Zhamnov, Denis Gauthier…

Minnesota: First of all, I don’t see Jacques Lemaire succeeding with this new NHL. Secondly, this team needs to rebuild strong for next season. Dwayne Roloson will most likely be traded. Filip Kuba is another possibility. I don’t think they’ll want to trade Willie Mitchell, too important. Not many players are that interesting to get. Maybe Wes Walz or Pascal Dupuis could get traded. But their main trade bait is Roloson.

Montreal: GM Bob Gainey was hoping to have a smooth season, but the guy must have taken all sorts of medicine for headaches. That is the best way for me to describe the Canadiens…. Headache! Montreal was considered to have the best prospect depth, yet none of those prospects have stepped up as projected years ago. Gainey wants to add depth on the blueline, but I think it’s a lot more than that, I really do. I think this team just does not have the right players. Changes are a must, in all areas.

Nashville: They may add some blueline depth, they may add a forward with playoff experience and success. Legwand is due back sometime soon, but maybe a heavy sized player could help this miniature team. They don’t have too much to trade, but just enough to get stronger for the post-season.

New Jersey: Lamoriello will definitely look to dump some salary. Who? It’s tough to say as any player can go. They’ll make the playoffs, but I don’t see Lamoriello making a move to push for a Finals appearance. He has to set his team for next season. As I said, this is a numbers game for budgets.

New York Islanders: Charlie Wang still did not understand that Mike Milbury had to get fired. Another Wang mistake is that now he’s got Milbury handling the trade deadline. Horrific. Mark Parrish is as good as gone and the Isle’s should manage to get a good return since a number of teams could want his services. Mike York could be dealt, and I’d like to see him in a Flames jersey. Maybe a team that is in a soon-to-be rebuilding phase, or has a young team, could look to get Oleg Kvasha. Asham may be dealt, or Bates. But the main two guys are Parrish and York.

New York Rangers: For the first time in many years, Rangers fans get to feel good again by seeing that the Rangers need minor changes. Most definitely, an added defenseman. The powerplay has picked up as of late, and the fact that the Rangers are not a physical team may have GM Slats look into Denis Gauthier, who I’d love to have on the team. Carney may be a possibility, but I don’t see that happen. Rangers will offer up draft picks, C-level prospects, or someone like Marcel Hossa. Tom Poti may be a possibility if the Rangers acquire a player that has a chubby salary.

Ottawa: GM Muckler should have been prepared for this. I cannot blame the guy since Hasek got hurt in the Olympics, but he should have known better when he got Hasek. He needed a playoff back-up goalie, and never got one. Senators can try to go cheap and nab a guy like Mike Dunham. Maybe Muckler has to get Lalime back, but he is too thickheaded to do that. Forget the Jokinen rumors, not going to happen. Muckler won’t part with anything significant and he shouldn’t have to. No one in particular could get traded, maybe Peter Schaefer.

Philadelphia: I like Esche, I like Nittymakii. But, Bobby Clarke never gets it, eh? The team needs a proven playoff goalie. They won’t get one, of course, so they’ll look to get a forward. With Primeau out, I think they need an impact center. Flyers have a lot of younger assets to trade. Their defense appears to be quite weak, especially in last night’s loss. Not sure what the could part with, but I am absolutely certain that the Flyers will make a significant trade, and a very good one at that.

Phoenix: This one is easy. Who really isn’t for sale on this team? Gauthier, Mara, Morris…. tradeable defensemen. Ricci, Scatchard, Nash? Sure. The Yotes have a lot of work to do, but the one that they have to put a high price tag on is Curtis Joseph. That has to turn out as a very good trade for Coyotes.

Pittsburgh: Well, these guys will be looking to get 1st overall for the third time in just five years. LeClair will be hard to trade because of his two year deal. Mark Recchi may interest some clubs, but won’t fetch much. Ric Jackman is definitely as good as gone, but he won’t get much in return for Craig Patrick. Sergei Gonchar? Hey, you never know. Then again, no one will trade much to acquire Gonchar’s salary. Ryan Malone may get some interest, and he may be the best asset to trade. Once again, the Penguins are sellers and will just get some draft picks and a bunch of “who is that guy?” Then again, they shouldn’t really care. Team will draft either 1st or 2nd overall. They’ll be sold, and then moved. Go ahead Patrick, tank your season……

San Jose: Playoff hungry. These guys are really acting like sharks sniffing blood under water and ferociously looking to find their prey. Defensive help? They can add a body. I can see the Sharks getting a 2nd line forward. Who knows, maybe they’ll bring Jeff Friesen back? Maybe they’ll want a guy like Recchi? Sharks are definitely not parting with good youth. I can see Nils Ekman as definite trade bait. Maybe the Sharks sniffed some blood that came from St. Louis?

St. Louis: Keith Tkachuk will be the center of attention in the next seven days. The Sharks may show interest in him as he’d complete one of the scariest lines in the West Coast, Tkachuk-Thornton-Cheechoo. Other than KT, Eric Weinrich is the other tradeable asset and maybe Petr Cajanek.

Tampa Bay: As much as they want to improve their roster overall, the Bolts may have to clear up some room in their budget to acquire anyone. This is a crapshoot as the only player I could see traded is Burke. Then again, they too need a goalie. Maybe they will be involved in a three-way deal, which seems like a possible solution. It’s a real crapshoot as they have been quiet all season long.

Toronto: What a disappointing season. Now Brian McCabe made the headline. Will he go? And, who gets him? My first suggestion to all you Leafs fans is to not believe in anything that the Toronto media says as far as trades rumors. Understood? You’re not going to get Bertuzzi. Not Luongo… hardly Jovanovski. Those are players that the Toronto media waaaaaaannnts to see in Leafs jerseys. It’s a crapshoot where McCabe will end up. Just wait for the moment to come. Jason Allison is defintely gone. I don’t think Ferguson Jr. will give up on O’Neill. There is not much to work with on this team, but it should be a firesale. Johnny boy should immitate what the Rangers did in 2004. Firesale, use youth, and sign the right free agents, which will be plenty this year.

Vancouver: Like I said with the Oilers, Curtis Joseph should be Vancouver’s main target. If not, maybe Eddie Belfour may think about accepting a trade to Vancouver. Nucks fans cannot give GM Nonis a hard time. He inherited a ton of pressure and Bertuzzi’s and Morrison’s poor performances this year were out of his control. It’s not easy to trade a guy like Bertuzzi, and I definitely think he won’t be traded, yet. Blueline and goaltending help is much needed in BC. Morrisson is very good tradebait as is either Ruutu or Cooke.

Washington: I have to say I respect how the Caps played with Ovechkin this year. Sure they get outscored easily, and beaten, but many times I watched these guys put up a good fight. The players are a bunch of nobodies, but the way Ovechkin plays….gets the players excited, and gets them to work hard. Ovechkin plays hard. Throws his body around and manages to get a response from his teammates, something that Crosby failed to do. Brendan Witt is their key player to trade, maybe Kolzig will accept a chance to win a Stanley Cup. Jeff Friesen won’t fetch much of a return, but the GM George McPhee should look for good returns because the Caps must be competitive next season.

Latest Rumors

Bertuzzi for Souray: This is exactly what I have been saying all season long against the Canadian media. The outlets that reported this rumor just published a bunch of crap. Heck, I’d be interested in Sheldon Souray for the Rangers, but I would not even trade Dominic Moore for him. Not even Tomas Pock. But the Canucks could trade Bertuzzi for him? Bertuzzi is not going anywhere, especially for just a 4th defenseman. It’s either a 1st line player or a top blueliner, or a starting goalie, which the Canadiens do not have available. But, let the media be happy with their dreaming.

Jokinen Goes……..: I saw this on Spector’s Rumors first. I disagree that Keenan is lowballing Jokinen. Four years at $16M is not lowballing a player that never reached 70 points in a season before. I think there is a good chance that Jokinen re-signs (stated in a comment posted), and I read the rest of that article earlier today where Saku Koivu thinks that Jokinen will re-sign. I sure hope so. He is a big part of the team and his future dictates Luongo’s future. GM Keenan knows he can get an abundance of value in return if both are traded. But, he also knows he could risk the organization’s future and loss of respect from the Panthers fans. Florida is the team to watch for the trade deadline. Keep your eyes open. The Senators have squatto to trade and Bob McKenzie is out of his mind to think that Keenan would be happy with just draft picks for Jokinen. Forget the Flames. I think it will be Philadelphia, Boston, Montreal, maybe Nashville.

Rangers scouting Sens and Pens: Don Maloney has been scouting both teams. I believe that the Senators are interested in Weekes, but there is no chance that the Rangers should improve a team that is said to be a Cup winner by many. Senators are not willing to part with youth and regular roster players. So, dream on! The Penguins are interesting. Maloney may be looking at Gonchar, Jackman, and Malone. Jackman could be had for cheap. Malone may not be such a bad idea. And Gonchar? He’d work very well for the Rangers, but his contract is heavy, and it means that the Rangers would have to clear up around $3M to make a trade for Gonchar. That means trading Tom Poti and a player. Unlikely, I’d think.

That’s it, folks. Stick around! has been a great tool for hockey fans to see the latest updates on trade talks. During Trade Deadline day, this site gets busy and we will be looking out for the latest trades and inform you within seconds of any news, as we did years before.

Enjoy your hockey, enjoy the trades!

Thanks for reading,

Micki Peroni

Vice Admin

90 Responses to Trade D-Day Approaching

  1. robinson19 says:

    Disagreement #1: Souray is not worth Bertuzzi. The former contributes in a key area. The latter under-performs.

    Disagreement #2: The Habs do not need “changes in all areas”. What they need is a string of games with a healthy lineup, which they are finally getting now, and lo and behold, they’re hot. (I don’t include Theodore for obvious reasons.)

    Disagreement #3: The Habs prospects have been filling veteran roles all season, and with success, mainly taking about Plekanec and Higgins here. If you can’t see that you don’t watch the games.

  2. oiler1fan says:

    If you mean the winner yesterday, it was Hemsky.

  3. DeathCab says:

    Good article, as usual.

    As far as the Leafs go, every game they lose means more of a chance that they might, just might smarten up and dump some big contracts (and Quinn just because).

    It feels really funny being a leaf fan and chearing everytime they lose…but oh well. In a couple years if things go well, the Leafs will rise again!

  4. oiler1fan says:

    There’s no way that panthers get nittymaki for jokinen. nittymaki is a rookie and is a projected all-star. Montreal would not give up huet because he’s their starting goalie right now. If you trade jokinen, you are not gonna get too much becasue he’s UFA next year and may not sign with the team he got traded to. Last, NOT Colorado becasue there’s something called a salary cap.

  5. Tim_Silver says:

    I 100% AGREE WITH YOU…




  6. Flyers70 says:

    You’re Flyers analysis would have been accurate about 4 years ago. Robert Esche led an injury ravaged team to game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals a couple of years ago. I’d be fine with either him or Nitty if they had to go to him.

    The Flyers biggest need is a finisher off the wing. They have had plenty of opportunities to score, yet lately they make goalies like Kevin Weekes seem like Dominik Hasek in his prime. They should get a center only if they feel Nedved would be more effective at wing (which might be the case). I also think they need to use either Carter or Richards on a better skilled line.

    Their second biggest need is perhaps mobile veteran depth along the blue line. They cannot go into the playoffs with Chris Therien or Randy Jones getting anything close to a regular shift if someone goes down. I wouldn’t want to put Kapanen through what he went through a couple of years ago having to go back on D.

  7. nyrhockey094 says:

    L M F A O Belfouir for conklin…. AND a 3rd rounder hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha. Ladd and a 2nd rounder for McCanopener? LLLLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOO

    we all reserve the right to shoot the messenger when hes a retard.

  8. nyrhockey094 says:

    noooooooooooooooooo….. Gonchar would be great on this team… he would be a perfect fit. Its a like 65% european team. The rangers dont need any more phsyical defensman, cashperminus has already proved well enough at that position and if need be they can throw hollweg or orr into the line up for physicality.

    The only guy other then gonchar i would like to see the rangers get, ill agree with you on kuba. But Sykora was having a slow year in Anaheim and look what happened when he came to the Rangers? He has drastically improved his play. Personally I think it would be the same with Gonchar, him and Poti on the PP would be Lethal. I think if poti was paired with a even average defenseman (which we all know gonchar can be much better then that) he would be the player he was supposed to be. Hes playing with JASON STRUDWICK. Now im not bashing strudwick but hes not the strongest defensman out there, so if we got gonchar im thinking he would be the one to sit.

    And its not like we would have to give up much, there not gonna want poti b/c of his salary. Maybe a like a pick and some BS prospect. Just my opinion.

  9. i_know_hockey says:

    Noronen could easily go to a club with a bad record and in need of some goaltending… but not for as big as value as Biron. Noronen.. wasnt he considered the BEST AHL prospect 2 years running or something?

    But yes, i want a goalie to be moved and someone brought in. Where’s Steve Heinz and Donald Audette when u need em!!!

    btw… no more bob corkums or brad browns lol!

  10. Kraftster says:

    I’m really perplexed about quite a few of your goalie comments.

    First of all, I don’t know why everyone loves Marc Denis so much? Granted, he’s been on a poor team, but he’s only once had a save pct. significantly over 90%. If you are a great goalie on a bad team you should at least have that mark be up. Second, CLS didn’t take Pascal Leclaire 8th overall just for fun. I mean at some point, you have to think this is going to be his team. He’s started about 20 times this year, so it seems like that transition will be sooner rather than later. I can’t see how it is advantageous for CLS to keep Denis around long term and waste the Leclaire pick/talent.

    Noronen is pegged as probably a back up. But, all indications are that he should be a very solid one (the stats in 4 games this year really don’t affect that). To cite the greatest most recent 6th and 7th round picks as reason why someone like Noronen shouldn’t fetch that “high” a pick is crazy. Chances of stealing someone like that in the 6th or 7th are hardly any more likely than the 8th or 9th. And you ask those teams on draft day, and they probably aren’t going to tell you, “hey our 7th round pick is going to be an allstar.” If a team can have Noronen for a 6th, very few teams should pass that up.

    Philly is probably in the best shape of any team in this league right now in terms of skilled vets and great young prospects. It would be absolutely foolish for them to look past Nittymaki for anything. He’s already been pressure tested, and this team should not throw away a chance to run at the cup for the next 5-7 years for a playoff rental, when the guy that should be taking them there in the future needs to get his first taste sometime.

    I disagree about the Wild, I think they will be in the playoffs and they will be advancing. That one, we’ll have to wait and see on.

  11. skandelousHABSfan says:

    I’m not really sure if Pheonix is gonna be selling like everyone thinks they are. Mara and Gautier are the best D on their team. I’ve even heard that teachers pet (in this case the teacher being Gretzkie) Shane Doan is on the block. Again i find this all hard to believe as they seem like they have a good core of young players.

    That being said I would love to see any of those three come to the Habs. they are exactly what the Habs need in order to make themselves a better team. I Big skilled D-man, a big Stay at home D-man, and a big power forward.

    If only wishful thinking could get deals done…

  12. mikster says:

    I’m a big fan of Biron. I’d take Cujo over him for the Oilers, but Biron gives the Oilers a solid starter for next season who is still under 30.

  13. wingerxxx says:

    The funny thing about Gratts is that he very well may score 20 goals this year. Whenever I watch a Florida game, I can’t believe it’s the same Gratton. I thought he would be nothing but a bum for the rest of his days in the league, but he proved me wrong too. Nashville would do well to snag him.

  14. mikster says:

    “excuse me but if you hadn’t noticed, we still sit in the 8th and final playoff spot right now. We have a hot goaltender, we’re creeping at the door of Tampa and Jersey with 1 and 2 games in hand, and we have a new coach who can motive his young players and bench the underacheiving.”

    Check your rear view mirror! Atlanta and Boston have the ability to knock the Habs out of the playoffs.

    And yes, a headache is correct because of the Theodore issue, underachieving Zednik, Ribeiro underachieving.

    ” lol we have played most of the year with 5 or 6 rookies in the lineup and still hanging on to a playoff position. Perezhogin, Plekanec(sp?”) and Higgins(who plays on top line with Koivu and Ryder) are playing pretty good for rookies. Sure, they are no Ovechkin or Crosby but they work hard every night and get their job done. Yann Danis shows a lot of potential as he played pretty good in the earlier part of the season and just won the All Star MVP in the AHL. Ryder is still only in his 2nd year and should pot more than 30 goals this season. Komisarek isnt living up to his potential but has really started to improve with Gainey giving him more icetime.”

    And they sit where as far as player standings? If that’s your case then the Rangers are one of the elites in prospect depth with Prucha, Tyutin, Lundqvist, and Moore alone.

    What happened to top six forward potential Hossa? Hainsey? Komisarek is playing well, i’ll give him that, but not where he was expected to perform.

    Just because rookies/youngsters play well does not mean that they make the prospect depth chart good. Not when expectations were much higher.

    I am not saying the young players are bad. I’m saying that the Habs prospects were considered tops a few years ago where they placed the Canadiens as the team with the best prospects. I even considered them to be just that as well.

    I admit i have not watched the Habs as much this season, but i know them very well since they were my 2nd favorite team for years. Now i moved to Florida so it’s NYR, FLA, and MTL. Kind of hard to watch all three at the same time.

    I understand why you got upset. I think Montreal should have been much better and i was disappointed ever since they finished that hot start into the season. They cannot miss the playoffs (hell i don’t want Boston to make it), and i fear that they may slip out.

    If they do…then you’d understand why i called them a headache.

  15. mikster says:

    Are they chocolate chip?

  16. PaulK123 says:

    JFJ gave an interview on the Fan590, I got it from


  17. thegoalie1976 says:

    I don’t know about conklin to toronto, but he was just showcased for a trade yesterday against san jose. And he looked great. however the proposed trade for belfour (conklin, 3rd pick) is fair considering belfour is a rental. Conklin, although very shitty this season, was on the USA team ahead of esche, and grahme only a year ago. He was USA’s #2 guy for a couple of years behind depietro.

    Belfour won’t garnish anything significant for the leafs. A 3rd rounder, and a goalie with some potential would be all they will get.

    I know everybody will say conklin was waived, which means nobody want’s him, just like fedorov, marchant, and nedved. But they all still got traded later.

    Conklin was played last night, not because the oilers want to see if he can still stop pucks. Another team has that question.

  18. mikster says:

    1) Souray is a depth d-man. Bertuzzi is a 1st line forward who needs a change of scenery. Or, he simply needs a better center.

    2) They lack solid scoring on the 2nd line, which Ribeiro and Zednik failed to give.

    3) Montreal was considered to be the team with the best prospects a few years ago. They did not reach those expectations. Just because the youngsters are playing well doesn’t mean that they reached expectations, aside from Plekanec.

    If that was the case, then i should be calling the Rangers out as having all-star rookies in Prucha and Lundqvist, and top youngsters in the league with Moore, Hollweg, Tyutin.

    Those guys are playing really well in their roles, but i would not say that makes the Rangers prospects very good.

    Get what i am saying?

  19. mikster says:

    “Robert Esche led an injury ravaged team to game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals a couple of years ago. I’d be fine with either him or Nitty if they had to go to him.”

    And that’s accurate for two years ago 😛

    I agree that they need a better finisher on the wing. Who knows, the Flyers may have enough to get Tkachuk?

  20. thegoalie1976 says:

    Agreed. Cujo is a rental, and unlikely to resign next season. But he will be cheaper ( mabey brodziak, winchester) than Biron (staios or moreau).

    I would rather give up a little more to get Biron than Cujo. As long as he does not trade bergeron. This guy will be a allstar in 3-4 years.

    If the oilers has biron we would be a contender for the next 3 years.

  21. thegoalie1976 says:

    What about Denis. He would look good in an oilers jersey. And would be here for the start of next season. I like cujo, and think we will make the conference finals with him in net, but who will be here next season. We will be right back to where we are now.

    I think lowe has to take this opportunity to get a starter for the future ( Biron or Denis, or anybody not a UFA )

    I would like to see conklin and maarkannen gone, leaving morrison as backup. This guy plays excellent when not shouldered will lots of starts. He could turn into a manny legace type of backup from 2002-2005.

  22. Beckfan5 says:

    What makes you think the Islanders need to get rid of Parrish and York? Theyre not the problems. The problems are Yashin not scoring in third periods and their defense.

    The other problen with this team is their identity.They dont have any. Theyre too prided on the Stanley Cup years and not on today. Enough with these ceremonys and get with it for today. Get rid of Yashin, make Blake the captian and build from DiPietro out.

  23. Laus723 says:

    didn’t say olli for any of those goalies, Luongo for any of those guys is POSSIBLE, though i’m well aware of cap restrictions…stated possibilities, not facts, actuals, rumors, or otherwise! read the WHOLE article!

  24. Laus723 says:

    not a season ticket holder, i live in orlando, but i’ve been a fan since day one, and COMPLETELY agree with you, they’re outta their minds!

  25. intothevoid001 says:

    agreed. i watch this jerk play every week and i wouldn’t trade a dead animal carcass for him.

  26. heater says:


  27. intothevoid001 says:

    i can see the sens ending up in the same situation the leafs are in right now. very very slim in the picks/prospects department.

  28. chanman says:

    Good job on the artice…I have to disagree that the Sabres are looking for a center….with Drury, Briere, Gaustad and Roy, and Connely and Mair coming back with injuries, center is one area they dont need a thing in. A top 3 Dman would be a great asset. Overall the team will knock offanybody in a 7 game series.

  29. wildy96 says:

    Brought in Rolston this year and have said repeatedly they were looking forward to the next couple years free agent market plus those rookies are all TALENT players! this will be the year that we bring in prolly at least two of them and their definitly more than utility players! Isimply dont understand why ur down on lemaire so much how can u get down on a guy that made a team that has had less to work with to this point and has all but one season put a competitive team on the ice i mean wat has he done to justify being canned everybody in MN loves the way his team plays! also koivu, boogard, foster all called up from the famr this year and their not playing like rookies! man i cant wait to see pat, pouliot and volo in a wild uniform man! but anyways manny fernandez said he talked to doug risebrough and sounded like he was told that free the resources that the wild would be bringin in the guys necessary to help take us to the next level wen he talked about his extension on ! so i dunno i cant change ur opinion but i think come next two years we’ll be a contender!

  30. NHLman says:

    I would not be shocked if a deal between the Senators and the Rangers takes place in which the Rangers acquire Wade Redden. I’d say it’s about a 0.5% chance, but if it actually happened I wouldn’t be shocked. Here’s why: the Sens need a backup goalie, and the Rangers can provide that in Weekes. Furthermore, the Sens will have to resign boh Chara and Redden this offseason, which, barring crazy moves, they will not be able to do. The Sens will likely move in favor of Chara over Redden. With their depth at D it would make sense for them to move one of their dmen for a back-up goalie. This combined with the prospect of Redden leaving without compensation this offeason could potentially cause the Sens to use him in a move.

    Here’s what I would expect in this trade:

    to Sens:

    Kevin Weekes

    Tom Poti

    2nd round pick

    to Rangers:

    Wade Redden

    (maybe Ray Emery)

    I’d say good move for both teams. Remember I didn’t say this is going to happen, just presenting the idea of the possibility.

    What do you guys think?

  31. almelo95 says:

    I could see packaging Noranen up with a guy like Paille or Stafford to a team that could use a good young goalie, like St. Louis for example. And yes, Noranen was name the top prospect in the AHL, I think by The Hockey News, a couple of years ago.

    I just hope they don’t dangle Roy or Pominville. I’d hate to see either go.

    And please don’t ever mention the name Bob Corkum again!!!!! LOL

  32. BunchOfLies says:

    While the trade is not that bad, I mean they have to do something since they will probably lose Chara or Redden.

    Problem is. Senators are going for the Cup and Poti and Weekes will not help them achieve that at all, neither will the draft pick for that matter. So, trade like that would only lower their D while giving them nothing good in return (for this year).

    Will take more than players of Weekes & Poti’s caliber to get a Chara or Redden anyway 🙂

  33. wingerxxx says:

    Can’t do it. Weekes will stay in New York, as the Rangers need a veteran backup for Lundqvist. Montoya is not ready to step up yet.

  34. mikster says:

    Well thought out post.

    I like the trade, if it was during mid regular season.

    In no way would i want the Senators to address their needs. If Hasek is out, the Sens have a good chance of being eliminated in the first round.

    I rather take a chance on that if i were the Rangers.

  35. mikster says:

    Becuase the Isle’s need to rebuild and Parrish and York wll fetch them good draft picks and prospects.

    No one wants Yashin.

  36. dcz28 says:

    When Legace got hurt early in the season the Wings did fine with Osgood in net and despite what you think he is still a good goalie with cup rings…if your so smart tell me who the Wings could get with good playoff numbers that can fit in under the cap? Dwayne Roloson (nope), Biron (nope), Belfour (no way), Giguere (has better numbers but for one playoff run and makes too much so nope)

    I can’t see a goalie that’s available who would come in and do a better job with experience in the playoffs and add the fact that Holland has said publicly that he would only add a forward or dman for depth (since that is all they can afford under the cap). Holland seems to be fine with Osgood if Legace gets injured but i guess he’s wrong and your right…one thing you have to remember about Osgood is that he is use to being a starter and playing a lot not being a backup which is one of the main reasons his numbers are not as high as they were before with the Wings but i have full confidence in him that if Legace gets injured he can bring the Wings deep into the playoffs

    As for the Sens just the fact that you say Lalime is a possibility makes you look like a joke…they are better off going with Emery if all they can get is Lalime since there isn’t enough duck tape to hold Lalime’s game together for a playoff run

    My reading comprehension is fine but your thoughts on what the Wings need for a good playoff run are way off base…stick with your Rangers there buddy!!

  37. Beckfan5 says:

    So would Satan and Lukowich. How come you dont mention them?

  38. Flyers70 says:

    Yeah, but unfortunately for your arguement, 2 years ago is the last time they played playoff hockey. Nice try.

  39. Pock_53 says:

    Personally i’m hoping Jokinen does decide to stay in Florida, hes a good talent and if that team does stay together and pick up a couple UFAs they may very well be a bif surprise next year.

  40. OldGoalie says:

    “Go ahead Patrick, tank your season….”

    Enough. You’ve just lost all trace of impartiality in my eyes…and once you do that, you lose credibility. You appear to want the legitimacy of being a “reporter,” yet the flexibility to choose sides like a fan, and it doesn’t work that way. If you have concrete evidence (and “well, they’ve drafted high for four years now” is evidence of effect, NOT cause) that games are being thrown, show it.

    You want to be partisan in what you say on here, fine, go ahead…but at least have the backbone to admit that you’re doing it because you don’t like a team, rather than based on any actual evidence.

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