Trade deadline deadpool!

Hi kids! I’m Titans! Let’s play a game! The game is the NHL trade deadline deadpool! Here’s how it works! You pick FIVE names of players you think are gonna be traded before Tuesday’s 3:00 pm deadline! The person who picks the most players actually traded wins! So post your five players below and remember YOU CANNOT PICK A PLAYER ALREADY CHOSEN!! SO READ THE PLAYERS ALREADY PICKED!! We did this over at Wowhockey last year and a few people couldn’t figure that part out (Totonto fans I assume)

So list your five players below. In the result of a tie the person who posted his picks first wins. First come first serve so list em quick! I’ll be keeping track of the game and the winner will be posted in this article Wed.

What do you win you ask??? NOTHING! I’m cheap!

Have fun and get to posting your lists!!