Trade Deadline: Leafs Edition

It’s deadline day and the Toronto Maple Leafs are definitely sellers the question remaining is what can Brian Burke receive for his wares?
The first Leafs deal came prior to the deadline just a night before:

Trade 1:

Toronto acquires Luca Caputi (W) and Martin Skoula (D) from Pittsburgh in exchange for Alex Ponikarovsky.


Luca Caputi is a decent prospect (23 years old) showing size at 6’3 200 LBS, has 23 goals this season in the AHL with 2 points in 4 NHL games. He will be in the lineup Thursday night hoping to be wearing the number of one of his favorite leafs, Wendell Clark’s number 17.

We lose Ponikarovsky who wanted a 4 year deal a lot like the stajan deal (3.5 mil a year for 4 years). GM Brian Burke said no and decided to deal the inconsistent winger.

Skoula requires no analysis as he was a salary dump and was later traded.

Trade 2:

Toronto traded Martin Skoula to New Jersey for a fifth round pick in 2010.

Analysis :

Toronto flips Skoula for a 5th round pick in 2010, effectively getting rid of the salary dump by Pittsburgh and getting something in return. Overall a very slick move, as their was no room for Skoula on the leafs defense.

Trade 3:

Maple Leafs traded Lee Stempniak to Phoenix for Matt Jones (D) , a fourth round in 2010 pick and a seventh round pick in 2010.


Underachieving, but hardworking Lee Stempniak was not going to be resigned. The leafs lose another one of their top scorers but at this point they pretty much no longer need mid-to-veteran aged players locking up their skilled positions.

Matt Jones is sidelined indefinitely with a concussion and has an expiring contract, another salary dump as the coyotes didn’t want to and couldn’t afford to keep dead weight contracts.

Receiving a a 4th and 7th for this years draft helps Toronto in the sheer number of draft picks for this year if not in quality. Overall a very good deal for a rental player of Lee’s ability.

Trade 4:

Toronto traded Joey Macdonald to Anaheim for a seventh-round pick in 2011.


Getting rid of a contract that in the AHL for a pick for next year, frees up some playing time for Reimer in the Marlies and helps to add more picks down the stretch.

Trade 5:

Pittsburgh traded Chris Peluso (D) to Toronto for sixth round draft pick 2010.


A strange deal sending NCAA Offensive defenseman Chris Peluso to the leafs. According to hockey futures he is undersized at 5’11, 180 but Ian White was similiar size however the talent of Peluso is in question as I really don’t know much about him. Maybe this was supposed to be part of the Poni trade?


So this year the leafs have 3rd, 4th, two 5th round picks and two 7th round picks.
For a total of 6 picks.

In 2011, the leafs have a 2nd, 4th, 5th, two 6th round picks (a conditional from Anaheim that becomes a 3rd if Pogge plays 30 games with any NHL team by the end of next year) and two 7th round picks.
For a total of 7 picks.

Burke is cleaning house, making a bigger more North American style team. He has shipped out most of the old regime and replaced them with rookies for this season. Now we can see what some of these new players have in them.
Hopefully we have some surprises in the new players we received as well as current rookies, and the new scouts Burke added draft well or it will be another long year next year…

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  1. cam7777 says:

    Presumably, if the Leafs traded Kaberle they would have a forward or two to surround Kadri with.  It's a little early to say what next year will be for sure.  You never know what guys like Stalberg and Hanson will show up with next year at training camp.  Now that they are getting their time in the NHL – real time, not 8 minutes on the 4th line – they are figuring out what it takes to be an NHL player. 

    With these guys, the skill is there, so a lot depends on their drive, and we'll find out what that's like after this summer.  I would expect the three of them, and Caputi, to be training togehter all summer, and in Caputi's case, really working on his skating.  If one of these guys can show up and put on a Versteeg like performance for us next year, voila, that's a winger for Kadri.

    I'd also like to get a big winger to put on Kadri's wing.  Byfuglien comes to mind, and he is almost certainly available.  The Leafs also have the inside track there, being one of the few teams that can afford to take Sopel as well and just bury him.

    You're bang on about July 1st though.  There are interesting names out there, but I'm only biting if they want to take proper dollar amounts, and not inflated UFA prices, OR if they want to sign one or two year deals – then fine, I'll explore guys like Frolov.  Pretty much though, we're avoiding free agency, barring someone like Marleau being willing to come here.

    Personally, I'd like to keep Kaberle at this point.  Unless someone is offering Carter or Staal, then what's the point?  We have a host of decent prospects, and we have other assets that can return middling players.  So far, what we've seen from Burke is "go big or go home", so I don't expect him to deal Kaberle for a package of picks/prospects.  I say find Kessel a decent center (ie. Pavelski), find Kadri a bruising winger (ie. Byfuglien), and see what happens with what we have.

  2. cam7777 says:

    Really?  I think that the Flyers would be much more willing to give up Carter.  The problem is, we don't have what they want, even though Kaberle does offer something slightly different than what Pronger and Timonen each bring.  

    The problem in Philly is that 1.) they need a long-term goaltending solution, and 2.) they can't move anyone except Carter, because everyone else has NTC's and doesn't want to waive them.  They could move VanRiemsdyk, but that's a sideways move, because they also lack winger depth.

    What the Leafs could do, is try to trade some assets for a Cory Schneider, and try to nab a player from Chicago, and then try to package that for Carter.  For example:

    to chi: mitchell, hayes
    to tor: versteeg, sopel

    to van: beauchemin
    to tor: schneider

    to phi: versteeg, schneider, 2nd in 2011
    to tor: carter.

    And even then, the problem with that is that the Flyers probably do have the assets to make those acquisitions without moving Carter (ie. Coburn for Schneider, and Parent + pick for Versteeg), so the Leafs would have to be extremely quick to make their deals, and probably outbid other teams, which they can't do.  Christ, we're screwed.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Thanks Leafy. I think of those 4, Horton and Ryan would be the hardest to acquire, but Penner and Hartnell could probably be had if Burke was interested. Biggest stumbling block in Penner's case could be the burnt bridge between the Oilers and Burkie.

  4. broc says:

    I bet Lucic will remember that game… he chickened out halfway through his fight with Orr, then scrambled away and wanted no part of Orr anymore.

    What's with that?

  5. broc says:

    I bet Lucic and Orr will remember that game… he chickened out halfway through his fight with Orr, then scrambled away and wanted no part of Orr anymore.

    What's with that?

  6. dumbassdoorman says:

    Actually Orr has asked Chara to dance on several occasions…..always turned down. I understand it is not Chara's job to fight guys like Orr. Orrs reaction to the Begin hit was just another clean hit that should not have resulted in that. Seems to be the way though.

  7. dumbassdoorman says:

    He was just saving orr from a beating cause he is the toughest guy in the league you know

  8. Kramer says:

    The Leafs gotta sign Orr to a new contract before he becomes a freed agent. Give em a 12 year extension like dipietro.

  9. mojo19 says:

    relax, orr is signed through 2013

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