Trade Deadline: Leafs

Its about that time again. The leafs are going to be missing the post season (again) and are now “sellers” at the trade deadline. So…let’s have a look at who is available this year…
1. Profile : Thomas Kaberle is probably the leafs greatest trade-able asset however Burke has stated he will not move Kaberle (he would most likely have been asking too much anyway).

So where does that leave the leafs?

2. Profile: Matt Stajan, a team leader, approachable and never shies away from the media. The problem is that he really doesn’t have a defined role with the team. Is he a good shutdown third line center? Second line support scorer? Or marginally talented top line centre( only for the leafs). This lack of consistency hurts Stajan with the leafs and may hurt his trade value. He surely will not be playing a top line role with ANY other team, and maybe not even 2nd line role.

Return: For stajan the return of a decent prospect, a mid to late 2nd rounder, or 3rdwith a 6th rounders are probable.

3. Profile: Alexei Ponikarovsky, a decent support scorer with a good plus minus on a horrible defensive team. For Poni it isn’t so much the goals he does score as much as the goals he doesn’t that has caused him to wear out his welcome. He has a great sense of scoring areas but usually chokes on tap in opportunities.

Return: once again a decent prospect, a mid to late 2nd rounder, or a 3rd with a 4th or 3rd with a 5th rounder are probable. However depending on his play up to the deadline a team like Atlanta may want to pick him up to play with a former friend due to the departure of Kovalchuk. Poni may offer a 2nd or 3rd rounder along with prospect if he goes hot leading to the deadline.

4. Profile: Nicklas Hagman. Why is he fourth spot on the list? because he makes the most sense at a dollar value per output to keep than the other two. For the past 3 years in a row he has scored 20+ goals a season playing 2nd and 3rd line minutes. He is on pace for 30 goals is even in +/-, next year he will only have one year left on his deal and will most likely be on pace for another 20+ goal season, but at this price why not keep him and actually have some veteran scoring for a cheap price.

Return: Prospect with a 3rd and a 6-7th, early 2nd and 5th, or 2-3rd with 4th.
Overall the best return of tradeable assets.

To be honest those are the only really viable options. Lee Stepniak May gather a 3rd at best while mayers would be lucky to get a 5th.

Toskala will NOT be moved unless we get salary back. *When was the last time a goalie paid big $$ was traded at the deadline (it was an injured Kolzig last year, otherwise not since before the lockout.)

Komisarek is untradeable without returning with salary and Burke will NOT want to trade Komi, Beauchemin is the same boat, and if we trade Ian white we will basically be saying if you work hard and go through our system as our draft pick when you pan out we don’t want you anymore.

Blake is also unmovable without picking up salary, so basically he or toskala would be traded if we want to pick up an equally bad player in return but maybe received a lat)e (5th-7th rounder) pick.

Overall not too great, hopefully the 12 new scouts Burke hired can help find multiple diamonds in the rough otherwise this year and next will be rough years with bad finishes and few picks…