Alright People so if you remember back right before the New Years I asked who everyone thought would be traded. I asked for your trade deadline predictions and for anyone who would be able to pick the exact deal to perhaps receive his/her own button.

BUTTTT no one got any of their predictions correct so great job everyone.. you suck. hahah. Anyways here are the top players that where put into almost every trade prediction by the HTR fans.

These are the guy’s that where in almost everyone’s predictions and got either wrong or people that where not dealt.

Doug Weight to Edmonton was all over the place on everyone’s list.

Marc Savard to Ottawa or Calgary never moved

Loungo To almost every team

David Aebischer… The most surprising move that I didn’t even think about this guy being dealt and many of you had a feeling about him being moved so good work on this one… but no one knew where he’d go.

Sheldon Souray – Wow either Mon. fans hate this guy or everyone else loves him cause he was all over everyone’s list as well.

So that ends this years race of deadline deals. Try again next year. Next year I will do the Trade Predictions in mid January so the deadline is a little closer. But I’m not going to get to close. Gotta have some fun with these predictions ya know.

The biggest loser on the predictions was thatleafsguy who made at least 12 different decent trade predictions and failed miserably on each one.. sorry dude but I hade to call it out.