Alright it’s getting to that time of year. The New Year will soon be upon us and the Trade deadline will be hitting us before we even know it.

What I want is some Trade Predictions for the trade deadline coming up. Who is going to trade what and where 2 weeks before it happens or less?Rules:

1. It has to be 2 weeks before the trade deadline or closer. NOT somthing that will happen next week or before that time.

2. Person who makes the a prediction and get’s it right. Will be Posted up on HTR as Prediction Champ Of 2005. Maybe a button could be suggested to be named after the winner as well (only an idea). Results will post after the trade deadline.

3. Predictions must be stated with at least one of the teams names correct and the players/picks/cash/prospects being traded from both sides of the deal.

Here is an Example: My Prediction –

Rangers and Boston:

Rangers trade Tom Poti and a 5th round pick


Boston for Brian Leetch

The reason I say this is if Boston is out of playoff position and the Rangers are in playoff position Boston could look to dump salary and 38 year old Leetch. Rangers could use the old Ranger Blood to boost a weak Power Play blueline.

No need for an explanation but it might be fun to do so.



  1. 92-93 says:

    LOL, you got me there muckies.

    here are a couple of points that might give you a clue on how dedicated i am to the leafs and how entirely UN-fickle i am (although some would call it ‘stubborness’ hehehe):

    1) i’ve been cheering the leafs since they were the s***** of the norris division and when a much more exciting and capable team than this year’s sens (re: 1980s Oilers) were around) – why would i stop cheering for them now when they have had so many 100 pt seasons in a row, when they have young blood pulsing through the line-up, when they are re-making their farm system yet remaining competitive???

    2) I lived in London ont. but i never grew up there. during the last year i saw the rise and dominance of the london knights – lived it everyday because i lived downtown. i followed them a bit but they really didn’t interest me enough to start cheering for them. they were/are a great team. wonderful. now why would i start cheering the Sens here in Ottawa now?

    3) by the way the terms ‘Sens’ and ‘bandwagon’ is something that english professors call ‘redundancy.’ if you are a Sens fan, you KNOW that your allegiance to them can’t be older than 12 years.

    what has come abundantly clear to me is that a lot of non-leaf fans mistake leaf fans’ loyalty to their team for ‘stupidity’ (although the same is somehow not said for Cub fans or the Sox fans before they won the world series, or Blackhawk fans, etc.). what is also clear is that, especially for some of the Sens fans that i have met and talked to, this whole idea of ‘loyalty’ is something that they have to experience for themselves (and i am not just talking about loyalty for an expansion team that is SUPPOSED to suck – i am saying wait until the Sens finish a couple of seasons (let alone a whole decade) in the basement – will you still be a fan?).

    its all about perspective and experience muckies.

  2. thatleafsguy says:

    Nashville: Glen Murray & Hal Gill

    Boston: Adam Hall, Scott Hartnell & 4th round pick

    Toronto: Petr Sykora

    Anaheim: Nik Antropov & 4th round pick

    Toronto: Mike Van Ryn

    Florida: Ian White, Aki Berg & 5th round pick

    Toronto: Trevor Letowski

    Columbus: Mariusz Czerkawski & 8th round pick

    Atlanta: Tom Poti & 5th round pick

    NYR: Greg DeVries

    Ottawa: Doug Weight & 4th round pick

    St. Louis: Chris Philips, Vaclav Varada & 2nd round pick

    Buffalo: Brian Smolinski

    Ottawa: Adam Mair & conditional draft pick

    Washington: Keith Tkachuk & 2nd round pick

    St. Louis: Alexander Semin & Matt Pettinger

    Colorado: Roberto Luongo & 4th round pick

    Florida: David Abeischer, Wojtek Wolski, Brett Clark, Bob Boughner & 2nd round pick

    Edmonton: Olaf Kolzig & 4th round pick

    Washington: Jussi Markanen, Radek Dvorak, Jani Rita & 2nd round pick

    Pittsburgh: Brendan Witt

    Washington: Dick Tarnstrom & 2nd round pick.

    Florida: Sheldon Souray, Radek Bonk, Thomas Plekanec & 3rd round pick

    Montreal: Jay Bouwmeester, Sean Hill, Martin Gelinas & Chris Gratton

  3. sensaresick says:

    Trade Deadline predictions:

    Havlat to Vancouver for either bertuzzi or morrison.

    Havlat is no good in the dressing room in Ottawa and muckler would love to add more gritty goal scoring, much the same as he did in the marian hossa trade. The sens could use a real second line centre since smolinski sucks, thats where morrison comes in, putting him between schaeffer and maybe brandon bochenski gives ottawa a more balanced second line.

    But the more attractive deal would be for big bert, since muckler and murray love the sandpaper, plus Ottawa seems to be the destination for players with something to prove a la domenic hasek and dany heatley. He would be a great fit on ottawas second line with maybe mike fisher and peter schaeffer.

  4. nyrules11 says:


    i forgot about that

    Did anyone else hear him say that he might be interested in a position with the team next year?

  5. nyrules11 says:

    they can be waived if the player wants.

  6. nyrules11 says:

    im not even going to read the others comments on you. Im going to guess they are mostly saying “what the F*ck are you smoking?”

    If I were the Islanders I wouldnt do Zhitnik for Antropov, Berg, and a 4th rounder.

    Maybe Wellwood and Antropov for Zhitnik and Niinimaa.

  7. neilios says:

    Why the hell would Canucks trade Bert or Morrison for Havlat????Havlat is done for the year and plus the Canucks would need a C in any trade they do someone that can play with Nassy and Bert.I can see Morrison probably getting traded but who would Ottawa give up in return????It would have to be Havlat and someone else maybe Fisher but I dont like Fisher the guy is always hurt but he would have to do I guess,and isnt Ottawa gonna trade CHara or Redden before the trade deadline????If they are I would love to see Chara in a Canuck unifom maybe thats where you guys get big Bert.This is how I would want to see go down.

    To Canucks-Havlat,Chara,Neil,Eaves

    To Ottawa-Bertuzzi,Allan,and Park

    I think that would be a great trade for both teams Chara and Allan both have some size and Allan is cheaper that way Ottawa can keep Redden in the offseason and Neil would have to play the 2nd line well Carter would be on the 1st line till Havlat gets back if he comes back this year,and they would have a awsome exciting line for the 3rd line in Eaves,Kesler and Cooke very fast line.The lines would look a little something like this after the trade.

    Nassy Morrison Havlat

    Sedin Sedin Carter

    Cooke Eaves Neil

    Ruttu Kesler Linden

    Chara Jovo

    Ohlund Salo

    McCarthy Baumgartner

    Cloutier Auld

    Not bad lines and I would hate to see the Ottawa lines if this trade where to happen they would be deadly with big Bert in the mix.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    i think you are the one missing the point “tard” because you think every ref should be perfect just 2 months in.

    and i cant beleive you have not once placed any blame on the players. if you dont think any of it is their fault then your ignorance is foolish. they are the ones diving. they should stop it.

    i think in time, it will get better. everyone is getting use to everything new. i cant beleive i have to repeat myself again. but that is the facts. when they start to pass the learning curve, things will get much better.

    but the game is exciting. shootouts, comebacks, high scores, chances. that is what fans wanted. more offence. the refs will get better, and if not, then the league will make changes as they see fit. but it is a joint operation. players have to follow the rules, managers and coaches have to stop complaining about it.

    when you have the refs call everything, from a light slash, to a short tug to a pick, and then suddenly have them call half of them because there should be some contact in the game and make the refs use judgement, there will be mistakes. not all refs will see things the same way. it’s about getting them on the same page. along with the players, coaches and managers. when the grumbling starts, then the shit hits the fan and everyone wants changes. well that is what happened from october to november. and now into december. you can see clearly the players cheating again. they are getting away with it now because people want contact back in. they dont want all the powerplays. then the players will push the envelope. hence all the diving. should that be called more? for sure. but it is so hard to detect and there is no deterrance for doing it. it’s a coincidental minor.

    this is why you may see the inconsistency. people like you want more flow and more 5 on 5, that is fine. but it’s going to come at a cost. i dont think they enforced things enough to make players change. so some calls are being made and some not thanks to people wanting more flow and 5 on 5.

    stick on body, hand on stick, that’s a penalty. it may not be full hard contact, but that is what the league mandated. that is why it may be incidental and it will be called. that is what they meant by calling obstruction. that is obstruction.

    is that not what most fans wanted? most players wanted? to see the obstruction taken out of the game? they are doing that….for the most part. are mistakes going to happen? for sure. why? because htey havent been at this long enough. it’s going to take a year to figure this out. but it’s people like oyu who havent given this a chance. that is why you see the inconsistency. because too many idiots with your mindset think they are doing everything wrong.

    there is absolutely no way in heck they can have this zero tolerance, this crackdown without a 2nd ref. should they just have a neutral zone ref and let the other ref call things everywhere else? maybe that is a solution. but the game is too fast to just have 1 ref call everything. even more calls will be missed if that were the case. he wont know what to call and when to call it on his own because he will be missing so many calls he will be doing make up ones just to even things out. your blind analysis would cripple the league and bring us back to where it was the last 10 years.

  9. Neely4Life says:

    LOL, twoplayers for morrison? i dont think so, i think havlat for morrison straight up is probably about right. lol, adding on fisher, ya, hes going no where.

    Havlat wont go n e where, because he is injured, hes gone at the draft.

  10. wingerxxx says:

    Actually they could use both at this point.

  11. monley89 says:

    what is the point of this post, like the trade deadline is so far away screw this

  12. monley89 says:

    ur an idiot, straight up, u clown

  13. Neely4Life says:

    so, basically your saying the refs r incapable of calling a game by them selves. So, the level of refering has went down since the 90’s. The veteren refs can call a game on their own, and there shouldnt be zero tollerance! The refs dont let allow any flow in the game what so ever. Its 2 mins in, and another 2 mins, and another 2 mins! HOCKEY IS A CONTACT SPORT!!! and so far its looked like a bunch of european pussies dancing around. I love the Toronto/Ottawa games, why, because they let the game take on an identity of its own. You notice how in the west, more penalties are called, and there is a bit more goal scoring, hmmmmmmm…… could it be they r trying to sell it to the south?? ya, goals=fans.

  14. flyersfan10897 says:

    And you do realize that the Devils were always near the top of the payroll for every cup they won?

  15. GretzNYR99 says:

    Trade #1: Throw in a first rounder going to Boston and you just might have a deal.

    Trade #2: More than possible, given Sykora’s poor start and never being in favor of Burke and coach Randy Carlyle (sp?).

    Trade #3: Van Ryn isn’t going anywhere.

    Trade #4: Letowski for Czerkawski straight up I think would seal the deal.

    Trade #5: Poti’s played well lately, so his stock has risen somewhat. It’s a slight salary dump for Atlanta, and they get a little younger in the process. Not a bad trade as long as Poti’s able to keep himself out of the doghouse.

    Trade #6: Could possibly happen, but a 1st rounder would definitely be going St. Louis’ way.

    Trade #7: Smolinski could garner more of a return than a 4th line forward. They need offensive help on the 2nd line. He’ll probably be apart of a packaged deal.

    Trade #8: This trade makes no sense what-so-ever. Tkachuk would be dealt to a contender, not a cellar dwellar that’s not looking to take on payroll.

    Trade #9: Colorado gives up a little too much, Wolski and 1st a rounder would seal the deal.

    Trade #10: I don’t know about this one, I think you over value Kolzig there. Markkanen would definitely be going the other way, but I think Markkanen and a 3rd rounder could do it. Kolzig’s numbers aren’t exactly stellar on a cellar-dwellar. Depends on how the market is, I guess.

    Trade #11: Those two straight up for each other wouild work.

    Trade #10: Bouwmeester and Plekanec won’t be moved. Maybe something like this could happen

    Florida: Souray, Bonk

    Montreal: Hill, Gelinas

    At least these deals were realistic for the most part.

  16. nyrules11 says:


    I dont think i would do Hollweg for Sykora straight up. We need Hollweg badly. He bring the energy to this team with his physical play.

    Hossa and 2nd I would do.

  17. thatleafsguy says:

    you dont take into account the salary cap man……

  18. 92-93 says:

    in the above post, instead of ‘that Simon is getting squeezed out in Calgary’ , i meant to say Leopold.

  19. heater says:

    I will give you analysis. Leopold is ten times the player that Tucker will ever be. Yeah he has some points on a good Leafs powerplay. He still is a puke that I would never want on my team or in my dressing room. Simon is off to a slow start, but he intimidates opponents and opens up the ice. Leopold isn’t getting squeezed out, he could most likely be had in a trade because Calgary is so stacked on D but it won’t be for a couple of bums. As for Berg, he wouldn’t be the #10 defenceman on Calgary. Why is everyone saying that Calgary is in dire need of adding offence. They are 14-2-2 in their last 18 games with Iggy not scoring (he has always been a second half player) What is the problem?

  20. muckies says:

    Hey dude, you want to talk long-term suffering.

    I used to go to the civic center and watch Randy Cunneyworths Sens with Yashin when they would win 5-10 games a year and Norm Mciver was their best player…. Norm Mciver-Zdeno Cahra.

    I remember being behind the Islanders bench when Brett Lindros was on the Isles and the Isles trainers and assitant coaches had on Stanley-Cup rings and i remember thinking, the Isles Stanley Cup rings were better to look at then the team on the ice. Brad Marsh, Pter Sydorkawitz, DAMN WE SUCKED.

    I suffered my friend, big time. I never was or never will be a leaf fan. I cheered for the Habs, so i have always hated the Leafs. I did go to the Garden and saw mario and Jagr and that team play Gilmour and The Leafs. The leafs lost – thank-god, but it was really about going to a the Gardens.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    I do, but you account for it too much.

    A lot of these teams that are in your proposed trades aren’t near the cap. The only team that’s in grave danger is New Jersey, and they’re working up the big one to get better and get under the cap. If not, they’ll have a firesale at the deadline.

  22. GretzNYR99 says:

    Hossa and a 2nd?

    Let’s go, I like the sound of that idea.

    Hossa has potential, but no one can seem to tap into it. Maybe with Anaheim looking to get younger, they could work him into a decent player.

  23. SoBaZzZz says:

    Tanguay/Hejduk and Aebischer to Montreal

    Theodore and Zednik/Souray to Colorado

  24. Nemix says:

    Fix some loopholes for pens

    whitney to atlanta for exelby

  25. Nemix says:

    Not sold on schafer as 2nd liner, be better to sure up left wing… then if 1st line falls hard times u r set ..smolinski can produce .. or try fisher cntre with neil n havlat.. b great 2 get hossa back if wasnt for salary

  26. hnm27 says:


    NYI: Niinimaa and a 2nd pick


    St. Louis: D Weight


    NYI: Wienhandl or a pick like a 2nd, Niinimaa, Kvasha


    Bos: Samsonov, and Zdenek Blatny

    i just say that because the isles have been shopping niininmaa for lil while and need a place for Gervais to come up. and they always were rumored to be hunting samsonov and that would be a huge upgrade to there scoring and finishing ability.


    Col: Aebischer, 2nd pick and Karlis Skrastins, mb even another player thats young like laaksonen


    Fla: Luongo and Boumeester

    I mean this has been rumored, and just think for the exception of the last hockey season played

    lacroix has always made a big deal and i think this is gonna be made alot sooner seeing how the panthers are sinking and now that the nucks need a tender this deal could really help out the avs get back into elite status in the nhl and probably help beat out van for the number one spot in the division.

  27. Nemix says:

    new york, best city.. no thanks , u seen the sidewaks in the day? like a bloomin anthill i would not wanna live there.

  28. mojo19 says:

    I think with Nash, Zherdev, Fedorov and Foote, Colombus is going to build around those core guys and be a buyer in the offseason to try put together a playoff team for next year.

    So I’d say Foote is stuck in Columbus.

  29. 92-93 says:

    listen, i accept your expansion suffering but its NOT THE SAME as watching a team that has been around as long as the leafs, has a storied history like they do, and then watching them suffer for so long.

    an expansion team is EXPECTED TO SUCK. period. you suffered, fine. but you just wait until the sens finish in the basement for an extended period of time. granted, they won’t be there for awhile because they’ve got a good team.

    i just cannot understand or fathom how anyone, regardless of where they grew up or influences from family members or whatever, can grow up cheering for one team and then suddenly switch allegiances. this is something that i could never do.

    the gardens was an amazing place, which made it all the more depressing to watch a guy like Ballard gut the team and the arena of its past glory. the gardens took on some magic when glimour and co. arrived. although it was always sold out, when the leafs began to win there was a buzz in that building that still hasn’t been captured yet in the ACC.

    believe it or not, i felt bad for the habs after Roy left – i saw a good franchise suffer for a little bit and it reminded me of the Leafs during the 1980s.

  30. mojo19 says:

    Kilger would so get a third round pick in the old timers league. Maybe even a second.

  31. 92-93 says:

    so you are telling me that ‘calgary is fine’ just because they were on a hot streak? you are telling me that you are going to ignore (and that Suter is a dumb enough GM that he would ignore) the fact that Calgary needs offense, that they need a centre like Allison who can play with Iginla?

    the thing about any discourses surrounding the Leafs: a lot of leaf fans over-estimate the value of the leafs, and a lot of non-leaf fans completely underestimate the value of the leafs (i.e. yourself). my position is somewhere in the middle.

    both teams receive something that they need. i completely disagree with your ‘analysis’ and i think you need to learn more about what each of the players involved have to offer other teams and their holes.

    Berg and Tucker are not that bad, they are not that great either but Tucker is a way better upgrade then Simon! if you can’t admit that, then you cannot be taken seriously.

  32. mojo19 says:

    I would rather have Antropov. Actually hitch***** would want Clarke to get Big Nik, Hitch***** has made comments a few times on how he feels Antropov is a very effective player and at times one of the leafs best.

    After one of the playoff games in the ’03 series, Ken said that he had to put the Primeau line out against Antropov who was the Leafs best player that game.

    i heart 80.

  33. mojo19 says:

    how about a top 20

  34. mojo19 says:

    which one is the real one?

  35. mojo19 says:

    Shut up Neely, you say some stupid things yourself sometimes. Don’t act like you know more than me about hockey, okay? thank you.

  36. muckies says:

    That was a low-point Habs history.

    Not only did they trade the franchise, they got nothing in return.

    Roy said ever since then , the team has looked just to be good and make the playoffs and not be champios like was expected of them before.

    Good thing Gainey came back

  37. SensDude says:

    Ok let’s see

    To Boston: Henrik Zetterberg

    draft pick 2

    To Detroit: Sergei Samsonov, Pat Leahy

    3 way deal

    To Florida: Adam Foot

    To Colorado: Roberto Luongo, Gary Roberts

    To Columbus: John Micheal Liles, Draft pick 2

    To Montreal: Marc Savard, Eric Boulton

    To Atlanta: Alex Kothsyshin, Mike Ribeiro, draft pick 3

    To Ottawa: Scott Young

    to St Louis: Brian Smolinski, Peter Schaefer

  38. 92-93 says:

    yeah i wish we had Gainey instead of JFJ for our GM. he’s a stable GM who is going to make the habs competitive over a long period of time – although the Habs glory days are long gone, at least they are making the playoffs now.

  39. Senatorsfan78 says:

    Hi here is another trade possiabllty!!!!

    To:Ottawa Senators

    Garry Roberts

    Olli Jokinen

    To:Florida Panthers

    Bradon Bochenski

    1st round draft pick

    2nd round draft pick 2007

    2nd round draft pick 2008

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