Alright it’s getting to that time of year. The New Year will soon be upon us and the Trade deadline will be hitting us before we even know it.

What I want is some Trade Predictions for the trade deadline coming up. Who is going to trade what and where 2 weeks before it happens or less?Rules:

1. It has to be 2 weeks before the trade deadline or closer. NOT somthing that will happen next week or before that time.

2. Person who makes the a prediction and get’s it right. Will be Posted up on HTR as Prediction Champ Of 2005. Maybe a button could be suggested to be named after the winner as well (only an idea). Results will post after the trade deadline.

3. Predictions must be stated with at least one of the teams names correct and the players/picks/cash/prospects being traded from both sides of the deal.

Here is an Example: My Prediction –

Rangers and Boston:

Rangers trade Tom Poti and a 5th round pick


Boston for Brian Leetch

The reason I say this is if Boston is out of playoff position and the Rangers are in playoff position Boston could look to dump salary and 38 year old Leetch. Rangers could use the old Ranger Blood to boost a weak Power Play blueline.

No need for an explanation but it might be fun to do so.