Trade Deadline Specualtion

As the trade deadline gets closer speculation always ramps up in the rumor world. Players are linked to one team, in exchange for another. Anything from incredibly lopsided deals and fantasy rumors to really good and fair trades get tossed around. Now many will say that rumors are pointless and almost 99% of the time are wrong (which is true, rarely have i ever seen a single rumor that comes true with the exception of the lucky person who guesses that Boumeester is going wherever he goes) but I see the deadline in a different light. It is Christmas for fans everywhere and rumors make things that more exciting. Today im not here to suggest that Montreal is gonna get Vinny or Kaberle is going to bring back a first, a prospect and a good RFA, or to suggest that the Penguins are going to grab a first line winger (like Havlat) to play with Crosby but rather to suggest players that could be moved or teams that will likely make trades to shore up issues they have. Speculation or correction that comes from this article would be great but this article is not rumor but rather an educated look at possible moves.
1. The Penguins

It has long been known that the Penguins are looking to bring in an elite winger to play with crosby much like they did last year with Hossa. Look for Jordan Staal and maybe Ryan Whitney to be traded in exchange for that winger they seek. For those that say “Oh but Staal was just signed to an extension, he isnt going to be moved” its extremely likey he will be traded. Not many teams sign a 3rd line center to a 4 million a year cap hit, especially a team that boasts Crosby and Malkin (in no particular order) as there first two centers. The extension will only make Staal more valuable especially with the potential he has to be a top line center (likely a second line but still very valuable). Look for the Penguins to target Hejduk, Kovy (a long shot but not out of the picture), Havlat, Gaborik (yes he is injured but teams are allowed to trade for an injured player if they both agree), Ponikorovski.

2. Boston

Expect the Boston to grab some experience and depth on both the wing and defense. The team has an excess of centers and could use prospects or even one of Kessel or Krejci to get the player they need. Yes these two may be great players but do not expect Boston to keep them past the July 1st as they are both RFA’s and they already have Bergeron and Savard at Center, need to resign Thomas or Fernadez (who could also be used as traid bait). Possible players they could target are Erik Cole, Ponikorovski, Tkachuk, Van Ryn, Kuba.

3. Columbus

Columbus has great talent and potential but the biggest thing they need is size and leadership. If they want to get into the playoffs they need to get some size to help Nash. They can get Antropov to help center Nash as they have lost Brassard. They could also use some defense to stregthen there core and Kubina, Kuba, Hamhuis, Koistinen, or Schneider. The team could also do with insurance in net though they will likely choose to stick with Mason and Dubielewicz. They could use Novotny, draft picks or Filatov.

4. Other teams who will need to improve things

Vancouver – Needs more scoring, and maybe a big change to kickstart the team that is in freefall mode.

Phoexnix – Getting Jokinene has not seemed to help Phoenix’s scoring and they could use another veteran left winger to help score more and anyone really is better then true left wingers Carcillo and Fedoruk.

New York Rangers – For a team that Boasts Drury, Zherdev, Naslund, Dubinsky and Gomez they are finding it hard to score and there powerplay is pitiful. They need a change and could bring a puck moving defensmen or lesser know forward to help kickstart the scoring.

Edmonton – If this team wants to get into the playoffs they need to address there dreadful penalty kill as they sit third last in front of only Atlanta and Toronto. They could attempt to trade Cole plus a pick or prospect for penalty killer Staal which would help a lot (and get the Penguins a winger for Crosby)

Anaheim – Needs to make a move to help scoring. They don’t need anyone big but rather a second or third liner with good scoring potential.

Dallas – Need to adress defensive needs if they plan on making the playoffs.

Calgary – Playing really well, but they need insurance in net if Kipper goes down and they need to bring in a 4th or 5th defensive defenseman that can handle himself if they plan to go far in the playoffs.

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  1. NHLSlayer says:

    A great deal for Boston, but WHY the hell do you think Columbus would want Bergeron?

    This guy has proven, CONSISTENTLY, that he cannot play at the NHL level while staying healthy, and he will not command a 2nd round pick anymore, just simply due to the risk involved in taking him on.  SO, if he won't command a return of a 2nd rd pick, why the hell would the Jackets throw in a top rookie like Kris Russell?


  2. NHLSlayer says:

    On top of that, who the hell is the moron who thinks Thomas will sign for 2.33 mill?

    LMAO  too funny..

    He'll make over $5 million next season, GUARANTEED.  If Boston won't pay it, I can think of AT LEAST 8 teams who will.

  3. Sharxfan20 says:

    True. Because Ponikarovski is having a decent season, his value may increase come the deadline.

    To Islanders: Alexi Ponikarovsky, Pavel Kubina, 2nd in 2009
    To Toronto: Kyle Okposo

  4. cam7777 says:

    Russell is hardly a top rookie.  He's played 100 games over two years and is a -20 in that span.  Yes he's young, and yes he might be good someday, but he's not unmovable.  Bergeron is a risk, no doubt.  But, he's also worth the risk.  What if he comes over and just clicks with Nash?  They are in the market for a top tier center.  The most recent concussion of Bergeron's was very minor, so you never know. 

    Gotta take a big risk to get a big reward.  Plus, it's not like Columbus hasn't stock piled the assets to recover from the loss if Bergeron doesn't work out.  They'll live.   This is the year they're going to take a risk.  Maybe take out the 4th. 

    Next time, you can leave out your moronic Caps Lock insults and just comment.  Thanks though…

  5. tacitus says:

    oh my mistake.. ur right Poni is just as good…hope the leafs give him 6-7 mil a year…then u can tell me he is as good as the rest

  6. Ibeleaf says:

    Here's some wishful thinking. How about Blake, Kaberle, and Poni for Whitney and Staal.
     Then Antropov, Kubina, Finger for Filatov and a pick or excess d-man ? Doesn't make a lot of sense cap wise for the Pens and Jackets but would certainly benefit those two teams and give the leafs a lot of youth going forward.
     Leafs would certainly lose a lot of games for the remainder of the season and get a good shot at getting a top 3 pick in the draft and maybe even land Tavares.
     Thoughts ?

  7. cam7777 says:

    jordan staal and ryan whitney?
    or eric staal and ray whitney?

    eric staal isn't going anywhere.  if you ask me, he has one of the more ridiculous contracts in the league too at 8.25 million for the next 7 years.  He's going to be lucky to hit 70 points this year.  that contract will weigh him down, and he'll end up in a brad richards type situation, where fans and the team can only see his ridiculous salary eating up too much space.

    even if he was moeable, the leafs wouldn't acquire him with that package.  they obviously believe he is a gold mine in carolina, so it would take our whole team to pry him from them.  and even then….

    the pens won't trade Staal AND Whitney.  One or the other may go.  my opinion on the matter was that Staal would be moved at the draft, or in the summer some time, because he is a strong playoff performer and excellent penalty killer.  but now the pens can't win a game even when Crosby and Malkin are doing everything right.  They may be forced to trade Staal for depth on the wings.  Antropov, Ponikarovsky and Kulemin to PIT for Staal and a 1st.  Losing is not an option for the Pens, so we may see a blockbuster like this go down.

    i could also see Staal heading out west too, potentially to anaheim. 

    I suggested a while back a trade that would see Antropov and Kubina go to Columbus for Filatov and a pick.  I was crapped on, but I still think the trade works.  Columbus is desperate, and Filatov can't help them now.  They have one hope of retaining Nash next off season, and that is two, fairly successful playoff outtings.  they could get desperate enough to move a future star like Filatov….

  8. trueblue says:

    Like you i always knew that moore would do well when given the playing time.  he is a kick but 3rd line center for toronto…. hollweg is doing the same there that he did in ny. 

    The one player that will do much better when ny finally decides to move him is prucha.  He cranked his rookie year and they played him a lot.  the next two years he saw limited playing time because the rangers picked up shanny.  and this year he is again fighting for ice time because the rangers have guys coming up like korpikoski, they had fritzche, and signed voros and the team has been pretty healthy this year.  i wouldnt doubt it if he went to pitsburgh he would crank along side of malkin or crosby…. we wont get back a good enough return for him when they do trade him. 

    i think that if sather makes one more deal before the deadline it will involve prucha for a power foward.  do you know whatever happened to that power foward that the rangers picked up and then dealt last year for a 3rd round pick(Kundratek).  I really liked that kid and wished he worked out.

  9. trueblue says:

    Anisimov is going to be a special player….they should move drury next year to make room for him cause he is that good!…..they have another player that they stole when they picked him up in last years draft in the 3rd round (Gratchev).  he is playing in north america already and is cranking…. he plays like ovechkin….we will see….we will see! 

  10. Sharxfan20 says:

    To Phoenix: Markus Naslund
    To New York Rangers: Steven Reinprecht, Daniel Winnik

    Because Olli Jokinen hasn't been delivering for Phoenix, playing with Naslund will give Phoenix some veteran prescence, and will likely help Jokinen.

  11. K-Mill says:

    why would the rangers do that? That is horrible for them.

  12. LEAFS_54 says:

    you are a tool. face it the leafs are occasionally right in getting certain players. just shut up and stop pretending you know anything about hockey.

  13. broc says:

    The Habs didn't make the playoffs the year Gainey got there? Big f'n woop. With your expectations, they should've made the cup finals at least. Idiot.

    The GM has the final say with player personnel. He has a good scout- so you vilify Gainey? LMAO that makes no sense. Good for Bob knowing that he's got a good guy and listens to him. No mention of the Rivet trade I see. I guess it doesn't count since they haven't won a cup, right?

    Blah blah blah about Ribeiro. You were probably one of the guys yelling to trade him for a bag of pucks and hockey tape. Now that he tears it up in Dallas you rip him. You're nothing more than an armchair fool.

    Go suck my mama's d-ck… ha, good one. What are you, 12 years old? I was saying that crap in grade 3 buddy.

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