Trade Idea for Habs

The habs have alot of goaltending and need a sniper or power forward. With the emergence of Carey Price, would he be ready to be #1 with a veteran behind him?

I was thinking Tampa needs a goalie in the worst way and could afford to unload someone like Richards in exchange for Huet. Trade seems to be the only way to get a dynamic player in a Habs uniform and Huet would have value for a team with goaltending struggles. This way, we keep the core of young players, have Richards locked up for long term and he’s a player type that we need.

Any thoughts on unloading a valuable asset like Huet with the emergence of Price to get something ‘big’ in return?

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  1. sercote says:

    Hey,pal.You're not the only one to think of bringing Richards in Montreal.There's been many rumors involving him and the Habs,but the trade you're suggesting is just impossible.Here's why:

    1-Huet is a UFA at season's end and the Habs ain't gonna get a superstar for Huet.

    2-The best reason of all:Richards' salary.He's making 7,8M$ for the next three seasons,while Huet is only at   2,875M$.The Habs' payroll,this year,is 47 805 212$,while the cap is 50,3M$.It means that Huet straight up for Richards would give the Habs 5M$ extra to pay,so there's no room under the cap hit.

  2. camerak says:

    Exactly.  You'd have to throw in Ryder, Bouillon and a couple of draft picks/prospects to even remotely have a chance at a trade that would never happen.  Besides Richards has a no trade clause, so he's not going anywhere.

  3. arithedude1 says:

    sercote sais it all. There is no way that this will happen although I would like to see richards in a Habs jersey 😀

  4. arithedude1 says:

    sercote sais it all. There is no way that this will happen although I would like to see richards in a Habs jersey 😀

  5. Aceman says:

    If I were Gainey, I'd deal for Steve Bernier (6'2" 225) from San Jose. Similar to Latendresse where he can go to the net and put pucks in. I'd call up Lapierre from Hamilton and put a line of Bernier-Lapierre-Latendresse. Keep the fourth line of Begin-Chipchura-Kostopolous. Call up 72 goal scorer Thomas Beauregard from Cincinnati Cyclones as he will help with goal scoring. Keep a first line of Beauregard-Koivu-Kovalev. Put another line of Higgins-Plekanec-Kostityn as well.

    This will help the offense and forward lines at least….

    I would not deal for Brad Richards (TB) as he is a defensive liability. But, Martin St Louis or Vincent Lecavalier or Alex Tanguay, that is a whole different ball game….

    The combo of Huet and Price will pay dividends in the long run for this season and years to come….

  6. habsgod says:

    aceman i wouldn't trade for tanguay!! but the others you mantion you are bang on about!!earlier when there was talk of a kovalev for tanguay deal i was praying that gainey wouldn't do that deal and get fleeced like that!!i'm not a big fan of tanguay!! but like i said at the top if we could trade for lacavalier or  st.louis or somebody of that ilk!! i look at it and look at it hard!!!

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