Trade in the Works for Chicago/NYR?

Larry Brooks has reported that the Rangers and Blackhawks are discussing a deal that would involve Jassen Cullimore and Petr Prucha.

The New York Post and the New York Daily News have both reported that Cullimore and young Brent Seabrook could be on their way to New York for second year forward Petr Prucha and one of the Rangers higher underachieving defensemen.

I really like Seabrook. He can chip in offensively from time to time, and more importantly he can be a physical presence which is really lacking for NYs blue line. Cullimore is overpaid, and is nothing more than a salary dump for the Hawks.

It has been rumored that the deal would look like Cullimore and Seabrook for Prucha and Kasparitis or Malik

I think that is too much to pay for the Rangers. Prucha scored 30 goals in his first season and the Rangers don’t need to lose any firepower up front. I think Chicago will need to throw in another prospect, and I think Sather would like Jakub Sindel who fits right in with Sathers good skating, and great hands European players. New York has a problem finding Colton Orr and Nigel Dawes playing time, and to open up a roster spot via trade might be the only solution.

So what do you think?
Cullimore Seabrook and Sindel/high pick for Prucha and Kasparitis

19 Responses to Trade in the Works for Chicago/NYR?

  1. ThomasHawks says:

    I like this.Prucha and Havlat are both on my fantasy team.But i think rangers would be stpid to give him away for cullimore and seabrook.Seabrook and Ruutu for Prucha and Malik sounds good.

  2. Aetherial says:

    Shoudl Ruutu be healthy, I cannot see how that deal is good for the Hawks.

    Good young D-men are a rare commodity. Prucha is a good player, but he is easier to replace I think.

    Ruutu's health is the big question.

  3. papichulo71 says:

    Cullimore is in the same boat as Hatcher and Rathje.  He has 0 value and is just taking up cap space.

    Prucha for Seabrook straight across makes sense.  Kasparitis has value but he is way overpaid so adding him and Cullimore would make sense if NYR are planning a future addition.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    I still would not trade Prucha for anything right now.  He is the lone Rangers prospect who can score goals on a somewhat consistent basis.  Besides him, you have Shanahan and Jagr, neither of whom are spring chickens anymore. 

    Watching Malik play this year has been painful, and Roszival hasn't been much better.  Even Tyutin hasn't looked great.  But come on…Cullimore is NOT the answer.  Based on overall play, I am more inclined to give Prucha ice time over Dawes and especially Orr.  Losing Prucha leaves a nasty hole up front, for the Rangers.  The trade just doesn't make sense.  Cullimore is not that great of a defenseman, and Prucha still has good upside.  With Kasparaitis working on his conditioning, and hopefully not far off from re-joining the team, why bother with Cullimore?  I don't like this at all, and I hope it does not happen. 

  5. ranger_fan says:

    I do have another reason to keep Prucha, and that is to keep Jagr satisfied.

    But how often can you acquire a dman like seabrook. I am not saying Cullimore is the answer but simply a throw in for salary purposes.

    Malik needs something, I really don't know what. Swift kick to the jimmy might be a good start. Rozival has not been better at all. But how can you say losing Prucha gives a hole up front? Have you noticed that Colton Orr or Nigel Dawes is scratched every game. Nigel Dawes has impressed me the most behind Shannahan. The kid hustles, makes solid defensive plays and if he was just put wiith some sort of talent around him would have tremendous offensive upside. Dawes could easily score, and would make the loss of Prucha minimal. That nasty whole would have to match 2 goals is it now? may be 3? Prucha needs more time. I can't believe he was on the third line. Tom Renneys decisions have been very questionable. If I see Malik in the lineup and Pock out, I think I will turn the game right off. If I see that Colton Orr/Marcel Hossa finishes with 57 seconds of ice time for the game, I will turn on Tom Renney until he starts using common sense. This is the third game in 4 nights and the fourth line needs ice time!

  6. ranger_fan says:

    Cullimore might be in the same boat as Hatcher and Rathje, but they are still an upgrade over Marek Malik!

  7. Rangers93 says:

    I would like to think of this trade an excuse to get rid of MALIK

  8. wheresthesoda says:

    no way, that would be frickin ridiculous. no way can they trade prucha or kaspar. thats bullsht

  9. wingerxxx says:

    I'd be willing to do Malik and a low pick for Cullimore, but that's really about it.  Having Seabrook would be nice, yes…but not at the expense of losing a hard-working player like Prucha, who will give you 30 goals a year. 

  10. HockeySteve says:

    Sather should not trade Prucha.  That would be a stupid move.  The problem in NY is that the fans get on the players so quickly that GM are almost forced to make moves.  We have lost homegrown talent like Savard and York in stupid trades that have come back to haunt us.  PRUUUUUUCHA (I love yelling that in the Garden!) is going to be a great player, he has yet to fully develop.  Trade any of the following players on the Rangers roster and it will be alright with me: Ozolinsh, Rachunek, Orr, Hossa, Weekes.  Players like Pock, Dawes, Immonen should be given more ice time.  They are making rookie mistakes now, but thats because Renney benches them after they make a mistake and does not play them.  How are they supposed to learn with 2 minutes of ice time?  Pair Dawes with Jagr or Shanahan.  Colorado has always used this approach of pairing stars with rookies and look how many of their homegrown players have become stars in this league. The Rangers need to continue to redefine their approach to development.  It is getting better, but it is definitely not great yet!  Just my opinion!

  11. ranger_fan says:

    Prucha won't hit 30 this season unless they lose one of their big 4 to injury (Jags, Straka Nylander, Shanny) because Renney isn't effectively using him with ice time or on the PP.

    This kinda reminds me of the Pronger Shanny swap tho. Seabrook is a poor Pronger; Prucha is a poor Shanny. Its a matter of preference and I would want the Pronger.

  12. Doctor says:

    Sorry, but this trade will never, ever happen. We'll trade Kasparitis before he gets free, but why include our best young player in the deal. Not happening.

  13. Doctor says:

    Dude Seabrook is not a poor Pronger and Prucha is def not a poor Shanny. Shanny is a power forward, 6 foot 3 220, Prucha is a sniper 5 foot 10 170- one crashes the net the other stays away from it. Don't get witty.

  14. ranger_fan says:

    I was talking in terms of production and value.

  15. ranger_fan says:

    Prucha is a talented player, don't get me wrong. But I don't see him improving much more beyond 30 goals in his career. Solid player, would love to have him, but I would rather have a young hard hitting two way defenseman who is younger.

    And please tell me the York you are referring to is Mike and not Harry LOL! Mike could be had for next to nothing with his salary. THere is just no room for him. I agree that Dawes needs to be around an offensive talent and really Renney is wasting him. I wouldn't trade Sandis or Rachunek before Rozival and Malik, despite Rozival showing a little sign of improvement last game. Weekes can't be traded, and Hossa is a legit 4th liner with no value.

  16. ranger_fan says:

    trade our best youth for two other youths, a standout defenseman, and a Nylander in the making in Sindel

  17. wingerxxx says:

    Prucha could always get extremely hot, like last season.  It's because of the way he plays.  The Rangers need to keep their scoring up front, mainly because it's all that is keeping them afloat right now. 

    I have seen Seabrook play, and he is not a poor Pronger.  He has a ways to go before he comes close to that comparison.  The only way the Rangers can justify trading for Seabrook is if they send a defenseman back to Chicago, because the defense simply has too many bodies right now.  If they were willing to send Tuomo Ruutu in a package for Prucha, then we could talk.  And even then, I would hesitate to do that because of Ruutu's shoulder issues. 

    Priority one needs to be getting rid of Marek Malik, not blowing up the squad.  Maybe even Roszival, if he can't pick it up. 

  18. wingerxxx says:

    Prucha has a LOT of room to improve.  If he could play with decent linemates on a consistent basis, his scoring could skyrocket.  I do not like the idea of trading guys like Prucha, who plays much bigger than their size.  He is a very hard worker, gold on the power play, and I do not like the idea of giving him up.  For Seabrook or anyone else.  This is a guy the team needs to keep. 

  19. ranger_fan says:

    Most of Prucha's goals last year where garbage bang ins on the PP. Well may be not most, but a good quanity. He had a few good rushes too. Petr Prucha does need to fill out or we will not have a long career. He plays with a lot of heart, but gets thrown around. And if he does fill out his frame he will lose some speed and quickness which is one of his greatest assets. I don't like the idea of letting a talent like him go to waste because NY is skipping the rest of the rebuilding process. Prucha nor Nigel Dawes are getting the time they deserve. A trade would benefit the Rags right now because of the role he is assigned, and it will strengthen their defensive corps, and yes I am sure Malik would go the other way too. Rutuu does have problems and thats why I recommend Sindel being the other piece to NY.

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