Trade in the Works for Chicago/NYR?

Larry Brooks has reported that the Rangers and Blackhawks are discussing a deal that would involve Jassen Cullimore and Petr Prucha.

The New York Post and the New York Daily News have both reported that Cullimore and young Brent Seabrook could be on their way to New York for second year forward Petr Prucha and one of the Rangers higher underachieving defensemen.

I really like Seabrook. He can chip in offensively from time to time, and more importantly he can be a physical presence which is really lacking for NYs blue line. Cullimore is overpaid, and is nothing more than a salary dump for the Hawks.

It has been rumored that the deal would look like Cullimore and Seabrook for Prucha and Kasparitis or Malik

I think that is too much to pay for the Rangers. Prucha scored 30 goals in his first season and the Rangers don’t need to lose any firepower up front. I think Chicago will need to throw in another prospect, and I think Sather would like Jakub Sindel who fits right in with Sathers good skating, and great hands European players. New York has a problem finding Colton Orr and Nigel Dawes playing time, and to open up a roster spot via trade might be the only solution.

So what do you think?
Cullimore Seabrook and Sindel/high pick for Prucha and Kasparitis