Trade inevitable for devils

The devils are off to a great start but have not played any really spectacular teams. Surprisingly they still look like the same hit and speed team but with so many possibiliteis to trade…how long before it happens and who will it be?

In my opinion once the devils start playing quality teams they will start struggling. what they need is a scorer and although bure speculations have been put to rest you never know, nobody knows ever lou is gonna pull something unexpected that no one sees coming everyone thinks is a stupid trade and turns out good.

Here are some people the devils should put on the get out of town list… Jay Pandolfo, better than i will ever be but is a hardworking player that can not bury the puck. Andrei Zyuzin needs to go he’s decent he is young but he wont crack the lineup with the depth the devils have at D. Guolla can go too but at 29 who is gonna trade for a guy that still needs to develop and does not have time to. Here is the big lure…Christian Berglund is a fantastic player one of my favorties actually and i do not want to see him go but i think any team would be crazy not to take him except detroit. He is goin to be like another sykora but if you dont make a trade you can’t get him in the lineup so either free up some room or get him outta there. Lastly Langenbruner needs to go i hated that trade and do not think he has contributed anything since he came.

Now that you have a list of people you can trade whats the deal gonna be? You tell me.

And as much of headache danton is, do not get rid of him.

Heres my trade proposal Berglund, Pandolfo, and Zyuzin to whoever is willing to make a good exchange for them. Possibilities in my mind…Colorado Tanguay and Reainprecht, Florida Bure and a draft pick, Minnesota Gaborik and my favorite jimmy dowd, or to tampa bay for lecavalier or st. Louis and someone else….you tell me what you think and give other suggestions because as a devs fan i know they probably seem one sided, thanks!

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  1. big_booty says:

    I don’t think anything is “inevitable” for New Jersey right now. They are a winning team. It does not matter how, just that they are gathering more points than their competition.

    Your trade specualtions seem a little far-fetched. A package of Berglund, Pandolfo, and Zyuzin will not get you Tanguay/Reinprecht, Gaborik/Dowd, or Lecavalier/St. Louis.

    Gaborik is staying put with the Wild. The way that Tampa Bay is playing they are not going to want to make any changes. Lou maybe could get Tanguay or Reinprecht, but not both. Even then, it is doubtful, considering the Av’s defensive depth.

  2. Leaf_Expert says:

    Are you a f.uckin girl……

  3. mikster says:

    No he is not….

    But you do get a strike for that, and have more respect for very well known members….

  4. big_booty says:

    By my count, he should have about ten or twelve.

  5. -Swizz- says:

    Gaborik will NOT be dealt.

    And especially for crap like that…

    okay I dont follow the devils much, and maybe Berglund is a good player….but zyuzin is crap, pandolfo is 3rd-4th liner…

    guolla is crappier than any of the crap leafs fans try to trade away (eriksson, lumme, etc)….

    Gaborik is a future allstar, and possibly even an allstar this year…he should score like 35goals this year..maybe more…

    V. Bure maabye….buts thats it….

    dont think Colorado wants Zyuzin, Pandolfo…

    i doubt TB would deal lecavalier just yet..and if they do, i’m sure the offers have gone up big time now…

  6. Lint07 says:

    What about 25 strikes and a kick in the A$$ ?

  7. mikster says:

    Devils shouldn’t even try to trade Berglund, he will be very important for them in the future.

    As for Zyuzin and Guolla, they are worth at the very most some mid round picks. Again, Guolla is a career minor leaguer, so he is worth very little, and Andrei Zyzuin is close to be considered a bust….and his trade value is also quite low.

    I do agree that the Devils offense is not doing their job, but it’s a new team (with new players) and new coach. You can’t expect everything to work properly. However, the defense and goaltending are winning the games, which is good for now.

    I think the Devils and Burns should wait longer for the team to create offense. If the offense is still underachieving after 20 games though, then i think GM Lou should try to bring in a forward who excels more offensively.

  8. mikster says:

    Hey, give me another comment of his where he directly criticizes someone as he did to you and i’ll give him another.

    I didn’t see him make those comments like that, but then again….i do’t have time to check everyone’s comments.

  9. leafsrule31 says:

    …. cry about it

  10. mikster says:

    Val Bure for Guolla, Zyzuzin, and a draft pick would be a steal for the Devils, since they are trading busts, but i doubt Dudley is that stupid.

    And….Berglund will be a solid player once he is permanently an NHL’er.

  11. Leaf_Expert says:

    no, no, no, NO

    Who the hell are you sayin gets a strike don’t talk b.s. buddy cause I aint got nooo strikes…

    And what MAN calls himself big_booty??? dis guy has been tryin to pick beef but I don’t deal wit losers who call dem self big booty….damn you?, know dats wat you say to a women but not a man unless he likes men…then its a different story where he should get a strike!

  12. Rico71 says:


    Pathetic…really pathetic.

  13. MantaRay says:

    We are not even out of October!!

    How are panicking already.

    The Devils will not make any trades anytime soon. Unless, the opposite team is struggling and making a trade for the sake of shaking up its roster and its too early in the season for that.

    The Devils are 5-1 with a currently poor power play that has plenty of fire power to work out.

    29 other teams would love to have our problem.

    It just doesn’t make sense to make a deal now.

  14. big_booty says:

    From the sound of things, you don’t “deal wit” anybody.

    I did’t realize you hailed from South Central Toronto. Or did you just start with the ghetto-speak in a piss-poor attempt to call more attention to yourself?

    Grow up, for God’s sake. We don’t need this childish behavior here.

  15. Seattleaf says:

    And now I officially feel like this is no longer a Trade Rumor/Speculation web forum, but an AOL chat room for teens. I’m sick to death of people making personal cuts against other people. I know some rumors are kind of ridulous, but you can’t have a trade rumor site without them.

  16. leafsrule31 says:

    i didnt realize you hailed from greenwich? or did you just start with the sophisticated-speak just to try and look cool on the internet because you dont have any in real life?

    get a life for gods sake. we dont need you running around acting like the george w bush of htr trying to police every single confrontation that should arise and just plain acting like your god of the hockey site world.

  17. ClarkeRules says:

    Are you serious? You obviously are a hockey fan, just like the rest on this site. So what’s “wit da playa hatin”? At times some of the shots taken at each other amuse me, but for the most part annoy me. What do you know about hockey anyway? What makes you such a Leaf expert? Certainly not your vocabulary! Make an intelligent comment or two before you even think about being an expert of any kind. By the way, the Leafs are a one line team of shite! That’s right, shite! Pat Quinn is a bum! Instead of taking shots at members of this site, why don’t you criticize Pat Quinn for being a bad GM?

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