Would you trade Luongo and Ballard for Kessel

With all of the trade talk out there with Kessel and Luongo  it would be interesting to see fans reaction to a possible trade that could benefit both teams. Would you be willing to do this deal? What else would have to be done to sweeten the pot?

Please comment and have your say.

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70 Responses to Would you trade Luongo and Ballard for Kessel

  1. blaze says:

    Is this a f@@king joke???

    • mojo19 says:

      Also, what’s up with Ballard being randomly thrown in? Edler, Hamhuis, Bieksa, and Garrison all average more ice-time. Ballard is a pretty average player, #5 d-man earning over $4 mil a year. No thank you.

      Where did this garbage come from?

  2. mojo19 says:

    What else would need to be done to sweeten the pot?

    Vancouver would have to throw in their top 3 or 5 prospects and a couple of first round picks…for starters.

  3. razer1818 says:

    Here is where i stand.

    To Vancouver:

    To Toronto
    2013 1st Rd

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Vancouver would never do that trade.IMO

      Luongo is playing better than Schneider right now. They need help at centre with Kessler being out, so moving a centre is probably not going to happen. Plus, arguably, Raymond is better than Bozak. Kassian has 4 goals in 6 games, 2 fights and a S/O winner. He worked out with Sedin’s all summer and Vancouver and the Sedin’s are very high on him. He is being compared to a Bertuzzi like player when he was in Van City. He is apparently very dedicated to learning and they don’t consider him a flash in the pan as others have suggested. Then there is also the first rounder on top. They also just lost their top goalie prospect to injury, so they would need a goalie in return.

      On another thread, I suggested (and got ripped for it)lol

      To Vancouver
      2013 2nd rounder

      To Toronto
      Luongo(who is not a salary dump in Vancouvers eyes)

      When you consider what the trade suggestion of THIS thread is (Kessel for Luongo and Ballard) mine looks like gold for Toronto and yours would be a steal for Toronto…in comparison.LOL

      Kassian and Loungo have more value than many want to admit. As much as this would piss my fellow Leafs fans off…I’m not sure Vancouver would do Kessel for Kassian straight up. Many seem to be forgeting, Vancouver gave up Hodgson to get him. Big, tough power forwards who can fight are hard to obtain. I see Kassian developing into a 25 goals a year guy if he gets proper ice time. He creates room and space for his fellow linemates and he will drop the gloves to protect them, go to the net, and able to play in the top 6. Kessel is a pure goal scorer and although teams want that, Vancouver got Kassian because they believed they need to be bigger and tougher while maintaining a certain level of skill.

      Although I would not do the trade suggested on here either (Kessel for Luongo and Ballard) it does show what values people are putting on Kessel and Luongo whether Leafs fan like it or not.

      • blaze says:

        Vancouver wouldn’t do it? Nonis would be rightfully run out of town if he traded Kessel for Luo.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          I thought I was clear I meant the trade razer1818 suggested, Vancouver would not do.

          No offense, but if you’re suggesting Vancouver would droul over Kessel, Bozak Komisarek for Luongo, Raymond, Kassian and their 2013 first and Nonis would be run out of town. Man, the Kessel rose coloured glasses are in full effect. It would be Gillis who would take the heat without a doubt.

          • blaze says:

            I wouldn’t pay more than Bozak for Luongo period. The first is late hardly a game breaker and Kassian isnt a franchise blue chipper.

            The hate Kessel gets is unreal. One of the top snipers in the world.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              Blaze, I don’t hate Kessel. I like waht he brings…goals. I don’t think he will take us to the next level. As much as you look at us as Kessel haters(which I’m not), I don’t undestand how Kessel “lovers” don’t see him for what he is. No need to get pissy about it…it’s just opinions.
              Come on though. Luongo is worth more than Bozak, and I am one that has been totally against taking Luongo and his contract. Amnesty buy-outs have made it more attractive. I believe you could trade for Luongo now and then move him at the deadline to a contender, for a good price, leaving them with the option of buying him out if they don’t win the cup.

              • blaze says:

                Why does Kessel have to take us to the next level. Why can’t he just be what he is, another highly talented, very hard to acquire piece of the puzzle.

                Kessel is the only guy on the team (maybe JVR in time) that has that one shot goal scoring dynamic. To take that away from the team removes a much needed weapon. You can run into any hot goalie at any time espcially in the playoffs and having a guy that can have an off night but change the game with one shot is very valuable.

                Do you ever see Patrick Kane throw a hit ever?? Yet you never hear criticisms about his physical game and his skill set helped Chicago win a Cup. People act like goals are no big deal. I love grit an fighting as much or more than anyone but let’s not forget goals are literally the only thing that wins hockey games. Goal scoring is the hardest thing to do in the NHL.

                As for Luongo the amnesty buyout makes it only marginally better. For one the Leafs wouldn’t trade Luongo just to dump him the next season. If they did that at the cost of Kessel they would deserve to fold the franchise.

                To buy out Luongo would cost what 30 mil? What team other than the Leafs do you think would do that. If Toronto wanted to trade because he is sucking who on earth would take him. What owner would actually approve that an the amnesty buy out only runs to next year then your screwed.

                • blaze says:

                  Kane and Kessel both played 82 games last year and Kane managed 5 more hits than Kessel just for the record.

                  • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                    All good points.
                    Take a look at the players surrounding Kane though. Does Toronto have Toews, Sharp, Hossa, Seabrook, Keith? What would it take for us to surround Kessel with that kind of talent? More than we can afford is the answer, which was my point.
                    30 players had more than 30 goals last year…Stamkos’ a “true sniper” had 60. This list doesnt include Crosby, Toews, Lucic, Richards, Hossa etc. Almost all the players with 30 or more goals last year have other elements to their game that Kessel does not.
                    It is not about whether Kessel can score, it’s whether he is best suited in Toronto.
                    As fo Luongo, the teams that seem interested(mostly Philly) would buy him out and not think twice if they thought he might bring them the cup. They would more than likely buy-out Bryz and keep Luongo anyway. I am not suggesting Toronto would trade him if he was sucking, they may aquire him with the intent to get value back at the deadline assuming he continues to play well. I will state this one more time…I have never suggested trading Kessel for Luongo straight up.

                    • leafs_wallace93 says:

                      Blaze you’re overlooking that we’d get Higgins back.

                      Clearly Chris Higgins is that missing piece we desperately need.

                • TmLeafan says:

                  “Goal scoring is the hardest thing to do in the NHL.” Thanks for pointing this out Blaze I have had this argument with many people and it seems like a simple fact but it gets overlooked all the time. Kessel gets ragged on all the time yea hes a shitty defensive player but so is Evegeni Malkin, when was the last time you saw Steven Stamkos blocking shots and making nice defensive plays? Simply doesnt happen.

                  Kessels bad defensive play is amplified by the fact he has never had good linemates and spends far too much time in the defensive zone. Get 2 big linemates that can sustain pressure down low and you will see Kessel thrive (more than he already has he scored 38 goals playing with Bozak last year). We should do everything we can to sign this guy.

                  If we are gonna trade a “centrepiece” lets see what we can get for Phaneuf he cant hit the net to save his life.

                  • TmLeafan says:

                    I will add because scoring is the hardest thing to do in the league thats why the top scorers get paid the big bucks.

                    If we can get him signed for 6 yrs 6.5-7 mil per we would be doing well.

                    • mojo19 says:

                      Washington never won a Cup in the late nineties and Bondra was a better goal scorer than Kessel. Similar player, too. But they did make the finals when they added Oates and when Kolzig came into his prime.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        lol dude, your on crack. If Luongo’s contract was that desirable he would have been moved already, and don’t give me that “he is playing great” crap, he should have been moved in the summer or before the season began (well before he played well…dur).

        He wasn’t moved because no one wants him. Hell is a team like Columbus offered enough you would have heard about Luongo refusing to waive his clause… I’ll repeat, no one is willing to pay for him.

        Kassian & Higgins for Scrivins, Bozak, and a 2nd is not something the leafs are interested in (got enough big wingers with skill in the system and Higgins is worthless to us) add in Kessel for Luongo and then having the balls to say Vancouver would turn it down is retarded.

        If Luongo was worth anywhere near that Kadri & Bozak would be playing in Vancouver already (or their equivalent from another team).

      • razer1818 says:

        My trade also includes the facts that what if Kessel dont resign in Torornto what than is value is high now than at the trade deadline next year and Mason Raymond is an UFA at the end of the season

        • JoelLeafs says:

          That sentence hurt my brain.

          Kessel is worth far more than anything you propose, even if he isn’t going to resign. He if he can’t be resigned he will be traded for a lot more than Raymond.

  4. nordiques100 says:

    I think the relationship between the two management teams is so bad there is no chance any deal gets consummated between the two teams….however ridiculous the rumor/offer could be.

  5. mojo19 says:

    To Vancouver: Ben Scrivens, Tim Connolly, Mike Komisarek

    To Toronto: Roberto Luongo, Van 1st, Jordan Schroeder.

    This is the only type of trade I could pallet for Luongo. Get Kessel’s name the hell out of there. If we dealt Kessel and the main piece coming back was anybody in his 30’s I will actually assassinate Dave Nonis, admit to the crime, and be a big hero in Toronto prison.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Well hopefully you can still post your thoughts from prison.LOL

      That has NO chance of happening though.lol

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        we know, that was his point. HE would only give up that.

        Personally I would drop Connolly and include a half decent piece (not a Frattin/Kadri/Bozak level piece mind you) and then drop the Vancouver future pieces. Luongo is definitely worth losing Scrivins and a piece that doesn’t help us now or up to 2 years from now.

        Vancouver wont do it but that would be my max.

        Oh well, I am more than comfortable letting Reimer take the helm.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Why do we want Luongo coming back if we’re going to tank?

  6. JoelLeafs says:

    How about Kessel to Vancouver for a 7th round pick? Seems about right, I mean, he won’t “elevate us to the next level” (whatever that means), so why bother with him?

    With the team being what they are, Van city is looking for a salary dumb, some prospects/picks, and maybe a center to fill the Kessler void in the short term. The idea that they would give up what it would take to get Kessel is silly.

    You can rip the trade all you want, but Kessel went for two firsts and a second coming from a team most assumed would ensure those picks would be high. Kessel has gotten better since then. Why would his value drop to a fucking salary dump?

    And to anyone that thinks the amnesty buyout makes Lu more attractive, two things matter: the cash and the fact that you can’t resign a player you buy out. The leafs are owned by Bell and Rogers… ever tried to get one of them to pay for a mystery charge on your bill? It’s like pulling teeth to even get them to allow you to resign for 3 more fucking years a few months before your absurd contract is up. You think these are the same guys who will have no problem taking a $30 mil hit for nothing?

    The second point is that if we were to buy him out they could not resign him. He would then be free to go anywhere he wants, like, for example, a team in Toronto’s conference. Lu is still a good keeper, it’s just his contract and age that make him to unattractive. If from 1-10 he is an 8 as a keeper he becomes more like a 5 when factoring in his history and contract… last I checked we already have a few keepers that are around 5 out of 10.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      If Luongo was a salary dump, he would have been traded by now. Vancouver is waiting for what they feel is value…just like you want value for Kessel if you were to trade him.
      Who said the Leafs would buy-out Luongo and then want to re-sign him? I don’t remember anyone suggesting that…could be wrong though.

      • JoelLeafs says:

        I’m not suggesting that the leafs would want to buy him out and resign, just that if they were to buy him out any team could pick him up for any price, which could really burn the leafs going forward.

        Also, I’m not arguing that Lu is a salary dump. My comment about him being a salary dump comes from the fact that his salary is ridiculous for any keeper, especially one who’s (on paper) been bumped from the starting job.

        Contract and history aside, I would probably value Lu somewhere along the lines of Lethonen. Would Dallas swap those two straight up right now? Of course not! They would lose the deal handily because of the salary dump.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        if he isn’t considered a salary dump why hasn’t ANYONE offered Vancouver anything of value?

        Luongo is top 10 in the league, arguably top 5 to some, and yet he cannot be moved for anything even remotely close to a top 10 pick NHL prospect, a 3rd line center, and a 2nd round pick (Kadri, Bozak, 2nd) like the rumors say Gillis wants.

        Florida is a team who could REALLY use him right now but because of the contract, they wont even touch him. That is the definition of a salary dump. Value and skill are not factors when determining a salary dump. If it was Luongo for Lecavalier would be done already.

  7. kessel_leafs81 says:

    how about,

    to tor: schneider, kassian, 1st

    to van: kessel, bozak, scrivens

  8. To Van: Bozak, Scrivens, 2nd.
    To Tor: Luongo, 2nd.

  9. leafy says:

    Are we Stanley Cup contenders this year? No. What’s with all the goalie rumors…

    Let Riemer and Scrivens fight it out and then re-evaluate after this shortened season. They’re not bad actually. Priority right now should be quality forwards, realistically through the draft.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    I think the Leafs should take a shot at Zack Boychuk on waivers.

    Why not? Skilled guy. An upgrade over having Steckel in the lineup.

  11. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Kessel for Derek MacKenzie (cause I was at a house party with him once when I was in university)

    Kessel for David Bolland

    Kessel for Ryan Clowe (oh wait that’s too much)

    Kessel and 3 1st round draft picks for Pierre Mark Bouchard

    Phaneuf for Krys Barch

    Six games into the season…..

  12. That ppv might bankrupt the leafs.

  13. Luongo gets the start again today. I’m wondering if this is a way to generate more interest in a trade, or if Luongo may earn back the starting position.

    • mojo19 says:

      I think you could be on to something. What Darren Dregger was saying on the radio yesterday is that Gillis is finding it a lot harder to move Luongo than he thought. He’s never going to get the type of return he’s expecting without at least taking back some salary with term, most likely.

  14. nordiques100 says:

    With the way the Panthers have started, 1-5 with 24 goals against, it seems pretty good there’s a fit between Luongo, the Cats and the Canucks.

    My guess would be a prospect, a contract and a goalie. The prospect could be a good one if Florida is really that desperate. I only see though Bjugstad being the least likely to be traded of Florida’s young players.

    • mojo19 says:

      Ya you’re probably right nords. I wonder if Vancouver would consider taking an NHL’er instead of a prospect if he could have an immediate impact. If I were Vancouver I would be open to that kind of thing. If they make the right move they could win a cup this year.

      What about



      Skille, Theodore, Upshall (3 years left at $3.5 mil. Useful but overpaid player, this would be the salary Gillis takes back to help offset the amount of dollars owed to Luongo).

      I think this would be pretty fair for both sides. With Kesler and Booth on LTIR they could slide this under the cap no problem. In fact, the money is pretty similar going both ways, cap wise.

      • nordiques100 says:

        my guess is the Nucks want Bjugstad or Gudbranson. They may end up with Howden. I doubt they get the 1st two…but you never know.

        Theo allegedly nixed a trade to the Canucks earlier. Maybe a change in heart?

        Upshall is a given imo to go back. They have to take a contract.

        • mojo19 says:

          The only alternative to Upshall could be Jovo. He’s got familiarity with the Canucks, and he earns $4.1 for two more years after this season.

          The contract takes Jovanovski to the age of 38, and its not a terrible contract at all, but I could see it being a bit steep for the next couple years. He’s a really solid #4-5 guy at this point in his career.

          But I still think he brings more to the table than Upshall, and the Panthers would probably want to hold onto him.

  15. Gambo says:

    Boys I laughed so hard reading some of these comments, flat out comical.

    Seriously, no way should Kessel’s name even be brought up in a trade involving Luongo.

    And unrealistic_leafs_fan, Kassian is not close to as good as you think he his. We’re 6 games into the season…

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      plus he is playing with the Sedins.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        Yea he does play with the Sedin’s, at the Sedin’s request. I think he has proven them to be right to ask for him on their line at this point. He has been widely considered to be the Canucks best player through the 6 games. You guys are right though, he probably sucks.lol
        By your logic and according to how great Kessel is, Kessel should get 70 goals a year if he played with the Sedins. not likely.lol

        Funny, according to you guys, Kessel’s problem is that his linemates aren’t good enough(which hurts his production) and Kassian’s problem is his linemates are too good, so that makes Kessel untouchable and Kassian a bum.
        Doesn’t it actually show that Kessel cannot carry this team because he is only as good as his linemates?
        Hard to have it both ways…Kassian sucks because it’s only six games in, yet Kessel, with no goals in six games is untouchable. Just because he has 4 straight seasons of 30+ goals doesn’t mean that will always be. More than likely, but not a guarantee.

        • Steven_Leafs0 says:

          lol dude, no one said Kassian sucks, we are just saying he isn’t as good or worth as much as Kessel in a trade.

          Kessel is a consistant 30+ goal scorer no matter who he plays with, Kassian is having a great year but has not shown he is anywhere on that level.

          You get all offended that we think “Kassian sucks even though he is the Canucks best player right now” and we are downplaying Kassian’s value yet you consider Kessel to have less value than Luongo who no matter how hard Vancouver tries cannot move him without taking back a bad contract or two. Down playing his value hard.

          We thought your little trade offer was the dumbest offer we ever read, get over it already. LOL

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            The “dumbest” thing is how you continue to say things I haven’t.LOL I said I would NOT tade Kessel for Luongo straight up. Beyond that, I said I wouldn’t do Kessel for Luongo and Ballard either. I said that I believe that is the comparable values of what Vancouver WANTS in return if they gave up Luongo and Kassian. I even said I would want more back but don’t think we couldn’t get it at this point. I also said I am mostly against trading for Luongo as I hate his contract. I also said that now is not the best time to trade Kessel and if we are going to, we should wait til he gets back on a roll and his value increases again. I don’t care if you and your buddies don’t like the trade, but try reading before you comment. There’s nothing to get over, I still sleep fine even though you disagree and throw out your little insults.lol I’m sure you find that hard to believe though.LOL

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      “Unrealistic leafs fan” hilarious, never got that one before. not. lol

      I could say the same thing to you Gambo(and others) about Kassian…how do you know he won’t, or isn’t any good. It’s only six games into the season as you said.
      Funny how you guys on here will make huge predictions about how great a junior player will be, when they have never played an Nhl game, but a guy IN the NHL that has nothing but good said about him by his organization, has 4 goals in six games IN the NHL…he actually sucks and will never be anything.LOL

      Let’s be honest, if he was in the Leafs organization, most would be talking about how good he will be AKA Biggs, Ross, Blacker, D’Amigo and all the other names that have been thrown out as our “next” top 6 guy or top 4 d-man.
      If we had a 6′ 3″ 215lb winger who had just turned 22 years old and a 13th overall pick. 44 games NHL experience before this year and only 10 pts in the NHL but had 15 goals and 11 assists in 30 games in the AHL last year while being a fighter as well. I would be reading all these, “Kassian is a beast, he scores, he fights, he’s our next power forward.” Then he gets 4 goals in 6 games this year with the Leafs and it’s “we finally got our power forward, this guys awesome, he just needed time to develop.”

      Guys like you said the same thing to me(unrealistic, they will never be any good) when I made predictions about Clarkson and Turris when neither had proven much yet. Always the shots at the call name or implied lack of hockey intelligence.
      I will call it now, If Kassian continues to get ice, in another year or two from now, he will establish himself as a probable 20-30 goal(he will have already had a 20 goal season) a year guy and a strong power forward. Funny how guys like you trash me and then never say anything when I prove to be right.LOL ie Clarkson and Turris for example. Not one person has said, Hey RLF, good call on Clarkson or Turris. Typical of this site.

      As for my trade suggestion, if you read all I wrote. I said that is the value you should expect in a trade for Luongo(as per what Vancouver wants and what I believe Kessel’s value is right now). You disagree on values, I respect that. Do I think we would be better off, Yes. I honestly think that the guys, like yourself, who feel Kessel shouldn’t be moved are “unrealistic”, so should I call you “Gumbo” now to show how stupid I think your thoughts are.LOL Naw, that would make me look like an idiot if I end up being wrong.

  16. I think it’s more to do with Kessel being proven to be an elite scorer, so he’s valued a bit more than somebody with potential to be a pretty good forward, but still unproven as far as what kind of a ceiling he’s going to reach.

    I don’t think Kessel is worth what people think, no team is going to sell the farm for him – like it’s been pointed out, he’s not a guy who you’re building around either, so stocking up on high draft picks for him from an offer sheet probably won’t happen either. However, like Luongo, you know what he’s proven to do, and I think you definitely need to get a few pieces if you’re going to trade him. Pieces that are definitely going to make you better right now. Few teams are willing to part with a few important pieces though. The same reason nobody wants to get rid of 3 pieces to get Luongo. I think people look at trades like “we’re giving up 40 goals and only getting back 20-25” but it doesn’t really work like that. Those pieces might prevent goals, might kill a few penalties, and just might be what you need to roll 4 lines and out work another team.

    Kassian is a good starting piece to get back. But it’s a starting piece, and I think that starting piece should only happens if Kessel isn’t going to re-sign. Other wise, I don’t see the point unless you’re getting some more important pieces back.

    I think it was last year people were throwing Kessel’s name around as being in Crosby’s league. Well, that’s not even close to being accurate, but he’s still has an explosive ability that you just don’t trade for anybody.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Thats pretty much what I have been trying to say TGWL. Although I’m not sure if anyone suggested Kessel is in Crosby’s league…I know I sure didn’t.lol

      I have seen a “Stamkos” doesn’t do this or that either though. Kessel to Stamkos…really? The same guy my fellow Leafs fans said we should offer sheet 10 years $120 mil. Kessel is being compared to him? and I’m “unrealistic”.lol

      I agree I would like more back then Kassian, Luongo, Higgins. At this point though, that might be all you get out of Vancouver.

      Here’s my way of looking at the trade suggestion…right or wrong.

      Vancouvers point of view as I see it. Luongo is playing great, better than Schneider. The Canucks still need wins and many young goalies have faltered after signing big contracts…Theodore come to mind? Vancouver has to be worried about Schneider. They know Luongo can carry them to the playoffs, giving Luongo value to Vancouver that they just won’t give up for a salary dump. Kassian is meeting expectations that made them trade Hodgson for him meaning they will want good return. Higgins has been a valuable guy who can play second or third line minutes and kill penalties while stepping up his game come playoff time.

      Toronto’s point of view-Kessel is having a slow start and Lupul is hurt meaning Kessel may not rebound and his value may drop. Reimer has looked good, but a quality veteran with him would look better. Scrivens is likely a career back-up(not much value especially if you have Reimer and Luongo). Bozak is expendable with the play of Kadri and Bozak is a UFA at end of season. The trade is really Kessel for Luongo, Kassian and Higgins. We have to give up the second rounder in order for Van to take Bozak and Scrivens(to be there back-up should Schneider falter-can Scrivens win them the cup? not likely) which we would not need anymore and can save a couple million in salary that way.

      It’s not perfect, but I don’t think it’s ridiculous or unrealistic when you consider the trade values given for some other players. Hell, look at the return for Jeff Carter and he was a 45 goal guy.

  17. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Due to all the “to trade” or “not to trade” Kessel talk and reasons for or against. I thought I would throw this out there. The main reason for not trading seem to be that goals are hard to come by and Kessel is an elite scorer. The main reasons for trading seem to be that Kessel cannot carry a team and it would be better to score by commitee with the assets acquired by trading Kessel.

    Here’s the scoring stats by Stanley cup winners since the 04/05 lockout.

    2012 KINGS-29th in league goals for. Top scorer -Anze Kopitar- 25 goals -Rank 53rd
    2011 BRUINS-5th in league goals for, Top scorer-Milan Lucic- 30 goals -Rank 28th
    2010 BLACKHAWKS-3rd in league goals for, Top scorer-Patrick Kane- 30 goals -Rank 19th
    2009-PENGUINS-6th in league goals for, Top scorer-Evgeni Malkin- 35 goals -Rank 14th
    2008-WINGS-3rd in league goals for, Top scorer-Henrik Zetterberg- 43 goals -Rank 5th
    2007 DUCKS-9th in league goals for, Top scorer-Teemu Selanne- 48 goals -Rank 3rd
    2006 HURRICANES-3rd in league goals for, Top scorer-Eric Staal- 45 goals -Rank 8th

    Except for the current champs (Kings) total goals for- wins championships. You have to score to win…no shit! not like that’s a surprise to anyone.

    Here’s the odd trend. The first 3 champs all had 43+ goal scorers ranked in the top 10, suggesting an elite goal scorer who can pot over 40 a year is needed to win a championship. Although I would say that Staal, Selanne and Zetterberg bring more to the table than just goals.

    Since then, every year (last 4), the highest ranked scorer on the winning team has dropped to as low as the current champs 53rd overall. This is showing a trend of scoring by commitee is needed to win.

    Recent history suggests that you do not need an elite goal scorer to win a championship. Kane to Kessel would probably be the closest comparison, but Kane is not even the best player on his team.

    Where does that leave the Leafs with Kessel? History suggests that unless he scores at a higher pace or he is a complimentary scorer surrounded by as talented but more rounded players, the Leafs will not win a championship with him.

    I’m not saying “get rid of Kessel”. I’m just saying what the stats show, right or wrong.

  18. doorman says:

    See and i see it as if he wants to sign an extention at a good hit great sign him, keep him. We gave up lots to get him and without him we are back on the hey we have a big centre but no skilled winger Sundin train again, lol. If he does NOT wanna sign then hey see ya later, Phil. Nothing personal at all but he can NOT walk for nothing after next year.

  19. doorman says:

    Absolutely loving the energy Komarov brings to that third line

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