Trade Mccabe and all his stupid penalities…The guy is making me sick

Now that the Leafs have signed Kaberle to a 5 year $21.25 million contract, I’ve heard that Mccabe is next in line to get a big contract.

I’ll give Mccabe some credit, he is leading the Leafs in points, minutes played and he is one of the top blue liners when it comes to his lethal point shot.

I beg the Leafs upper management to come to their senses and don’t over pay for this careless goon. Every other game, I see Mccabe taking an unfolish penalty. He makes me sick when I see him with a huge smile on his face heading to the penalty box and complaining to the ref’s.

Is he a number 1 defenseman on a NHL team? I don’t think so. A good number 2 at best and that’s pushing it.

I hope the Leafs don’t pay Mccabe more money then what they paid Kaberle.

I would trade Mccabe to a cup contender for some young players who can help out the Leafs down the road. (Ex. Tanguay, Mike Fisher) He is one of the few assets that Toronto has and we can get talent back for him.

I know the Leafs are already hurting on defense this season, but it’s not like the Leafs are going to win the cup this year. So why not trade Mccabe now and sign a legitimate number 1 defenseman in Chara, Redden or Blake during the off season. They are all unrestricted free agents at the end of the year and will probably sign for the same amount of money as Mccabe.

Two seasons ago the New York Rangers traded their number one defensemen (Brian Leetch) to the Leafs for a bunch of prospects and look at the Rangers now. They are first in their division. Why can’t the Leafs do the same thing? I don’t want to see them get hammered by Ottawa in 5 games. Why don’t they become sellers this season and build for next year.

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  1. 93213 says:

    You really need to get some perspective.

    Chara 110 PIM – 11th in the league

    McCabe 74 PIM

    Redden and Blake are not signing with a new club for the “same amount of money as McCabe” Both players would be leaving contenders to go to a club barely in the playoffs.

    McCabe will be signed for an amount close to, but slightly higher than Kaberle. He’s having the best season of his career and you don’t dump a guy his age when he’s playing like that.

    The Leafs can’t become sellers this year because they have nothing to sell that they want to get rid of.

    Sundin – No trade Clause

    Steen – JFJ says he’s untouchable

    McCabe & Tucker – the teams only offence

    Poni & Stajan – finally showing some signs

    Belfour is the only guy who would fetch anything at this point , but I don’t see them moving him.

    Antropov could go, but you don’t invest 5 years of your team’s resources into a kid and then trade him at the age of 25 for a 6th round pick.

    The Leafs are having a bad spell right now. They played well at the start of the season up until new year, they’ll have a chance to bounce back after the O break and we’ll see.

    If they make the playoffs I’m sure JFJ will dump bagage like Chercawski for a defencman and make a run at getting to the second round.

    The point is, that they have no room under the cap and don’t want to lose any youth or picks for any players so that means what you see is what you get.

    JFJ gambled this year, he built a team of guys that nobady wanted. They’re playing .500 hockey right now. Not bad, if this team gels as a team they do have the typ of guys like Lindros, Alison, O’Neil and Sundin, who are struggling now, but come playoffs could excell.

    Remeber Calgary barely made the playoffs? Anaheim was in 12th pace at this point the year they went to the finals.

    It’s the playoff. As long as they can make them, anything can happen. Plus I wouldn’t rule out a return of Thomas at the trade deadline if they have a shot. He’d sign for the minimum and he’s another one of those guys that you just don’t know what will happen when he’s on the ice. remeber he was with the Ducks for their run.

    And as far as your comparison to the Rangers go, it’s not the same. They has star calibre players on that team and traded for high draft picks and good prospects. We won’t get that type of return. Plus, they had no idea Lunquist would be this good.

  2. PaulK123 says:

    Instead of trading him we could re-sign him! He is still young this is his best season! The Leafs

    should re-sign him to a 1-year contract and see

    if this season is a fluke. If yes, then trade him,

    if no, re-sign him long-term!

  3. 92-93 says:

    All very good points and an good response to a pretty dumb article.

    Ottawa will do everything in their power to retain Chara and Redden.

    Antropov is always being rumored to leave Toronto – Witt, Malone, Arnason. but i do hope they could swing a deal to get another young guy in exchange for antropov just because it doesn’t look like he’ll be in the Nhl much longer because of his knees.

    Czerkawski will not be traded because no one wants him (unless he is packaged into a deal).

    you are right and i have said it all along: a lot of the frustration that leaf fans are showing has to do with the fact that they did not really recognize that this team was a .500 team from the outset. the overachieved a little and now they are slumping. i think they will make the playoffs, maybe upset someone in the first round at the most. but if you lowered your expectations like a lot of leaf fans should have, then there is no reason to feel pissed about this year. simple as that.

    Thomas is a long shot.

    The best the leafs can do on the trade front is to trade Allison for a quality D-guy, or trade Berg or Klee or Antropov for draft picks, prospects, or other younger players. if it happens … great, if not … oh well. the point is that the young guys are playing for the leafs. that in itself is a success story.

    the last 25 games for the leafs are going to be tough. 1/5 will be against the sabres and half against teams in the Northeast. they only have like 5 games against teams like Florida, NYI, Pittsburgh, and Washington and even those are not guaranteed wins. we’ll see what happens. will Lindros’ return inspire the leafs. will the injuries finally stop? will the young guys continue to outplay the old guys? will the leafs make any deals and if they do – will they help?

    it’ll be interesting.

  4. Leafs2005 says:

    You made some very good points.

    It’s okay to take penalties in this league as long as they are justified. When I see a guy shooting the puck down the ice after a whistle, or hitting Jagr/Kovalchuk/Oveckin 5 seconds late for a meaningless penalty and then crying to the refs. I don’t see how they are justified. McCabe is a defensive liability. He has a canon of a shot but he’s greatly overrated.

    I haven’t seen many Ottawa games but I’m pretty sure Chara doesn’t take as many stupid penalties as McCabe.

    Toronto is the hockey mecca of the world. A lot of Canadian players what to come to Toronto for less then market value. (ex. O’Neil, Lindros, Belfour) How come a guy like Derris Morris, Wade Redden, and Rob Blake wouldn’t want to come to Toronto? Blake and Morris will be hard pressed to make the playoffs and if we offer Redden enough money, I don’t see how the small market Senators can afford him, Alferdson, Spezza, Heatly, Chara, and Hasek this off season.

    The Leafs have some talent to dangle this year. They can probably find a buyer for these players and get some young guys in return: McCabe, Belfour, Domi, Antropov, Klee, Allison and Sundin (I’m sure he will waive his no trade clause if he went to a real contender)

    They should build the team around: Lindros, Tucker, Poni, Steen, Wellwood, Stajan, O’neil, Kilger, Pohl, Kaberle, Harisson, Wochiewski, Carlo, Kronwall, and Telquist. These guys will probably make a combined $18 million. Sign a couple of defensemen this off-season to go along with Elias/Joikenen and Cujo/Hasek/Manny Fernandez and we will be a solid team. Plus whatever we can get back from trading the excess fat off the roster.

    I agree with you that anything can happen once you’re in the playoffs but I don’t see the Leafs making the playoffs and if they do they will be a number 8 seed. I can’t see the Leafs winning more then one round in the playoffs. They have an old goalie, get outshot every game, take too many penalties, too slow, and no one that is willing to fight anymore.

    I’m hoping that Tucker and Kaberle get injured and the Leafs tank the rest of the way. Give up! The Leafs aren’t going to win the Cup this year. Give Tellquist more playing time, call up some more guys on the farm (ex.Pohl, Leeb, Jeremy Williams, maybe even Pogge) Give them some playing experience with the big club and build for next year with a couple of free agent signings during the off-season. Maybe Justin Pogge can be the next Lunquist if we give him the chance.

  5. NHLSlayer says:


    Bryan McCabe plays the game as a TOUGH young defenseman should! If you don’t like the game, move to Kazakstan, and cheer for Nik Antropov, who’s too damn slow to accept a pass, let alone throw a hit! My god, it’s people like you that cause JFJ to have headaches every damn night! Trade McCabe! Comparing Toronto trading McCabe to the Rangers trading Leetch is MORONIC. Leetch was 20 years older than McCabe…

  6. Leafs2005 says:

    After seeing Kaberle’s agent award him with a 5 year contract with the Leafs, I don’t see Mccabe’s agent agreeing to anything less.

  7. Leafs2005 says:

    There are a lot of unresticted free agent defensemen in the offseason that are more then capable of replacing Mccabe.(ex. Redden, Blake, Chara) Mccabe isn’t Toronto property after this year. He’s an unrestricted free agent so why not trade this asset for some young talent before we lose him. He’s a tough defensemen that takes too many foolish penalities.

  8. 93213 says:

    Honestly I think you’re dreaming.

    You’re talking about pipe dreams and long shots at a high price.

    Why risk losing McCabe unless you know you’re getting a Blake or a Redden? Morris is not a McCabe replacement.

    And I still say McCabe is at the top of his game and will be for a few more years, he’s not injury prone, he has huge offence and is wearing the A on his sweater. He’s staying and will sine a 2 year deal at least.

    One thing everyone should get into their heads and let it stick. SUNDIN IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. He will retire with the Leafs. Ferguson has said many times Sundin and Steen are the only 2 guys on the roster that are untouchable.

    Lindros is not a guy to build a team around at this point and I can’t believe you even suggested it. He will play at most 50 games a season for the next three and then retire. He has become a role player he is no longer a dominant force or a captain and I think he’s fine with that.

    Like it or not the team is being built around Steen and Kaberle, with Poni, Pohl, Harrison and Carlo, the fact that we have great goaltending prospects for the first time since Bower allows a lot of freedom.

    You want to point fingers at underacheivers but your over expecting. O’Neil is making 2 (or so) a season and while he’s been disapointing he’s worth more than other players in that bracket, same goes for Alison and Lindros These guys are in the same pay range as Domi for god’s sake.

    The big mistake was signing Sundin for so much under the old CBA and having it last into the new one. Same for Belfour. Those 2 guys combine for like 13 mil out of 39 mil.

    For the record I’m happy Kaberle is staying but his paycheck seems a bit high.

  9. 93213 says:

    Couldn’t agree more. everyone remembers the five bad plays McCabe made against the flyers two years in a row, but just when he shows signs of maturity they want to dump him.

    I don’t even understand this post. The guy is leading the team in points.

    Meanwhile I’m watching the game and Antropov is out there for 17 min.!!!! you wonder why O’Neil is struggling? Because he’s sitting on the bench watching the Zombie skate around in cirrcles wondering “What the hell is going on?” He’s so baffled by the fact that the Kazakstani gets more ice time he hits the ice and thinks maybe if I float like him then Quinn will move me up to the top line with Mats. Gimme a break! If anyone needs to be benched it’s this guy, not O’Neil.

    The fact that Toronto hasn’t linched Antropov yet is beyond me. With Quinn’s loyalty to this numbnut O’Neil will have to pull a Tonya Harding on him to get some ice time.

    I really don’t get it. We’ve got O’Neil on the 3rd line and Chercawski a healthy scratch, not to mention wilm is usually a healthy scratch over this clown and that Pohl had more jump in one shift than Antropov has had in his entire career.

    If Antropov is to be used effectively it’s simple plant him in front of the net. He’s 6’6″ for God’s sake and the defence isn’t allowed to move him now. Look what Ottawa does with Chara, he’d be perfect for the same thing. The only issue being is that he’s scarred to death of the puck and would probably not notice when it’s shot. Then what? The best thing that could happen is that he gets smacked with it and he’s out for a month.

    This guy is useless. I still say don’t trade him because you won’t get anything for him, but man does he piss me off. He has no passion, no drive, no reason to be on the 2nd line at all.

  10. 93213 says:

    Yeah I agree. As bad as this season has been to watch for me at the same time it has been a very positive season.

    When was the last time the Leafs had 6 (7 if you count Carlo) rookies in the line up and have been impressive?

    At the start of the season I had no idea what would happen. I knew we’d limp through this season and I would have to endure the torture of my Ottawa and Philly friends, but I still had no idea about where this team was going.

    All of a sudden now, if they lock up McCabe, in two to 3 years we have a decent blue line. We have more than one rookie goalie who has a shot of being a starter one day. With Belfou retiring we’ll have Telquist, Racine, Rask and Poggue fighting for a spot and the losers will fetch great return in a trade.

    We have Steen who blew my mind. Where did this kid come from? I’d never heard of him and now he’s in the top ten rookie forwards. Stajan is doing fine. Poni is coming along and I think will survive as a Leaf. I’m not sold on wellwood yet in the long run, but I will not say anything against his playing ability at the moment.

    Plus, Antropov is playing himself out of Toronto with another disapointing season.

    I mean, I don’t remeber ever feeling so positive about the future in a long time. It’s always been, “if we can win this year…” Now it’s like “if we can qualify this year…we have guys for next season.”

  11. 92-93 says:

    I think are D will be decent NEXT YEAR – compared to this year’s version of rookies and Bergs and Khavanovs. Next year the rookies will be that much more experienced (after a playoff drive), AND we’ll have McCabe and Kaberle AND perhaps a free agent signing or trade for a defenceman.

    not bad.

    and what about Pilar? who knows if he can make an impact next year. you are right. its not all doom and gloom and i wish other fans would see that.

    as for the goaltending, THAT might be a problem in the next 2 or 3 years because it takes awhile for young goalies to develop. so i could see the leafs (Finally) be in a situation where they don’t have a solid #1 in net (after a great run of Fuhr, Potvin, Cujo, and Eddie).

    I am not as down on Antropov’s play this year as you are – he is actually having his best year as a leaf. but i think his knees are numbered.

    i feel positive too with the forwards, D, and goalie prospects that we have. but its these other moves that JFJ makes (Domi, O’Neill, Czerkawski, Berg, Khavanov) and its the stubborness of Quinn that worries me. i have a sinking feeling that they will mess up a very good thing (Quinn not playing the young guys, JFJ making dumb signings and over-paying guys).

    the leafs don’t need to rebuild. they are a few pieces away from being a contender for a long time to come.

  12. leafs8917 says:

    Your a Dumbass

  13. goose says:

    body wut r u smoking trade mccabe he has the most points and the best one timer slap shot on the team so r u in another world cause i wouldnt trade mccabe, like a fag like u would and parden my language.

    sign mccabe to a 3 – 4 contract extention and well be o.k.

  14. MaltE says:

    WHOEVER MADE THIS TOPIC SHOULD BECOME AN OTTAWA FAN …. YOU ARE STUPID, Listen to the guy Right under your reply

    “You really need to get some perspective.

    Chara 110 PIM – 11th in the league

    McCabe 74 PIM” – MCCABE is still doing better.. Why does he do it? Because he can? if you played hockey you would know why you do it, Ill tell you.

    main reasons-Start some adrenaline for your team by doing the face wash in the slot so it breaks out for more hits and aggression

    make it so people dont screen the goalie, what else are you going to do?

    just make them scared of you, for the stuff you do.

  15. Leafs2005 says:

    That’s all Mccabe has is his one time shot. I don’t think that he will sign for anything less then 5 years like Kaberle’s deal

  16. Leafs2005 says:

    You should check out all the group 3 free agents on the market in the offseason. There is a ton of unrestricted free agents especially defensemen this offseason.

    You’re probably right with Sundin staying put in Toronto for the rest of his career but I still think they should trade this diminishing asset before it’s too late.

    You mention that signing Sundin and Belfour were big mistakes so why not try to trade them?

    I’m happy Kaberle resigned but I just hope that the Leafs don’t overpay for Mccabe. Anything more then Kaberle’s contract is too much.

  17. Leafs2005 says:

    You must be tired of seeing the Leafs lose

  18. koolcracker says:

    Hey, I’m up for the McCabe trade. It would ahve to be reasonable, but are you all blind! this guy pisses me off every time he steps no the ice. TWO penalties already for shooting the puck dowjn the ice, so not only is he a stupid player, hes a suck! they could do better than mccabe anyway. Any other defenceman would do just as well with Kabrle.

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