Trade Mccabe and all his stupid penalities…The guy is making me sick

Now that the Leafs have signed Kaberle to a 5 year $21.25 million contract, I’ve heard that Mccabe is next in line to get a big contract.

I’ll give Mccabe some credit, he is leading the Leafs in points, minutes played and he is one of the top blue liners when it comes to his lethal point shot.

I beg the Leafs upper management to come to their senses and don’t over pay for this careless goon. Every other game, I see Mccabe taking an unfolish penalty. He makes me sick when I see him with a huge smile on his face heading to the penalty box and complaining to the ref’s.

Is he a number 1 defenseman on a NHL team? I don’t think so. A good number 2 at best and that’s pushing it.

I hope the Leafs don’t pay Mccabe more money then what they paid Kaberle.

I would trade Mccabe to a cup contender for some young players who can help out the Leafs down the road. (Ex. Tanguay, Mike Fisher) He is one of the few assets that Toronto has and we can get talent back for him.

I know the Leafs are already hurting on defense this season, but it’s not like the Leafs are going to win the cup this year. So why not trade Mccabe now and sign a legitimate number 1 defenseman in Chara, Redden or Blake during the off season. They are all unrestricted free agents at the end of the year and will probably sign for the same amount of money as Mccabe.

Two seasons ago the New York Rangers traded their number one defensemen (Brian Leetch) to the Leafs for a bunch of prospects and look at the Rangers now. They are first in their division. Why can’t the Leafs do the same thing? I don’t want to see them get hammered by Ottawa in 5 games. Why don’t they become sellers this season and build for next year.