Trade of Marc Savard may be Bruin

The names Tyler Seguin and Marc Savard may be inexorably linked now, and maybe not as fellow centermen on the Bruins.

As soon as Edmonton Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini announced his team’s selection of winger Taylor Hall last night at the Staples Center, it ended any suspense about which player the Bruins would get with the No. 2 overall pick.
And when B’s GM Peter Chiarelli called Seguin’s name, it may well have signaled the beginning of the end for Savard in a Boston uniform. Because Seguin is primarily a center, the stage is now set for Chiarelli to trade Savard.

The Bruins are prepared to enter next season with a center-ice depth chart of David Krejci, Patrice Bergeron and Seguin – the 18-year-old viewed by all who’ve seen him as a can’t-miss NHL star.

“Speed, creativity, vision, wrist shot – I think his wrist shot is very underrated,” said Chiarelli of the 6-foot-1, 186-pound Seguin. “And he’s got size and is still growing. He’s already a good two-way player, which speaks to his hockey sense and intelligence.”

Coach Claude Julien added, “He’s a highly skilled player. We know he can definitely bring some offense to our game. Everyone seems to think he can make the jump right away. He can play center and he can play wing. We’ll wait and see where he fits in our puzzle in the next month or so. There’s a lot of things still going on. There’s trades that could still happen.”

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  1. Kev_Leafs says:

    Kypreos says that Savard has waived his NTC to go to Ottawa or Toronto.

    Two good things (for non-Bruins fans) could come of this – first, if he isn't traded, Boston is going to have a disgruntled Savard on their hands; and second, with having just signed him this past December to a seven year extension only to force a trade (even looking for one is in bad taste – in my opinion) reflects horribly on the organization especially since he took a discount to stay.  This could impact their ability to sign/re-sign free agents – like Chara and Bergeron next summer.

  2. reinjosh says:

    Apparently both Thomas and Savard have waived their no-trade clauses for specific teams. Now this doesn't actually mean they have been traded but rather that the clause has been dropped for those specific teams in the event of a trade.

    This is really interesting and makes Boston one of the most interesting teams in the league to watch. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me that Boston would be looking to trade him but also that Savard would actually be willing to drop his NTC. It obvious both sides were mutually interested at the time of Savard's extension but now they aren't?

    Maybe Savard feels his time on the team is over with Bergeron being the leader (pretty much), Krejci being the up and comer and Seguin being the new guy with loads of talent.

    Now I want to know who the two teams are that Savard would accept a trade too.

    Tim Thomas dropping his clause makes sense. The guy is a number 1 guy and he had his spot taken by a youngster. He wants to play somewhere else and really it would be beneficial for both sides if he is traded. The Bruins have to be careful though. If Rask suffers a sophomore slump, they just tossed away a number 1.

  3. leafmeister says:

    Mckenzie said that their is a possibility that Savard is traded to the Leafs for a deal not involving Kaberle. I dont see it.

    The Bruins need a defensemen to make up for the loss of Wideman. If not Kaberle, than who?

    Going down the list:

    Phaneuf – No
    Komisarek – They need a puck mover, his contract is too big, and he struggled, no.
    Beauchemin – Not much trade value, not exactly a puck mover, but makes more sense than Komisarek. Highly unlikely.
    Schenn – Not a puck mover, but the Bruins would definitely have interest. Still, he is 20, and Burke would not move him for a 32 year old. No.
    Gunnarsson – Puck mover, cheap, young, underrated, but enough to be a center piece on Marc Savard? Doubt it.

    So that goes through the defense, and no fits. So does Boston like one of the forwards?

    The only ones worth mentioning for trade purposes are the following…

    Kadri? Burke likes his edge, his youth, and his potential. He wouldnt deal him for a guy who has no edge, is possibly in decline, and realized his potential.
    Kulemin? Contract issues, and Boston doesnt like Russians.
    Grabo? No.
    Stalberg? Has value, but like Gunnarrson, not enough for the center piece of a deal, he could be a finishing touch though.
    Caputi?  Just got him, and not enough value?

    So, what does this mean? McKenzie has his sources, so it probably isnt totally fabricated, but what would the deal involve if not Kaberle. Like I said, I cannot see it.

  4. Kev_Leafs says:

    Boston has several defencemen already under contract, so it doesn't have to be a defencemen. 

    Also, since at the moment there are only two teams as options (it will go up to 5 teams after July 1) as potential destinations that Savard will go to, the return won't be as great as if he were available to the whole league.  Toronto needs a centre.  Ottawa has Spezza (NTC July 1) and Fisher (NMC) as 1-2.

    The issue for Boston is not only cap space but a glut of centres.  In terms of the cap, they only have 4 million until they hit the limit, and they still have to resign some RFAs, and Seguin will likely command a full range of entry level bonuses which will amount to around 3 million. 

    I'm not saying the Leafs should make the deal – his contract for seven years and 4 concussions could be an issue, but if Burke is having problems finding a top-six winger in the trade market, then the one with Kessel chemistry might make some sense.  And if it doesn't cost Kaberle, he could use Kaberle to get someone else too.  In exchange it could be a combination of Kulemin, Stalberg, Caputi, perhaps Gunnarsson would be in there as well.  But – if not Kaberle – it will be prospects, just like they got for Kessel (in the form of picks), because of their salary cap concerns.

  5. nordiques100 says:

    salary dump. they'd get a couple of prospects at best. players who are long ways away from being on the big club giving the Bruins time to work with them and avoid their cap hits.

    possibly one prospect could be either a Jesse Blacker or Jerry D'amigo.

    that's probably more of a return than if they say moved Ryder who is worth less than nothing. heck i bet boston would have to give up more than that with Ryder just to get rid of that cap hit.

  6. DannyLeafs says:

    I wonder if it is a possibility that Toronto would take Both Savard and Ryder to add value for Boston. It would save Boston over 8 million in cap space and allow them to recoup some assets. They do have good depth at center, and while they don't really have a guy that projects to be a number one center for next season, they do have enough talent to roll three good lines. If they also moved Thomas do you think they would consider talking a major run at Kovalchuk? If they moved those three contracts they could definitely make it work. And they wouldn't exactly be screwed if they moved those contracts for a small return and had to go with what they have.

    Line up could look like this

    Kovalchuk – Bergeron – Horton
    Lucic – Seguin – Recchi
    Sturm – Krejci – UFA
    Sobotka – Campbell – Thornton

    For the UFA they could get a guy like Armstrong or perhaps someone they get in one of the trades.

    It would be weird to see the Leafs and Bruins make another trade, especially one that could likely help the Leafs be more competitive next season, but if there was truth to it, I would be all for it, especially if it meant we land Savard without giving up Kaberle. It's funny because at the beginning of the year many people said it was a for gone conclusion that Savard would be with the Leafs next season, and many fans were pegging him in at a 7 mil per cap hit. Now there are probably some of the same fans that would complain about it being too risky trading for him at 4 million a season. Things can change very quickly. Honestly I don't even think it is much of a gamble. Even if he only capable of putting up 60 pts a year he would still be worth 4 million, I can't really see him being too much of a waste of cap space, and definitely worth the gamble if we can get a guy that can be a point a game at 4 million a season.

  7. DannyLeafs says:

    It may be more amicable then all of that. Savard and Chiarelli may have had a mutual understanding that it was for the best considering the way things turned out. Savard likely took that contract because it was for the amount he wanted (realistically its not as if he left a lot of money on the table. Most teams wouldn't have offered him a much bigger cap hit unless it was for a shorter term. He basically has a high cap hit short term contract, with a low cap hit veteran contract all rolled into one) with a low enough cap hit they he wouldn't be a burden to move. Also, his NTC pretty much guarantees that he gets to decide where he plays for the rest of his career.

    If Boston trades Ryder, Savard, and Thomas, and adds some prospects or a ok young roster player or two, and uses all that cap space to pursue Kovalchuk, they could be better in the short term and long term. They could be a top contending team next year, and be set up well for the long haul. It would be strange to see them give the leafs something that would likely make them a more competitive team considering they have the Leafs first rounder next year, but it may be worth it for them.

  8. Boston_Bruins says:

    A salary dump centered around Savard would make absolutely no sense.

  9. Boston_Bruins says:

    I'm praying to God that he doesn't go to Toronto. Why would we want to have a worse pick? The only player that makes sense in a trade scenario is a signed Kaberle but I definitely am against that. Burke won't give up Kadri so who else is there?

  10. Boston_Bruins says:

    I honestly can't believe this. After things started so well this offseason this happens. Do you think Burke and Murray know they have all the bargaining power in a trade like this?

    I don't think Savard has requested a trade I think he's just given the Bruins the ok to trade him to one of those two teams. When you sign a 7 year contract with a team when you could have simply walked to Toronto or Ottawa this offseasson for more money you don't want out of somewhere.

  11. Boston_Bruins says:

    Chiarelli has already stated that he doesn't want to go after JKovalchuk though.

    I really can't understand why he would be shopping Savard. This looks like a team that should contend for the cup yet they're going to trade their number 1 center?

  12. Kev_Leafs says:

    If Boston waits until July 1, then Savard has to give them three more teams as possible destinations.  It only makes sense that the Bruins wait for five possible destinations.

    Since it's partially a salary dump/fear for his concussion problems/having several centres – and since the Bruins would likely only be taking prospects back in exchange as a result – the chances are he doesn't go to Toronto because that would worsen the 1st round pick that Boston has next year, as you said.

    Are the prospects the Leafs could offer – Stalberg, Gunnnarsson, Hanson, D'Amigo – any better than similar 2nd tier prospects that Ottawa could offer, or any of the next three teams Savard selects?  No.  If the trade is for picks, it's not like the Leafs have this incredible prospect that they're willing to move who is head and shoulders above what four other teams could offer.

    But, if Savard selects teams that are already firmly set in their top 2 centres (like Ottawa appears to be…we'll see) or teams with established top-six wingers like Chicago, for instance, then Savard could leave Boston with little choice but to make a deal with Toronto – or no trade at all. 

    I'm sure Savard – when he signed 7 months ago – wanted to remain a Bruin for the next seven years, and him being shopped cannot sit well with him.  Because of the public nature of this, I think it's in Boston's best interest to trade him, just to avoid the whole 'is Savard upset playing for the team that tried to dump him' fiasco that would ensue throughout next season.

  13. Tachmo says:

    I'm a completely rattled with these Savard rumours. I cannot understand why they need to move Savard. His cap hit is awesome at 4 million. Boston has (3) great, cap friendly centers in Krejci, Savard and Bergeron. I would really like to see them go with that 3 pack next year. I'd like to see Seguin move to the wing and play with Wheeler and Krejci.

    There is no way Boston should trade Savard to Toronto. Simply ridiculous. That 1st round pick next year is probably going to be a top 10 pick. Or if Toronto picks it up next year, maybe a top 15 pick.

    Savard, Krecji and Bergeron down the middle with added pieces in Sequin and Horton look fabulous. Keep this together. If they are really wanting this new puck moving dman, then find a way to trade Thomas.

  14. Kev_Leafs says:

    Also, I think it's pretty cut-throat what Chiarelli did.  Instead of letting Savard become UFA at the end of last season and having Savard chose where he wanted to play this summer, Chiarelli signed him up long term at a reduced rate compared to what he could have got on the open market, and now is trying to trade him so that the Bruins gets some prospects in return.  This way Chiarelli didn't have to trade his pending UFA at last year's deadline, but rather used him down the stretch (yes I know he got hurt), and now – since he's signed long term at a low cap hit – he's going to trade him for a significant return from a team that Savard could have chosen to play for if he was UFA, which would have cost the team nothing in terms of prospects.  Devious.  I think free agents will think of this when it comes down to signing contracts with the Chiarelli's Bruins in the future. 

    Bergeron and Chara are in the same position this year; let's see what they do after watching this episode.

    Just when things were looking good for the Bruins too…

  15. Kev_Leafs says:

    Maybe the concussions are worse than anyone is letting on.

  16. Kev_Leafs says:

    Yes, this trade is Chiarelli showing him the door.

  17. Kev_Leafs says:

    My point – Leafs could have signed Savard this summer if both sides wanted to.

    But now, the Leafs have to trade Hanson, Gunnarsson, and D'Amigo to Boston just to get Savard.  So, Boston gets three of our prospects because their GM lied to Savard?

    That's just not right.  GMs aren't going to be pleased with Chiarelli either.

    Now I'll stop talking to myself.


    I think the best place for Savard is Calgary.. they need that no1 center…. I just don't think Toronto has enough assets to acquire Savard, and I can't see them dealing him to Ottawa.. its very rare divisional rivals trade with each other(I know Kessel trade.. but its not that common).


    ottawa has way better propects than the Leafs ie Cowan, Lee, Rundland, Lehner, Wiercioch.. in addition to young guys already on the roster ie Lee, Foligno,Elliot, Campoli, Karlsson, Regin, and Michalek…


    Maybe Savard wants out… In addition so far these are just rumors.. Plus as long as the Bruins get some assets back this could work out fine.. it will clear up some cap space.. You have to remember in a few years Seguin, Rask, Krejci will need new deals, plus Chara is a free agent in 2011.. Maybe hes clearing space for the future..


    How is signing your players to long term deals than trading then to improve the club cutthroat??? If you ask me thats a good GM… unlike MTL who keeps letting their free agents go for nothing (souray, Streit, Komisarek), plus Chiarelli has asked Savard where he wants to go… its not like hes trading him to crapville like Atlanta, or Nashville behind his back…. Savard has a NTC so the ball is in his court.. plus how do we know maybe Savard approached the Bruins about a trade…Chiarelli will trade Savard to a team that will work for Savard and his family.. to me thats a good GM.. I think he should come back to Calgary..

  22. reinjosh says:

    Oh they for sure know. Dreger is reporting that Kaberle wouldn't even be concluded and Berger is saying that it would center around Kulemin (who might cost just a little less).

    And yeah, its more that Savard is giving to ok too those two teams than actually requesting a trade. I would agree completely with that. I'm just incredibly surprised Chiarelli is shopping him.

    I really only see two possibilities from this. Either Chiarelli wants Seguin to grow into the top center because Krejci is the perfect second line guy and Bergeron is so well liked an perfect at number 3. Or he is afraid that Savard is never going to get back to his old ways because of the contract. Both have solid reasoning behind them. I'm just really, really surprised this is happening.

    Hell, Julien alluded to this on Friday. I would really wait though. No sense getting crazy over it till it happens. Thing is if Chiarelli is looking to trade him, its going to be for less than market value. As you said if Savard wanted to leave he could have but didn't. Now with Chiarelli trading him (or trying) he has given Savard all the power and screwed himself.

  23. reinjosh says:

    actually its not. First of all he gave him a NTC. That in itself is stupid. He is allowing Savard to dictate where he wants to go. That's going to diminish value.

    Then it sends messages to other players. Hey, we signed Savard, out top line center, and then trade him right after signing a career ending, cheap contract. Come here and we might do the same. Its stupid business.

  24. reinjosh says:

    I'm honestly stunned and apparently Kaberle wouldn't even be involved according to Dreger and Berger.

    It makes no sense to me outside of Chiarelli wanting Seguin to be the top center or Savard's concussion problems being worse than previously let on and him wanting to get out of the contract.

  25. Kev_Leafs says:

    I think it's cutthroat because he used Savard's desire to stay in Boston to coax him into signing a deal worth less money than what Savard could have made as a UFA – despite not wanting him on his team.  Cutthroat, because now Chiarelli can use that discounted contract Savard signed as a means for acquiring more assets from a trading partner (who wants Savard) than what Savard would have been worth as UFA (either he was worth nothing if Boston kept him for the playoff run, or worth a prospect/pick if they traded him at last year's deadline).  Also cutthroat because of the limited NTC, which in effect, penalizes all the teams that Savard would have been interested in playing for if he was UFA by costing the other teams prospects/picks now in order to get him.  He signed Savard not because he wanted him on the Bruins but because he wanted to use him to get assets from any other team Savard would have been interested in playing for.  So, Chiarelli angers Savard (the free agent), makes himself look devious, and angers other GMs who have interest in Savard.

    I agree with you in that what Chiarelli did is actually quite a shrewd move as a GM.  It is something that you'd see in a corporate boardroom which would be called good business.  But the NHL is not a business in this sense because the 'product' is human beings – as opposed to labourers making the product.  It is much more similar to a war – with generals as GMs and captains as well captains and leaders on the ice, sharp shooters, defence, and foot soldiers – where character, bonding, and loyalty are worth much more than in corporate business.  Chiarelli is hurting his Bruins because he's giving a bad name to himself, showing that he is disloyal, and isn't being fair to his fellow GMs.  This will come back to haunt him. 

  26. Kev_Leafs says:

    I agree.  The only thing is they have two top line centres currently.  But this could be the incentive they need to move Spezza in the next couple of days and offer a good package for Boston.  That being said, if they trade Spezza and don't secure the Savard deal, then they are in trouble. 

  27. Kev_Leafs says:

    According to Spector's Hockey – As of July 1st Savard can be traded to Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago, and Philadelphia. 

    Montreal has Gomez and Plekanec at centre.
    Ottawa has Spezza and Fisher at centre.
    Chicago has Toews and is it Sharp centring line 2?  They have plenty top-six forwards anyway.
    Philadelphia has Richards, Briere, and Carter as top two centres.
    Toronto has… Bozak as a top centre?

    So, unless teams make some other deals (like Ottawa) Toronto seems the most likely destination.

    Also – just to squash the Calgary notion – Spector's Hockey goes on to say Savard would accept trades to:

    in 2012-13 : The first five, plus Florida, Tampa, Washington, Pittsburgh, NY Rangers.
    in 2013-14 : any Eastern Conference team
    in 2014-15 : any NHL team

    I don't know where he got Savard's list of teams from, but he seems pretty confident about it.

  28. Kev_Leafs says:

    Just confirmed – Savard has a full NTC for 2010-11, so he has given two teams that he would accept a trade to : Toronto and Ottawa reportedly.

    So even on July 1st, he doesn't have to accept a trade to five teams – only if he chooses to (by accepting that Boston wants to get rid of him his list might expand).

    Sorry about flooding this thread.

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