Trade or stay still??

Here is a simple question about the Habs??

Since the team is clearly ahead of the development plan Gainey and carbo had in mind, what direction the team must take??

1-Trade to be a true cup contender this year and more importantely, for next year (100th birthday), or

2-Stay still and let the actual core become contenders in 3 or 4 years??

That is the decision Gainey has to make in order to know what to do by the trade deadline.

If they want it now, they have to re-sign Huet, if not they have to trade him before deadline.

What do you think??

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  1. Plekanec says:

       What people don't understand is that Making a trade isn't that easy!
    First of all forget about the big names like Hossa, Sundin ect…Cause the HABS CAN'T afford Players that are seeking a "Long Term Contract" at around 6+ million/year! Keep in mind that we have to resign players Streit, Huet , Kostitsyn and next year Komisarek, Koivu, Kovalev, Higgins, Plekanec which will prevent us from offering an appealing contract to a Star Player!

       UNLESS….Bob start doing some house cleaning but it has to happen now, if Bob waits too long to make a deal it would almost be pointless, let me explain, it is simply cause the Players that would be involve in a deal wouldn't have time to acclimatised or comfortable enough with their new team! Which would make a deadline trade useless to a contender(Montreal).

      "I" personally think that we should be having a Sale at the deadline, getting rid of guys like Dandenault, Ryder, Koivu, Begin, Huet for Pospects and High Draft Pick(s) and we be Buyers this summer, it's a win -win situation! We all know that as is Montreal doesn't stand to win the Cup maybe a few rounds but not the Cup since Montreal has become a 1 line team , the KPK line has score the last 7 goals for the habs and the only line to have score in the last two games! So if Gainey Can't get his hands on a decent player(Richard, Sundin, Hossa) which is very unlikely, the best thing to do would make some cap space for UFAs by trading overpaid players like Koivu, Ryder, Dandenault, Begin and even Huet, who won't sign back with the habs next season, he just won't play back-up! So if we trade all these guys and let go of Smolinski and Brisebois this off season and with the cap going up to 53 million next year that would leave the Habs with over 20 millions to spend and sign guys like Higgins, Komisarek, plekanec and Kovalev to extensions!

       All these moves would also make Montreal a #1 destination for UFAs, as they would notice the young talents of the Kostitsyns, O'Byrne, Price, Higgins, Price, Chip, Latends, Lapierre and the already existing established vets like Kovalev, Markov, Komisarek, Hamrlik,Streit  which makes this team an instent contender!

  2. arigold says:

    Habs can't afford players.  What kind of bull is that.  They've got just as much dough as the next richest team.  They can't get those players cuz guys want a mint to play for the Habs and put up with all the BS.  I don't blame them.

  3. kilter says:

    OMG i get so sick of people saying the habs can,nt afford this or that or trades are hard to make,every year teams make big signings when they have no cap space and then later they make the room and so what if you have to do some house cleaning then do it,use so of these first round picks and some of the big names such as Price or Huet or something along those lines and get some big names with heart and grit and talent back for them,go after lecavielie or some of the other big names out,i,m sick of every year team after team goes out and makes trades and signing that Montreal could have done but did,nt,i,m telling you somthing huge has to be done and soon or this team can just pack it in for the next number of years because the league has changed every year teams change to be at or near the top and to stay there,you can,nt just sit back and say well i,m going to develope my young players for four years down the road its does,nt work like that anymore and the sooner Gainey realizes this the better off the Habs will be.

  4. jeffhabs31 says:

    i say makes trades now to be contenders for this year and for the next 3 to 4 years. being a habs fan i know that we except nothing but winning. so trade now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. RicHalifaxHabsNut says:

    Wow….when did all the Leafs fans change there nick names

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