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The Post recently reported that the uncertainty over which players may be cut to get the Devils under the salary cap is becoming a distraction. The club must free up around $4 million in salary once forward Patrik Elias is ready to return to the lineup, but the paper suggests he may not be ready to do so until December.

In addition to Kozlov, forwards Alexander Mogilny, Sergei Brylin and Jamie Langenbrunner have also been suggested as trade possibilities. The Post suggested defenseman Vladimir Malakhov’s poor play and salary might also make him a prime trade candidate.

There’s been speculation the Ottawa Senators may be interested in Carolina Hurricanes forward Erik Cole. The Ottawa Sun recently reported the Senators did inquire as to Cole’s availability during the off-season, but there’s been no further talk between the two clubs since then.

The paper also dismissed rumors of a Cole-for-Martin Havlat swap, or any move of Havlat for that matter, but yet rumors continue to persist of the Senators moving him.

One rumor had Havlat going to the New York Rangers for a package consisting of forwards Martin Rucinsky and Dominic Moore and defenseman Tom Poti, but this move makes little sense for both teams.

Another making the rounds has a swap of Havlat for Marian Gaborik in the works, but that seems highly unlikely, particularly with Gaborik re-injuring his groin this past weekend.

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  1. GretzNYR99 says:

    I think your bias FOR Havlat, is BLINDING YOU.

    Frolov is a bigger, stronger, player with a better attitude, he’s a year younger, has better hands.

    You seem to keep bringing up this one season, what has he done otherwise? He’s getting these points on a power play, on a better team… what do you not understand? Frolov hasn’t had a whole lot to work with, and has still put up more than respectable numbers for a young kid. And when did he average more minutes? If you’ve got concrete proof, why haven’t you posted it?

    I think it’s time for you to put your money where your mouth is.

  2. Neely4Life says:

    Havlat was playin mostly 3rd line with the sens when hossa, and alfi were on the right side. SO putting up those numbers as a 3rd line winger is beyond impressive. Frolov is not the player Havlat is right now. He MIGHT turn out to be better, but Havlat is established and will make n e team better that is strugling with offense. His attitude does suck though, and will just bring the sens down.

  3. Ronnie_Frans_Da_Man says:

    Well actually….

    I believe Palffy, Savard, and Lang, led the NHL in points per game, although per game means less then some think, because if a player isn’t durable enough to play 20 games, he’s not a very valuable player now is he?

    And Roenick is 35, not 38…

    Although Havlat for Roenick is a trade only John Ferguson or Pat Quinn would make… lmao…

  4. Ronnie_Frans_Da_Man says:

    If the Leafs win the cup this year, it’ll be by some miraculous fluke, like the Red Sox World Series in 2004.

    It would be like this.

    1. Ottawa

    2. Philadelphia

    3. Tampa Bay

    4. Montreal

    5. Boston

    6. New York (R)

    7. Florida

    8. Toronto

    And then Toronto beats Ottawa (I (as a Pens fan) don’t watch the Leafs-Sens series (although I watched last year cuz of Francis) but they beat the Sens every year some how…. Lalime sucked though, it’ll change) because of the mentality sort of thing. The Flyers lose to Florida in a miracle win so the Leafs don’t have to face them, (and lose like they always do..) Tampa and Montreal would win their series, and then Tampa’s lack of goaltending would cause a Leafs-Habs finals, where the Habs take the series 3-0, and then the Refs decide to rig it, mixed with the mysterious deaths of the top line Koivu, Kovalev, and Zednik, along with Markov, Souray, and Theodore, the Leafs win the next four games and go up against Calgary for the cup, where Iginla loses his jock strap and isn’t aloud to play, and Kipprusoff misses his flight to Toronto, and is hurt for the first two games in Calgary leaving Phillip Sauve the starter for games 1-4….

    Yep… it’d take a miracle, and gang warfare for the Leafs to win the cup…

  5. Ronnie_Frans_Da_Man says:

    I’d rather trade every Flyers and Caps fan…


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