Trade Rumors around the NHL

With all of the rumors going around as we get closer to the deadline I have compiled some rumors from various sources to present them in one article – team by team.

Buffalo Sabres

One interesting thing to think about now is that with the latest trade of Vaclav Varada by the Sabres – Will the Sabres start dealing now, or was that an isolated trade? Of course the big question on everyone’s mind now is — Will the sabres deal Satan and Zhitnik before the deadline? Would the NHL let them make that trade to begin with. The trade of Varada doesn’t answer any questions, but it certainly fuels speculation.

Phoenix Coyotes

According to CBS, reports out of PHX are that virtually the entire team is available – however the big names are Numminen and Burke. The Sens were rumored to be after Brad May, but with the recent acquisition of Varada that rumor is shot down. Detroit is rumored to be very interested in getting Numminen, but has said that the Yotes are asking too much (Datsyuk or Zetterberg). Not to mention that Teppo would have to waive his no trade clause. The Blues have showed interest in Burke, but again the Yotes are asking too much. They are looking at rookie-star Barrett Jackman, Justin Papineau and a draft pick.

In my personal opinion PHX could do no wrong by trying to move Tony Amonte to a playoff team in return for 2 or 3 solid NHL caliber players. Amonte is getting older and is at the point now, where in my opinion, can no longer be called upon to carry a team. Amonte is now the type of player that needs to have some support around him on order to be successful. My call – look for Amonte to be moved come deadline time if the price is right.

Chicago Blackhawks

Theo was a healthy scratch again last night….could this be a prelude to a trade. If so, what could they expect in return and, most of all, who would be willing to take on the NHL’s preeminenet problem child? Also look for Chicago to move perennial underacheiver Sergei Berezin too.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers have been mentioned in almost every trade rumor out there – Iginla, Nolan, Satan, Zhitnik, Schneider…etc. I am now going to focus on the one thing I think will clinch the Flyers decision about whether or not to trade for a big name scorer and that is John LeClair. Reported today in the Philly Inquirer, LeClair is not as far along as previously thought and has once again failed to be cleared for contact. Hitchcock was however quoted as saying that LeClair is skating very well at practice and in good condition. Bottom line…if the Flyers cannot bank on LeClair coming back they will make a move.

Montreal Canadiens

Just recalled Audette from the minors. Are they showcasing him a little in hopes of a deadline deal, or are they just filling a vacancy? What about Brisbois….what to do with an unhappy $4Mil per year defenseman. He will be tough to unload. I think the Habs will pull aminir deal at best before the deadline with names possible involved to be Audette, Czerkawski and Brisebois.

LA Kings

There have been a number of rumors associated with the King, none more compelling than Ziggy Palffy. Look for him to be moved before the deadline when the King finally notice that they are dead in the water. Other notables are Matt Schneider, who has been quoted as saying that he would welcome a trade to Toronto – who just happen to be looking for D. According to Spector’s Rumors and the LA daily News, the Kings are rumored to bin interested in reacquiring Luc Robitaille…….my only answer to that is WHY???? The only reason could be for him to retire as a King after having played for them for so many years.

St Louis Blues

With Johnson hurt Tuesday the Blues recalled Sanford. Looks like the Blues are goingto have to make a deal for a netminder. Irbe can be had a bargain basement prices, but is he still a number one goalie? Or will the Blues have to sacrifice in order to get Burke?


From CBS – team by team.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks, looking to add some toughness up front in anticipation of their first playoff appearance in four years, are said to be taking a look at forward Gino Odjick, who was released last week by Montreal after an injury-filled season.

Boston Bruins

Boston has been one of hockey’s worst teams since early December, prompting speculation that coach Robbie Ftorek is on thin ice. The speculation is that if Ftorek is fired, the Bruins will turn to either Larry Robinson, who took over from Ftorek late in the 1999-2000 season and led New Jersey to the Stanley Cup, or interestingly, to Ray Bourque.

Calgary Flames

According to the New York Post, the Colorado Avalanche are making a very serious pitch for Jarome Iginla. Other Calgary players drawing a lot of interest these days are center Craig Conroy and defenseman Bob Boughner.

MY NOTE: With Tanguay playing like a man posessed it would make sense to me to move him now while his value is high. Tanguay has always been streaky – best to sell high. Colorado looks like they are one of the few teams who can give Button his 3 NHL caliber players and not destroy their team. If they go for Iginla look for Tanguay to be part of that deal.

Carolina Hurricanes

The ‘Canes have convinced defenseman Glen Wesley to waive his no-trade clause, which means the pending unrestricted free agent should end up being rented by a contender pretty soon. The Maple Leafs, Red Wings and Tampa Bay Lightning are all interested.

MY PREDICTION: Wesley to the Red Wings.

Colorado Avalanche

The Denver Post says the Avs are interested in Buffalo center Chris Gratton.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Reports around the league say a number of teams, including the Canucks and the Islanders, have contacted the Blue Jackets about veteran left wing Geoff Sanderson. Columbus has two other players, center Andrew Cassels and left wing Ray Whitney drawing interest from teams looking to add some offense.

Florida Panthers

Sources inside the Florida Panthers say the relationship between coach Mike Keenan and GM Rick Dudley is very strained, which is why rumors that Keenan will leave to take over as coach of the New York Rangers next season won’t go away.

New Jersey Devils

The New York Post says Devils GM Lou Lamoriello wants to add a goal scorer to his lineup and is increasing his efforts to land either Ziggy Palffy of the Kings or Teemu Selanne of San Jose. Both teams want Scott Gomez as part of the return package.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Rumors out of Pittsburgh suggest than speedy forward Martin Straka and his $4 million contact could be the next salary dumped by the team. The Flyers, Wild, Avs and Red Wings are thought to be interested.

San Jose Sharks

According to the Toronto Star, the Sharks have modified their asking price from Toronto for Owen Nolan. The newspaper says the Maple Leafs could get San Jose’s captain for Alyn McCauley, prospect Brad Boyes and a first-round draft choice. The Flyers are also interested in Nolan, but won’t part with Justin Williams.

MY NOTE: Let’s not forget that Quinn wanted to draft Nolan but had the second pick and took Nedved only after the Nordiques took Nolan at number one. I think Nolan will end up in Toronto if anywhere. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Marchment was in that package too. One stop shopping for Quinn.

Tampa Bay Lightning

The St. Petersburg Times says Lightning GM Jay Feaster is not opposed to renting a potential free agent defenseman. Among the players being looked at by Tampa Bay are Aaron Miller of the Kings, Buffalo’s Alexei Zhitnik and Carolina’s Glen Wesley.

38 Responses to Trade Rumors around the NHL

  1. Tradedude says:

    Anyone see that Jacket-Nuck game, or that Thrashers-Nuck game.

    Yikes for Jackets AND thrashers.

  2. mikster says:

    Sabres deal Varada:

    I think it was just an isolated trade. Varada was of no use for the Sabres.


    They better try and get a 1st round pick since they stupidly gave theirs away to the Flyers. Not every name is availab,e deifnitely not Doan. He isn’t having such a horrible season, but he is forgotten in the trade rumors world. I’d pick him over Iginla as a sleeper; he is not even worth half of Iggy’s price.

    Teppo could be moved, but it’ll be tough. If he isn’t moved, then other d-men’s values go up.


    GM Mike Smith likes former Leafers of this kind of value: Cory Cross from the Rangers and Jonas Hoglund from the Leafs.

    Philadelphia Flyers could be the big team to make the finals in the East, but they need a goalie to outplay the other goalie (i’ll pick Eddie over Roman any daythankyouverymuch!). They need someone who can score. We’ll see if these guys will actually deal with Hitch’s coaching in the playoffs. Maybe this time Clarke won’t take the players’ opinions on their coach?


    I say trade Audette to the Wild. He did clear waivers, but i remember Audette and Brunette worked out very well. Why not add an offensive punch, more scoring depth, and a better PP unit? In return, i don’t thin the Habs will get much at all. Brisebois could go to the Flyers (highly doubt it but you never know), but i think he will most likely go to the Red Wings. As for Czerkawski…keep him, he’ll have a good 25 goal year next season.

    LA will only deal by the 11th, i think. They aren’t so far behind. Big mistake in rushing Allison, that’s what they get for doing so, no Allison! They can move players, they should keep Aaron Miller. I don’t think he is worth a whole lot in trade value, so why give im away for not much in return? They should trade Schneider. He is overrated and other GMs could still overrate him and give enough in return for the Kings.

    Blues might go with Irbe and Wesley as a package deal, but why not get Burke? They don’t have much to give up. I say the Coyotes should grab Blues’ 1st rounder and a top prospect from the Blues who would be ready by next season.

    The Ducks should try to definitely get some toughness. They need a big hitter, not a fighter. Fighters are useless coem playoff time.

    Bruins might fire Ftorek, but what can a coach do when he has Knuble and Grosek on his top two lines? What can he do when his GM let go of Dafoe, Guerin and probably their best stay at home d-man Kyle McLaren. Those are three key players for THAT team.

    NYPost said a lot of trade rumors. Iggy to the Avs? Again another deal involving Flames and Avs? Avs would have to give up too much depth for Iginla. If they do, why don’t they get any heat form this?

    Hurricanes need to reshape their team. Their GM totally lost it right when he dealt Kapanen for “No i won’t trade him” (LIAR!) Brendl. I don’t think he will trade O’Neill, but he should deal Wesley, Aaron Ward, Jan Hlavac (needs to play with a skilled European playmaker).

    Gratton to the Avs? Sure, and there’s a perfect reason for it. Their PP! They have no big forwards to put in front of the net.

    Blue Jackets….need more than just that.


    I like what Stan Fischler (Metro area analyst) said. It should be either Slats or Keenan. Rangers need a winning, experienced, demanding, workaholic, doesn;t take crap from anyone, type of coach. Though i can’t stand the @$$hole for leaving the Rangers in 1994…he is a good choice. He has done a great job with the Panthers this season, considering they were projected to be in last place by many many many people. He also made the Islanders look worse in the worst trades ever list.

    Luong and Jokinen to Florida for Parrish and Kvasha

    I can’t think of any other coach who’d fit that description.


    When i watched them again last night….the devils aren’t that much at all. They have good husslers, good d-men, and a superb goalie. They don’t have much size, a horrible PP that made the Rangers look like the best PK team in the league (and that is sad). I say they are to fear in the playoffs, but no huge threat. Forget it though, the Devils WILL NOT skyrocket their payroll over $60M. They will most likely get a Ray Whitney, Sanderson, Cassels, Kozlov type of player.


    Straka should be traded. He is highly injury prone and gets payed heavily. Try not to make yourself look like a fool again though, ok Patrick?


    Trade Nolan….Ricci could easily become a captain (i think a better captain). I would do that deal in a flash unless another team offers more. Boyes McCauley AND a 1st? What the hell is Lombardi waiting for? Leafs should also pull that deal. I know McCauley is a big player for the Leafs…but Nolan increases the chances of winnning a Cup. What do you want, a Cup now or a Cup sometime in the next decade? Best time to beat the West is this season, so beat it.

    TB should trade Kubina, somehow every player will experience a Tortorella doghouse season. I’d take Kubina as part of the deal. He is still young and has a pretty bright future still.

  3. AvSfAn01 says:

    As an Av fan, i see absolutely no benefit from breaking up the hottest (perhaps second hottest to VAN.) line in the NHL By trading Tanguay .

    Also, Tanguay is quite a reliable playoff preformer, and usually occupies a spot on the 1st line. This is not to mention his chemistry with Hejduk, Forsberg etc.. On top of that, everyone remembers his preformance in Game 7 vs the devs and his clutch ability is invaluable.

    Keeping in mind that the Iginla – Tanguay would not be a straght up deal, i think the Avs would be wise to stay put and preserve their depth, especially as long as they continue winning.

  4. AvSfAn01 says:

    As an Av fan, i see absolutely no benefit from breaking up the hottest (perhaps second hottest to VAN.) line in the NHL By trading Tanguay .

    Also, Tanguay is quite a reliable playoff preformer, and usually occupies a spot on the 1st line. This is not to mention his chemistry with Hejduk, Forsberg etc.. On top of that, everyone remembers his preformance in Game 7 vs the devs and his clutch ability is invaluable.

    Keeping in mind that the Iginla – Tanguay would not be a straght up deal, i think the Avs would be wise to stay put and preserve their depth, especially as long as they continue winning.

  5. gr8haluschak says:

    Do you want to know why the Blues shouldn’t trade for Burke – simple answer Barnett is an idiot, if I heard Jackman’s name in any trade not invoving a young superstar I would hang up the phone. Who are the Coyotes kidding, Jackman, Papineau and more for an over the hill, injured Burke, give me a break !

  6. Aetherial says:

    Agreed, the Av’s do not need Iggy at the expense of depth.

  7. aafiv says:

    There is a good possibility that the Varada trade indicates that there are no real suitors to buy the Buffalo franchise. If this is the case, look for Buffalo to trade everyone they can to unload payroll and kiss the idea of the Sabres staying in Western New York goodbye.

    This is really bad for hockey.

  8. mikster says:

    How about I trade you Burke and a 2nd for Blues 1st and Hemmingway?

  9. jacosta says:

    I really don’t think LA will trade Palffy at all. He is singlehandedly keeping them in the playoff hunt. LA needs a star to attract fans. He is all they got. They also know that Miller will be key to defence but he is asking for alot of cash. If he settles for less then he will stay also. The only guys to go will be the UFA’s. So I don’t know what CBS is talking about.

    CBS doesn’t know jack abouyt hockey so what the hell are they commenting on.

    I have a feeling that this trade deadline will be a quiet one. The most hyped always do.

    Look for the leafs to pretend to go for Nolan and not get him. I think Pat does not want to mess up the chemistry and will look to add for only prospects. He is however desperately trying to get Corson to waive his no trade cause. He is the only guy that he can see losing off his roster.

    also with Edmonton getting desimated by injuries and looking for defensive help, why not offer that Macauley another pick besides Boyes (but still a high one) and this years second round pick to Edmonton for Anson Carter

  10. Aetherial says:

    I would do that before Jackman.

    Jackman should be untouchable and he probably is.

  11. Aetherial says:

    That is possible of course but this trade does not necessarily mean that.

    It is more likely that thedeal made *hockey sense* i.e. this does not decrease the value of the franchise.

    Trading Satan, Zhitnik, Gratton, Brown etc. in any move that resembles a salary dump would decrease the value of the franchise.

  12. almo101 says:

    u CANT trade Boyes.

  13. keon says:

    If Phoenix is really open to trading anyone on their roster, I would go for Shane Doan. He is going to be a consistent 30/30 guy, and is a great power forward. The Leafs should try for him, if the Nolan thing doesn’t pan out. Also, could the Leafs be thinking about reaquiring Vinny Damphousse. He’d fit the 2nd line centre position well, and would add some veteran prescence in the locker room.

  14. Lint07 says:

    Great article!

    Very complete.

  15. bender says:

    How come there’s info. on the Oilers. They seem to get no respect, granted they arent as good as some people think(ahem…TC…jk)but if they could make a power move for once, like a Gomez or they even shoulda went after Varada, they may actually look like a decent team.

    Any one see Gretzky in the old Oilers silks at his Pheonix dream camp. Wow is he ever getting more omnipotent in his old age and as Darth Janet sinks more her control over him.

  16. Tradedude says:

    rangerz should hire brian sutter from the blackhawks. Just look what he did with the lazy hawks last year. Turned ’em into a play-off team.

    Too bad it’ll be tough to get him from Chicago. But who knows, Ranger$ get anything they want, and i mean absolutely ANYTHING!!!

  17. LeAfS4LiFe says:

    Owen Nolan will NOT be traded to Toronto at he deadline. If anyone is brought in to Toronto, it will be a minor player that Quinn will not have to give much up for. Being from T.O. myself, I think that people have to get off Quinn’s back. He definitely knows what he’s doing. He has taken us from a team that was mathematically eliminated from a playoff spot in early March a couple of years ago, to being a team that consistently gets at least past the first round of the playoffs. The Nolan deal will not go through for the simple reason that the Leafs will be trading away a lot of their future. McCauley, Boyes and a first rounder is WAY to much for the underachieving Nolan who is past his prime.

  18. BosBrn says:


    Normally I agree with your posts. But I have to say that O’Connell did not LET McLaren go… he refused to play for us. Plain and simple. And as for Dafoe….. he has spent more time on the IR then he has in the ice. Honestly…… no big loss! And even though Guerin is playing well, I still would not pay him the 9 mil a season. Dallas may be the favorites to win it all… but if they don’t… was that a waste of money?

    As for them being KEY players? Dafoe WAS key…. in the regular season. He should have stitched that hole in his glove in the playoffs though. McLaren was injured every year… and never really contributed with points. Guerin…. now he WAS key to the team. Both on the ice and in the locker room. But 9mil is about 4 mil too much!!! He posted 40 goals only twice in his career!

    I think the Bruins are doing fine with Murray. I would have gone after a better goalie then Shields. Although Cujo has had his ups and downs and Belfour has not been sharp consistently.

    As for the Bruins, Ftorek has done a damn good job considering Lapointe (yes… he should be playing better), Samsonov, Gill, Axellsson, O’Donnell, and a few others have missed some serious time due to injuries.

    I think the biggest mistake that O’Connell has made this year is not keeping some of the young guys up. That short stretch where Goren, Huml, and Hilbert played together was quite impressive. They all looked hungry and drove to the net. At least Knuble is busting his ass. And Grosek… well he may just be done.

    I’d like to see the Bruins bring in another D-man or bring Jillsson up. And another left winger would be nice.

    All in all… injuries have wrecked this team this year…. along with Grahame and Shields being told they were #1 goalies!!

  19. wieds says:

    I agree with what you are saying. Although it is sometimes hard to like Quinn because he comes off as a grumpy old man, he really does know what he is doing.

    The only thing you hear about Nolan these days is that he’s a headache in the dressing room. Now a change of scenery might make him happy for awhile, but its only a matter of time before his attitude will become a problem in Toronto and any leafs fan knows we have enough headaches in that dressing room already.

    I don’t think the offence is the problem right now. The only thing Quinn really needs to address is defence. There are only five teams that have more goals than the leafs this season. Although I realize we wouldn’t be getting Nolan for his goal scoring ability, I think we would benefit more from acquiring a top four defencemen.

    Did anyone catch the game last night. I thought Berg looked great playing with Svehla and I’ve never been a big aki berg fan.

  20. TC_4 says:

    I don’t think there great, but I do have to come to there defense lots lately. I just think people need to slow down about how there going to miss the playoffs, when they still have 19 games left, and are 5 points up on L.A.

  21. mikster says:

    He should have just signed him. Sign him for 2 season and then trade him, they needed d-men badly.

    Yes, Dafoe is injury prone….but at least he would have given your team more wins by now. Guerin was a loss for depth!!! Come on….Knuble and Grosek on the top two lines?

    You’re telling me about injuries? Try going 30 games without Thornton and 3 starting d-men!!!

  22. mikster says:

    Sutter? I am not too fond of the Sutter brothers. But, he won’t get fired. Mike Smith should.

  23. c2p996 says:

    Getting Doan addresses the future power forward but does not do enough to help out the NOW!

  24. c2p996 says:

    Sundin and Cujo were the reasons the Leafs have advanced in the playoffs in the last couple of seasons. While with the Leafs Quinn has never traded for an All-Star caliber player.

    With our best players well into their 30’s, the future is NOW! How long do you think they have?

    I don’t want to be the Jazz or Mariners of the NHL. Always competitive but NEVER THE BRASS RING!

    We need the Yonge Street parade sooner than later.

  25. c2p996 says:

    Berg played the Islanders NOT the Sens or Stars last night. Most anyone could look good against a team who’s top player has all of 44 points or 21 goals!

    Another power forward with offensive potential would be great but I would have to agree a couple of d’s to fill the 4 and 5 spots would be my first priority.

  26. c2p996 says:

    Are you saying that Forsberg and Hejduk will not survive the loss of Tanguay? Pierre is one of sharpest and aggressive GM’s of our time. He believes in going for the Cup every year. A player like Iginla would address two major issues. A power forward with offense and a super star to replace an aging Sakic and home sick Forsberg.

  27. bender says:

    Now your starting to make sense, Hey dude, I’m from Edmonton, maybe you are too, and I like the Oilers, well their my third team, after the Flyers and Canucks. I wish the Oilers were as competative as they use to be, but they haven’t done a good job trading. We’ve butted heads about the Canucks a few times , but the Nucks have made some great deals to make their team better, and contrary to a lot of public opinion, the Canucks have a shot to go a long way in the playoffs.

    The Oilers have got to start trading for quality talent and drafting it as well to compete, and until then they will be fated to be bottom feeders. When your a fan of such a team you gotta be proud of the little victories, like making the playoffs and the occasionally taking out a big team. I know the Oilers have some great young talent in their lineup, but they need them to start scoring, like Hemsky and Swanson, they aint no Justin Williams, or Matt Cooke. Sorry I’m a big fan of both.

    Keep sticking up for the Oilers, hey I will too, but never loose sight of the truth. Because Vancouver ain’t no Calgary.

  28. bender says:

    Ya I think you are correct, the leafs shouldn’t be trading away their future.

    But for completely different reasons. First off, yes I hate the leafs. They are overrated and the only thing that has ever got them into and beyond the first round, the last couple of years was Cujo. And I am tired of the TSN(toronto sports network) of kissing their asses. We still have other canadian teams, which of course Vancouver leads the way.

    But regardless, the leafs need to hang on to their young talent. All their old cheap shots artist wont be there for ever and they have got to pass on the cheap technique, to the youngin’s. Getting Nolan would just get them another old guy for a few years.

    Maybe I’m just rambling, LOL, point being.

    The Leafs SUCK!! lol

  29. TC_4 says:

    Hey don’t get me wrong though, I love the Canucks, Brian Burke is a guiness, maybe the best GM in the league right now. But even though they are now miles apart in the standings, you have to admit, Edmonton and Vancouver are two very evenly matched teams. If they meet in the playoffs, it will at least go 6, and you can’t say that Edmonton wouldn’t have a chance of beating them. Out of all the possible first round matchups, Vancouver looks like the one that we could knock out. I’m just getting a little tired of the Canuck fans rubbing it in our faces because of one good year. I’m happy for the team, but I know I(and maybe others have)but I have never rubbed an Edmonton victory in a Vancouver fans face. I believe the Oilers are going to turn it on down the stretch, and have a good playoff run. Good luck to your Nucks man, your one of the good ones.

  30. BosBrn says:

    Again…. McLaren refused to sign! He said in the Boston papers that it had NOTHING to do with money! He wanted a change of scenery!! But as for needing d-men? Not at the beginning of the year. We had 3 good defensive guys with O’Donnell, Gill, and Sweeney. And 3 good offensive guys with Berard, Girard and Boynton. Brown was playing a wing, so he could step in if needed, and we have a few guys in Providence that could come to play. Brennan proved that.

    Dafoe has done SQUAT this year, other then sit in the gym re-habing a groin! How many games has he won for Atlanta? And how much did he sign for? He was holding out for more then twice what he got from Atlanta. No big loss there!

    As for Grosek and Knuble…. I agree, they are both 4th liners. That is why I would rather see the young guns up here! At least Knuble contributes, though.

    I know what you mean about injuries. You add Samsonov to the line up, and the Bruins are a totally different team!! It has been more then 30 games for Samsonov, and we have had just about every player out with some sort of injury.

  31. Aetherial says:

    I mentioned Damphousse to the Leafs a while ago. This would only be if the Sharks demanded Antropov and the Leafs also had to take back a salary and needed a 2nd line center also.

    Won’t happen though.

  32. TownDrunk says:

    Let me give my 2 cents worth as a Sharks fan.

    First off, the proposed deal for Nolan is ridiculous. The Sharks get ripped off in this deal. Sure, Boyes is a great prospect, but there is no guarntee that he will pan out in the NHL. McCauley? Are you kidding me? This guy isnt very special. Not from a points standpoint. Sure, he is great on the PK, but that’s about it. Of course, I’m sure all the Leafs fans on here will try to say how great he is and blah blah blah. And a first round draft pick? Are you all forgetting who is recieving this pick? The Sharks, who arguable are the worst drafting team in the NHL.

    The only way I would trade Nolan to the Leaf’s is if Antropov was involved in the deal. But, due to his play the last couple of games, that is becoming less and less unlikely. Other than that, I would not move Nolan unless the Sharks are getting equal value in return, and they don’t in the newest deal proposed.

    Also, if Nolan does get traded, you now have a hole at wing. Nolan is close to being a marquee player, if he isnt already one now. And you have to realize that Selanne will probably walk this offseason. So, you traded Nolan and Selanne walks this offseason. That leaves a VERY big hole up front. Your two best wingers would be Thornton and Sturm, and those two are not first line material. If I had my choice, I would rather see Selanne go.

    Now I know some of you are concerned about Nolan’s injuries, but this man is one of the top 5 power forwards in the league. He plays the game with a certain edge that you love. If the Sharks can’t get equal value for him, than I say hold on to him and dump Selanne.

  33. TownDrunk says:


    Guess I should prepare myself for the onslaught of the Maple Leafs fans eh? I can’t wait to see them explain how this trade is “Great” for the Sharks and “totally” fair. It’s a pity that I won’t be able to read their posts until later this evening, as work calls.

  34. TownDrunk says:

    GWn said it best when he posted this on the Sharks message boards:

    From: GreatVVhiteNorth.,

    February 26, 2003 at 13:24pm

    If that T.O. deal is all the Sharks can land for Nolan, then they lose big time. There’s no guarantee with Boyes. McAuley has been pretty much a bust with one shocking playoff run. And a 1st rounder guarantees nothing.

    If we’re going to swap Nolan, I’d like to see them get a player of simliar caliber straight across.

  35. wieds says:

    Well if I remember correctly. The first time we played the isles this year they completely dominated us and made our d look retarded. They also happen to be one of the hottest teams in the league since Peca came back

  36. Rico71 says:

    Ummm…lets see.

    Nabokov, Marleau, Sturm, Stuart, Rathje…not bad picks. Compared to some other teams, like Montreal and Toronto.

    Montreal have Theo, Koivu and Breeze-by worth mentionning…not meaning they are worth much apart from Koivu this year.

    Toronto have…Antropov, Kaberle…that’s about it.

    Some good prospects, but no one that’s busting down the league’s door right now. Though I love the play of Komisarek with the habs.

  37. mikster says:

    I still say they could have re-signed him right after they got eliminated by the Habs!!!

    I am very happy with Berard. Slats definitely resumed this guy’s career eh? A lot of players like Sather, and not just for the money (hehe) but he turns them into players. Look at Andreas Johansson, Rico Fata said wonders about Sather right after the trade. Come on, Fata was considered a bust and not an NHL’er…now he is and Lemieux will make him a better player.

    Dafoe did squat because he played on a bad team, and he missed training camp and a long stretch of the season. Had he been signed and played in training camp and pre-season, he was going to have a good season.

    It is no excuse to talk about injuries, but they are reasons. I mean, the Bruins didn’t have a number one world class goalie, but it was painful for the Rangers to lose Richter this season and the previous seasons as well. Leetch, Bure, Lefebvre, Malakhov, Purinton, Holik…

    All faced long term injuries. This team never got a chance to gell.

    Look at LA….it’s a miracle that they are still doing ok, somehow…

    Flyesr cry so much about their offense with Leclair and Gagne, out…..”oh wow”. WIMPS!! hehe.

  38. BosBrn says:

    There may have been a chance as soon as they were eliminated. But McLaren said from the get go that he wanted a change of scenery.

    Berard is very impressive. I agree that Sather helped bring him back. I’m just shocked that he was not re-signed by the Blueshirts.

    Being from Boston, I’m supposed to dislike all NY teams, but I’m a hockey fan. I like almost every team. I dislike certain players, but I can watch just about every team play. But with O’Reilly in NY, I watch most of the games. And I still find it hard to fathom that with the group of guys you have, why they are not playing better. Honestly, I don’t think it is the coaches fault…… I think there are too many egos in the locker room. How many coaches need to be scapegoats before people look at the players? You have four #1/#2 centers on the team. Which one WANTS to play on the fourth line? Messier? Lindros? Holik? Nedved? I think the Rangers should do just the opposite of what they are doing right now. They should trade some veterans for some future stars. IMO!

    Injuries may be a poor excuse, but it is a logical one too. Many teams this year have had injuries, and the majority play alot worse without key players.

    Ftorek kept the B’s together even when Marty and Samsonov were out for that early stretch. He made Grahame and Shileds believe that they were Roy and Hasek for the first few months. Unfortunately, they both woke up and the results are in black and white( more like black and blue).

    And finally, as for Dafoe, he was asking waaaaay too much. Obviously it scared many teams away. He is a great regular season goalie, but he is average at best in the playoffs. Not many teams want that. And Atlanta really isn’t a bad team. They just needed a coach! I’d give anything for Kovachuk, Heatley, or Stefan to be on the B’s.

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