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Selanne Skating

Senators to move a goalie?

Teams inquiring about Glen Murray?

Dan Boyle on the move?

Rucinsky on the move?

According to the Orange County Register Teemu Selanne has begun to skate once again on Anaheim ice and even took to the ice three times this past week.

Although it is mentioned in the article that this does not mean that Selanne is for sure going to return to the Ducks it is heavily rumored by many people that Selanne may try to make a return prior to the playoffs.

What is mentioned in the article is that Selanne has just recently has his 4th child (congrats) and that he has not had any serious talks with Brian Burks about a possible return.

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The Toronto Sun is speculating that the Ottawa Senators have been trying to trade goalie Ray Emery. It is reported that both the Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins are in need of goaltending help.

The Toronto Sun also speculates that many teams have made inquiries about the Bruins Glen Murray. The teams that are said to have phoned about him include Vancouver, Detroit, Nashville, Montreal and Pittsburgh.

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Larry Brooks of the New York Post also provides a bit of speculation in his recent article. Brooks speculates that the Rangers may have interest in the Blues Martin Rucinsky as a deadline pick up who has already had three previous stints with the Rangers. He also speculates that it is possible that Tampa defenseman Dan Boyle may be on the move come trade deadline time as he is said to be an unrestricted free agent.

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41 Responses to Trade Rumors from a variety of different sources

  1. mattmullen says:

    I think the NHL should make a deadline for players like Selanne. It's obvious that some players just don't feel like playing the whole season. If a player doesn't play 50% of the season (except when they are injured or playing for a minor league team) they should not be aloud to participate in the playoffs. If Selanne resigns with the Ducks and they end up winning the Stanley Cup that is just totally unfair.

  2. habsrock99 says:

    I highly doubt the Bruins would even talk to the Habs about a trade considering they are both fighting for a Play-Off spot. And I also doubt that Montreal would want Glen Murray seeing as he's making over 4 million until 2009-2010(not 100% sure). It would be a dumb deal for both sides.

  3. 1messier1 says:

    i say NO to a 4th return of martin rucinsky to the rangers,they cant always keep going back,heck if thats the case id love to messier come back and then finally the rangers would have some leadership on the ice,and heck he would probably be leading the team in total points compaired to  what the rest of the team is doing.

    i am a die hard loyal rangers fan, but sather needs to get off his a$$ and do something positive for the team ,like dump most of the 3rd and 4th line guys.(hossa,orr,betts,and even prucha)i like prucha but how long do you wait for a guy like him to start using his talent an start actually start scoring some goals

    and when is he gonna dump mara,the guy is crap and overpaid ,they need a blueline quarterback ,they need someone to lead the young talent at the blueline that can actually skate forward and not at .00001 mph backwards and maybe even lead a powerplay.

    and lastly they need a solid backup goalie valiquett is not the answer,if something should happen to lundqvist ,valiquett is not the answer to help get them to or lead them through the playoffs

  4. 1messier1 says:

     i think emery would be a good fit in pittsburgh,i think they should make a deal to send fluery to ottawa for emery.fluery i think would be alot better in ottawa and he would at least have a more sloid veteran to play behind to eventually take over as the no.1 in ottawa as he matures some more.i think he was thrown in too early in pittsburgh,plus i dont think fluery and the head coach really have a good working relationship,a change in coaching styles and fluery actually know what his role is on the team might actually help turn his game play around and he will become a more consistant player.

  5. 1messier1 says:

    i agree with you i dont think he should be allowed to play this year,these guys have all summer to weigh there thought on wheather to play or not play the next upcoming season.

    if by the end of the first month of regulation play and they are undesided i say too bad ,next year.
    its not fair to the guys playing in there place to be kicked aside to make room for those guys who play this game of im a superstar and i choose to play when i wanna cause they can get away with it,its crap.

    just like the hold outs in other sports,if they wanna hold out let them ,sign someone else,and let them get there checks elsewhere.i just feel there should be tighter guidelines on holdouts and a dead line should be set so that it forces them to make a decision to a deadline,if they dont sign at the deadline then they loose the season and make them wait til next year.

  6. A-Train24 says:

    As an Ottawa fan, I would take Fleury for Emery in half a heartbeat.  Fleury is good and will become a top three goalie in the league.  Penguins fans have given up on him far too early.  Plus, Emery has bad attitude on a winning team, I'd hate to see him in a place with less talent then Ottawa.  This trade would rival the Luongo trade, great goalie for a bad attitude has-been.

  7. Pronger44 says:

    If Glen Murray is on Bob Gainey's list of potential trade options, what the hell is he thinking????? Murray is a an over-paid under-achieving veteran whos days are numbered. The only likely secenario I could see working out is San Jose playing with Thornton, but I doubt the Sharks are even interested considering his $4million contract and his age. Ever since Thornton left Boston Murray has never been the same, and before he even played with Thornton he was considered a Scott Walker type of player.

  8. azzkikr2100 says:

    If you would take fleury for emery in half a heartbeat, its not an even trade.

    I personally dont like Emery (I am a pens fan but i am for the most part, not bias), however, i do like the sens. I just dont like emery for some reason.

    When i look at fleury, i look at his age first. he is still 23 and still shows alot of potential. Emery is only 25, but i do not see him having the potential as fleury even though he may be better than fleury at the moment.

    Its a complicated issue, but as a pens fan, i would rather have fleury. Not to mention, i think conkin is doing a pretty good job filling in for him.

  9. leniwm1 says:

    i personally have no prob. with that. its not like he is gonna get paid top dollar. But if he did get paid top dollar, that is at the expense of the team signing him. SO wat. He just a child, let him to wat he wants. Its his life, u forget that the NHL is a job though many of us look at it like somethign else. If i wanna quit my job then ask to come back 8 months later, they will let me or not based on my work ethic and stuff. Leave Temmu alone, he s good guy. Lets shit on…HATCHER!! dum sob, tries to injure a leaf and gets his own. that mofo shoud retire

  10. BruMagnus says:

    Ty Conklin has 2 shutouts and is 7-0-0 in 7 starts for the Pens. We don't need crappy Emery, especially once the superior Fleury comes back.

    NO ONE is going to get Glen Murray, and SURELY not the Penguins where his patheticness would never fit in.

    The Pens want someone like Hossa, Zherdev, Erat, or Dumont, not Glen over the frakking hill Murray!

  11. bela says:

    the problem isnt gainey does not want murray its murray would never want to go to montreal.

  12. 1messier1 says:

    i disagree its not a job its a game they get paid multi thousands and millions to play,and without the fans they have no (what you call) A JOB!!!
    and if i am the one paying the salary i would want my players to play not be at home thinking wheather i wanna play or not. try that with YOUR JOB,tell your boss you are gonna come back when you feel like you wanna cause your not sure you wanna work or retire and see how long you have a job for!!!!!!!!

  13. leniwm1 says:

    cranky r ya? hey buddy, didnt make the rules

  14. 1messier1 says:

    superior fluery?????? hahahahaha ,almost fell outta my chair laughing at that one . he is far from superior,sawchuck ,roy,richter,broduer those guys were superior,fluery has hardly got his pads dirty yet,and his play is so up and down i dont see how you can say that.pens goaltending is fair, conklin is just on a streak,and when he has  a bad game all of pittsburgh will wanna show him outta town as they do all there players that have  a bad game.i see it all the time here.

  15. 1messier1 says:

    no i just dont think they should put the team through that and make other players who are playing in there place feel like thay now have to move aside and let him back in cause almost mid way through he desides he wants to come back

  16. GolfLeafsGolfHa says:

    If I was Tampa Bay’s management I would definetly consider bringing Ray Emery in…

  17. GolfLeafsGolfHa says:

    Murray wouldn't last in Montreal, like he's fading in Boston as is, and as for your remark, your a joke.

  18. leniwm1 says:

    the players r big boys, they can handle demotions and trades. if burke thinks they can win a cup with him, isnt that wat its all about?

  19. 1messier1 says:

    well everyone is entitled to there opinion i just happen to disagree with yours ,if they are no shows by nov 30th i feel its to bad for you,and its always about wining the cup i believe thats what the sports about since the begining,but its also about heart and playing as a team ,and playing for the love of the game . not about any one player wanting to be the exception to there team and making the rest of them to have to pay the price.and your right they are big boys so i feel that selanne would be able to suck it up when he is told he has to play in the minors til a roster spot opened up for him.

  20. leniwm1 says:

    ii think we all know slanne will not be in minors. There will be a spot for him waiting for him wen he is ready. u dont diss selanne like that

  21. Habs_pm says:

    Why the heck would Montreal wan't Glen Murray. They are in the same division first of all and Montreal wouldn't need him.

    I think the best fit for Ray Emery would be Colorado or Tampa Bay. It would be great to see Colorado or T-Bay actually have a #1 Goaltender.

    Selanne should come back. Probably the best Fin to play the game! But i don't see him coming back…maybe next season?

  22. 1messier1 says:

    oh well he's dissing his team by making them wait

  23. tacitus says:

    i think Niedermayer and Selanne have really *****ed that organization with the cap space and shit. If/When Selanne comes back they will have to move another player and free up smore money.. Then next season Niedermayer is UFA/Retire and so is Selanne after the Ducks moved players so these guys could play 3 months. They are both great players but pretty selfish this year

    I dont think their should be a rule, i think the Wings should do the same just tell a couple guys to not play and say your retiring saves cap space then get in game shape and come back in january exploit it like the ducks did.

  24. 93213 says:

    If you think the Pens would trade Fleury staright upi for Emery, think again.

  25. MikeGartner says:

    Look, there is a salary cap; I know we Ranger fans seem to always forget that.  Sather clearly went with Vally because of the lack of a cap hit.  Take the good with the bad.  We cant pay a backup when our starter players 90% of the games.  Dumping Mara?  Who is going to take him for that price?  Malik, same rhetorical question.  Rucinsky is not the answer.  Also, dump most of the 3rd and 4th lines?  Dubinsky was the best player on the ice against the Flames.  Cally needs to be sent down, and Prucha needs more time on the PP.  The 4th line, Orr needs to sit more, and replaced with a quicker checker.  Im not sure if you watch games but I think Betts would pot more then 2 goals if he played with wingers who could actually play the game of hockey.  Plus he is an amazing PK.  You dont dump that type of player.  He is partially the reason why we have some an above average defensive ethic.

  26. MikeGartner says:

    Huh?  If the club and ANY player agree to a contract before the deadline to add players to a roster, then so be it.  Were going to start ranking players now, and thus Selanne gets a earlier deadline because he is world class?  Assinine.   I think its smart of Selanne to sit some of the season.  Whether or not Anaheim can make it happen, due to Salary Cap reasons is a wholly different story.  It doesn't make much sense for the buisness half of the scenario. 

  27. 1messier1 says:

    im not saying dump all the 3rd and 4th line cause i think dubinsky is gonna be a good player as time goes on .

    and as for mara i dont think its  a question as to who will take him,heck they shouls have kept kasper and dumped mara instead.i like the rumor of klesla,but not foote,he is too expensive.

    i agree prucha needs more time on the pp but he also needs other players to compliment him so he can maybe pick up his scoring.

    im sorry though i do watch games and i have to say that hossa,orr,and betts are worthless,and ive seen the rumors of them looking at vbourny ,ryder,and rurucinsky,and i feel they are not what this team needs.
    i understand the cap but there has to be other players out there they can get and stay witin the capthat will gel better and produce some points.

    why arent they letting dawes or immonen play i think those two guys were pretty good?and they are better than orr hossa and betts.

    as for valiquett all im saying is that i dont think the team can rely on him if something should happen to lundqvist to carry us to and into the playoffs.yes there is the cap issue,but how much do you sacrafice as a team for cap space when you are trying to win the cup

  28. 1messier1 says:

    well i think its wrong of him to decide to cum back and play when he feels like it ,it screws up the whole teams systemand chemisty.also i feel that any player has time in the off season to make up his mind as to wheather they wanna play or not .all im saying is that they should give them a sufficiant amount of time into regular season to make a decision ,or the team should move on without him this year,not fair to those who are trying to make it into the league as starters and earn there right to play in the nhl.

    then you have guys like selanne who now decides at the half way point that maybe he’ll return close to the end of regular season to shove some other guy down whos been working his but off all season long to stay on the roster,thats assanine

  29. gronk says:

    Yeah, the pens don't get anything here.  Emery's quote  , "I'm not a guy that is going to show up to practice on time all of the time."….What? hahaha although hilarious, this is not a guy that I would trade a young promising goalie for.  I might be crazy, but I also don't think that the pens are in need of goaltending help right now.  Until Conklin chokes the pens are fine. I'm hoping that he's for real.

  30. gronk says:

    Wow, not a bad idea at all.  I didn't even think about that at all.  I agree that he would make a perfect fit there.  Good call!

  31. GolfLeafsGolfHa says:

    Then Sugar Ray can bomb around in his Hummer from beach to beach, instead of traffic jams in Ottawa LOL

  32. nicl97 says:

    I'm a huge Rangers fan also, and I agree with 100% with you on everything all the way up to moving Valquette. I have to ask you though, what do we do with Montoya then, career AHLer? And what are your thoughts on Prucha getting shipped out to the Blackhawks for a guy like Brent Seabrook or Duncan Keith? Throw Mara in the deal to clear cap room and get both defenseman?

  33. MikeGartner says:

    Not sure if you were responding to me or not, but if I could move Prucha for Seabrook straight up, Id do it in a heartbeat.  Mara seems expendable because his money comes off the books next year.  Same with Malik, however, he is pretty worthless, although an adventurous GM may take a chance with that overhyped +/-.  Problem is, if you were the Blackhawks GM, would you make that deal?  I think not.  Logically, the Rangers are kinda stuck.  Mara and Malik are making dough, and nobody wants em, plus we signed Pock for decent money and he's buried somewhere.  Montoya to TB seems like a fit — maybe we can get a Boyle back, if packaged with Prucha. 

  34. 1messier1 says:

    i think if they can ship prucha for a posative trade for the rangers in deal with montoya for a guy like boyle then i say do it and like it was stated in the other writeup put mara on waivers.i dont say get rid of malik i still think he can help some ,but the off season dump him for sure.seabrooke would be a nice addition,but i dont think all of there problems a on you can see tonight they scored 3 goals ,but the last 2 they scored they played with fire ,and that is what i feel is lacking on this team.i dont think that all of these fwds are ever really gonna gel ,you have different playing styles and they dont seem to be working together.gomez iand hollweg give you 110% everynight,and the rest seem to show up when they need to,so it not saying they dont play hard they just dont seem to be playing hard as a team.i hate to say it but i think jagr needs to go,he seems to have lost his ambition with this team,he skates and plays but he doesnt seem to put in 110% everynight.

    i like drury but i feel they way overpaid for him,and straka doesnt seem to be 100% yet this avery is on the ir again how long do they wait to move some players to get some help in there.they gotta fix it before it gets too late and the season is woud be nice to see them with a secure spot in the playoffs instead of trying to fight for no.# 8 spot like they did in the playoff drought years.

  35. Habsman1991 says:

    Seabrook is the best d man for the blackhawks and he is arguably there best player and their most valuable. Not only does he score set up the powerplay and log minutes that you wouldnt believe a guy his age could but he plays the penalty kill and is on in all key situations. Just asking does Prucha do that?

  36. BruMagnus says:

    I meant superior to Emery, you kunt.

    As in Mario is superior to Messier.

  37. BruMagnus says:

    Jari Kurri still holds that distinction.

  38. ovechkin8 says:

    I think the Oilers or the Leafs should go after Boyle

    Edmonton:                       Toronto:
    Boyle                               Boyle
    Tampa Bay:                     Tampa Bay:
    Tarnstrom                        Mccabe
    Torres                              Strallman

  39. 93213 says:

    Why? Tarnstrom would fetch more as trade deadline deal for picks and Richards won't turn this team around.

  40. antro says:

    Are you nuts….theres no way the leafs give up stralman…..mccabe sraight up maybe just to dump salary…maybe something bigger would work…what about Mcabe, raycroft,Steen and Stajan for Richards,Boyle and a first rounder.

  41. snowybuttman says:

    Make no mistake the situations with Selanne and Neidermayer were carefully orchestrated by Burke for a few reasons 1- the ducks needed cap space to sign their young guys  2- both Selanne and Neidermayer needed rest from the long playoff run, we have seen what it can do to teams who go to the cup finals its a long season and for the older guys its hard to get back into playing shape with only a short periond between seasons. Now he will have to great players back at their peak for the playoffs. Burke found a way around the cap he will have his team back less one player from last year (Penner) which isnt a big deal plus another very experienced dman in Schneider and if he gets back to his game another good forward in Bertuzzi. He has given his team a better chance of winning the cup this year with what he has done. 

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