Trade Rumors From Here and There

Hey all, I have so many rumors, I can’t even post them all. So here’s the trade rumors, and I’ll get to the UFA stuff later. So who could be on the move?

Joe Thornton: Joe Thornton is a restricted free agent, who reportedly wants free of Jeremy Jacobs, and the Boston media. Rumors have floated around involving Toronto, and Florida. Apparently Thornton would love to play in Toronto, especially now that Quinn has re-signed, but it can’t happen due to the ammount of cap space. Florida seems logical, the GM is Mike Keanan, his old coach in Boston, don’t be surprised if we see some top prospects go the other way, I believe the names of Jay Bouwmeester and Steve Weiss came up last year.

Todd Bertuzzi: Bertuzzi reportedly needs a change of places. He has put his home in Vancouver up for sale and has moved back to his Northern Ontario home. Bertuzzi may be looking for a trade, or it could be David Nonis clearing cap space to sign guys that have been rumored to go there, such as Petr Forsberg, and Paul Kariya.

Ed Jovanovski: Ed Jovanovski is another name that could be sacrificed for bigger and better things in Vancouver, he will not be a liability if Scott Neidermayer does go home. It’s no secret that Scott Neidermayer wants to play with the Canucks, and it’s no secret that Jovanovski loved to play in Florida… who wouldn’t?

Sergei Federov: If Federov decides not to opt out of his contract, then he will definatley be shopped around. New Mighty Ducks GM Brian Burke once said “One Federov is too many,” or something along those lines. Indeed, the Federov family is not liked by Burke.

Jeremy Roenick: If JR is not bought out, the Flyers reportedly are going to look at trading him, to get something back in return. Apparently both his old teams, the Chicago Black Hawks, and the Phoenix Coyotes have both reportedly expressed interest in the mouthy forward, what would go in return is unknown, the Coyotes are in a great cap space, with 21 players signed, and still some cap space left over. With only 2 key players left to re-sign Derek Morris, and Brian Boucher.

So that’s what I’ve heard, from various places. Hope you enjoy.