Trade Rumors From Here and There

Hey all, I have so many rumors, I can’t even post them all. So here’s the trade rumors, and I’ll get to the UFA stuff later. So who could be on the move?

Joe Thornton: Joe Thornton is a restricted free agent, who reportedly wants free of Jeremy Jacobs, and the Boston media. Rumors have floated around involving Toronto, and Florida. Apparently Thornton would love to play in Toronto, especially now that Quinn has re-signed, but it can’t happen due to the ammount of cap space. Florida seems logical, the GM is Mike Keanan, his old coach in Boston, don’t be surprised if we see some top prospects go the other way, I believe the names of Jay Bouwmeester and Steve Weiss came up last year.

Todd Bertuzzi: Bertuzzi reportedly needs a change of places. He has put his home in Vancouver up for sale and has moved back to his Northern Ontario home. Bertuzzi may be looking for a trade, or it could be David Nonis clearing cap space to sign guys that have been rumored to go there, such as Petr Forsberg, and Paul Kariya.

Ed Jovanovski: Ed Jovanovski is another name that could be sacrificed for bigger and better things in Vancouver, he will not be a liability if Scott Neidermayer does go home. It’s no secret that Scott Neidermayer wants to play with the Canucks, and it’s no secret that Jovanovski loved to play in Florida… who wouldn’t?

Sergei Federov: If Federov decides not to opt out of his contract, then he will definatley be shopped around. New Mighty Ducks GM Brian Burke once said “One Federov is too many,” or something along those lines. Indeed, the Federov family is not liked by Burke.

Jeremy Roenick: If JR is not bought out, the Flyers reportedly are going to look at trading him, to get something back in return. Apparently both his old teams, the Chicago Black Hawks, and the Phoenix Coyotes have both reportedly expressed interest in the mouthy forward, what would go in return is unknown, the Coyotes are in a great cap space, with 21 players signed, and still some cap space left over. With only 2 key players left to re-sign Derek Morris, and Brian Boucher.

So that’s what I’ve heard, from various places. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. simplyhabby says:

    The trade would not have been bad if they did not throw Mike Keane into the deal. Roy was in his prime so the Keane throw in was just idiotic.

    As bad as that trade was, it still was not the wrost trade the worst GM Rejean Houle ever did for the team. At least there he was forced into the trade.

    The worst trade for the Habs was still Odelien for Richer. Montreal had a serious defensive problem at that time, so what did Houle do….trade their best defenseman for an aging Richer.

    Such dark times in Montreal specially when the whole Roy affair was pointless because Tremblay (worst coach ever) was gone not far after!

  2. mikster says:

    I liked this article because it felt quite traditional, like a typical old time HTR article.

    Thornton will most likely not go anywhere, but it is true that he and the Bruins are not in the best relationship. Thornton knows he is their key player and even with a salary cap, he will ask for a hefty amount.

    Of course, things can always go wrong in negotiations. Did anyone ever think that Lindros and the Flyers would hate each other?

    So, whoever gets the 1st, or even 2nd, overall pick in this year’s draft, they may get Boston’s interest with Thornton.

    Of course Florida is a candidate in the Thornton sweepstakes, and you can bet that Huselius and Weiss will be the first ones to go, and maybe even Lukas Krijcek, not Jay Bo.

    Weiss, Huselius, Krijeck, and maybe a 1st rounder for Big Joe? Quite a wild trade, and it’s a lot to give, but Thornton and Horton could be a good combo.

    It’s all speculation, but definitely not impossible.

    Bertuzzi is too much to let go, but then again….a team like the Bruins, if they keep Thornton, would go after Todd Bertuzzi.

    I don’t see any signs that he is a definite gonner from Vancouver, but anything is possible.

    Jovanovski is far from going anywhere. He is just untradable.

    Federov is an interesting candidate but only Cup contenders would go after him, and i would not be surprised if the Canucks and Devs go after him.

    JR is a bit complicated, i don’t think he has much trade value.

    As for people mentioning the Leafs. The Leafs are not trading for anyone until they first clear up their payroll.

  3. PayUpSucka says:

    Looking forward to it!

  4. hockeyhead says:

    i don’t know where these speculations come from or who starts it but joe thornton is not going anywhere.

    the people of new england have become tired with the front offices antics. a thornton dump would mean disaster for this organization.

    why would the bruins trade thornton (former) number one pick for a possible number one pick? to get crosby? that is insane.

    thornton is hitting his prime. there are only great things to come from big joe

    why would you trade a guy hitting his prime for a kid that will take years to get there??

    i will admit i am wrong if the day should come……but let me say i have no worries that my favorite player is leaving boston. i would say samsonov or raycroft before ever thinking joe would go. and if the front office doesnt feel this way then to hell with them.

    but i do agree that the bruins would like a player like bertuzzi. but to play with joe.

  5. wolfpacns says:

    soory the worst deal may have been the leafs who deault the 3rd overall pick (scotty neidmayer) for5 what was his name again

  6. GretzNYR99 says:

    Immonen is the top player in the Finnish Elite Leagues. Finnish players are always more well rounded and game ready when coming to North America. He’s a good prospect, will be only a 2nd line center at best…

    The knock I have at that is that Adam Oates was percieved to be the same way… bad skater with great passing ability and great vision on the ice.

    Kondratiev will be a 2nd pairing two-way defender, but has the potential to be a top pairing guy if he overachieves. Reminds me somewhat of Sergei Zubov but a little more defense first.

  7. lukeleim says:

    Where do you get these rumors from? Do you just pull them outta your ass along with your dildo.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I thought it was Olcyuk for the Neidermayer pick.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    tom kurvers. but hard to say with draft picks on how they would turn out. roy was a hall of famer in his prime already. they got 3 stiffs for him and then threw in keane

  10. GretzNYR99 says:

    That Roberto Luongo trade in 2001 was real dumb. Luongo and Jokinen for Parrish and Kvasha… WOW. That Linden trade is pretty dumb too. And how can anyone forget Draft Day 2001, where Mad Mike did ANOTHER INCREDIBLE move. Mediocrity Kills. I’d rather suck and rebuild.

    That Lindros trade is stupid as well… Philadelphia didn’t get a damn cup out of it, just got swept in the 97 finals. Forsberg and Ricci weren’t top prospects at all… Forsberg’s career points per game average isn’t that high at all… He doesn’t have 2 cups, a Ross, and a Hart…

    Something makes me wish that we would have gotten him instead of Philly in 92, and then I think about it, and we might have never had 94 if we got the headcase early in his career.

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