Trade Sense

As a leaf fan, I cannot see how our team is going to penalty kill let alone score goals. One thing that I think Burkie should do is this:

Jordan Stall
Tomas Kaberle

This trade makes perfect sense to both teams. The money is nearly the same hovering 4 mil first of all. Toronto gets a guy who can not only score goals but can play the penalty kill greatly and Pittsburgh gets a great puck moving defender with good d. Pittsburgh is going to lose Gonchar in a few years anyways so why not get ready now? It makes perfect sense. Toronto can use Staal who has proven himself as a great centre either 1st or 2nd line. Staal can do it all as we saw in the playoffs last year and he would be a perfect fit on the Leafs. The penguins are barely using him because he is just sitting on the 3rd line because they have Malkin and Crosby at 1 and 2 centres. Its unfair to keep this kid sitting on the 3rd line with people who dont have much talent to score with him. So if he goes to the Leafs he can be a 1st liner or 2nd line centre and it would work out..

Comments? Anyone who thinks this is a bad trade for either team is really not a hockey fan because it works perfectly.

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