Trade Sundin for Future.

Well first off, i understand i will take a lot of heat for writing down my opinion but hopefully many of you see my point. Lets get right to it, Trade Sundin its that simple. Heres the reason in why i believe the Leafs should let, in my opinion the greatest leaf in the history go. This guy for countless years upon years has put his heart and soul on the crease of the Maple Leaf, He’s been a leader since day one, he may not be the most vocal but he leads by example.

Every year he Leads Toronto in goals and points, gives it 110% each night and a never say die attitude. This brings me to my point. The leafs should simply trade him for prospects and a few picks to a Stanley cup contender because if theres anyone in this league that deserves a Stanley Cup its Mats Sundin. Lets face it, he isn’t getting that first cup here in Toronto, The way this team is set up, it may be another 10 years until we finally get that cup back in Toronto and by then number 13 will be raised in the rafters and will go down as a the greatest Leaf to ever play the game.
What team wouldnt want number 13? hes a future hall of famer, only 37 and still plays like he is 31, hes a great player performer and a great leader all around. I think i speak for most fans, its time for the rebuilding phase. I know some believe this is just a loosing streak and so on however to be quite honest, i havent seen a leaf team play like this in quite some time. This isn’t just a loosing streak, this team just plain sucks and its only going to get worse simply because we dont have much of a future.
Lets face it folks, were going to be this year’s Philidelphia Flyers and for that Sundin deserves to be traded to a cup contender, he may not retire as a Leaf if he decides to retire after this season, but he’ll always go down in our hearts as one of the greatest Leafs in the history of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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  1. 40grulingyears says:

    I've been backing Sundin for years and love the effort he puts in. I do agree with you in trading him around the deadline (because we are obviously not going to be in contention for a playoff spot!) for prospects, but we need a gm with SMARTS to make the best deal and get us the most valueable picks and prospects we can get for sundin. I can see JFJ trading him for a bag of pucks just like Bab***** did in the Vince carter trade.

    If we could get sundin back next year for 1 last swing at in for a cheaper discount that would be great, but if not he will go down in my mind as one of the greatest captains in modern leaf times.

  2. NIVEK_115 says:

    You are absolutley right.  First get rid of JFJ.  Get someone who can rebuild a team (I really don't know who that would be).  Then trade Sundin and others for draft picks or prospects.  Do all this before the trade deadline! 

    Sorry, not likely with the disfunctional MLSE.

  3. jarcpitre says:

    For one thing Sundin is only 36, he turns 37 on 13 Feb 08. But I agree with all the comments so far in that Sundin deserves a crack at the Cup. We do need a GM that can work out the best deal for the future to pull off this trade. I would wait until the deadline though, thats when teams get desperate and its been said that every team that is in contention will want a crack at Sundin. The only thing that worries me about waiting though, is that he could get injured anytime, that is the luck of the Leafs. Does anyone know who has the money to take on Sundin's contract that is a strong contender? Sundin with the Leafs after 932 Games: 400 goals, 539 assists for 939 points. He is a plus 89 as a Leaf. His average is 31 goals, 41 assists for 72 points in 72 games/year. Just to think this has been with weak players on his wing his whole career in Toronto, with very little ice time from Pat Quinn.LET THE BIDDING BEGIN.

  4. icedog28 says:

    I agree with trading Sundin but to call him the greatest leaf ever Shake you head, Where was he last year for the last 20 games no goals played like he usually does when it counts. I will tell you one thing they will never ever win with him there as the Captain. The leafs should have Traded him and McCabe a couple of years ago when McCabe had the big year but no what does JFJ do sign both of them. Sundin you may be able to get something for but McCabe is un tradeable with the money he makes. 

  5. KingCanada says:

    Sundin will most likely be traded (if traded) to a team in the Wild West.

    San Jose, 10 million in cap space, 8th in west
    -I think they will climb higher but the problem here is that they already have 2 great centers (Thornton/Marleau)

    Detroit, over 5 million cap space, 1st in west
    -This team is loaded with Swedes.. only 1 first line caliber center (Datyuk)

    Chicago, over 5 million cap space, 4th in west
    -If they keep this pace maybe they will make the playoffs, but how deep does a young team go in the playoffs? 1st round exit? maybe Sundin doesnt wave his clause here.

    Colorado, 4.3 million in cap space, 7th in west
    -Team would have very potent offense with Sundin, altho already have 2 first line centers (Sakic/Stastny)

    Personally im rooting for him to land in San Jose because i think they have an awesome team and so many Canadians on that roster.  But i think his best chance at the cup is to be traded to Detroit with his Swedish brethren.

  6. 40grulingyears says:

    You're telling me that because he didnt score a goal in the last 20 games of last year hes not a good player? Are u kidding me, he may not have score but he still set up practically everybody who Paul Maurice put on the first line, he helped Antropov actually play and has led the team for the past 8 years and thats with crappy wingers, imagine he had and St.louis or Zetterberg on his wing!

    Ya maybe the Leafs wont win a cup buts its not because hes a crappy captain. Sweden has so many big name stars but they picked him to lead their olympic team and what did they do, win the gold with Sundin wearing the "C"

  7. FarFromFreedom says:

    about having a GM with smarts, as i was writing this article that came across my mind and i was going to write it in but then got onto another point and totally forgot.

  8. FarFromFreedom says:

    i dont think you read the article clearly. never once did i say anything about last year, not once did i say he has been a crappy player infact im saying the total opposite. Im saying he deserves to win a cup not because hes a crappy player, i think he's in the top 10 in the league but he should be traded because he deserves a stanley cup and well he'll never get it in toronto.

  9. FarFromFreedom says:

    please read my article before you give your imput, greatly appriciated.

  10. FarFromFreedom says:

    haha my bad your comments wasnt towards my article but to someone else's opinion, good thing i read some of the other comments.

  11. FarFromFreedom says:

    How is he not one of the greatest Leafs ever? look you may not see it now but when he is retired and the Leafs are 15th in the east for the next 3 years, you'll understand what this guy means to the Toronto Maple Leafs. He leads franchise statistics all across the board, he hasnt had great wingers, he makes everyone he plays with look much better then they really are. He plays with his heart on his sleeve every game, how could you argue he isnt the greatest leaf to ever play the game? Let me guess because he isnt a canadian boy?
    Look last year, sure he has 1 goal in his final 20 games HOWEVER in those final 20 games to end the season he was 2nd in points only behind Sid the Kid with 1 goal and 23 assists, i know this because this is my point i backed up with when fans like yourself were crying because Mats couldnt by a goal. Your entitiled to your opinion however last year's final 20 games has nothing to do with the present time.

  12. leafsblow says:

    I agreee sundin is a horrible player he has no penis and likes to get ridden like a butpony and does need to be traded he needs some new bum buddies because his ass is the loosest on the team.

                                                  —Pat Quinn

  13. the_word says:

    I think the course of action is pretty obvious, JFJ saves this season, franchise and his job by trading the Leafs 1st round pick to Pittsburg for Gary Roberts and the 09 top pick to Chicago for Yanic Perreault. 

  14. jarcpitre says:

    Way to give it to em, he dosen't have a clue. Maybe he should read my article above giving all of Sundin's stats for the 13yrs in Toronto.

  15. the_next_agent says:

    The only place Sundin would go to would be the Red Wings.  They are the only true contender other than the Sens, but he loves Toronto to much to go there.  Sure there first round pick would be last but still its better than nothing.  The Leafs could get a couple first rounders and a top prospect.  You think I'm crazy, look what the Flyers got for the most injury prone player in the world.  1st round pick, ryan parent(former first rounder) and Scottie Upshall(another top prospect).  The Leafs could rebuild there team with this one trade.  Its time for the Leafs and Sundin to part ways, its in the best interest for both sides.

  16. LEAFS877 says:

    How many 9th place finishes will it take to blow everything up and rebuild. Although it kills me even thinking about Sundin in a Detroit jersey, JFJ (doubt he's getting fired anytime soon) needs to forget about saving his job by making a run for 8th and trade him. And for fck sake, don't can't give up more draft picks at the deadline to make a hopeless shot at the playoffs, or to add another shit goalie to our roster. It's time to break the cycle of shitty hockey.

    And Sundin is definitley going to go down one of the greatest leafs of all time. You can't look me in the eye and say his 500th goal at the ACC wasn't epic.

  17. mojo19 says:

    The really sad thing is that you're not even joking.

  18. mojo19 says:

    I'd hate it too but Clark, Sittler, and Salming all wore Red Wings jersey's.

  19. icedog28 says:

    Yes I am telling you he is a Horrible Captain, Not scoring in the last 20 games cost the leafs a Playoff Spot. You should not compare the Olympics to the Stanley Cup because the Europeans care a whole lot more about the World's and Olympics than winning the Cup. (How many European captains have won the Stanley Cup?) I will give you one thing he does show up in the regular season and maybe the first round of the Playoffs especially against Ottawa because he loves having bragging rights when he and Crusty get together for a round of golf back in Sweden, but other than that forget about it. I mean if his number goes to the rafter’s before 17 or 93 it would be a disgrace to all of Leaf Nation.

  20. icedog28 says:

    Yes I am telling you he is a Horrible Captain, Not scoring in the last 20 games cost the leafs a Playoff Spot. You should not compare the Olympics to the Stanley Cup because the Europeans care a whole lot more about the World's and Olympics than winning the Cup. I will give you one thing he does show up in the regular season and maybe the first round of the Playoffs especially against Ottawa because he loves having bragging rights when he and Crusty get together for a round of golf back in Sweden, but other than that forget about it. I mean if his number goes to the rafter’s before 17 or 93 it would be a disgrace to all of Leaf Nation.

  21. 40grulingyears says:

    hes obviously not a douggy or clark and i hope he doesnt go up before them. but i agree with everyone that he should be traded when the time comes, i just hope JFJ doesnt mess up the move like trading him to pittsburgh for like gary roberts and a pick.

  22. 40grulingyears says:

    i dont think u realize who i was talking to, another person said he was crap for not scoring in the last 20 games it wasnt directed to ur blog

  23. FarFromFreedom says:

    yes i know, i realised that 10 seconds after i wrote that comment, i even wrote a comment right after explaining that i realised your comments wasnt towards my article.

  24. FarFromFreedom says:

    We'll your entitled to your opinion, Leaf fans like yourself need to stop dwelling on the past, its quite pathetic, sure the Leafs didnt make the playoff's last year, so what? i got news for you buddy once Sundin is retired the Leafs aint making the playoffs for the next 3-5 years because he means that much to Toronto. So he isnt a good captain because he isnt Canadian? its fans like yourself that get no respect because nationality has nothing to do with leadership.

  25. jarcpitre says:

    Sounds like your the gay one and get off on this stuff. I think its you that really wants to be a bum buddy. FAG

  26. jarcpitre says:

    Man, what are you smokin. He will be well over 600 career goals when he retires. Clark and Gilmour never had near that. I'm sure if there were a vote on who were the best captains of all time for the Leafs, then Sundin will be in the top 3 for sure. He has averaged just over a point/game throughout his career.

  27. Hockey75 says:

    Well, for one, Sundin DOSEN'T want to leave Toronto, and two, he has a NTC.  And ya, he's not 37, he's 36.

  28. FarFromFreedom says:

    im sure if Sundin was asked to waive his clause he would, only ofcoarse if it was to a contender. He doesnt want to leave Toronto NOW because he still has faith this team can turns things around because yes i'll admit this team has depth and has 4 solid lines, however they all look lost together but if the time comes at the deadline and leafs are nowhere near the playoff's .. im sure Sundin will change his mind. You have to realise any player with heart wont actually come out and say "i want out" especially when they have played on a team for years upon years

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