Trade Sundin for Future.

Well first off, i understand i will take a lot of heat for writing down my opinion but hopefully many of you see my point. Lets get right to it, Trade Sundin its that simple. Heres the reason in why i believe the Leafs should let, in my opinion the greatest leaf in the history go. This guy for countless years upon years has put his heart and soul on the crease of the Maple Leaf, He’s been a leader since day one, he may not be the most vocal but he leads by example.

Every year he Leads Toronto in goals and points, gives it 110% each night and a never say die attitude. This brings me to my point. The leafs should simply trade him for prospects and a few picks to a Stanley cup contender because if theres anyone in this league that deserves a Stanley Cup its Mats Sundin. Lets face it, he isn’t getting that first cup here in Toronto, The way this team is set up, it may be another 10 years until we finally get that cup back in Toronto and by then number 13 will be raised in the rafters and will go down as a the greatest Leaf to ever play the game.
What team wouldnt want number 13? hes a future hall of famer, only 37 and still plays like he is 31, hes a great player performer and a great leader all around. I think i speak for most fans, its time for the rebuilding phase. I know some believe this is just a loosing streak and so on however to be quite honest, i havent seen a leaf team play like this in quite some time. This isn’t just a loosing streak, this team just plain sucks and its only going to get worse simply because we dont have much of a future.
Lets face it folks, were going to be this year’s Philidelphia Flyers and for that Sundin deserves to be traded to a cup contender, he may not retire as a Leaf if he decides to retire after this season, but he’ll always go down in our hearts as one of the greatest Leafs in the history of the Toronto Maple Leafs.