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(Nov. 3rd) With Mike Ribeiro set to return from injury next week, La Presse reports winger Donald Audette may be on his way out of Montreal in order to make room, while goalie Jeff Hackett and forward Bill Lindsay may also be dealt shortly. More on that & other rumors.MTL & NYR negotiate a trade news.

(Nov. 3rd)The Canadiens are believed to be speaking with the New York Rangers in a deal surrounding Audette, however the NY Post reports that the Blueshirts have their eyes set on Mariusz Czerkawski, whom the Canadiens were trying to dump a week back. Although, with Czerkawski’s latest surge on the Habs’ first line (with Richard Zednik and Saku Koivu), TFP has learned that team may no longer by willing to deal the Polish winger. Montreal is seeking a sturdy left-handed defender, and Tomas Kloucek may fit that bill.

Predz News

(Nov. 3rd) According to various reports, the Nashville Predators are trying to obtain for a veteran or two to help turn their team around.

Jason Wiemer News

(Nov. 3rd) The New York Islanders are said to be shopping gritty forward Jason Wiemer around the league. According to reports, the San Jose Sharks and Ottawa Senators have expressed interest.

Vladimir Vujtek news

(Nov. 2nd) The Penguins are about to part ways with forward Vladimir Vujtek, who likely will return to Europe to continue his career, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “We’re discussing a buyout,” Vujtek’s agent, Rich Winter, said Friday. “At his age, playing in Wilkes-Barre (AHL) isn’t a viable option. Hopefully, we’ll have something done soon.” Vujtek, 30, was signed to a one-year, $600,000 contract last summer. Winter said it’s a possibility that Vujtek will play in Finland, as he did last season. He also has played many games in the Czech Elite League.


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  1. Tradedude says:

    whats so great about kloucek? i hear his name popping up in trade rumors all over the place. he is not self worth the trade foe audette, maybe kloucek and murray for audette and 3rd rounder. but Gm’s think differently. im sure whatever MTL pulls off it’ll be good, and NYR wont be good although it appears not so far

  2. mikster says:

    Kloucek has great potential (tradedude) and so far in Hartford he is a +1, 1G, 3A, in 9 games….

    …but here is my problem: 58 PIM’s. Many of them are fights, but he has to learn not to take penalties.

    He’s a lesser Komisarek, maybe nastier.

    I am not so sure about these rumors. Czerkawski might be a nice fit with Lindros and Bure, and he is a LW.

    I doubt Audette would come, he is a 33 year old RW’er. Not much sense there since the RW slots are filled.

    Czerkawski is a RW’er as well, maybe can play LW, but i doubt these rumors are true.

  3. mikster says:

    I made a mistake there with Czerkawski’s position.

    I thought he was a LW’er, i checked, and he is a RW’er, but i didn’t fix it.

    Oh well, you get the idea…

    “Czerkawski is a RW’er as well, maybe can play LW, but i doubt these rumors are true.”

  4. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Reguarding Jason Wiemer, I have heard that the Sharks have offered Todd Harvey a few times, and the Islanders and Sharks are trying to work out a deal…

    ~Jeff P.

  5. ch says:

    Yes Chad Kilger, I think this guy could interest Ranger’s gm Glen Sather. Last year, a lot rumors were circulating around him, saying that he would go to New York.

    Audette and Kilger for Matthew Barnaby and a 4 round pick.

    It would be a nice addition for Montreal and a perfect fit for Ny Rangers.

  6. saiklo says:

    As it pertains to teams in the lower half of the standings that are looking for goaltending, JS Aubin might be a good fit.

    He is truly a talented goalie that has proved he can start in the NHL, he just will not likely get the start over Hedberg in Pittsburgh.

    Regardless of Pens hot start, they are still SHAKY on defense, and maybe a team like Atlanta could offer up defensive depth for Aubin? At 800k, Aubin might be a better gamble than millions on Dafoe.

    The problem is, do the lower eschalan teams have the kind of defensive depth to offer up?

  7. titans says:

    I got a rumor for ya…from someone inside the organization, supposidly Philadelphia Flyers winger John LeClair’s back is even worse than the media is reporting and he’s all but done.

  8. PanMan says:

    what the heck do we need audette for??? how is that a perfect fit??? we have Dvorak, Bure, Lundmark, Samuelsson, Petrovicky, Ward etc who can play RW. Why would we give away a guy who plays with heart in Barnaby for someone that won’t fit in (audette). Kilger might be good, don’t know much about him though. Maybe Mottau or Fata for Kilger . . .

  9. PanMan says:

    I think if Kloucek is traded, it should be for Rachunek. they probably won’t be traded straight up though. Arvedson would be pretty good to get as well. I don’t really like the idea of Dvorak being traded though. How about Nedved though? that would shore up the Senators’ center problems. I’m sure Nedved will perform very well as a second line center on that team, especially with the way he’s playing right now (he doesn’t have the points but he’s really working hard).

    So a trade such as Nedved and Kloucek for Arvedson and Rachunek sounds pretty good.

    On the Rangers’ side, it would give Leetch a real partner and Poti could pair up with Kasparaitis. On the third pair we could have Purinton and Malakhov.

    Up front we could have:

    Petrovicky – Lindros – Bure

    Arvedson – Holik – Samuelsson

    Barnaby – Messier – Dvorak

    Lundmark – Murray – McCarthy

    The second line could be a pretty damn good checking line and there would be balanced scoring on every line. Petrovicky would bang and crash on the Lindros line allowing Lindros and Bure to get the goals. Barnaby could also bang and crash as well as score with linemates such as Messier and Dvorak. I’m not really happy with Lundmark down here but I’m sure he could work his way up.

    So what do you think of that possible trade and the resulting line combos?

  10. mikster says:

    Kilger is not worth Barnaby. I’d take Kilger in a flash to place him on with Lindros.

  11. mikster says:

    I’d leave the Senators rumors away for a bit. I don’t think the Rangers are getting Arvedson or Rachunek.

    Also, Nedved should not be traded. Lindros is ineffective right now and the Rangers need a center to turn things around.

    Trots had the balls to play Lindros less than four minutes in the last two periods and put Lundmark on his position.

    I think Slats will go with getting a LW for Lindros. No Czerkawski, no Audette. Arvedson could be an addition, only if Muckler is retarded enough to give him up for Barnaby.

    Petro-Nedved-Lundmark are playing well. Murray-Messier-Samuelsson are getting goals, so no need to break that line.

    I think by the 20 game mark there will be a trade….and so far Slats has made good trades.

  12. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Hey Mikster– see that Rangers-Blues game? Awww, that sucks dont it?? jk, it was actually a really well played game. Mark Messier surprised me, he seems to still be a fierce competitor.

    ~Jeff P.

  13. mikster says:

    Yeah, seems like the Rangers are scoring more in their own net.

    Lindros blew it, but i am glad Trots has the balls to punish him.

    Oh well, at least they dominated 40 minutes again….

  14. rojoke says:

    Barnaby isn’t worth a bag of pucks. He’s a cancer in the dressing room, only slightly less popular than Pepe Lemieux. He’s prone to taking stupid penalties, and his great year in Buffalo has yet to be repeated in Pittsburgh, Tampa or Manhattan.

    I also don’t think Kilger will be moved. Playing with McKay and Lindsay, I think Therrien is trying to create his own Crash Line. Plus he can play any forward position, on any line, so he can move up in the event of injuries.

  15. TrojanMan says:

    He sure doesnt look like his back is bothering him from the 2 games ive seen him play.

  16. jammer21 says:

    but they’re the same guy……..

  17. -Swizz- says:

    a LW FOR Lindros??

    *memories of when the Leafs treid to get Lindros*

    too bad leafs dont have a LW that could be dealt for Lindros…

  18. guinsfan4life says:

    Vujtek (pronounced VOY-tek) has been a huge disappointment for the penguins. Many fans around town are wondering why Patrick shelled out the money he did in signing him to a long term deal. The criticism these days has to surround Patrick, who, has made several questionable moves over the last few months. He could have made several moves with the money he gave Vujtek;

    1) Had more money to sign Andrew Cassels to give the penguins a more balanced group of forwards for the top three lines.

    2) Signed a free agent defenseman (the penguins have the largest collection of #6, and 7 defenseman in the league).

    Back to Vujtek….

    When playing, which isn’t much these days, Vujtek looks like a boy playing among men. He clearly isn’t ready for the day to day rigors of playing professional hockey in the NHL. He needs to go back to Finland and be happy he can do that. Good riddance.

  19. guinsfan4life says:

    Czerkawski would be the worst possible player the Rangers could want right now. Their problems, it seems, is that they can’t get enough of the players to buy into trots’ defensive system. AM I correct in that assumption, Mik? Cause if I am, wouldn’t getting him be just bad?

    Why aren’t the Rangers ever content with just playing their cards as they have them? They are always interested in trading, I think, for the sake of making a trade. Why is that?

  20. guinsfan4life says:

    I think you made some good points. Aubin would be an asset to any team, as he is an experienced backup that can spell your starting goalie at any time.

    However, what do the penguins do if they trade Aubin? They’d have to get a goalie in return, and, like you suggest, if they would get a defenseman, how good would it be? Their problem on defense is not depth-it is quality of players. They have too many 6th and 7th defenseman already, why would they want that in return for Aubin? Plus, then they’d have a huge void to fill behind Hedberg. Caron is not ready yet, so you cant’ bring him up from Wilkes-Barre.

    The penguins are in need of a top caliber defenseman. YOu ain’t gonna get that in exchange for Aubin, and you’ll weaken a major area of suspect on a team that has been looking pretty good so far.

  21. guinsfan4life says:

    You mean he is going to be forced to retire?

  22. NYIchooch75 says:

    Yeah, Czerkawski would definitely solve the Rangers’ problems… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    Just what they need, another 1 dimensional selfish player who plays when he feels like it!

  23. NYIchooch75 says:

    You know, I hate to be the one who says it but…

    KLOUCEK IS A MARGINAL PROSPECT AT BEST! He can’t even break into the Rangers lineup. They have Dale Purinton for christ sake (although I have to admit, he’s hasn’t been terrible)! So, no, you will not get anything for him, unless it is a salary dump. If you do, I’ll be shocked. I wouldn’t trade Weimer and Kvasha (who suck terribly) for him.

  24. big_booty says:

    Congratulations, tradedude. You know how to work the cut-and-paste feature on your computer. Hooray.

    I could see Audette on the Rangers. I don’t think he could really help them, since the team is playing like a bunch of pee wee leaguers. I think he is done, he hasn’t done much of anything since he left Atlanta. It would be the kind of deal the Rangers would make, one that doesn’t really help them win games (i.e. Lindros, Bure, Rucinsky, Dvorak, Nedved).

    Czerkawski, while he is playing nicely now, will do something to piss off the Montreal coaching staff. I don’t think he gets dealt this year, though. He could do just enough to get himself through the year and be moved in the off-season. Sound familiar?

    Wiemer – yaaaawwwwwnnnn. Another top ten draft pick that won’t make it. Has the word “journeyman” written all over him.

    Vujtek – who cares? Suffering from Jiri Dopita syndrome, meaning he can’t play good hockey west of the Atlantic Ocean.

  25. booty says:

    If you ask me, Patrick is a terrible GM. He’s living off the legacy of the John Cullen and Zarley Zalapski for Ron Francis and Ulf Samuelsson trade. His moves over the past couple of years seemed to have set the Pens back rather than forward. The Jagr deal is a perfect example. He could have done better than that. If I were a pens fan I’d want him fired…

  26. guinsfan4life says:

    I totally agree. I mean, I don’t know if living off his legacy is a bad thing, but his moves have definately been questionable over the past few years.

    One thing keeping him here was his ability to keep the penguins competitive over the course of bankruptcy, especially. ALso was his ability to keep the team winning and making the playoffs with a very low budget.

    So while I do agree that maybe it is time Patrick steps aside, he still has alot of accomplishments here in pgh that are keeping him here.

  27. mikster says:

    The back checking is there, the forechecking works (Messier, Murray, Samuelsson, Petro, Barnaby, Lundmark get it, Lindros doesn’t), the PK is much better…

    If the Rangers would score more, they would win more games. The PP is not good…and i don’t know what they need.

    Their offense is not putting pucks in the net, and if Lindros starts scoring, then maybe they will win games.

    They are starting to play Trots’ defensive back-checking hockey, and with Schoenfeld it does work, but i am shocked that they can’t score. At least, 4 games should have been won by the offense, that’s how pathetic it is. Rangers defense basically did their job against three hot teams:

    Bolts: 2 goals, 1 goal EN; Bolts 9 shots in 2 periods.

    Blues: 1 goal off Leetch’s skates, a slow shot and a slow moving puck crossing the line. 1 goal on a 5 on 3, and the other one was a misclear on a PK.

    Bruins: 1 goal off Bure’s stick, one goal off a Rangers leg and right on Thornton’s stick for an open netter, and the 3rd was just a mistake by Sandman.

    So, in a way….the defense is doing the job, and some unfrotunate goals against them.

    But, the offense is not scoring on the PP and just not putting the puck in the net. Once Eric starts scoring, then so will Pavel, and hopefully Nedved can chip in some too.

    In the end, Rangers need a LW a la Rucinsky, who turned things around for Lindros and Bure. That is what Slats is trying to get, a LW who works hard. That is exactly the opposite of Czerkawski, and that makes the rumor false.

  28. mikster says:

    Cancer in the dressing room?

    Not so sure about that, especially with the Rangers….and he is still friends with many Sabres, especially Ray.

  29. mikster says:

    A LW for Lindros….as in a LW to play with Lindros.

  30. mikster says:

    Kloucek never made the Rangers line up because he was injured in training camp.

    He’ll get called up again. Kloucek for Kvasha would be a steal…..

    Kloucek could be a top d-man (better than Cairns) on the Isle’s.

  31. mikster says:

    Slats looking for a LW, not a RW and Audette is a RW. The rumor is pretty much false.

    “Congratulations, tradedude. You know how to work the cut-and-paste feature on your computer. Hooray.”

    That’s what usually is done for this site. I think your reason to say that was because of “Tradedude’s….” and sure they are not his, but it’s basically like Spector’s Trade Rumors, he gets them and pastes them on his site.

    So, in the end….that was rude. You need to be more polite…and a European beating!

  32. calflyers says:

    That’s BULLSHIT

    You are repeating Mike Missanelli saying “Leclair is possibly still hurting a bit”, NOTHING about “Being all but done”

    Rumor monger!

  33. calflyers says:

    Hey “real” Flyers fans

    how ’bout that eric “crybaby” lindros!!!


    “have a diaper big E”

  34. PanMan says:

    i really liked what trotts did last night regarding lindros and giving that time to lundmark but now Sather has to be a loser and send down lundmark! i thought he was going to send down the superstars!!!

    if this is sathers way of trying to show off lundmark in a trade by considering him a superstar, it isn’t working.

  35. booty says:

    heh heh, pretty soon Bonnie and Carl Lindros are gonna demand that Sather and Trottier get fired.

  36. calflyers says:

    i wish i could be “a fly on the wall” if that happens!


  37. Tradedude says:

    no its alright. just bowing my head in sahame i tell yah . SHAME!

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