Trades forced by the Salary Cap

With the end of the summer approaching so is training camp and more importantly the beginning of the season. The beginning of the season also marks the end of the window teams can be over the cap. Teams that are over the cap at the start of the season will be penalised. As of what the penalties are I have no clue since nobody has been penalised up to date. Five teams are over the cap and three are under.


Anaheim (over by 1.3 million)
Depending on what Teemu Selanne wants to do could greatly affect who gets traded. Being dangled accross the league is Mathieu Shneider (5.625). Now Shneider is getting old at 39 but only has one year left in his contract and is a very good PP specialist with a big cannon. He is now expendable if Scott Neidermayer is playing but in retrospect the Ducks only need to shed 1.3. If Selanne wishes to return then Shneider needs to be moved but if he choses to retire then the Ducks might be smart and keep Shneider and move one of O’Donnell, Pahlson or Rob Neidermeyer (my cap casualty would be O’Donnell).

My pick for a trading partner is Atlanta if they move Shneider. Its in the other conference and the Thrashers have plenty of cap space and very little quality defencemen. Not to mention Atlanta is UNDER the cap floor. When Enstrom and Hainsey are your best defencemen there is a problem. Shneider could be a good fit to teach youngsters like Enstrom and possibly Bogosian for one year. Waddell’s days as a GM are numbered in Atlanta and needs to start building a winner if he expects to have Kovalchuk re-sign with the team instead of taking the high road like Mr Hossa.

Calgary (over by 1.5)

This situation is a little simpler. The Flames have too many defencemen, especially with the arrival of Giordano who is probably a younger/cheaper replacement for some of their 5th/6th defencemen. Anders Eriksson, Rhett Warrener or if possibly Adrian Aucoin would be a good idea to trade. Aucoin is a 4 million cap hit so moving him might be a little hard. I say get rid of Eriksson and make it an all Canadian defence corp!

Chicago (over by 2.5)

Now I like the roster the way it is EXCEPT for their goaltending situation which is definatly the direct reason they are over the cap. Between Khabibulin (6.75) and Huet (5.625) they cost a collective amount of 12.375 which is far too much cap space, just over 20% of the teams cap.

Now Huet is signed for 4 years and is cheaper, possibly better. Khabibulin is more expensive but only has one year left. I think the choice is obvious. There have been rumors circulating in Canada about the need for a goaltender in Ottawa. They only have Gerber and Auld which is pretty weak for a “elite” team like Ottawa. So Gerber would most likely be coming back the other way along with a high pick or high quality prospect.

**”elite” in brackets because they have the talent in the season but flop around in the playoffs like a bunch of nancies. Hopefully they can put an end to the joke that is the Senators this season.

Philadelphia (over by 4.5)

The Flyers are over by alot of money BUT apparently Rathje (3.5) is out with a long term injury so his salary might not count against the cap. That leaves one million to shed. Now Hatcher is back from his injury so his salary will count fully against the cap unliek last year when he only cost the team half of the 3.5. Now subtract Glen Metropolit and Ossi Vaananen (both 1 million) and add Ryan Parent who should be ready for full time duty and they are under the cap.

As far as trying to aquire Sundin and remain under the cap thats an entire different situation that I wont get into…ill leave that to you all lol.

San Jose (over by 0.23)

The Sharks dont have much of a problem, they can probably not loose anyone and just save a couple bucks here and there by having players sent to the farm back and forth or something like that. Leave that to the accountants.

Washington (over by 2.25)

Building a team around superstar Alexander Ovechkin came at the expense of maximising the allowed cap and then some. The Capitals IMO should shed a couple veterans like possibly 1 or two of Pothier, Clark, Laich, Bradley come to mind and insert one or two of Alzner, Godfrey or Lepisto and then they fit under the cap and get younger.


Atlanta (under by 3)
Phoenix (under by 1.6)
Los Angeles (under by a whopping 12.9 million)

Atlantas solution is Shneider IMO and Phoenix’s solution would be to pickup any veteran that needs to be ousted from a team over the cap.

Los Angeles is in a bad situation and I dont believe they can get out of it unless they acquire Khabibulin and a couple more salaries. Now with that said smart people run hockey teams and lots of planning goes into these sort of things. I cant believe for one minute that the managers in LA didnt see this coming. It seems to me they plan on being under the cap for the season and take whatever penalty there is. My guess is forgoe the sharring of the profits from the rich teams.

On a side note I would love to see Toronto pickup some of these cap hits along with extra draft picks that are packaged with them and then just not play the guy and send em to the farm haha.

I have never seen a team get penalised yet regarding the salary cap but my bet is on Los Angeles being the first. Anyways if u read this far thanks for reading and Id love to hear your opinions!