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Selanne, Forsberg, Niedermayer retirement questions.
Colorado, Islander, Leaf, habs, Nucks trade rumors.
Where Peca, Yashin, Markov, and Sutton might end up?

I for one am shocked at how little attention Teemu Selanne is getting from the media. What does not shock me is the amount of attention NHL teams are giving him. I’ve heard as many as 8 teams have given him offers. He is still contemplating retirement, but if he comes back, it will be interesting to see who nabs him. Eklund says Philly is going for him.
If he’s thinking about calling it a career, he wont come back to be a stranger on a new team. If he returns, he’ll return as a Duck.

Scott Niedermayer just came back from his brothers wedding. Many people think he won’t return. Most figure he told Burke he’d call it quits, so he could replace him. I figure burke played it safe. If Nieds comes back, he has the best D in the league. Niedermayer is 34 years old, which is the prime of a defenseman’s career. I don’t see him retiring.

Peter Forsberg has said he wants to return, but will only play for either Philly or Colorado. Then both teams signed a 6 million dollar forward. The Denver post is saying Colorado may be interested. This could work very well. Colorado’s financial situation is unknown to me, but they have lots of cap space. They could sign him to a low base salary with 5 million dollars worth as a bonus for games played. So if he is injured all year, the Avs are fine, if he plays they break the bank a little and become a better team.

I’ve talked about Peca before. I guy on this site claims he’s been offered 3.5 million dollars, which makes sense. The Islanders have the money, and the interest is there from Peca, but the isles may not be interested. The Leafs are pushing hard for this guy. Some believe JFJ is burning up the phones trying to dump McCabe, Kubina, or Raycroft and sign Peca. I think that may be the case. The Leafs PK was brutal without Peca.

Yashin has threatened to go to Russia if he is not paid 3 million dollars by an NHL club. Clubs have offered low contracts, but no one has offered the $$$ he wants. In my opinion, the only question is will the RSL make him look underrated or Foolish. He’s not signing in the NHL.

Markov and Sutton are very reliable defensemen. I’ve heard both are pleased money wise with the offers they’ve received, but want long term deals that few are willing to offer. Could 1 of these 2 ends up with the islanders, who need defensemen and love long term deals.

Now to the good stuff, Trade Rumors. Leaf trades and player movement will be put on hold for a little while, due to the passing of hockey great John Ferguson Sr. However, while negotiations are on hold, existing rumors are still in place.

Colorado and Toronto
The Toronto media is having a field day with this, but the Denver media isn’t. What else is new? Seeing as Hejduk and Svatos are the only 2 natural right wingers on either team, I expect them to stay in Colorado.

Its no secret. Nonis wants an impact goal scorer. However he has no cap space and his only bargaining chip is his defense. Most teams aren’t willing to part with impact scorers. Vancouver has been rumored to be going after Lindros. The UFA route is likely the only way they will find thier missing offense.

Ryder is a week away from arbitration. I don’t know what fears Gainey more, Ryder getting big money next year, or Ryder becoming a UFA the year after. Gainey wants a multi year deal done, but many are speculating Ryder may be traded. Which makes me speculate that those negotiations aren’t going well.

they need a defenseman who can log a ton of minutes. I think Sutton would be a nice fit, but a trade seems to be the likely option here. Rumors have had Jovo, McCabe, Kubina, Morris, Boyton, and even Redden coming to New York. After trading some good prospects and picks for 2 months of Ryan Smyth, one can expect more draft picks and prospects to be traded away.

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  1. zdeno_duchesne says:

    id dump redden off to the isles for campoli and something if the isles wanted some immediate help; campoli being more of a future defenseman.. still very good, but not to the level of redden quite yet.

  2. mojo19 says:

    If were giving up Pogge and Kubina I hope we get a first round pick back along with those guys otherwise bad deal for Toronto.

    And if you've read the past bunch of leaf articles (to the guy who said "you leaf fans want to get rid of Kubina so bad…"), you'll see that most leaf fans don't want to get rid of Kubina, I know I don't hes a good defensman and the market for a d-man of his calibre is ridiculous.

  3. hull says:

    You think…? This is a guy who is posting articles at a pace of nearly one a day. Replies to every single person who replies to any posts of his. And yup he even began posting to himself because other people don't spend 24/7 living on here. Nothing better than ripping a person while there not around because then they can't defend themselves.

    Maybe he should go to hockey rink and learn a thing or two about actually playing and enjoying hockey instead of posting a rediculous number of times about other people's lack of hockey knowledge.


  4. Luongoman says:

    What the hell are you talking about you dumb leafs fan the nucks kicked ur ass.

  5. Luongoman says:

    I agree! Thats the smartest thing ive heard all day.

  6. Luongoman says:

    Toronto didnt even make the playoffs, Vancouver made it to the secound round!

  7. peake19 says:

    im not biased i just know that mccabe sucks
    doesnt take a lot to realize that
    you wanna watch the video of him coughing the puck up some more or do you never see the true mccabe
    you only focus on the one that scores on slapshots from the point and does nothing else
    and wow you can list off guys that ive never heard of and a guy whos older bros playing in the show so he can play off the family name
    and this stralman couldnt play for the leafs he had no contract last year
    hows a guy suppose to make a team when they dont sign him?
    thanks for calling me a beast tho 🙂

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    well, you're right. he couched up the puck 4 times is 2 seasons BEFORE the lockout. I'll give you that.

    The mexican beer leagues is a slang term for recreational baseball games in mexico. where they play have a few drinks have fun…

    refereeing is so little about knowing the rules. thats the easy part. every single call you make is considered a bad call by someone, because there are very few black and white penalties in hockey.

    Coaching is easy, for one with experience. I for one know a clip of 4 givaways does not make a player. you're too arrogant and impatient to have ever done a good job coaching. You see, you see a couple things, like a couple McCabe givaways, and think McCabe is a giveaway machine. You probably saw one bad play by Bieksa, and think he's crap now. yet I saw McCabe change his game under Maurice into a more passive approach 5 on 5. The result? he scored 4 less goals, and went from being a minus player, to a plus player. It also allowed Colaiacovo to expand offensively. I saw Bieksa at the start of the year making rookie mistakes. I watched him grow into a great all around defenseman, eventually teaming with Ohlund to make a great shut down pair.

    Coaching, understanding, building a team takes patience, something you dont have. you once said you dont know who White is. He played 76 games for the leafs, if you dont know who he is, you never watched the Leafs or McCabe.

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Stralman tried out at the rookie camp, didn’t make the team, and played in sweeden. how can you have so much oppinion over something you admittedly know nothing about. If you KNOW junior D-man can make the leafs roster, you should know the guys they are competing against.

    again, a video dated 4 years ago with 4 valid giveaways aint really worth shit.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you got me, i work at a computer all day. and this isn't the only place i post articles.

    my hope here was to make the guy so offended that i would do such a low thing that he'd never reply to anything I wrote ever again.

  11. peake19 says:

    haha its gunna take a lot more then this to offend me
    and what is it with you thinking bieksa is a god… gross
    hes a glorified fighter who is getting 3.5 for no reason
    and i watched all the nucks playoffs games including the 18 million ots
    all bieksa does is make bad plays and take undisciplined penalties

  12. Luongoman says:

    Man thats alot crack ur smokin. You have got to be kidding.Wow go to the rink or a game and hes still better thenyp hes in the nhl and go and ask teams they want him.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    hell ya. Kubina for Beiksa, boy that'd be nice. maybe we can work Raycroft for loungo on the side. lol

  14. peake19 says:

    how stupid are?
    a lot is two words
    "Wow go to the rink or a game and hes still better thenyp hes in the nhl"
    what does that mean?
    and how you know teams want him?
    you phone these teams and talk to the gm and find out who they are interested in or what

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