Trading Gagne may be a must

The Flyers appear to be amid a salary-cap squeeze that can only be solved by trading Simon Gagne.

According to various reports in Russia and Canada, the Flyers are close to an agreement with free agent right wing Nikolai Zherdev but need to shed Gagne’s $5.25 million salary to clear room for the talented Ukrainian.

Meanwhile, Gagne told French-speaking television station RDS that he has not yet waived his no-trade clause.

“I have a no-trade clause and I didn’t waive it,” Gagne told RDS. “The Flyers have a salary cap problem, and I’m a player that is on the tail end of his contract, with still a year to complete. The next few days may help us to see what’s going to happen for me.”

Gagne has not returned messages left for him by the Courier-Post.

Zherdev, 25, is reportedly seeking a multi-year contract worth close to $4 million a season. The only way the Flyers can make room for that kind of contract is to trade Gagne or place him on waivers.

Zherdev has 99 goals and 239 points in his five seasons in the NHL with the Columbus Blue Jackets and New York Rangers. He became an unrestricted free agent last summer after the Rangers walked away from a $4 million arbitration award.

If the Flyers find a way to clear salary space for Zherdev it would preclude any possible deal to land free-agent goaltender Marty Turco, who is believed to be seeking at least $2.5 million a season.

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  1. Kramer says:

    Gagne is not happy with the food in Philly.

  2. HABSSTAR says:

    I wonder what the Flyers will get for Gagne.  When I look at it I find it hard to believe any team would give up Gagne for "Zherdev +" trade straight up. 

  3. broc says:

    I heard he gagged on a toothbrush and almost died, so was unhappy with the city  after that

  4. Cut_one_for_Kordic says:

    Best case for Philly:

    LA: Gagne
    PHI: Simmonds + LA 2011 1st


    Manny Fernandez – $500,000

    Trade Deadline:

    CGY: Van Riemsdyk + LA 2011 1st
    PHI: Iginla


  5. Promateus says:

    You bet, what a bizarre move. Trying to part with a guy that's the oldest active jersey bearer for a replacement of lesser quality ? Doing this when the guy's salary is coming off the books in 1 year? Also, Gagné's value is, i would say, a little less than kaberle's, and we all know how that's worth (prolly less than halak, for whom we got a first and a third 2 years in their development), while Carter trade-worth is no doubt far greater. There's also the matter of the stacked center position… What a bizarre move.
    Two other scenarios that might bear some explanation power:

    1) Holmgren is attempting to sicken Brière out of town (his NTC stands in the way) and so this is a mid-term plan to keep the center position like this: Richards, Carter, Giroux (which probably look optimal in Holmgren's eyes). But fighting the context like this (Carter doesn't have an NTC, Brière and Gagné and Timonen do, and in good veterans, they will probably prefer to stay with a winning team) is just plain weird. It might work. But gambling on sickening out of town elite players is just wrong. Flyer's flexibility would enable them to trade Carter for elite prospect wingers + thus optimizing their whole salary structure for the future. But what an error in evaluation the Meszaros trade was! Oh! and i don't mean Yserman's error of evaluation.

    2) They are posturing. Gagné might even be playing along. They are really after dealing Carter but are now in the pre-sale business of maxing out his value. Signaling that Gagné is on the trade block invite the impressions that Carter wants to be retained badly, thus raising the price for it's acquisition. I suspect Gagné could be renewed on a Bonus-based otherwise-very-friendly cap hit for a few more years after this year. Gagné is easily one of the most talented guy on the roster: one of ther strongest two-way guy in the league and oh, a 40 goal scorer too … but i can see why the Flyers might have forgotten this.

    Anyway the Zherdev + Meszaros acquisitions don't really make any kind of sense on their own, and they almost have to be followed by something. Wether that something is Gagné or Carter remains to be seen, but i just don't see how they will be able to keep Giroux down the road if they retain Brière, Carter and Richards. THIS is the problem facing the flyers and it's why trading Gagné (one year of cap release, lesser value and logjam at center) instead of Carter (many years of cap release, greater value, center position: dominant and settled).

  6. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    briere has always been one of my favourite players i know its too much money for too long but id like to see burke throw a pitch for him like briere for giguere?  close to the same salaries and gigueres contract ends next season and they get a good goalie,, i know leafs need to get bigger and not smaller but they'll still have kaberle or another defenseman to trade ?  Maybe toronto wants to keep giguere incase gustafvson folds so maybe keep him and maybe during the season gustafvson is playing really good and philly's goaltending is going downhill and desperate need of a goalie and toronto could afford too move him… good bad trade?  just throwing out idea's since i like briere as a player and hopefully he could wave his no-trade clause to come to the great city of toronto! 

  7. Promateus says:

    It would be a good grab. Brière is the real deal. It's possible the flyers might be interested in throwing him away (aka dealing him for giguere), but most likely they would get way more for him. As for his salary, there are only a few teams with which his cap hit doesn't make sense, and the leaf aren't one of them IMO. The Flyers might (but this is mistaken, i would take Brière over Carter every day of the week). He might be tempted to go to toronto, what of his shuning us when he was a free agent 😉 As an aside, i look forward for the leafs and habs to square off in games with real meanings soon.

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