Trouble in Toronto

Why are the Leafs still struggling to become a contender……
As a Leafs fan, I have struggles through numerous disappointing seasons. Except for some good years in the early 90’s (93′ mainly) and early 2000’s there has been little in my life time to get really excited about. despite this I still love the Leafs, the history and the fans…

This is what drives my question….

The ACC is packed every night despite the standings, and there still is and always will be a 10 year wait on the Season Ticket list. This is what many people use as an explination as to why the leafs have not gotten better or won a cup in 40+ years. The pressure is there but the money still rolls in……

I understand this point, and all I can do, is shake my head. I compare the Leafs to the Yankees in baseball – not the same level of success but simply the market is crazy for its team, the fan base is exceptional, their pockets are deep, and fans either love of hate them….

This is where the similarities end.. the one thing with the Yankees that differs from the Leafs is the expectation to win and not once but every night and every year. Both the Leafs and Yankees are steeped in tradition and in both cases management has a strong selling product. In NY despite revenue or attendance, if you don’t win then changes will be made as a team will be fielded that will win.

Don’t get me wrong I hate the Yankees, and I know they always are trying to buy a title, but what I do admire is the drive by upper management to constantly win and not just make the playoffs but win the Series. That is the only true success for the Yankees.

So a team like the Leafs that is just as financially set and has as much history as the Yankees, the only glitch I see is management, and not just the GM, but the entire office. Huge changes are needed in Toronto, and until these changes occur we will not see a cup in TO. The current group does not know how to win. The blame can not be placed on the players or the coaches, they are attempting to work with what they have been given, the blame rests on upper management and their inability to manage the team……

In any other city the Leafs would have won a cup in the last 40 years, simply because management would have been forced to make changes …… Some times its not the best to be in a huge hockey market….

Just my 2 cents..

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    Should have let Nashville keep him.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Oh yeah Chanchan, I remember being at a certain game last year when the Leafs handed the Sabres their first regulation loss, oh we had over half the HSBC chanting Miller's name that night. Also I was at their first technical loss last year too as they tried to break the record for best start to a season, but Atlanta got them in the shootout. Yep yep, I saw the Sabres lose 4 times last year in Buffalo never saw them win.

    By the way, if it weren't for Leafs fans filling up your building during the bad years when fans in Buffalo tuned out, and you guys had to file for bankrupcy, you wouldn't even have a team right now, they'd be in Portland, Buffalo fans owe leaf fans everything you jerk. At least we love hockey in Canada and we support your team more than your little, filthy city does. We saved the Sabres, so you better not say anything else bad about us. YOU'RE WELCOME by the way.

  3. RealisticNick says:

    Scouting can be everything, you are correct.  Trevor Timmins built Ottawa and now is doing the same in Montreal.  Terrible first round selections before he got there and now getting 6th rounds steals as well as good all round picks.

  4. mojo19 says:

    Wow, you're so right, the best players on this team are Quinn players. Fergies guys are the worst. Also I'd probably put Devereux in over Pohl for the top 20, but its all the same as far as your arguement here.

  5. mojo19 says:

    Oh sorry to knit pick, Pohl was traded for not signed, but it was for futures and the clause was if he didn't make the team right out of training camp St.Louis got nothing in return. Which is what happened. Sorry, but I just thought I'd be a know it all for once.

  6. GoKings311 says:

    I am almost done with this site. Toronto fans are weird. Go take some zoloft. You're all little pussies. Enough with this sh**. Everyday Toronto is making a trade, everyday they suck, everyday they're gonna win the cup. The only thing that is true is that everyday they make me want to puke. Stop the Leafs posts for a month.

  7. jarcpitre says:

    Well Leafy, thanks for agreeing with me again. Nice to see someone is watching the game the same as I am. I honestly believe they have enough talent to make some waves, but whatever system Maurice is trying to imply, it has to be followed. Right now it doesn't even seem they have a game plan. They have a tuff road trip these next four games and I hope they have good practices this week, hopefully Sundin will get pissed at practice and they them how it is, someone has to step up. I know if I were in net for four quick goals, my stick would be broken to pieces. They just don't seem to have the leadership this year, I wish we would've got Roberts back. Just like you said right now you don't know what team will show up and its hard to predict a proline thats for sure.

  8. MtlHabs09 says:

    And look at the amount of guys who are hitting the cap for the Leafs… They have more people under 30 than Montreal and more over 30… and most of the guys in Toronto under 30 really have no future…

  9. mojo19 says:

    Why don't you go ahead and write an LA kings article, then when 8 people read it and 2 people comment on it, you'll realize why there's so many Leaf articles. Oh, if you want your Kings article to get 100+ comments, mention that you think they should bring in Sundin or Raycroft or something, that's the only way a "kings" article will get that kind of attention. Sorry but you know its true.

  10. chanman says:

    Forgive my oversight of last years loss to the leafs. Such things are probably much sharper to the minds who haven’t had playoffs to watch.

    Yeah, stupid sabres. They cound’t win a 11th consecutive game. Stupid, terrible sabres.

    So you went to 4 losses. Which therefore means (?) They lost 100% of their games. Like you were cheering for them anyway.
    LOl yeah budd we owe you EVERYTHING. We love hockey far more than you care to know. Strange that the sabres record of consecutive sellouts ended at a LEAFS game.Where were you, O great Canadian?

    Lol your cute bud.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Where was I? I've probably been to more Sabres games than you in the past 5 years. And you know its true what I said about us keeping you alive so you can thank me instead of being a jerk as usual. By the way I love Hecht, I'm happy he got the "C" he's been my favourite Sabre for years.

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