Troubly in Philly

Simon Gagne’s agent Bob Sauve, said he had rejected the Flyers’ four-year contract offer, a proposal first reported in The Times.

“Where we’re standing with the offer is nowhere,” Sauve said. “It’s going to take a lot more than where we’re at right now.”

Clarke appears strapped with Cap troubles to not only have the inability to look elsewhere for FA’s but is going to have trouble retaining his own.

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  1. adrianna_habs says:

    Maybe he’ll sign with the Habs.

  2. sjdevilsfan says:

    The Habs would then be signing a Restricted Free Agent

  3. Aetherial says:

    I said last year, as soon as Philly signed Hatcher and Rathje that those signings were going to hurt.

    Now they do hurt and Philly has a lot of trouble with the cap.

  4. Downtown says:

    Might we see Gagne signed to an offer sheet?

  5. adrianna_habs says:

    I mean when Gagne becomes a free agent.

  6. habswinthecup-again says:

    I am so happy to see Bob Clarke suffering like this. He sure brought this on himself and deserves all the shi* that will be heaped upon him. I feel sorry for Flyer fans but I am laughing my as* off at Clarke.

  7. FlyersfanKyle says:

    thats in a year if the Flyers dont sign him hes restricted untill july 1 2007 if he isnt signed by the Flyers

  8. muckies says:

    Nice reminder, Clarke tied his own hands, so much for going into things slowly and seeing the new landscape – those 2 big defencemen skate with anchors around their ankles, its hard to be mean when you can’t actually catch anybody to be mean to.

  9. Veggetto19 says:

    OMG!!! if clarke cant resign him are we gonna loose Joni also they Doooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEED TO FIRE CLARK HE MAKES STUPID TRADES ALL THE TIME !!!!!!!!

  10. FlyersfanKyle says:

    dont worry we’ll have Joni and Gags RJ and all the rest of our RFA’s resigned our Playoff spot might be in jepardy but Snider said that the team is done Trading picks and Pospects wost case senario is we have to rebuild this year and fall out of the playoffs

  11. FlyersfanKyle says:

    this will get done hes not gonna walk away from the Flyers ; im baising this on abosolutly nothing of course except for the fact that if he dosnt sign then he has to sit out a year b4 hes an ufa

  12. merr29 says:

    I can see the flyers trading his rights to another team

  13. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Why is this even a story? The contract negotiation is taking a little long, they’re working out numbers, so let’s fire Clarke. Hm.

  14. monley89 says:

    Honestly expect this year to be the year the flyers completely fall off the road, This team lost there best d-man in johnsson, desjardan is calling it quits, u got the 2 pylons now running the show on the back end in rathje and hatcher, expect pitkanen to get major ice time this year, but i dont think they should put so much pressure on him, but guess what they have to cuz they have no cap space at all, good luck flyers it should be an interesting year, 10th place!

  15. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    Happens to everybody. Sometimes you rebuild for 4-5 years. (had to take a potshot at my Pens). Good luck with Gagne. You just know he wants 6.5 to 7 mil a year.

  16. Milohabs says:

    I actually agree that Philly is headed in the wrong direction. I made this comment a few weeks ago and some Flyers fan chewed my head off. Every year they are competitive and have a legitimate shot at a championship going into the season. This will be the first year in a while where they may not make the playoffs, or just make it in. As it is, Forsberg’s done until january…we all know how well they played without him in the lne up last year. ALSO. Gagne is very good, but will not put up those numbers again with Forsberg out, and with no mobile defensmen to get the puck up the ice…good luck boys

  17. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Losing Desjardins is addition by subtraction. He was a dinosaur back there and he constantly made mistakes. We’re also used to not having Johnson around, but if he gets healthy it’s gonna hurt.

    If we can’t sign Gagne, another forward and a mobile defenseman, we’re gonna be staring up at the Rangers, Devils and Penguins for a while.

  18. Maximus says:

    I think that they will be fine. They might struggle to get to that 8 spot, but they are still a solid team ….. Good goaltending, a decent defence, and if Forsberg comes back he will solidify their offence.

    Everyone last year were writting off the Devils, but they were fine. I really do not see teams dominating the NHL for a decade anymore. Teams will have a core of three or four really good players and eveyone else will be interchangable.

    I think your team is as good as your top player now. Right now, Forsberg, he will be out to Christmas. If he comes back and stay healthy….The Flyers will make the playoffs. I also think that Gagne will resign. It is just a dance right now. I also would be suprise to see anyone offer him a contract – I can’t see a team doing that.

  19. sharksfan3991 says:

    dont worry we will take in gagnes contract in san jose to play with joe and cheech

  20. TMLfan2005 says: reports that randy robitaille has signed with the flyers!!

  21. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Gagne is trying to get paid and understandably so.

    The last time he signed a nice contract with the Flyers he got soft. This time he will be playing without Peter Forsberg for all of 2006 and some say most of early 2007.

    If Clarke wanted to be ruthless – he could have just signed Elias but it is pretty safe to say he will sign Gagne who will be expensive.

    Thanks to NOT signing any real landmark FA’s Clarke is going to simply have to spend to keep Gagne who is young, talneted and proven. Hard to say he isn’t worth his money…

  22. magnifikko says:

    Woooo!!! im gonna dream a lil bit….


    Kovy Koivu Gagne, one word…WOW

  23. flyerjim says:

    I agree…..his agent said some things to the media to get the fans involved. Philly is a pretty rabid hockey market for the US, and this is nothing more than a tactic to put pressure on Clarke and Snider (yes, he has final say as to who gets what). Gagne will get around the $5 mil mark and 3-5 yrs….and it’s deserved. He’s only 26, and staying put.

    Philly is also NOT in cap trouble this year. They will be in the upper echelon of payrolls, but no Johnsson (absolutely not worth almost $5mil per yr), and no Desjardins will make room. They are going in with a very similar roster, and the cap went up. They made no huge FA signing/overpayments and I imagine they’ll sit around the $42 spot after signing Nitty, Pitkanen, Umberger, and Gagne.

    If Gagne leaves it’ll be because he wants to (a la Luongo)

  24. Tim_Silver says:

    so what? they would have to give up some picks in return, big whoppie…

  25. zdeno_duchesne says:

    havlat for gagne perhaps?? 😀

    i didn’t say this was going to happen, so nobody jump on my back.

  26. Braidan says:

    Last time I checked the Flyers had commitments of almost 33 Million in payroll, that leaves, let’s be generous and say 12 million to sign 6 players.

    Today they signed Randy Robitaille for let’s say $500,000.

    So If Gane asks for 5mil and Pitkanen asks for 3mil (just throwing numbers out) that brings you to the 40 mill range with about 20 players signed.

    Desjardins retires (but salary counts towards cap still), so 19 players at 40-41 mil.

    4 Mill to sign 3-4 players, seems like you won’t get all your RFAs signed.

    This will make it damn close for injuries and not to mention the trade deadline.

    I hope that GMs lose this attitude of not signing RFAs, if GMs are going to pay ridiculous amounts to UFAs then I look for offer sheets to come out soon.

    Picture this, Gainey offering Gags 5-6 mil/yr for 5 years or the same to Bergeron, both these teams are close to the cap and matching would put them in even deeper.

  27. big_booty says:

    “Gentlemen, please rest your sphincters.”

    FIRST of all Gagne is a restricted free agent who is eligible for salary arbitration. He will be under contract, in one form or another, for the Flyers this season. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that he would sign an offer sheet from another team, because teams just DON’T do that. Hell, it’s happened only THREE TIMES, and those instances occured BEFORE the advent of the salary cap. The ONLY WAY that Gagne wears a different color sweater next season is via trade, which is also HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

    SECOND, this three-line quip of an article (which offers no source other than the “Times,” narrowing it down to, oh, about a couple hundred thousand different newspapers in this hemisphere alone) is merely referring to the FIRST contract offer in an ongoing negotiation. NEGOTIATION, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, refers to a process between two parties where multiple offers are exchanged until a mutually agreeable contract has been reached. Some of these negotiations may last a little bit longer than others. It’s a fact of life and of business. The fact that so much is being made of this slightly incidental news item is referred to as SENSATIONALISM.

    FINALLY, to blame the GM for being “strapped with cap troubles” along with being “inable” to improve his team and retain his current players, despite being about THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLARS under the maximum salary cap limit is not only erroneous, but analagous to pinning a rather large tail on a donkey that doesn’t yet exist. The fact that some jackals are ready to jump down Bob Clarke’s throat over the fact that he DIDN’T do what some other less-intelligent-yet-suddenly-nouveau-riche general managers chose to do borders on the hysterical. Free agency is CYCLICAL. Not every team can make a huge splash every off-season anymore.

    Two words, people: Lighten up.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  28. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Yeah, I could see that working as a salary match.

  29. Aetherial says:

    *cough* Hal Gill *cough*

  30. Aetherial says:

    Some valid points in there.

    I highly suspect that the Leafs will be faced with the same issues next summer, not much money, and not a championship team really.

    Yes, things are cyclical. The leafs, for example, will not be jumping in next year. In fact, If Mats Sundin has a big year, there is every chance he will command big dollars next year on a 2 year contract or something like that… something the Leafs will be unable to afford.

    Philly still has a pretty solid core, and will be a good team, just not a great team. It is tough to say what impact their playoff loss this past year will have. I mean let’s face it, they had their asses kicked up and down the ice.

  31. flyersfan_92 says:

    I would be willing to say that there is a 99.9% chance Gagne gets his contract. From what i read elsewhere he wants around 4.5 Mil a year, which is not a huge number considering what Richards et al got on thier last deals, that number is a steal if you ask me.

  32. flyerjim says:

    Desjardins was a UFA….he has no salary to count against the cap.

    They have 4 key RFA’s (Gagne, Pitkanen, Umberger, Nitty)


    $4.5+3+1+2 mil respectively =$10.5 mil added to approx $31 mil- leaving $2mil of wiggle room.

    Everyone forgets that this was the team that was at the cap and managed to land Forsberg. They’ll make room if they need to.

  33. kamullia says:

    It depends on what his contract would be, but “some picks” can be up to four (4) first-round picks.

    Four years not picking in the first round basically means little chances on landing good prospect material for a long long while. It it was just “some picks” everyone would be signing the other team’s restricted free agents at will.

  34. kamullia says:

    Not everyone wrote off the Devils. I sure did not, and thought they were still solid.

    Gagne will re-sign, that will not be an isue.

    The Flyers have one issue and one big question. The issue is how do we defend with lamp posts for defense. The question is, after Forsberg comes back, how long before he is out of the lineup again and will he be back for the playoffs.

    Forsberg is a great player, but the more time passes the more he resembles Lemieux in not being able to play due to injury.

  35. JNurk17 says:

    id take that trade anyday if i were clarke.

    havlat is a natural scorer.. gagne can barely only hit the net when playing with peter

  36. JNurk17 says:

    richards is better than gagne though

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