True North will speak when time is right

Kid Rock is a self-proclaimed Rock ‘n’ Roll Jesus and a favourite son of Detroit, no doubt, but he ain’t big enough in the Peg City to bump back a press conference to announce the return of the NHL. Some are suggesting a Kid Rock show, potential marketing plans and even Gary Bettman’s schedule are playing havoc with the scheduling of the biggest announcement in Winnipeg sports in over a decade. Sorry, there’s too much is at stake to have anything get in the way of Mark Chipman stepping up to a podium and laying the truth down on so many Prairie puck disciples. When Chipman has put his pen to paper and wired the dough down to Hot-lanta — he’ll break his silence and quick. True North simply has too much to do once this deal is finalized to fool around with an announcement date. When an agreement to purchase the Atlanta Thrashers is finalized, True North will get busy talking, selling and promoting. True North spokesperson Scott Brown says any announcement hinges on a deal being done and nothing more. “Despite persistent rumours and speculation about the timing of a press conference, none has been scheduled and none will be scheduled unless a deal is done. The timing of any potential press conference depends solely on if and when a deal is completed,” Brown told the Free Press on Tuesday. Sources close to the negotiations say talks continue and progress is being made but a deal is not complete at this point.