TSN.ca: Hatcher Not Offered New Contract

Dallas Stars GM Doug Armstrong has confirmed that Captain Darian Hatecher will not be given a new offer. So we know that Hatcher won’t be returning to the Stars, so where will he go? Toronto perhaps?

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  1. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I’ve never liked him. I was actually surprised he was so popular with Stars fans. Back when I just watched Stars games and didn’t use the internet to talk about them, I wasnt a fan of his. I thought he was big, slow, and either took a stupid penalty or made a stupid mistake at key points of the game. I think he’s a huge presence, but his hockey skills are weak and there’s better defensemen out their than him. I’d rather him not go, but I don’t care if he does. Im not his biggest fan, and if he’s out the door Modano can finally wear the C.

  2. Kashin says:

    and the rangers are messed up with a 50 Million dollar luxuary tax in two years. All because they sign a 31 year old federov and an overated arverdson.

  3. Rushing says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd? Modano is there “A.” There have numerous polls taken around Dallas and many people would rather see Modano the Captian rather than Hatcher.

  4. Rushing says:

    Dallas put a three years offer up on the table.

    Hatcher, at the time, has turned it down. He wants a five year deal.

    It was on the local news last night.

  5. leafs123212000 says:

    Will you take your insults back if he does see them as a contender and signs with them?

  6. leafs123212000 says:

    Toronto has lost to the eastern conference champs 4 of the last 5 years…trust me it’s no big deal, if you lose, you lose…It’ll get old after awhile.

    A big reason Dallas did so bad last season was because of Belfour’s play. He really didn’t have the best of seasons…I do agree with ou and have to ask myself why all these Dallas names are being thrown around. I’m sure however when you see the season start up you’ll be watcing a competitive team.

  7. Lucky13 says:

    Before this gets out of hand, like any other piece of info that gets posted on this site, let’s take a second and hash the details. You know…those little things that most people read past before they make their uneducated opinions.

    Dallas is not offering Hatcher a contract BEFORE July 1. That does not mean they will not offer him a contract at all. Now if some team is ridiculous and offers the good, not great defenseman a contract in the $7 mil range, he will no longer be a Dallas Star. I’m all for that because he is not worth that type of money. However, if his market value is discovered to be in the $5mil range and Dallas can match that offer, then he could stay put. The detail that Dallas has an issue with at the moment is the contract length that Hatch is seeking…not so much the money. They don’t want to lock up a 32 year old defenseman for 6 years. Yet some people are calling them stupid for not wanting to pay him $7 mil when he’s pushing 40. Sounds like good business to me. Dallas’ defensive depth can play a big part in taking up the slack of losing him and leadership is not a rare commodity on this team.

    Secondly, Tom Hicks is NOT slashing payroll. He is simply trying to keep it exactly where it’s at. Unfortunately, since players get raises, the payroll would have gone up and such decisions are necessary. I’m sure they are listening to deals for Guerin, Arnott, etc. But what team wouldn’t? You never know when someone will be willing to give up more than what the other is worth. (Insert jab at Bob Clarke or Glen Sather here) Any GM would at least listen to an offer for their All-Stars.

    In the end, I expect Hatch to play for another team and maybe even see someone like Arnott get dealt. If it means Dallas can lock up Turco and maybe add a Marchment or de Vries and allow some youngsters to play, then I think it makes Dallas a better team in the long run.

    Don’t overreact people, the Stars aren’t considering anything that every other team in the NHL isn’t doing as well.

  8. Lucky13 says:

    You are comparing apples and oranges. That’s like saying Lehtinen isn’t as valuable as Bertuzzi because he didn’t have as many goals. Where were Boyle, Zubov and Gonchar in the Norris voting? Hatcher’s value isn’t in his ability to score, but rather his ability to prevent scoring. Between him and the 5 guys guys you listed, who would you rather have between a scorere and your goal? Which would you prefer have the task of keeping Bertuzzi or Thachuk away from the front of the net on a power play? Think man!!!

  9. Lucky13 says:

    With Aebischer in goal, Colorado needs Hatcher…

    …and Lidstrom…

    …and Pronger…

    …and Stevens…


  10. MantaRay says:

    He is the rare type of player that champion teams are built on (eg Stevens, White, Foote).

    He is one of the main reasons, if not THE reason, Dallas is amongst the best defensive teams in the league year after year.

  11. MantaRay says:

    He is in a unique position, and its not his fault that his teams management is not offering him a contract.

  12. Lucky13 says:

    The physical presence may be overrated. Anaheim and Minnesota seemed to do well without one. However, Dallas has John Erskine ready to step up and losing Hatcher along with a restructure here or there may allow them to look at someone like Marchment, etc. You are correct that it sucks to be a UFA right now, but I think Marchment is in good shape. He’s the player that every team wants and his numbers won’t command a huge salary to begin with. So, he can basically choose who he plays for and get teh same offer from any team.

  13. MantaRay says:

    Your going to school for Nursing right???, because you don’t know jack about economics.

    Teams (Columbus) when faced with another team (Dallas) trying to DUMP a player due to his salary have the upper hand in trade negotiations. The smart team will require the desperate team to pay half the players salary (eg Devils had Mogilny, but Vancouver payed half his salary while playing in NJ). That is called econimically sound.

    Whiteny and Cassels didn’t make them a better team, just cost them more money.

    Columbus HAS the money–do your homework–and clean your nursing outfit.

  14. MantaRay says:

    Who cares about points???? Points are for suckers.

    You can measure Hatcher’s value by points, you measure them in WINS and Championships.

    You of all people should recognize this Rushing!!!

  15. MantaRay says:


    You CAN”T measure Hatchers value in points.

    And points are for suckers.

  16. MantaRay says:

    Rangers are in a fiscal crisis right now, they can’t afford Hatcher.

  17. MantaRay says:

    If Dallas doesn’t sign Hatcher, I doubt that the Stars will make the playoffs next season. Then you can address your woeful comments.

  18. MantaRay says:

    If Dallas doesn’t sign Hatcher, I doubt that the Stars will make the playoffs next season. Then you can address your woeful comments.

  19. devfanman4 says:

    well that certainly stirred up some emotion here…good work d-strate!

  20. devfanman4 says:

    I don’t know, Manta. Usually I agree with you, but I’m not a big fan of Hatcher either – Not for his offensive numbers though. Sure he can hit, but from what I’ve seen of him – he’s slow and has no hockey sense.

  21. devfanman4 says:

    …And the Rangers miss the playoffs yet again…

    the saga continues.

  22. defenestrate says:

    Bender stated it perfectly. No matter what position you take (and I’ve heard some weird things about your “positions”, believe you me), I’m always going to take the opposite side – because I’m trying to pierce the shell of your complacent existence and get you to THINK!

    I prefer not to call it “Devil’s Advocate”, because I happen to find their brand of hockey boring as all get-out. (Insert rim shot here).

    It’s funny that just using a few multisyllabic words and an opposing viewpoint can generate such a reaction in people….imagine how Calvin (the philosopher, not the cartoon character) must have felt.

    It’s even funnier that I got a major philosophy name into a Hatcher post – LMAO.

    SCTP – “Starting A Farm, Because We’ve Got All Your Goats”.

  23. defenestrate says:

    And I did it on a Hatcher post – I don’t even care where he goes!!

    “Methinks thou dost protest too much”.

    Must’ve hit a nerve…

  24. defenestrate says:

    “Whenever I want you

    All I have to do

    Is dream

    Dream, Dream, Dream”…………

  25. JeffBurnz09 says:

    The problem I have with this, is that 1) He’s been there longer than anyone except Modano, he’s the captain, and I think they should have made signing him a top objective this summer. I personally don’t care for him, but I can’t believe someone who’s such a big part of their team, and been there so long doesn’t have Dallas bending over backwards to keep him.

    And 2) How do you know they’ll have a shot at keeping him after July 1? Its a gamble that might not pay off. He might see there’s not much out there for him and stay with Dallas, or he might feel betrayed at how he’d been treated so far and sign with Detroit without giving Dallas a chance to match.

    No, I wouldnt be shopping Guerin right now. He was signed for a reason, they needed a strong winger to play with Modano and take the spot left by Hull. If Guerin’s leg is healed and won’t be a problem for him next year, I see no reason to get rid of him. Dallas is doing alot more than “listening to offers” for Guerin, they’re shopping him around, basically making it known they want to trade him.

  26. Hockeyman93 says:

    Crack Kills man…

  27. cwthrash says:

    Same type of thing is happening with Kozlov in Atlanta. Granted, it’s not as big and certainly wouldn’t get any notice here. But the situations are similar and in both cases such knee-jerk speculation floors me.

    Many Atlanta fans have had the same reaction: our player will now sign with another team and that’s it.

    But it’s really not.

    I don’t have my crystal ball handy, so I can’t rightly tell you what will happen in the next couple weeks. In short, I really don’t know where Hatcher (or Kozlov) will end up. But their decision to go UFA didn’t surprise me one bit.

    It’s part of the negotiating game that is so often played. Because of the strange circumstances this offseason, that game must be played more carefully. Each side knows that, and more than likely saw this move coming. Until 7/1 arrives, we won’t have any real idea what each side was honestly thinking (if we do at all). The media will no doubt print the speculation of anyone that gives them a good headline, thus confusing us even more. Just don’t buy into it.

    If we see a week or so down the road that Hatcher won’t be going back to Dallas, I will not be surprised in the least if a team comes out of nowhere (at least in the eyes of the viewers here) and makes a play for him. Getting him would be another story, but an unlikely team making a pitch for him wouldn’t be surprising at all.

  28. OKFlyer says:

    Will he fall victim to the ranger curse and suck if that happens we can only watch

  29. MantaRay says:


    Scott Stevens doesn’t put up big numbers. By your logic he doesn’t make a difference on the Devils.

    But we both know our team is DOA without him in the lineup.

    The type of attitude and competitiveness is what makes Hatcher in the same league as Stevens.

  30. OKFlyer says:

    Everyone is talking Hatcher to the Rangers does this mean he will fall victim to the ranger curse? all i can base this on is every decent player the rangers aquire suddenly forgets how to play or loses skill as soon as they put on a ranger jersey.

  31. bobmckenziejr says:

    Well this will make everything for Hatcher. He has played with Dallas for his whole career and seeing him with a different jersey will be different. What I see him wearing is either a Red Wings jersey, NYR jersey and a Leafs Jersey.

    Right now the Leafs will not make a pitch to Hatcher because they don’t have a GM YET. So the longer it takes for them to choose a GM, the longer it takes for them to have to wait for Darrien.

    The Michigan player might go for Detroit to be closer to home, BUT i don’t want to see him in a Ranger jersey because his stats will go down for sure.

    So Detroit or Leafs…take you pick Darrian

  32. Avalanche114 says:

    and you’re an asshole, so can it. Aebischer is young, and he hasn’t had much experience, give him time. (Hell, we don’t even know if he IS the starter yet.)

    I don’t think the Avs are going to sign Hatcher, realisticly. When was the last time Lacroix signed a 5 million dollar free agent? Besides, they already have Foote and Blake, adding Hatcher would be excessive in my opinion(not that I would be against it by any means!). I just don’t think it’s realistic. I see the Avs signing two lower quality defensemen(in comparison to Hatcher, not two crappy guys..though, thats not out of the question) and getting a goalie to split the time with Abby or Sauve.

  33. defenestrate says:

    It’s all those PCB’s in the Hudson River. The same thing happens to their fans when they get behind a keyboard……

  34. aaron says:

    I think what Dev was trying to say is that he doesn’t like Hatcher, and it isn’t JUST b/c of his offensive numbers…its b/c he’s slow and has no hockey sense.

    I’m not sure on Hatcher. I personally think he’ll flop outside of Dallas and succeed in Dallas. He might be good in the Leafs as well, but there is a little of that “glorified goon” air about him, much more so than w/ Stevens, who is a great hockey player besides just being able to hit.

  35. Aetherial says:

    Oh God no,

    I hope he doesn’t end up on the Leafs. He will just be another large salary liability that will drag the team down in the future.

    The Current Leafs are DONE! They are not one or two players away. They need to drop aging big salaries, not take on more.

    I would rather see them play some kids on D and miss the playoffs than sign this guy.

    Then again, I doubt that Colaiacovo, Bell or White would be any worse than Berg or Lumme.

  36. Kashin says:

    There are “many” Atlanta fans? Just Kidding.

    Kozlov isnt a franchise player. Hatcher is the captain. People arent in a desperate need for a Kozlov now. They are in a need for a Hatcher. Therefore Hatcher gets the money. Kozlov will stay since they can make the playoffs next year.

  37. Lint07 says:


    Did I see the name of Colin White between the names of Scott Stevens and Adam Foote??

    wow! we’re talking about a good #3-4 defensemen taking stupid penalties night in, night out even in the playoffs.

    He has a good physical presence though, but come on…

  38. MantaRay says:

    The kids been in the league 4 years and has been to the finals 3 times with two cups. He will probably lead the league in +/- next year as well.

  39. aaron says:

    Fedorov’s 34, actually.

  40. cwthrash says:

    I do agree that Hatcher holds more importance that Kozlov would. I won’t deny that.

    Even saying that, the importance to certain teams is relative. He is the captain on Dallas but in truth that team has at least two or three others that could fill that role equally well. It won’t make or break Dallas, although I’m sure they would love to keep him.

    If he does go to another veteran team, his leadership role will be less than it is now. He couldn’t go to such a team and be named captain, too many other excellent leaders on a team like Detroit or Colorado or Toronto. He might get an “A” on his shirt but that’s about it. And leadership is something he definitely brings, and that would be hurt to a degree by taking a lesser role on another team.

    Kozzie can create chances and he can score. Not all that many effectively creative players left out there, much less available as a free agent. Teams with a good scorer are always on the lookout for another player that can enhance the scorer they already have.

    Hatcher will be the most sought FA, I don’t doubt that. But other teams with different needs could very well target Kozlov in the same manner. Just depends on where your team is and what you need. Relative.

  41. Rushing says:

    but rather his ability to prevent scoring?


    Again, Hatcher is about the slowest dang person/defenseman in the entire NHL. He lets people get by him game after game. He turns the puck over, game after game. Prevent scoring?

    Don’t make me laugh.

  42. Rushing says:

    Uh….yeah right.

    Points help win games.

    Hatcher letting people go flying by him towards the goalie let the other team score. Hatcher turning the puck over game after game let the other team score goals.

    Perhaps none of the other people I listed are as slow nor let people get by them as much as Hatcher nor turn the puck over as much either. Their pts. would certainly make up for that fact anyway.

    Your points are for suckers remark is nothing but crap too.

  43. Rushing says:

    I would much rather see them put John Erskine to good use. He’s 6’4″ and 215. He is very physical.

  44. Rushing says:

    Devils aren’t known as a “scoring’ team either are they, like Dallas is right?

    Devils do practically nothing but Defense. Where were they ranked in Offense? Do you mind telling us?

  45. Rushing says:

    As was said in a local paper

    “Sides can’t agree on contract length, don’t even talk money.”

    Stars general manager Doug Armstrong said captain Darian Hatcher will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st, because the two sides can not agree on the length of a contract.

    Armstrong said the Stars simply could not longer offer long-term contracts, becaust the uncertainty of a new collective bargaining agreement in 2004 makes it impossible to know just how to budget future monies.

    Armstrong said the Guerin contract will be the last long-term deal the Stars can do until they know the impact of the new CBA. That could mean negotiations with Marty Turco (restricted free agent this summer) and Mike Modano(unrestriced next summer) could be difficult. However, Modano said he didn’t see a problem.

    “Doug and I have talked, and I understand the situation,” MOdano said. ‘I know I might not get a contract until next summer or maybe not even after the [possible] lockout, and I’m comfortable with that.’

    The Stars are now expected to stop shopping players such as Guerin and Jason Arnott and will surely keep Richard Matvichuk. Armstrong said he planned to build around players like Matvichuk.

  46. BlueJacketshockey says:

    We do have the dollars just that we did not spend them, but a Hatcher type would do well. And come on any team that would be intrested in Turgeon would want the Stars to pick up some salary.

  47. leafs123212000 says:

    Toronto has a ton of leadership in their team, however their defense does not. Svehla was their leader on the blue lines and he’s now gone. While Hatcher wouldn’t be captain, he would be looked upon as the leader of the defense core.

  48. MantaRay says:

    Hey, Good Luck next season Rush!!!

  49. MantaRay says:

    Hey, Good Luck next season Rush!!!

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