Tucker out indefinitely….

As stated on Sportsnet.ca, Tucker suffered a rather serious knee injury on Saturday against Chicago and is considered out indefinitely.
To this I say…..so, who cares, if anything we just helped solve one of our defensive problems; maybe now they can hold a lead in the 3rd.In my opinion Tucker has been almost invisible in the first 9 games which is pretty typical of a Maple Leaf to sign their “big” contract and then underachieve. Mind you we’re only 11% into the new season but one has to admit that Tucker has done absolutely nothing to help this team defensively and he still seems to have his cry baby attitude that had me despising him for years…you know the typical Darcy checks a guy from behind and then gets a penalty and cries as if he didn’t do anything wrong “What do you mean check from behind, that was just the reflection in the glass I actually checked him square face on” Sorry; I went on a b!tch-fest about Tuckers whininess of old that seemed to be more apparent again in this young season.

Anyway, to close it out this injury bothers me none, I actually think it will help this team concentrate on their defense for once instead of trying to build a huge lead and then scratch their asses for the final 20 minutes. This is a really good team….if they can learn to handle the pressure of holding a lead.


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  1. Archion113 says:

    While this does benefit the Maple Leafs a little.  The long term effect is brutal.  This is going to kill the leafs. 

  2. PaulK123 says:

    first off you make no sense…secondly Tucker was invisible for the first 9 games and I think we should call up a guy like Tlusty and see what he can do. IMO this will have an effect on the Leafs but not exactly in a bad way.

  3. Archion113 says:

    You're right i don't know what i'm talking about.

    But if you guys just resigned him to 3mil a year for a few years, why would you want him out of the lineup?

    This is bad for the team.  The team has NO depth at scoring forwards.  To say otherwise is just laughable.

    Tucker was huge to the powerplay last year, and is getting less ice time, and is playing with less talented players this year.  Which is why he's been "invisible".  I agree he sucks however, but he's the best you got in TO.

  4. flamingsenator says:

    juiceman…i thought ud be a little bit more conservative…..

    k well im the interview he said that the knee has been bothering him from the beginning of the season…..so its obvious that the lack of production is from that

    very tru tho about the team defense…wow……i cant believe how rotten that is……one would think that core would gel already, after 2 years together…..but these injuries are demolishing this team

    jason blake is a really good pickup and is really letting sundin do his stuff

    lastly…about the large salary to tucker…..i dont think the money went to his head THAT bad…..look at scott harnell…….that piece of poo lard is bringing down my pool

  5. Archion113 says:

    To bring Toronto into a little better perspective here…

    Here is the teams giveaway/takeaway problems..

    Jason Blake – 6th most giveaways in the nhl… 12/5 (Giveaways, takeaways)
    Andy Wozniewski – 8th most giveaways in the nhl… 12/2
    Alex Steen – 12th most giveaways in the nhl… 11/5
    Thomas Kaberle – 21st most giveaways in the nhl… 9/4
    Bryan McCabe – 23rd most giveaways in the nhl… 9/2

    The only players i was able to find with decent numbers were…

    Matt Stajan with 6 giveaways and 9 takeaways…
    Pavel Kubina with 8 of each and 6th in the nhl in blocked shots

    Side not on jason blake and mats sundin… both are in the top 15 in missed shots…

    The team is getting it done on offense, but is that enough? No.

  6. Archion113 says:

    Tucker is killing me in my pool.  Hartnell will get the points once upshall is back.  Count on that one..

  7. jarcpitre says:

    What do you mean Toronto has no depth in scoring? Toronto has no problem scoring, its keeping the puck out of the net. I think this gives another youngster an opportunity. Tucker out will help this team, but I wouldn’t say that last year.

  8. RealisticLeaf says:

    A friend of mine that works for The Star let me know that there is rumors going around the ACC that if the Leafs loose to the Thrash tomorrow…that Heads might roll!!

    He is a pretty reliable person and was on about other stuff…but he has also been wrong before too.

    Given the events of this season I would say it is a safe bet.

    Just thought i would pass it on. Take it for what it is.

  9. flamingsenator says:

    haha i got both tucker and hartnell

  10. JuicemaN says:

    No scoring depth?….the team finishes in 6th for goals last year, picks up Blake and Bell and are first in the league for goals this season (mind you they're terrible on defense) and something (perhaps math) tells me they're not leading the league in goals in thanks to Tuckers 1 goal.

    They're fine on scoring depth, justg because it's not all star name players means nothing other than you may not know their team.

  11. JuicemaN says:

    Hahaha, sorry man, I was actually in a bit of a pissy mood when I wrote it…please excuse the lack of conservativeness.

    I just have never been much of a Tucker fan…I appreciate his style of in your face, high energy, annoyance to the other team but there's nothing more that I hate than a player who acts like they did nothing wrong after they just finished a flying bodycheck with their feet off the ground (ie: Tucker on Gonchar about 3-4 years ago).  McCabe is next in line for that whiny, I never do anything wrong attitude…McCabe regularily gets about 100 PIM's of penalties that he doesn't deserve…if you asked him.

    A lot of this attitude was its worst when Quinn was coaching…he installed it in them to whine and ***** no matter what happens…I can see tucker cross-check someone to the face and then act like he didn't do anything wrong.

    Blake will prove to be a decent pickup, at least for the first couple of years. But Tucker has been invisible…I kinda thought he must've had something wrong with him, but if you ask me if something is wrong with you than take the time off to heal properly and come back to help the team. To take up a roster spot when you know you're at no more than 80% health is just selfish.

    Always good to chat flamingsenator.

  12. JuicemaN says:

    Can you shoot us a link to show "missed shots"?

  13. flamingsenator says:

    "To take up a roster spot when you know you're at no more than 80% health is just selfish."

    u have a good point there

    with tucker…hes gotta be doing a good job if hes pissing his own toronto fans off as well as the opposing players haha

  14. JuicemaN says:

    Eklund was talking about the leafs trading kaberle to atlanta for hossa……well I can't see why they would trade their best dman for a scoring forward…especially when scoring isn't their issue.

    He did (as much as despise eklund) prove a good point that leaf fans are hard pressed to give away theur beloved core…they only want to trade the players that are underacheiving.  Kaberle would get a lot in return, maybe even enouh to grab hossa; although one would think it would take a little more than kaberle.

    Anyway, I think something will happen regardless if it's a trade, firing or perhaps some healthy scratches until certain players smarten up.  How about Maurice actually plays a goalie for more than 1 or 2 games in a row and lets them build momentum.

  15. Archion113 says:

    They always score lots of goals.  But they have no depth to the scoring lines.  Toronto is a 1 line team.  Has been for the past 3 years.  Thats what i'm trying to say…

    I can't say they're bad on offense because they score butt loads…

    Everyone knows Toronto has very limited prospects.  Anyone that says otherwise is delusional.  You guys have been trading away picks for the past century.

  16. Archion113 says:

    Yeah let me reopen the stats…

    I was impressed to see a team with so many goals, have so many missed oppurtunities…


    if it doesn't load.. you have to reload it 100 times… NHl stats page is all screwed up so far this year…

  17. Archion113 says:

    No one will agree… but trading Sundin is their best option.  Kaberle and Sundin in a package can bring back some HUGE rewards.

    Kaberle/Sundin to TBL for LeCav

  18. leafy says:

    Everyone talks about McCabe's career spiraling downward, but Tucker is another player whose stock is declining rapidly.  He has been a complete disaster this year – offensively and defensively.  A total shame because, like McCabe, he used to be a pretty valuable player.  Thank JFJ for giving him a fresh $4M contract.

  19. leafy says:

    I wish!  Tampa will not trade Lecavalier – arguably the best player in the NHL right now.

  20. leafy says:

    Very interesting bit of info from the ACC.  If true, it would be welcomed news.

    If it was me, I'd sack Maurice, re-hire Pat Quinn/Pat Burns, and give it until December.  If the team is still floundering, I'd completely gut the team, starting with JFJ, and start re-building from scratch like Pittsburgh.  Starting around the New Year, hold a giant garage sale, with guys like Kubina, McCabe, Tucker, Blake, and even Sundin used to grab as many quality prospects and high draft picks as possible.  It seems about time to re-build.

  21. leafy says:

    Very fine investigative work there.

    Also consider these stats:

    Last year, the Leafs were No. 7 in the league in fewest shots against, and No 2 in the league in best shots on goal differential.  This year, they are ranked No. 30 and No. 25 in those two stats, respectively.

    Pretty much tells the story: Last year, the problem was goaltending.  This year, most of the team is crap.

  22. senators101 says:

    Tucker blows.  The only think he's good at is pissing others off and he's not even doing that this year.  Waste!  For those who think this he is playing like crap because of his injury, its not.  Players always use an excuse when they can to get them out of their play.

    The only thing he had going for him last year was the PP.  If anyone in the league with mediocre skill was given that much opportunity, they'd be just as successful.  Now that he's seeing limited powerplay action, he's showing his true colors.  A Powerplay specialist for offenseman is a waste.

    What a joke.

    I couldn't agree with you anymore Juiceman. 

  23. JuicemaN says:

    I know what you're trying to say but if it's a 1 line team than how can they finish in the top 6 and #1 right now in scoring….that would have to mean that their top line is loaded with 40+ goal scorers and we all know that couldn't be further from the case. So the goals have to come from somewhere else.  they've got an extremely well balanced attack of players who all (I shouldn't say ALL but you know what I mean) are capable of hit the 20 goal mark…..to me that's scoring depth.

    But yes they truly do have no decent prospects…they're full of guys drafted in higher rounds that may turn into something nice but those are 1 in a 1000.

  24. I-BE-LEAF says:

    Yes, because the sky is truly falling in Leaf-land. C'mon people. Seriously. I agree that it's hard to watch the Leafs lose third period leads due to terrible team defence but look around the league.  It's a whole new season and many teams are not playing up to potential.

    Fact is, if the Leafs came out of the gate on fire, most of you Chicken Littles would be writing articles about how this is their year.  Yes, I understand they have a losing record but the goal scoring is more than fine.  Let's have some faith that they can sort out their support for their goal tender, cut back the goals against, and see what unfolds before we gut the whole process.

    Go Leafs, go!!!

  25. I-BE-LEAF says:

    Tucker signed for 4 years @ 3 mil per year and you can thank Tucker for taking less than other teams would have offered this off season.

  26. leaffaninva says:

    Tucker has not been playing like himself.

    IMO – Tucker was always a player that other players hated to play against but, loved to have someone like him on their team. The fact that he got so many PP goals last year was just a bonus but, he’s not a power forward or a sniper people.

    He was a great forechecker and, would get under people’s skins causing them to draw stupid penaltys. I haven’t seen that at all this year. His forecheck consists of “bumping” into the opposition defense and, 9 times out of 10, falling on his own backside causing him to scramble back into defensive mode and take a penalty.

    Agreed, the other veteran leafs need to step up and lead by example to call ups which, may surprise some in how well they can actually play in the bigs.

    If I was tucker,I would ask to go on long term IR (thereby freeing up the $3M salary). I’d then go to his family’s house and sit back with a case of brown pop and remember the good ole’ days with Shane (Corson)

  27. Archion113 says:

    Either way.. its nice to debate with you again…

    even though i'm always right! =P

  28. senators101 says:

    I'm not going to say anything against Toronto's offense, cuz I know they have it.  But they've also been assisted with playing against teams' backup goalies for more than half of the games.

  29. JuicemaN says:


    I took a brief break from this place…the amount of crap that's spat around wears on you and sometimes you need to just step away.

    Always up for some debating….

  30. JuicemaN says:

    True, very true.

    I'm gonna stick with that helping a little bit but I still think either way they'd be in the top 5 for scoring anyway.

    But that is a good point you mentioned.

    I tell you, more and more that management lets this mediocre organization stay put the more I think about hopping ship….man I cna't believe I just said that.

  31. senators101 says:

    Whoa! I can't believe you said that either lol.

    Yeah, they'd still be in the top 5 in scoring – they score boatloads, just let in the same amount if not more.

  32. leafy says:

    Right now, the way he's playing, he's not even worth $1M.  And I say this as a Tucker fan.

  33. leafy says:

    I did say wait until December.  But the absolute worse thing they can do is hang onto the veteran players I mentioned for another year while missing the playoffs, and not getting anything in return as they age further and their value plummets.

    That's why we haven't won a championship since Lyndon Johnson was president.  Management simply does not know how to build a team.

  34. KingCanada says:

    Its too bad we never traded him when the entire league wanted this guy on their roster.  I do recall a Tucker for Torres rumor, would have been nice because im sure we would have gotten Torres and a pick/prospect.

  35. Militant says:

    Yes, putting Tucker on IR would be the best transaction the team has made since Cliff Fletcher was around.  This is a third line player, that has benefitted by playing beside an elite player (Sundin).  Playing in any other city besides Toronto (where popularity is rewarded more than skill – I'm from Toronto), Tucker would have had some brief stints on a second line but mostly on a third.

    Every now and then, when the Leafs are up by a bunch of goals, or down by a bunch of goals, you see Tucker throwing a check.  Otherwise just nowhere to be seen.  The only problem with Tucker on IR, is that it makes him impossible to trade, as if it wasn't hard enough already.

  36. Militant says:

    Why would you take Tucker?  That is banking on Burns being around to have him play with Sundin!

  37. Militant says:

    NHL.com stat page has been terrible…lol…and they want to be a major sport!

  38. Militant says:

    Hate to say, I hope they lose!

  39. Militant says:

    Sorry…meant Quinn, not Burns!

  40. Militant says:

    Major gutting is required in Leaf-land, but I hate to say it will never happen.  Problem goes all the way up to the top!

    MLS is owned by a pension fund. 

    Successful franchise is defined completely different in MLS than in other franchises.  Whereas one would call the evil empire (Yankees) a successful francise – winning championships, fielding skilled teams, sold out stadium, high revenues; to a pension fund successful stops at high profit margin.

    This is why the Leafs will sign a Domi for 2 mil in a cap environment??  Overpay for Tucker and McCabe.  Overall, these guys sell jerseys.

    It's all been said many times before, but there is no one to blame but ourselves.  We continue to pay to see the games, we continue to buy the jerseys; so from the perspective of ownership everything is great!  Every now and then make a meaningless splash to show you care, but really!  The Leafs are in bad need of re-building, that is the only option.  Every team must go through it.  The problem is that a pension fund cannot afford it.  Too many future pensioners to answer to if they do not get optimal profits. 

    Only hope is for the RIM guy to buy MLS.

  41. leafy says:

    This is where things have come to.  We're rooting for the Thrashers against the Leafs.  It's a real tragedy.

  42. leafy says:

    To be sure, there was a time years ago when Tucker was a valuable player. But those days are long gone.

  43. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    The first comment said that not having Tucker will kill us… DONT THINK SO! What we need to do is fix/ shake up our D. We are leading the league in GF as of today, but we are dead last in GA. does anyone else see that as a problem? i do!!!

    giving up that two goal lead to Chicago was BRUTAL… and for the people that are going to argue that McCabe is a good defender, i remember watching a play this year (it was the Buffalo or Florida game) where McCabe lost his man in the corner, and McCabe goes to the front of the net, and points his arm at the guy he lost and he screamed at someone else to cover that guy. If you are getting paid 5.75 mil a year, and your not scoring that many goals as offensive defensemen should, and you’re terrible on D, get lost! Luckily JFJ messed up and gave him a no movement clause…

    NYI’s Berard is out 2-4 weeks, maybe we can trade McCabe to the NYI for Andy Sutton?

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