Tucker out indefinitely….

As stated on Sportsnet.ca, Tucker suffered a rather serious knee injury on Saturday against Chicago and is considered out indefinitely.
To this I say…..so, who cares, if anything we just helped solve one of our defensive problems; maybe now they can hold a lead in the 3rd.In my opinion Tucker has been almost invisible in the first 9 games which is pretty typical of a Maple Leaf to sign their “big” contract and then underachieve. Mind you we’re only 11% into the new season but one has to admit that Tucker has done absolutely nothing to help this team defensively and he still seems to have his cry baby attitude that had me despising him for years…you know the typical Darcy checks a guy from behind and then gets a penalty and cries as if he didn’t do anything wrong “What do you mean check from behind, that was just the reflection in the glass I actually checked him square face on” Sorry; I went on a b!tch-fest about Tuckers whininess of old that seemed to be more apparent again in this young season.

Anyway, to close it out this injury bothers me none, I actually think it will help this team concentrate on their defense for once instead of trying to build a huge lead and then scratch their asses for the final 20 minutes. This is a really good team….if they can learn to handle the pressure of holding a lead.