Turco not coming to the Leafs

If Marty Turco is going to find a job in the National Hockey League, apparently it won’t be with the Maple Leafs.

“No interest,” Leafs general manager Brian Burke said in an e-mail on Tuesday night.

There were reports that the Leafs reached out to Turco, who is a free agent.

The 36-year-old Turco has an NHL career record of 273-165-66 with the Chicago Blackhawks and Dallas Stars.

Last season, Turco was 11-11-3 with the Blackhawks with a 3.02 goals-against average and an .897 save percentage.

There remains no definitive timetable for James Reimer’s return to the Leafs lineup. Reimer has been suffering from concussion-like symptoms since he was bowled over by the Montreal Canadiens’ Brian Gionta on Oct. 22.


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  1. mojo19 says:

    I'm starting to get pretty pumped about a Franson trade. This guy has definitely got some trade value and Burke has proven in the last couple years that he's able to really maximize the trade value of a defenseman. So, history would dictate that we're gonna see a big return.

    If we are able to get something serious for Franson, it will be fun to go back and see what Lebda and Slaney turned into.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Scott Gomez has scored a total of 19 goals since 2009. Hasn't missed games until this year (he's played 9) so no injuries playing a factor, just a shitty hockey player.

  3. mojo19 says:

    On Rogers Sporstnet they're talking to the Hurricane's radio announcer, and they're saying that Staal's numbers and performance or "disturbing"… Maybe if things continue down that path in Carolina, and they hit rock bottom they would consider trading him. That would be huge if Burke could pull of a miracle and trade for him.

    I would offer up a package including Luke Schenn/Jake Gardiner, Kadri/Colborne, Kulemin/MacArthur/Lupul, and a 1st.

    So basically a young NHL ready dman with a lot of upside, plus a young(ish) forward, a high end prospect, and a 1st. Maybe see if Carolina will throw Kaberle back to replace the d-man we lose.

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think the Leafs should Aquire him, and whatever Mtl would give with him.

  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    Iwould keep Gardiner & Colborne, even if it meant giving up more, in a package

  6. TheLeafNation91 says:

    In an ideal world.

    I would give up Schenn, Kadri, MacArthur and a 1st.

  7. mojo19 says:

    $7.4 million for this season, and 2 more. Its a complete waste. Banking on him turning it around is probably not smart, he's been on a pretty steady decline for 3 or 4 years now. Whatever Mtl would give with him better be damn good, and it better include a 1st round pick and another player we could use, and then take some salary back as well, like maybe Komisarek.

    Although, the way he's been playing Komisarek is almost living up to that contract. If he keeps it up for the remainder I won't complain.

  8. mojo19 says:

    I would definitely do that. And I don't think that value is too far off. Kadri I believe has a good amount of trade value, Luke Schenn definitely does, and MacArthur would have some as well, good contract, solid player. And then of course you would figure the Hurricanes would insist on a 1st.

    I'd imagine the Hurricanes would ask for Kulemin over MacArthur if we're offering up Kadri, but if we make that Colborne then maybe we take Kulemin back out for MacArthur.

  9. dumbassdoorman says:

    I was more thinking Burke has the money to bury him and take the nice extra that may come with it….lol….not for him to play

  10. mojo19 says:

    Ya good point.

  11. dumbassdoorman says:

    if there was a clause to have to have him play, I would want, LeBlanc and Beaulieu too lolplus a first pick, just for making there team better by subtraction

  12. MystifoLeafs says:

    Eh I am iffy about Staal. Don't get me wrong hes an amazing player but 8 mill cap hit scares me solid. I mean if Tiny Tim is kept on LTIR and we can resign Kuli and Grabo while trading for Staal I am game. But I don't want us to screw up everything after coming so far.

  13. reinjosh says:

    I'll be in the minority here but I'll move Colborne over Kadri. We wouldn't need a big center anymore if we grabbed Staal. I'd prefer the playmaking winger at that point. 

  14. MystifoLeafs says:

    Yeah I have this funny feeling we will trade Kadri and he will become the next St.Louis.

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