Turco's 40 Saves

Sorry to break your heart, Peroni, but Marty Turco kicked the Avs tails last night.

We’ve seen many reports claiming that the Stars would keep tabs on Marty Turco, and if he appeared incapable of running this ship, the Stars would look into signing Byron Dafoe.

I know, I know, it was only one game. But did Turco at least open the discussion for shutting up his critics last night?

He stared down the ice at Patrick Roy and outplayed him, even though Roy played a heck of a game. Roy faced about 25 shots and only allowed one goal on a beautiful play by the great Niko Kapanen, who also handed Rob Blake his jock on the play. Roy made some great saves.

But Marty faced almost 45 shots, and allowed only one goal, despite the fact that the refs gave the Avs about forty powerplays in the game (slight exaggeration).

It sounds, based on the reactions from the club and the insistence of Andy Moog, that Dallas is more than confident riding Turco 60-65 games this year.

So, does Dafoe end up in Chicago, St. Louis, Vancouver, New York, Philly? I don’t know, but let’s put a rest to the Dallas claims.