Turco's 40 Saves

Sorry to break your heart, Peroni, but Marty Turco kicked the Avs tails last night.

We’ve seen many reports claiming that the Stars would keep tabs on Marty Turco, and if he appeared incapable of running this ship, the Stars would look into signing Byron Dafoe.

I know, I know, it was only one game. But did Turco at least open the discussion for shutting up his critics last night?

He stared down the ice at Patrick Roy and outplayed him, even though Roy played a heck of a game. Roy faced about 25 shots and only allowed one goal on a beautiful play by the great Niko Kapanen, who also handed Rob Blake his jock on the play. Roy made some great saves.

But Marty faced almost 45 shots, and allowed only one goal, despite the fact that the refs gave the Avs about forty powerplays in the game (slight exaggeration).

It sounds, based on the reactions from the club and the insistence of Andy Moog, that Dallas is more than confident riding Turco 60-65 games this year.

So, does Dafoe end up in Chicago, St. Louis, Vancouver, New York, Philly? I don’t know, but let’s put a rest to the Dallas claims.

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  1. mikster says:

    You’re right, it is only one game.

    I never said Turco couldn’t do it, i just said he’d have to prove it to me through at least 60 games.

    40 saves told me that Turco was focused and ready for the game.

    40 saves told me that the Stars defense wasn’t focused and ready.

    25 shots told me that the Stars offense needs to shoot much more.

    I think Turco has the talent amd a good goalie coach to carry the Stars load, but he has one more thing to prove to me after that game. Like i said, i have my doubts on the Stars defense. So, not only am i asking…”can Turco play solid enough for 60 games?” but i’m also asking “can Turco carry such a heavy load and huge responsibility?”

    This shouldn’t happen again, but if it does happen, can he do it?

    If 30 games tell me nothing, than one game means nothing to me. But, i think he will win 30+ games this season without a doubt.

  2. morrow10 says:

    Has anybody actually watched him backup Belfour the past few years? He makes so many stops that i have to have a verbal reaction to, i just scream out loud. He is that fun to watch. He has been my favorite player since last year.

    I love his agression too. Did anybody see him hack Sakic in the knee for getting deep into the crease the other night?

    I saw a play once where a guy skated backwards into the crease, and Turco took his stick and jammed it upwards into the poor guy’s crotch. The guy tried to start a fight but Turco just backed off and let the guy get a penalty for instigating or whatever.

    I saw another equally enjoyable play when a player had a possible breakaway on Turco. The puck was a little past the blueline, and Turco was the only thing between the puck and the net. The player did not have control of the puck, but he was racing towards it and would have easily reached it and had an excellent breakaway chance if he got to it. So what does ol’ marty do? He races out to the puck, getting there just when the other guy does, and HAMMERS him onto the boards. LOL, our GOALIE got called for boarding.

    Great stuff.

    Don’t worry Dallas fans. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks, they haven’t watched Marty Turco like the rest of have. Turco is going to be just fine. And a steal at less than a million a year, that’s for sure. He is the best goalie for his value. Someone just try to argue with that.


  3. shorn89 says:

    Turco was a hockey god in that game. It helped that he had very kind posts since the avs rang them at least three times. To bad the rest of his team looked horrible. Outside of opening up with a 12-1 shot disparity they got outplayed and outgunned for basically the whole game. Maybe the stars will be good because of turrco this year and not despite of him.

  4. guinsfan4life says:


    I think your comment about the third paragraph down pretty much supplants the whole main idea of your post here–IT WAS AFTER ONE GAME–

    Therefore, in saying that, you pretty much nullified everything you said after it.

    Let’s see if Turco can continue. One game isn’t going to quiet any critics. In fact, he probably is going to have to take Dallas deep into the playoffs for anybody to be believers.

  5. Habs4ever says:

    I can’t believe you’re actually proud of Turco hitting Sakic in the knee with his stick. That made me hate Turco. Can you say sick? Hitting someone where they have no padding? I don’t like Turco at all, but I’ll have to give you that he does come cheap…

  6. Aves21 says:

    Turco did have a good game. I admit it. But those cheap shots he took on Sakic and two other Avs (I didn’ t catch their names) was total bs.

  7. JB24 says:

    I agree, I think Turco played a great game and hopefully he did shut up some critics but I don’t agree with the cheap shots either, I can understand ruffing them up a little but not the cheap shots

  8. aaron says:

    Here’s my opinion on cheap shots: stop yer bitching. All goalies take cheap shots when they can get away with it. Like Roy’s frickin’ innocent of that. Maybe Turco learned too much from Belfour (the crotch shots are a little too far), but regardless, its a penalty (if the refs see it, otherwise it isn’t), move on.

  9. aaron says:

    rrudd, the critics will always find something to criticize. Get used to it. Turco could go on a 10 game shutout streak, making 70 saves a game, and they’d still be criticizing him. Just ignore it and let him prove himself on the ice.

  10. MantaRay says:

    Marty Turco is a big time goalie. He has, I believe, two NCAA championships under his belt and made the Stars a competitive team last year when he played.

    This kid is for real and made a former Stanley Cup goalie expendible.

  11. amazing_jesse says:

    Turco was awesome in that game. They don’t need a goalie at all. It was one game, but you can tell he is a competitor – a Nabakov, not a Thibault. Too seldom are teams willing to have patience with a young goalie versus an experience above average goalie.

  12. MossRocks says:

    It’s one game for Turco as the clear starter. No need to post an article; he hasn’t proven anything. He did far more proving last year – but he wasn’t the starter and this is different. After 10 starts we can talk about Turco.

  13. mikster says:

    NCAA is different than NHL, so that means nothing.

    Turco appears to be a great goalie, but has to prove he can lead this team through at least 60 games.

  14. MantaRay says:

    It shows he can handle pressure.

    If you watch him you can see he has the tools to be one of the best goalies in the league this year.

    He could probably start 60 games, but they don’t have to with Turgnutt on the bench. The Stars have a big advantage having more than one talented goalie on the roster. It wouldn’t surprise me if Turco wins 25-30 games this year.

    He is that good.

  15. mikster says:

    I already mentioned before in other articles, Turco has the talent, and no doubt about it….he will win 30 games.

    I just want him to prove to me he can play 60 games.

  16. Tradedude says:

    big deal, belfour made 33 saves, and got a shutout in season opener shocker, i dont see any article bout that now do i?

  17. burky says:

    For the last time, Byron Dafoe will not come to Vancouver, the Canucks already have a better, cheaper and younger goalie.

  18. mikster says:

    Rangers budget limit is $75 million, reason why they couldn’t get Grier, and probably will not get Rucinsky.

    So, no…Dafoe is not coming to NYC, not a chance.

  19. MantaRay says:


    If he wins 30 games who gives a #$% how many games he plays????

  20. mikster says:


    I refered to my opinion that he should win 30 games, but can he when playing 60 games?

    Is that better?

  21. Rushing says:

    The 7 power plays against the Stars(showing the replays several shouldn’t have been called) compared to the Avs gave the Avs many more shots than the Stars. Most came in the 2nd period I belive. In the first period the the Stars dominated. It wasn’t ’til about 12 minutes into the game ’til the Avs got a shot off. About the only thing that looked bad about the Stars was their penalty kill. Now, their second game they improved dramatically on that. Evidently their two practices before that second game they had a talk and practice.

    At the same time Arnott was out of the game shortly into the game and Modanno was playing in his place which ended playing 28 minutes. I would say that is quite a bit so he couldn’t have had his full energy the entire time.

    Two games now: 63 out of 66 shots blocked. One scored on a power play of 5 on 3.

  22. Rushing says:

    Xactly! This isn’t a one person occasion. This is done by numerous goalies all over the league. At the same time there are hacking by Centers, LWs, RWs, and D, and they get called also.

    Nevermind the fact of Roy being so innocent. Now of course I’m just sure everybody loves when he does his Statue of Liberty act once he does a save in front of the other team. (sarcasm)Now, I did love last season when he did it yet the puck had gone right between his legs. LMAO

  23. MantaRay says:

    I don’t know what your watching or where your getting your opinions from but this kid will probably be among the top 7 goalies in Wins by the end of the season.

    He is that good.

  24. mikster says:

    Still has to prove it.

  25. Rushing says:

    Cloutier of Vancouver faced a “whopping” 19 shots. Oh my gawd! Boy did he face a lot now didn’t he?

    Just to let ya know, Turco faced more than 19 shots long before he let one go by. He actually faced more than double the amount of shots in the entire game and only allowed one shot.

    At the same time, I would say only allowing one against the Avs is better than not allowing any against the flames. The Avs have been predicted to be much better than the Flames.

    Also, just to let ya know, your Cloutier is getting paid $1,125,000 this year. Turco is only getting paid $850,000. That is in other words, your Cloutier is getting paid almost 25% more than Turco. So get your facts straight next time.

  26. Rushing says:

    Feel free. The board is waiting just for you to do so.

    Oh yeah, Pittsburgh, another high predicted team(sarcasm) I see. Did ya hear: TORONTO — Toronto goalie Ed Belfour missed the Maple Leafs’ home opener Saturday night because of an infected right index finger.

    Toronto coach Pat Quinn said Belfour scratched his finger while taking off equipment after a preseason game last Saturday.

    Quinn said Belfour aggravated the injury after Toronto’s 6-0 season-opening victory in Pittsburgh on Thursday night.

    from Sporting News

  27. Rushing says:

    I reread your post and had misread it the first time. My first response is to the first time I thought I had read it.

    I thought you were saying their current goalie was better than Turco.

  28. tgray says:

    The only thing better than Turco’s opening night, national tv performance, was the post game interview!

  29. rrudd says:

    post it. belfour is my favorite player. i hate that we had to lose him in dallas. he is not done in this league.

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