Turris talk heats up

For a team like the Flames, with an average age of 29 second only to the Detroit Red Wings’ 30, a youth movement is on the horizon. So the addition of a potential top-line talent in Turris is extremely attractive. If (perhaps when) the Coyotes cave and get what they can for the kid, the Flames will be in the running. The Yotes have plenty of cap room, but it’s tough to justify a team being run by the league spending any higher than their current US$53-plus-million.
Draft picks and prospects make the most sense.

In that regard, the Flames don’t have a lot to offer. They are without a second-round pick this season, and giving up a first-rounder isn’t a popular option.

Could a third-rounder and prospect like defenceman T.J. Brodie get a deal done?

Only the Coyotes know for sure, and they aren’t about to tip their hand while trying to maximize a return.


What might pry C Kyle Turris from the Phoenix Coyotes?

Possible trade scenarios

To Phoenix

• 2012 1st-round pick, conditional mid-round selection

• G Joni Ortio and a 2013 2nd-round pick

• RW Rene Bourque and a 2012 4th-round pick

• D T.J. Brodie and RW Patrick Holland and a 3rd-round pick

• D T.J. Brodie and LW Greg Nemisz and a 4th-round pick

• RW Rene Bourque and D T.J. Brodie for Turris and LW Boyd Gordon

4 Responses to Turris talk heats up

  1. hockeylegend488 says:

    imagine iggy  to washington at the deadline for something like this

    karl alsner, colorado and washingtons first round picks 12, and mabye one of there young goaltender products.
    i have no idea what kippers value around the league would be
  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    It isn't that I do not think that is fair value, but if they were going to trade Iggy, I would think they would prefer a fwd or fwd prospect back

  3. alpalstewart says:

    I agree with dumbassdoorman, they Flames have 

    j-bo  gio
    babchuck  hannan
     top 4 d-men right there and they have guys like sarich and mikkelson who are capable of the bottom pairing, with guys like brody,smith,butler for support. its a nice defence core i think, The 3 top guys are in there prime,at 27 years old, and hannan i have as the 4th guy is 32.
    iggy is 34-35yrs old and wont get the flames 2 first round picks, he's not a blue chip 21 year old like kessel, his career is almost over, however there would have to be at least 1 1st rounder in the deal.
    marcus johansson and a 1st would be what the flames would want from washington, i think, or something like that, wash would never part with kuznetsov and the flames wouldnt bother to ask knowing its a flat out no lol, just my opinion on the subject.
     ive been really chatty today you'll see me all over the place lol
  4. FlamingHomer says:

    With Phoenix in the weaker position I don't see where Calgary should give up that much to get Turris who by the way has scored 19 goals in 131 games. In Sutter's "system" that would probably become 10 goals.

    I just don't think a player like that is going to help enough to warrant any of the proposed trades above.

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