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If the NHL go ahead with a lock-out Saturday, a group of Montreal Canadiens players will ask the Quebec Labour Board to stop it

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  1. HABSdomination says:

    if the NHL “goes”, you dumbass Lavoie. I hate this fucking turd. I’m at the Bell centre at least 10 times a year and we finish up the night at La Cage Aux Sports, usually.

    Like 9 times out of 10, he shows up with his little groupies and he’s just a little, fucking, arrogant, snob, stupid kid. Stille remember the time Hossa got traded to Pittsburgh, like 30 minutes before the deal was announced, this dumbass was announcing that Hossa had been traded to MTL, what a fucknut.

  2. HABSdomination says:

    my “stille” was a type-o fellas…..i should give my shit a second read before posting….

    • Trade Man says:

      could you please watch your language a little on this site please

      • JoelLeafs says:

        is this okay: “f*ck”?

        I mean, we all know what word I mean, and therefore the whatever damage it could have done is done. How about if the whole word is starred out but in context, like:
        “that’s totally wrong, go **** yourself, jerk”
        Again, I think anyone capable of accessing this site will know what those stars stand for.

        Sorry to bust your b*lls, it’s your site and you can do whatever you like, I just don’t get this need to police language. I mean, if someone is being abusive I understand the concern, but a few words that are arbitrarily deemed to be “bad” for some reason, I just don’t see what harm it could do. Is felching okay? I mean it describes probably the nastiest thing I can think of off the cuff, but I don’t think it elicits the same negative response and not classified as a “bad” word.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          Take it from a guy who has been banned from this site, this is the internet now, comments by approval, only coropately censored ‘nice comments’ are allowed because people have to chase those pennies that ad revenue produce because their too lazy to leave the basement and get a real job.

          • JoelLeafs says:

            Well, I maintain it is a privately owned site and the owner(s) can do what they like, I just fail to see the motivation.

            We’ll just have to let it play out, I guess.

            • leafs_wallace93 says:

              Everything on this planet is privately owned. Is there a .org hockey talk website? The censoring would be worst there I’ll bet. There is no place in this society for free speech, the internet is dying, just look at this site losing member’s of it’s community for the last couple of years.

              H e double hockey sticks I could get the axe for point this out.

              I guess we’re just supposed to repeat tweets and quote Bob MacKenzie while calling ourselves enlightened knowledgable respectful fans.

              • JoelLeafs says:

                Something something all private property is theft.

                Is the sky also falling? Think you’re first paragraph is a bit overzealous, but I see where you’re coming from. I find it pretty odd that this site no longer (as far as I can tell) accepts our submissions. I mean, it’s free content that generates page views.

                Anyway, we should try and respect the site rules, despite being ill defined and seemingly enforced (though not really) on whims. Understand it or not, it’s what the admin wants: squeaky clean discussion of tweets and reposted news. Although to be fair no one has jumped down each others’ throats, which seemed pretty common in the past.

      • HABSdomination says:

        BAN me if you don’t like it, fucknut

        • mojo19 says:

          Respect the people who run the site. Its free for us to use, so…

          • leafs_wallace93 says:

            Mojo we produce content, as I type this 3 members are view this and 58 guests.

            • Steven_Leafs0 says:

              doesn’t give you permission to do or say whatever you want. Some people would argue the same thing you are except they would defend racial, sexist, or homophobic slurs. Is that ok?

              Every person draws a line in different places than you and if the owner of the site wants a clean discussion he has the right to enforce such a rule.

              Personally I don’t see the problem with that ____nut comment you made but others would and if the admin wants you to stop it then do it or leave, quit whining about it… it is not a big deal at all.

              • JoelLeafs says:

                That’s the point though, as far as I know we’ve never had a problem with racial, sexist, or homophobic slurs (at least nothing in a serious tone). If someone was being racist/sexist/homophobic I think they would be attacked by a lot of members, and doubt anyone would have a problem with them being banned. I think it is unfair to try and swing Wallace’s comments in that direction. We do generate the comments and attract the eyeballs (which means the revenue) and I don’t see abusive language being a problem, as it does not seem to have been in the past.

                I just don’t get the point of fussing over a few words; though HABS up there is literally asking to be banned.

              • leafs_wallace93 says:

                Why don`t we be honest, racist, homophobic, sexist speech persists despite censorship it`s just more subtle. Though I`m tired of the typical Canadian education system trite that is wheeled out on these issues. I`ll support a Nazi`s right to express him/herself (want to inclusive 😉 that doesn’t reflect on my point of view other that the fact that I take issue with authority restricting his/her rights rather than swallow it.

                And our lovely government and private sector will be oppertunists of so called abuses of politically correct discourse to further their own ideology and it’s so pervasive that people won’t even stomach alternative discourse on a hockey fan site and it’s participants will defend the rules be respected, not just followed, respected.

                Too cute.

          • HABSdomination says:

            Respect MY BALLS mojo. You fucknut.

  3. reinjosh says:

    How would asking teh Quebec Labour board to stop the lockout change anything?

    That would do very little to help things. Think about what their jurisdiction is…it would cover one team. It wouldn’t be able to force the other 29 to do anything…

    • 93killer93 says:

      It wouldn’t have any effect on the season. On TSN it said it would just force the Canadiens to pay each player their full salary for the year. All other 29 teams would be locked out but the canadiens wouldn’t so every canadiens player gets paid without having to go to europe.

      • TimTheBone says:

        That’s exactly it… It forces the hand of the molsons and makes them either be more active to help get a deal done on the owners side of things or they are forced to pay nearly 70 million give or take in salary with no revenue…

        Not a great spot for the molsons to be in

  4. 93killer93 says:

    Also has anyone seen the picture of Byfuglien?

  5. 93killer93 says:

    Now TSN is reporting that Alberta is planning to do the same. I wonder how many provinces and states can actually block a lockout.

  6. 93killer93 says:

    Since it looks like we’re heading to another lockout, here’s my dream scenario based on a lockout. I warn you ahead of time it’s very unrealistic.


    1st 2013, 3rd 2013

    Kulemin, Frattin, Gunnarsson, Franson, 1st 2013(top 5 ie Seth Jones), 1st 2014

    Det- Max Domi

    Chad LaRose 2 years 4mil
    Clarke MacArthur 2 years 4mil
    Joffrey Lupul 4 years 24mil

    Ryan Getzlaf 5 years 37.5mil
    Corey Perry 37.5mil
    Robyn Regehr 2 years 6mil
    Karri Lethonen 5 years 25mil




    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      wow since when is Pietrangelo worth that much.

      Also the 1st in 2013 in a lockout is not guaranteed top 5. It has the best odds since Toronto sucks the big one but it could very easily be 25th.

      • mojo19 says:

        St.Louis would not move Pietrangelo for even that package.

        The value looks to be there, but they have guys like Frattin and Kulemin, they’d end up being crowded up front without necessarily improving, just adding more depth.

        Surely Kulemin and Frattin would come in behind the following players on the Blues depth chart up front: Backes, MacDonald, Oshie, Perron. They would then probably fall into the same class as Steen, Stewart, and Berglund somewhere.

        So since they’re not really upgrading on 7 forwards there (not to mention Terasenko possibly stepping in) It just wouldn’t be a smart move I wouldn’t think.

        Adding Gunner and Franson to the back end and 2 first rounders does however make it interesting, depending on where those 1sts wind up being. Still its hard to give up on a franchise d-man. The general rule of thumb is the team getting the best player wins the deal, in that case I don’t think the Blues would give up quality for quantity, even if it is quality quantity. haha.

        • Shoelesshobo says:

          I know a few St.Louis fans who would decline that with ease. Personally I am more looking towards this right now. We pick up a pick in the 14 to 20 round and I am assuming our pick will be from 2 to 5 range as we will NEVER get first overall.

          – Sean Monahan
          – Max Domi

          Two Ontario boys I am sure one HFer will love that. (You know who I am talking about.)

          Honestly though I would settle for just Barkov as I like his size a lot more.

          • mojo19 says:

            So sad that as Leaf fans, we’re such a mess that we’re already looking forward to the June draft in September before training camp has started.

            Burke said that the team is the team going into camp, barring any trade opportunities that may arise because of a new landscape from the upcoming CBA. So if this is the team, I think this will be the line up:

            Joffrey Lupul – James VanRiemsdyk – Phil Kessel
            Nazem Kadri – Mikhail Grabovski – Nikolai Kulemin
            Clarke MacArthur – Tyler Bozak – Tim Connolly
            Matt Frattin – Jay McClement – Mike Brown/Dave Steckel

            with Matthew Lomardi being sent down to save on space, and youngsters Carter Ashton, Tyler Biggs, and Jerry D’Amigo missing the cut. Leo Komorov is an outside shot at making it, expanding the roster to 14 forwards.

            Dion Phaneuf – Carl Gunnarsson
            John Michael Liles – Jake Gardiner
            Cody Franson – Mike Komisarek/Korbinian Holzer

            No surprises on D, except maybe Percy or Blacker sneaking in, expanding the D to 8 (which would mean no Komorov up front). Morgan Rielly returns to Jr, even if he’s looking good, I don’t think they want to rush this kid.

            James Reimer
            Ben Scrivens

            That’s all we got. No chance of Rynnas stealing a spot, even with an exceptional camp. This is the team. I think we’ll finish 12-14th in the East.

            • mojo19 says:

              Sorry, no acknowledgement for Colborne. He belongs with Ashton, Biggs, and D’Amigo.

            • reinjosh says:

              Am I honestly the only person that remembers the Leafs pre-February? Or hell, pre-Lupul injury?

              Call it a gut feeling but the Leafs will do better than nearly everyone thinks. Definitely better than 12-14 in the East.

              • Shoelesshobo says:

                I am planning for a lockout. I have no reason to believe a deal will be struck before hand. Which is why I expect them to use the same concept they used last time to determine who drafts where so hence why I put the comment about drafting high. It is not that I don’t believe in the team rather I don’t have faith in the NHL and NHLPA.

              • JoelLeafs says:

                Well a lot was going right and some stability in net could have easily made them a playoff team. I think the problem, and largely the reason why so many are all gloom and doom is that when a team loses one player or has one position start to look weak because of injury or whatever and the team seems like a completely (and much worse) group on the ice the team as a whole is questioned. I mean, other teams had key players out of the lineup for a while, but non that I can think of took a tailspin q

                • JoelLeafs says:

                  … quite like the leafs did. I mean it is difficult to be inspired by a team that can look so bad after looking decent if not good for most of the year. I agree though, I think they could easily be in the playoff race if we have a season this year… we’ll see!

                  (hit submit prematurely by accident)

                  • mojo19 says:

                    We’re still lacking the same things as last year. Here are the problems as I see it:

                    – No veteran goalie – just in case the young duo struggle, it would be nice to have a veteran goalie. Vokoun/Giguere could’ve been good options. Now, if Reimer gets hurt like last year, we’re pretty thin. If Reimer stays healthy he has to be really good. A lot of pressure and a lot riding on Reimer who will be a huge X-factor this season. You’re perception of how well or badly you believe the season will go is hugely influenced by your faith in James Reimer and to a lesser extent Ben Scrivens.

                    No veterans to lean on – last year when things started to go badly, the situation needed to nipped in the bud. But we had no voices, no veteran leaders to help turn things around, unlike in a place like St.Louis where they got off to a horrible start but turned things right around. Now, I think we can all agree having veterans like Arnott and Langenbrunner on the Blues bench could only have been a positive influence on helping turn things around. I believe a guy or two like that on the Leafs bench last year could have prevented the losing skid from turning into what it turned into.

                    That’s it. A couple quality veterans and some stronger depth in goal would have been huge for us last year, and I think addressing those areas should have been a priority in the offseason. McClement and JVR in, Schenn and Gustavsson out. Not great moves, not an impressive offseason for Burke and co. I’ll rate it a D+.

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