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Tom Hicks To Explore Possible Sale of Dallas Stars Hockey Club (rushing)


by rushing

Oh goodness! Please tell me this isn’t true! Tom Hicks has done a great deed for the city of Dallas. That is for the team of the Dallas Stars. Now, for the Texas Rangers is another story. The word is out the Hicks is “thinking” of selling the Stars and putting all of his time and effort into just his “Rangers” team. Now, yes, the Rangers do need a lot of help, but……….too much. Look how much you have lost in money with this team Tom. Look what you have made with the Stars Tom. Please reconsider this.

I beg that you really reconsider your thoughts before you go through with this. You have done an outstanding job while owner of the Stars. Again, I beg you reconsider.


by pantherboy

No they didn’t win the Stanley Cup, but merely the prized winners of the NHL’s Rookie tournament.

Florida Panthers rookies yesterday won the rookie 4 team tournament yesterday against Ottawa.

The tournament consists of 4 teams rookies’: Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, and the Phionex Coyotes.

The Florida Panthers took home the championship after a 3-2 shootout win over the Sens. After suprise rookie Josh Olson tied the game up for the Panthers with 8 seconds left the teams played a scoreless OT. It went to a shootout where Florida rookie’s Josh Olson, Lukas Krajicek, and Stephen Weiss scored to bring home the prize.

Top scorer in the tournament was Florida rookie 19-year-old Finn Toni Koivisto. He scored a tournament-high five goals and eight points.

This tournament is a great place for rookies to show that they belong in the “big” camp with the team. The final standings are as followed:

1. Florida

2. Ottawa

3. Montreal

4. Phionex

Hopefully next year there will be more teams who will want to get invoved in this tourney that has been going on for 4 years. This is the first time Florida has won.

**Interesting note** Collecting the trophy for winning was Jay Bowmeester. Can anyone say “future captain”?

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  1. cwhockey says:

    Hicks has done quite a bit to help hockey in Dallas. It’s hard to sell hockey in the south (believe me, I know). Just wish he hadn’t opened up his checkbook so much; hurts the league more than it helps his team.

    I’d have to say though that Heatley might be the better of the “future captains”. I say this because I do really believe it and I want to see if I can start a friendly rivalry with pantherboy. My Thrashers haven’t really had a big rival in their short history but the Panthers definitely come the closest. Like the game in Florida last year where the two teams got into about ten fights. Ah, good times.

  2. Rushing says:

    Again, (not just aiming this at you) but why is everybody jumping on Hicks and NY? The spending has been going on for years!!!! Finally, for the first year, Dallas exceeds the limit and they have the Scarlet Letter put upon them. They still have numerous teams ahead of them. Last year there were still teams (Detroit, NY, Phi, St. Loui, Toronto, etc..) spending in the neighborhood.

    Just like I have been saying all along, these owners make “FAR” more than what we are lead to believe. Here is a quote from

    “Hicks said one reason he’s opting to sell the Stars, who Hicks says will turn a profit even if they don’t make the playoffs, rather than the last-place Rangers, who will lose money, is because he’s already won an NHL championship.” BTW…..that’s his Texas Rangers.

    “Now the Stars are number one in the league in (arena) revenue. There have been 15 teams sold in the NHL over the past five, six years. “……….Teams with new arenas…..which there are numerous are making or raking in millions of dollars each year. Again, these owners are bringing in far more money than we are lead to believe. I’m not being fooled here. Don’t let yourself be fooled either.

    Now, yes Hicks has done an outstanding job and that’s why I wish he would stay on as the owner of the Stars. The Rangers(Texas) I could care less for. They never will go after pitchers. He has already lost so much money with them, I don’t see why he don’t just sell them. I also see more of chance of losing with the Union of baseball than Hockey.

  3. bones says:

    No sweat Rush. Cuban will buy them if Hicks sells. Let him babysit his sorry baseball club.

  4. bones says:

    Maybe I’m being a little rough on Hicks. I think he’s won a cup, he wants to win a world series. He says it’s for family reasons he wants to sell the highest revenue generating hockey team in the league, but I really think he just can’t afford both these teams anymore and sure as hell doesn’t want to go through another cap situation. And if that’s not it, I’ll bet Cuban talked him into selling the team to him. He did wanna buy the Penguins didn’t he?

  5. Forsberg21 says:

    I read somwhere, that Boumeester was pretty much invisible in the first game. I’m not sure how well he did in teh second.

  6. Rushing says:

    I never heard of Cuban and the Penguins yet it would be rather strange to see Cuban ahead of the Stars. I do hope Hicks holds to his word though on only looking for a ‘good’ owner and not just selling it to a person/persons who won’t put much into the team. That is tight wads I guess or somebody who will only look to make money instead of winning or even moving the team. Now that would tick me off!!!!

  7. pantherboy says:

    Well I accept your challenge. It is nice to have other southeast team fans on this site. Florida and Atlanta have had some competitive games so far. I cant wait for future games when the teams have had all of their young plaers developed. Should be more and more interesting match up as the years go on!

  8. guinsfan4life says:

    YOu know this is a prime example of someone who doesn’t know how to conduct a business.

    First he goes out into the FA market in baseball, practically bidding against himself and signs A-Rod to a ridiculous contract (10yrs. 252mil), then realizes what he did was foolish because he doesn’t have any money left over to field a pitching staff.

    So he tries to bring the market value down by signing Chan Ho Park to an unheard of deal.

    And then there is hockey. Obviously HIcks is running out of money for both sports. What does he do? He raises the market on the other owners by signing Guerin to a huge contract and other UFA’s. On his way out the door he just about sticks his nose up at other owners.

    All I heard about during the spring months and Olympics is how Mario Lemieux turned his back on Pittsburgh and played in the Olympics rather than the home team. How is what HIcks doing any better?

  9. bones says:

    I agree with you. Why else would you sell the highest revenue generating team in the leauge? And to blame it all on wanting to spend time with his family…gimme a break!

  10. canucklehead says:

    Good Move you Idiot Hicks, sign all the free agents for too much money, claim broke & screw up the small market teams. If this happens you will be as hated as Bill Laurie in these parts. Once again, he is a complete idiot.

  11. Habfan4 says:

    Tom Hicks seems like Texas’ answer to Wayne Huizenga.

    Huizenga (former Marlins and Panthers owner, still owns the Dolphins or part thereof – I think) poured money into the Panthers (signed Bure etc..) and got them to the finals in 1996 then walked away. With the Marlins he won the WS in 1997 and was gone in 99.

    Hicks seems to be following the same pattern – buy a franchise, pour in some money (arguably upsetting the league’s pay scale) then get bored and sell.

  12. Modano_Fan says:

    As a Stars fan,all I’m worried about is this.

    1) Will the team stay in Dallas? With the new building I can’t see the new owners being able to move them for awhile.

    2) Does this still mean Modano is a life time Star? Will the new owners decide against giving him a big contract when his current expires,or possible see Guerin as the star of the team now?

  13. pantherboy says:

    You dont want to get me started on Huizenga. Believe me, it won’t be pretty.

  14. bones says:

    First of all the lease for AAC is 29 years. Second, The Dallas Stars are the highest revenue generating team in the league and that’s not going to change any time soon. I don’t care who takes over the team, they would not be stupid enough to move them. Personally, I hope Cuban buys them.

  15. Habfan4 says:

    No way the Stars relocate (as mentioned in other posts – new arena, long lease, make money, the tax rate in Texas is brilliant etc… etc…)

    However, if I were a Stars fan, I’d be more than a little worried that any new owner would be more interested in raking in profits that icing a contender.

    Modano is the Stars, it would be business suicide to let him walk or trade him, you can rest easy on that one.

  16. Habfan4 says:

    By all means burn Mr. Huizenga in effigy if you wish. He’s the type of owner that no franchise deserves, kinda like Jeffrey Loria (the current Marlins owner).

  17. burky says:

    I hope some poor guy buys them and rids of all the players, that would be good news for the Canucks, hopefully Cuban doesnt buy them, he seems to know what hes doing in the world of sports ownership. Not to mention hed be yelling at the refs from behind the glass.

  18. Rushing says:

    You are both wrong. The reason you ask? He also owns the Mesquite(suburb of Dallas) rodeo, which is televised all over the country, along with a minor league baseball team as well. Hich has plenty of money. He just hasn’t invested it wisely in MLB. Evidently he “thought” he could overcome pitching with hitters. He learned his lesson by now I guess. Hockey he has done outstanding in his investment my now having 4 times his original value in just 6 years. The rodeo he is doing outstanding as well.

    This is why I don’t understand why he want to give up his Stars team. Bringing in so much money while the Rangers aren’t. I really hope he has high intentions and a loooooooooooot of faith.

  19. Rushing says:

    What on God’s beautiful green earth are you talking about? What have you been smoking? Did you not read the article? Broke? The Stars made more money than any other team last year and they had a losing record!!! Hello!!!!! Too many of you are having the wool pulled over your eyes by these owners since they aren’t spending hardly anything towards the players. Wake up people!!!!

    And again, there are several teams spending “MORE” money than the Stars. Again, that’s “MORE” money than the Stars. This has been going on for years!!!! When are you and everybody else going to wake up and smell the coffee here? Geeeeeesh.

    These “supposed” small market teams are putting the screws to all of you and their players.

    Broke from the Texas Rangers perhaps who haven’t been drawing in fans much. Perhaps that should be nucklehead?

  20. Rushing says:

    By no means what so ever does this compare. The Marlins owner got the team to the championship that one year and then the very next year…………dumped the top players which dropped the team salary dramatically. In other words, he didn’t have to pay hardly anything out of his pocket, yet…….since they had just won the championship ticket sales skyrocketed which filled his pocketbooks full!!!!!! That is when he sold the team.

    Now, the Stars Hicks has owned since ’96. The Stars won the Cup in 99 and went back to the finals in 00. We have been to the playoffs each year except for last year. We had made the playoffs the 3 years before the Cup as well. I don’t quite think, in fact I know this by no means relates to the Marlins story. Hicks stuck to the team for now going on 7 years. Playoffs all but one so far.

  21. Rushing says:

    As Hicks has also said, he will not sell to the wrong person. He will only sell to the right person. He will not sell to somebody that will come in and just drop the team salary down to some cheapskate team like some of the others just to fill his pockets.

    A sale could take months to complete, and Hicks said he’ll wait until he finds an owner or ownership group willing to spend enough money to field a team good enough to contend for the Stanley Cup.

    “We’re going to take our time and if we don’t get it (the right owner), I won’t sell,” Hicks said.

    Of course Mo will stay. He played in Minnesota and for another Dallas Stars owner didn’t he?

  22. Habfan4 says:

    His motivation for selling the team (at least it’s been reported this way) is to concentrate on baseball. The paralell between Hicks and Huizenga I was making was that after they achieved a level of success (in Hicks case a Stanley Cup ring) they tend to get bored and want to move on.

    Why sell a team that’s making money? Does he want to retire? – No, Spend more time with his family? – No. He wants to put his money and effort in to winning a world series. If he accomplishes that, I have no doubt he’d be selling the Texas Rangers shortly thereafter.

    The NHL needs long term ownership not a fair weather fan/owner who wants to move on to another challenge after his team is a success!

  23. Habfan4 says:

    Nice sound bite from Mr. Hicks, and I don’t doubt his sincerity.

    Two things to consider:

    One, If he’s selling the team of course he’s going to make statements like that. Two, after a sale he’s really does not have any input into how the business would be run. A white knight purchaser who surfaces could turn greedy quickly after he/she realizes the team is a cash cow.

  24. Rushing says:

    Again, read the article.

    “I’m 56, I’ve got four kids and a great wife,” Hicks said. “I’ve reached the point in my life where I’ve gained some wisdom. I need to balance out my time. It’s something I struggle with. My family is more important than that.”

    He does want more time with his family. At the same time, as I have said, he also owns the Mesquite Rodeo which is a large broadcasted tv show across the country. I’ve been there numerous times throughout my life and it is a great place. He also owns a minor league baseball team. He isn’t selling them.

    BTW, it you believe he would be selling the Rangers after winning the World Series, it will be a long time before that ever happens. They have a long long long way to go before that ever does occur.

  25. Rushing says:

    There are such things as background checks. There may be a possible pre-owner or somebody who has been an owner before or already owns another team of another sport as Hicks does now right? Let’s say it was an owner such as the previous Sabres? Perhaps it will be Cuban(Dallas Mavs) who has done an outstanding job with the Mavericks.

    It is just possible, that he does mean what he is saying Habfan.

  26. Habfan4 says:

    A potential buyer could blow smoke up his ass to impress the guy. The point is, after a sale whose to say that the new owner doesn’t simply start profit taking? When the sale is complete all of Hicks rhetoric and good intentions might not mean a damn thing.

    Hopefully it doesn’t pan out that way, but one nevers knows.

  27. Habfan4 says:

    Gee could the time with his family comment be a red herring. How much time does this guy spend on the Stars? He is certainly not involved in the day-to-day operations of the team.

  28. Rushing says:

    Well let’s see, Hockey and Baseball will be going on at the same time. The Rodeo will be going on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, during the same time as well. The minor league time will be going on at the same time as well. I mean gee, that is quite a bit to have. He’s not the manager but……………………………..

    Oh yeah, he also owns the company that runs everyone of these organizations. One more thing, he has a family! Now, try to spread all of this out equally.

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