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Tom Hicks To Explore Possible Sale of Dallas Stars Hockey Club (rushing)


by rushing

Oh goodness! Please tell me this isn’t true! Tom Hicks has done a great deed for the city of Dallas. That is for the team of the Dallas Stars. Now, for the Texas Rangers is another story. The word is out the Hicks is “thinking” of selling the Stars and putting all of his time and effort into just his “Rangers” team. Now, yes, the Rangers do need a lot of help, but……….too much. Look how much you have lost in money with this team Tom. Look what you have made with the Stars Tom. Please reconsider this.

I beg that you really reconsider your thoughts before you go through with this. You have done an outstanding job while owner of the Stars. Again, I beg you reconsider.


by pantherboy

No they didn’t win the Stanley Cup, but merely the prized winners of the NHL’s Rookie tournament.

Florida Panthers rookies yesterday won the rookie 4 team tournament yesterday against Ottawa.

The tournament consists of 4 teams rookies’: Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, and the Phionex Coyotes.

The Florida Panthers took home the championship after a 3-2 shootout win over the Sens. After suprise rookie Josh Olson tied the game up for the Panthers with 8 seconds left the teams played a scoreless OT. It went to a shootout where Florida rookie’s Josh Olson, Lukas Krajicek, and Stephen Weiss scored to bring home the prize.

Top scorer in the tournament was Florida rookie 19-year-old Finn Toni Koivisto. He scored a tournament-high five goals and eight points.

This tournament is a great place for rookies to show that they belong in the “big” camp with the team. The final standings are as followed:

1. Florida

2. Ottawa

3. Montreal

4. Phionex

Hopefully next year there will be more teams who will want to get invoved in this tourney that has been going on for 4 years. This is the first time Florida has won.

**Interesting note** Collecting the trophy for winning was Jay Bowmeester. Can anyone say “future captain”?