Two Huge wins for the Leafs

After a embrassing defeat against Florida the Leafs would not let Montreal or Detroit throw them around like rag dolls.The reason why the Leafs lost to Florida is because they let Florida get their chances and let Florida push them around.In the game against Montreal the Leafs re a whole different team.They played one of their best games in awhile.Today I thought the Leafs played pretty solid game against the Leagues best team.

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  1. leafy says:

    Amazing what you can do with a good goalie.  Toskala gives the Leafs a chance to win almost every time.  Too bad he's being wasted like his with the Leafs having a horrible year.

  2. FarFromFreedom says:

    If only this team was capable of being consistant. Two great wins back to back but i see them dropping their next two.

  3. dumbassdoorman says:

    I hope they lose more than the next two… I think 15-20 would make me happy…..LOl. But they would still screw up the draft, I can feel it!!!!

  4. joyn6160 says:

    This is a joke, the team looked terrible in yesterdays game against the Red Wings. First off, Hasek lost the game for Detroit. Toskala won it for Toronto. Same thing the other night in Montreal. You can't win every game even with a great goalie. Ie. Vancouver

  5. lafleur10 says:

    you guys will keep winning make the 8th and final playoff spot blow your chances of getting a top 5 pick and will blow even worse next season!! and then you'll find a way to blow that as well and not get a top 5 in the taverse draft!and will suck even worse the following year and will draft another luca sereda with the top pick the following year!!

  6. FarFromFreedom says:

    Its not the Maple Leafs fault that Luca Cereda was diagnosed with a heart condition. Doctors found his heart condition months after he was drafted by the maple Leafs. It was a shame tho.

  7. derbish_7 says:

    major joke…. i was at the detroit game and the leafs had no buisness winning.  if it wasnt for toskala and sundin leafs would have been on the side of another 8-0 loss.  they are really *****ing up their draft chances. and giving stupid leaf fans faulse hope.  they wont make teh *****ing playoffs.  the team is a joke

  8. LEAFS877 says:

    not sure that your article qualifies as a rumor. Anyway the wings played like total crap on saturday and the leafs wouldn't have scored a goal on osgood, ie. Hasek was in the crease flopping around like a marionette again. On top of that Toskala stole the game, so i don't see how the team earned this game through solid play. The montreal game however wasn't bad, those games are always tight but dont forget montreal is overrated this season, so dont go off saying that the leafs will be competing for a playoff spot just cause they beat ott, mon, and det.

  9. toronto77 says:

    I just have a few questions i would like to be answered?

    1. since antropov and steen came back on saturday and earl stayed on the team, than who sat out?

    2. are the leafs playing with 7 defencmen now or his gill a healthy scrath?

    3. is this years draft going to be as strong as 05 and 06 or is it going to be as weak as the 07 draft.

    on a side note, about all these corruption rumors with the MLSE trying to trade sundin and what not, i actually think it's a good idea, because if the leafs trade him than the team will fall completly apart and might get the 1st  overall pick. if the leafs trade him it will only be as a rental player i'm sure, and if anaheim does go for him than it should be one of two trades:

    as a rental:
    to toronto: Edmonton's 1st round pick
    to anaheim: mats sundin

    to toronto: bobby ryan, anaheim's 1st round pick
    to anaheim: mats sundin

    as a permenant player:
    to toronto: bobby ryan, edmonton's 1st round pick
    to anaheim: mats sundin

  10. Hoondog2 says:

    Okay, i know the Leafs are not a contender and not up to par with Detroit, but to say Toskala completely stole that game is rediculus.  The Leafs beat Detroit in their own trap style game, albeit it was quite boring, but the Leafs took control in the last 10 minutes of the game, when they needed to. 

  11. Hoondog2 says:

    Do you blame the Leafs for trapping to stay with the best team in the league, or do you blame the best team in the league for trapping to stay with the Leafs?  BTW, we dominated the Habs like we usually do!!

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