Two Weeks 2 Go! ***Revised for NYI

Two weeks to go and a good look at the East, yet the West is starting to give something interesting as well. Good morning hockey fans. I hope you are enjoying your days. I am down here in South Florida, beautiful weather, great temperature and nice breeze.

We about two weeks to go for season’s end, and the races are still ongoing. The Western Conference appeared to be set, yet the hottest team has changed the picture. The Colorado Avalanche are 8-0-2 in their last ten games. The eight seeded Calagry Flames are just 5-4-1. Yikes? Talk about a team having issues and potentially losing the last seed to the playoffs after making such key trades.

Two people are at fault for the Calgary Flames, though. Darryl Sutter and Darryl Sutter. Darryl Sutter (1) is at fault for making trades that have been completely counter productive, therefore he definitely made a wrong analysis on this team. And, Darryl Sutter (2) for hiring Jim Playfair. Playfair is not a good coach, so I believe. Talk about a guy who can’t get a great looking team to win games. He has an excellent goaltender, solid defensemen, young talented players, very good veterans, a great captain…. what’s this guy doing? And it’s not like he had complications with major injuries either. Yet, I cannot blame him either for the bad moves his boss made, which are a huge shocker. On paper, the trades were very good; the players that Boston received in return were nothing special, but they played a role on the team that came to be a factor. I am so absolutely sure with myself that Darryl Sutter would have this team in the playoffs had he been coaching; and who knows? I doubt he would have pulled those trades. He abandoned the locker room atmosphere and that caused him to make moves that are putting his team at risk.

The Colorado Avalanche on the other hand are coming together to make a great push. You want to talk about a huge difference maker? Joe Sakic was a monster last night against the Vancouver Canucks. This Avalanche team is the kind that is playing like an underdog, as opposed to previous years where the played the underdogs. So, they are on the outside looking in, and they are playing at their best. You’d think this team doesn’t have that many great scorers, yet they are the second highest team with most goals scored (251) in the Western Conference. They have a bunch of veterans, good young players (always had them) and such an awesome, awesome character. Here is a little tid bit. Last month I was analyzing potential goaltenders for the Florida Panthers to pick up next season and I went on a Colorado message board to ask a “scouting report” and opinions on Jose Theodore. I expected a lot of negativity, yet these Avs fans can be so supportive of their players. They gave me fair opinions (upside-downside) on Jose Theodore, and they emphasized on his character; how he is very supportive of Budaj. This is what gets a team into the playoffs, this kind of character. These players bonded and their last ditch effort to make the playoffs got them the 8-0-2 record in the past 10 games. This team was down last night against a solid defensive minded Vancouver team, and Peter Budaj was pulled. Jose Theodore came in, played well despite facing few shots, and the Avs took off. Tied the game, and had Jose Theodore playing the shootouts extremely well.

Good luck to the Avalanche, if they get in then they definitely deserved a lot more than the Calgary Flames. And, if I were a Red Wings, Predators, or Ducks fan I would not be too pleased to face the Avalanche in the first round. Hey, you never know.

On to the Eastern Conference where the race is starting to tighten itself.

6. New York Rangers

I would have never expected to see the New York Rangers reach the sixth seed, despite being just one point ahead. Last month I considered this team out of the playoffs, and look where they stand now. They have one of the best records in the NHL ever since the Trade Deadline Day. Only two teams in the Eastern Conference have allowed fewer than 200 goals, the Rangers and the New jersey Devils. Henrik Lundqvist has found his form and has been winning the one goal games as of late. Impressive? Yes, it is. Yet, I think I have some bad news for my fellow Rangers fans. While there are ONLY six games left, the bigger picture is not looking at the small number six, but looking at the bigger number of twelve possible points. Let’s be honest here folks, the Rangers won some hard fought games, but ever since Brendan Shanahan and Martin Straka came back, this team is playing sloppy. They hold up defensively, but what is with the turnovers and sloppy plays as of late? Let’s hope that Tom Renney gets this group to focus again on the same game plan that has gotten the team this far, especially when missing the injured players. If not, then that playoff spot seems to be in trouble for my tastes. Nothing is guaranteed yet, EVEN IF the Rangers appear to be a team that could possibly make it. They are three points ahead from the New York Islanders, Montreal Canadiens, and the Carolina Hurricanes. Just three points and the rest of the way holds 12 to 14 points for these teams. So, those six-seven games left in the East don’t look so few now, huh? The Rangers have put themselves in a good position for now, but the rest of the schedule remains with the theoretical “four point” games as the Rangers play Montreal twice, Toronto once more, and the Islanders once more. HUGE………HUGE games for the Rangers and those are a total of eight points. If they get 6 points against those teams in the race, theoretically they should be in.

7. Tampa Bay Lightning

This team should move to Orlando and be part of Universal Studios. Roller coaster! Up and down, and why? Goaltending is an issue once again, defense is not nearly as good as it was, and John Tortarella hasn’t been able to get this team to play playoff hockey. This is playoff hockey for the Bolts, and they are risking losing it. This was a team that I did not consider in my last column. These guys should have been locked in by now. Not mathematically, but realistically the Bolts should have been in it without any possibility of losing the sixth seed, yet with a 4-6-0 record in the last ten…how is that supposed to work out?. I think it would be a near guarantee that either Brad Richards or Martin St. Louis gets traded in the summer. There is not enough balance on this team. Will they make it? They play the Florida Panthers two more times and the Panthers give the Bolts a hard time. I think Panthers fans wish that the season would be scheduled with games only against the Lightning and the Bruins. All of Tampa’s remaining games are against the Division, so talk about the Hurricanes having key games up ahead. I think the Lightning will make it, simply because they HAVE to make it. There would be no excuse or good reason for this team to give if it misses the post-season.

8. Carolina Hurricanes

Another roller coaster team, yet this one has been on a good streak as of late, winning four in a row and being 6-3-1 in their last ten and the remaining schedule remains easy. I would be shocked if this team misses the playoffs. Their previous game against the Lightning mean absolutely nothing as this is playoff hockey. John Grahame has been pretty good, Cam Ward should be back sooner than expected. They are playing solid hockey and they can easily drive the Lightning out of the playoffs by wining both games against them. The Canes are just two points behind. They win the two games against the Lightning, then they pass them in the standings. Aren’t these games amazing? I would not call them Game 7-ish yet, but Game 6-ish for sure. I can see this team nabbing the sixth or seventh seed in the East.

9. New York Islanders

Like I said in my last column, if Rick DiPietro missed even just one or two games with tha
t injury, this team was going to be in trouble. He missed three, and lost upon his first game back, which resulted in four straight losses for the Islanders, who are tied with three other teams in points. Want to see the uglier version of it? They missed out on eight points. Look at the standings and then think about eight points, or even six, or four. Four would have put them in sixth with 88 points. So, what is up with this team? Lost three straight against the Rangers picking up only two points out of a possible six. Ouch. Defense plays fairly well despite allowing way too many shots. Offense? Let’s just say that Ryan Smyth has not necessarily made a difference, and I cannot figure out why. Maybe the style of game? Can’t find the right linemates? Pucks are not bouncing the right way for him? I still think he was a good acquisition and the Islanders play good hockey. They have experienced veterans that make some great plays. The problem with the Islanders is their schedule. Next three games are against the Devils, Buffalo Sabres, and Ottawa Senators. All tough teams. And later one, once more against the Rangers, which is a MUST win in regulation time only, and again against the Devils. Toronto is also at the end of their schedule, and they are not an easy team to beat either. It’s just so tough for this team yet there’s a good feel that they will manage to pull it off. Why? My finger is pointin towards the masked man in net. ***And unfortunately for the Islanders, I cannot point my finger in net. Rick DiPietro is done for the season, which could most likely mean that the team will be out of the playoffs. I would have a little faith in Mike Dunham if I was to be an Islander fan, but the three games that DP missed before pretty much shows how this team responds without a great goalie. Not that all hope is lost, but generally speaking…..sorry Isle’s fans. At least you had a good run and Garth Snow has had a good rookie season as GM.

10. Montreal Canadiens

Well, anytime you are in a playoff race and you win four in a row…then you’re making noise. I personally did not expect these guys to still stay within the race as they are tied for eighth with 84 points. Yet, you look at who they beat and teams like Boston and Washington will give you the needed points. So, the real test comes against the Rangers, Senators, and Sabres. After that? Boston is the game to earn two easier points, then two last key games against the Rangers and Toronto. I think by the last game or two, though, we should know who is in it and who is not. Halak has been playing very well, and defensively the team is doing quite well too. I am still unsure of the offense, but if the team can handle one goal games, if they can win playoff-like games (such as 3-2 vic over Toronto), then they should be able to kick either Long Island or Carolina out. This team has a lot to prove against the tougher teams up ahead.

11. Toronto Maple Leafs

The game that will either eliminate or keep the Maple Leafs in the race is on Tuesday night against the Carolina Hurricanes. This is it. If they lose, or only get one point, then they won’t be mathematically out, but theoretically they would be. It would mean being four points behind Carolina holding onto number eight spot. After that, Toronto has just six games left, 12 potential points and you can use logic here. Four points behind Carolina, if the Leafs lose, and a potential twelve points to earn for the rest of the season. Carolina only needs to get four more wins to finish off Toronto. If they can manage one point against Carolina and then a win against the Rangers, or vice versa (better if they beat Carolina), then there may still be some hope, especially if the Islanders lose as well as Montreal. You can’t expect your opponents to lose ther games for you though, so the Leafs have to play over their capabilities. I was really counting on Andrew Raycroft to get hot for a stretch of games, that hasn’t happened yet. I still have faith in the guy, he can pull it off. It was such an ugly loss to the Sabres the other time, very uncharacteristic too, but Toronto came back strong the night after. That’s what builds confidence for a team. So, good reason to be optimistic for two points against the Canes. Will the Leafs make it? Hmmmm………..gotta shake my head on that one yet I believe in hope too.

So, that’s where the race stands and my point of view. The situation is difficult to analyze so it’s not like I said anything so new that some of you don’t already know. But I like to zoom in on things and not generalize much. So, I have this set up for you members, and guest readers, to concentrate on certain teams and just look at the main picture without any other distractions. I think that by the last three games or so, we will know who takes sixth and seventh. I think eighth will be decided in the last two games, maybe the very last one. I am not counting the Rangers in yet. Tampa is in. Carolina in. The other teams, a crap shoot.

Thanks for reading as always,

Micki Peroni

39 Responses to Two Weeks 2 Go! ***Revised for NYI

  1. J-Man2020 says:

    1. Buffalo
    2. Pittsburg
    3. Atlanta
    4. Ottawa
    5. New Jersey
    6. Rangers (Best goalie in the league in the last two months.)
    7. Lightning (Alot of scoring.)
    8. Islanders (Good goaltending.)
    9. Hurricanes (Inconsistent goaltending.)
    10. Canadiens (No goaltending.)
    11. Maple Leafs (Suck!)

    BUF def. NYI in 5
    PIT def. TAM in 6
    NYR def. ATL in 6
    NJ def. OTT in 6

    BUF def. NYR in 6
    NJ def. PIT in 6

    BUF def. NJ in 7

    ANA def. BUF in 6 for Stanley Cup

  2. my_sphincter says:

    Leafs would be 4 points behind Carolina if they lose.

  3. muckies says:

    The Rangers are looking good, Avery has to be the best late season pick-up so far for any team, not only will NYR make the playoffs, but this guy is going to drive a player like Kovulchuk or Lecavalier right into the penalty box every playoff game they play, he has definetly earned my respect, a player I'd love to have on my team.

    NYR have to be the dark-horse team in the East right now, they have a great scoring line, great checking line, great PP, a great goalie and lots of dirty players.

    As for the Flames, you couldn't be more wrong Mikster, they are gelling at the right time, their road record gets thrown out when the playoffs start, they still have one of the best D-core in the league, Kipper hasn't been great this season but if he gets hot, Calgary could be the best team in the West. They have the best player in the West in Iginla and the team is afraid of nobody. I'd rather play San Jose-Minnesota-Vancouver-Dallas than play the Flames in the playoffs….they'll be ready and Nashville or Detroit could be golfing early.

  4. J-Man2020 says:

    The Rangers have a very good checking line and top line.  Their power play has been inconsistent, they need to improve that.  Special teams and goaltending wins games in the playoffs.  Their penalty kill is good.  Their goaltending is amazing.

  5. mcpeach2 says:

    Hey Mik,

    Relax a little with the Rangers…enjoy how they have been winning a little.  Yeah they played sloppy the last 2 games, but thats mostly because they gave their opponents 17 powerplays and couldn't get into any kind of rhythm.  It is a change to earlier in the season when they would outplay their opponent and LOSE by a goal.  We will see what happens tonight, if they play a strong, disciplined game and win will you promise to smile?

  6. flamingsenator says:

    so ur saying the flames arnt allowed to skid?……every team has that….theyre on a 3 game win streak….will see how they play against the wild tonite…thats wen u can make a judgment…..

    sakic has literally picked this team up….and carried it to hwere they are in their win streak….THATS a captain…….but i think theyre like the panthers last year…one last ditch effort……..ill bet my left shoe that calgary holds that 8th spot by 4 or more points in the end….

    sutter made good moves…..conroy(good times on the team already) primu and stuart(childhood team) LOVE playing in calgary……he brought guys in who are gonna like the team…and he did that…..thats a great gm…….

    playfair….man i dunno about him…i like him…..but man….the flames are a joke in their own end….i find myself throwing my remote at the tv sumtimes….time and time again….they cant even clear the zone…..but if sutter coached this team… we all know we would be competing for the division.

  7. ranger_fan says:

    Once again Mik I am very skeptical about the Rangers.

    Will history repeat itself? The Rangers won 5 in a row before… and lost I think 7! in a row. These are all crucial games and none will be an "easy" two points.

    One has to wonder how they are even winning with regulation goals in the last two games only one from Tomas Pock (3 goals now?) and Colton Orr (2nd of his career)

    Lundqvist needs to stay healthy, not get tired, and more importantly the offense needs to step up. It is really getting ridiculius. Then again if we get a 2 goal lead, bad things happen.

  8. mikster says:

    Misread the point numbers, i read 86 for Carolina when doing that. Good call.

  9. mikster says:

    Going on a skid when the team below has been the hottest team in the West and just caught up with you? Not allowed!!!!

    Conroy was a good move, i’ll give him that, but the Stuart trade…….hmmm.

  10. wheresthesoda says:

    I just saw on that Rick Dipietro has post concussion syndromes. He will miss tonight's game against the devils and possibly more. Looks like the habs, canes, lightning and rangers will be battling it out for the last 3 spots.

  11. mikster says:

    I’m with ya on this one. I am not buying it now. If Shanny and Straka did not come back, i thikn they would be looking better. Does that mean Shanny and Straka are bad players? No, but they are too ineffective as they are not 100%.

  12. wingerxxx says:

    It's all about Lundqvist for the Rangers.  If he can keep up his play, I don't see any reason at all why the Rangers won't go to the postseason.  I'm fairly optimistic right now, given how the team is playing.  Although…sure, anything can happen.  Ever since Avery came aboard, the team has shown a little more life.  I strongly defended the Avery trade back when it happened, and I'm definitely in favor of it now.  The younger players that have come up from Hartford have been pushing the vets a little more, it seems.  That doesn't hurt either.  I'd like to see Dan Girardi keep his play up. 

    If the Isles don't make the postseason, I don't know how the franchise can continue to stand behind Yashin.  Yes, he's been injured and he was fantastic early in the season…but their wagon is hitched to this guy for a number of years still.  They really need to figure out a way to get rid of him.  Especially with the Smyth acquisition…and the Isles would be absolutely nuts if they did not resign Smyth, after what they gave up for him.  I am giving Smitty the benefit of the doubt, in that he is adjusting to a new system.  But if they don't make the playoffs for some reason, Smyth and Yashin have to be the guys that you look at.  They have invested a lot in these two players.  NOW is the time for these players to deliver.  That is what they were brought to the Island to do.  If they can't (especially Yashin)…see the first sentence of this paragraph.

    Sakic is offically a freak.  How old is he now?  When Mark Messier was Sakic's age, he had noticeably slowed down.  Sakic is still very much an elite number one center.  On the rare occasion I get to see him play, he's not much different than he was 4-5 years ago.  I hope that the Avs can get in the postseason.  It will help to prove that, yes, they can get the job done without Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote.

  13. bigscoup says:

    strange montreal with no goaltending i disagree….TB can scoe but can they keep the puck out of their net…As for the cains the team only shows up half the time….and finally the islnder they look to have a solid team and may surprise some teams

  14. flamingsenator says:

    i loved ference….awsum character….but the flames were stuarts hometown team….i think its a signing thing for sutter….a quality defensemen for cheap….i pray…..haha…will see this off season how this deal was for sure…….but stuart logs ALOt of minutes now..and he plays well with robyn… will see in the PLAYOFFS(thats right)

  15. Glucker says:

    TO has been playing really well lately, that game against buffalo, we dominated 50 minutes… and then either got *****y or ran out of fuel… didnt make the same mistake twice though 😛

    if leafs continue their physical domination and continue with the secondary scoring, they stand a good chance at getting in. that being said, they also have one of the tougher schedules

    the Islanders are done for… no dipeitro, and now their backup left with leg cramps…. that doesnt bode well for them

    Carolina played like shit tonight, if they keep… that(whatever that was) up, they're gonna end up in 11th

    Montreal,they got good goal tending and might get huet back

    the rangers are the hottest team right now…

  16. GodandHabs says:

    Habs are hottest team right now.  write that down.

  17. mikster says:

    Okay, i’ll call it first.

    Rangers will not make the playoffs.

  18. mcpeach2 says:

    ignore the above…

  19. mcpeach2 says:

    ignore the above…

  20. Habroller says:

    Because of yesterday's game? C'mon Mik, it'll take them more than that to miss the playoffs. They are still in a better position than all other teams fighting for a playoff spot in the East.

  21. TheDugg1er says:

    COUGH COUGH COUGH!!!! rangers best goalie in the league.. COUGH COUGH COUGH Ever heard the slogan, "Bingo Bango Bongo, we got Roberto Luongo!"

    Lundqvist is hot right now, even nova hot. I admit he is dynamite right now, but you cannot say he has been better than Luongo in the last two months.

  22. TheDugg1er says:

    I wouldn't say colorado has caught up. They closed a major gap and made it a smaller one, but they still aren't close.

  23. mikster says:

    The past three games they have played wayyyyyyyyy too sloppy. They got some good wins, but also a bit lucky too thanks to Lundqvist.

    They may have been tired last night, but i am so insecure when Shanahan and Straka are playing. They are very ineffective and shouldn’t be playing because neither is 100%.

    You know they can very well lose to the Flyers, in fact….i expect them to. And man will i cheer for joy if i am wrong on both counts!

  24. FlamingHomer says:

    I'm curious as to what trades, specifically, you feel were counter productive for the Flames.

  25. wingerxxx says:

    Gotta keep in mind that the other teams in contention for the last playoff spots in the East aren't exactly tearing it up either.  Anythng is possible at this point. 

  26. chimoty says:

    If the Lightning end up playing the Penguins in the 1st round…I'm afraid it may be an early exit for the Pens…we can't win against Tampa Bay…We DEFINATELY can't play on the soft ice in the St. Pete Times Forum

  27. chimoty says:

    If the Lightning end up playing the Penguins in the 1st round…I'm afraid it may be an early exit for the Pens…we can't win against Tampa Bay…We DEFINATELY can't play on the soft ice in the St. Pete Times Forum

  28. J-Man2020 says:

    Don't worry about the rangers.  They will go 3 and 2 in the last 5 games to get 93 points and get 6th place.  They were due for a bad game and so was lundqvist.  They will sat. and sun.  They will lose tues. They will win thurs. and lose sat.  I can't wait till april 11th, start of the playoffs, and we will be there.

  29. JuicemaN says:

    Typical un-educated anti-leaf fan response…no logical reason why they don’t like the leafs so you just say “suck!”…very mature, but that is typical of most anti-leaf fans.

    J-man2020, when you get an actual logical reason not to like the leafs I will then respect your opinion, until then you’re as good as a 12 year who’s parents gave them parental access to this site.

    So who’s your team then?

    You don’t see leaf fans posting about other teams and putting “sucks” beside them as their reason for not making it, because we actually form a logical opinion about the teams we dislike.

  30. JuicemaN says:

    I’d just like to correct the above post:

    “Looks like the habs, canes, lightning, LEAFS and rangers will be battling it out for the last 3 spots.”

    Just because you don’t like the Leafs doesn’t mean they’re not fighting for one of the last three spots.

  31. JuicemaN says:

    I don’t have a pen…sorry.

  32. JuicemaN says:

    Where’s the confusion…the trades they made were counter productive…he said it pretty clearly.

    No offense, but he said it pretty clearly.

  33. FlamingHomer says:

    Again, I ask, which trades were counter productive? Huselius for Steve Montador? Kiprusoff for a second rounder? Langkow for Denis Gauthier and Oleg Saprikin? Tanguay for Leopold? Give me a hint.

  34. JuicemaN says:

    He’s talking about this years trades of 2007, not the trades from the past three years.

    I see your point in that the flames have made very decent trades over the years but he’s talking about the boston deal and possibly the conroy deal, just the 2007 deals in general; he thinks that if Sutter was still the coach those trades wouldn’t have been as nessesary and the flames wouldn’t be trying to clinch a playoff spot still because they would’ve already clinched a week or so ago.

  35. FlamingHomer says:

    So Calgary would be a better team with Lundmark, Kobasew and Ference instead of Conroy, Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau? You are entitled to your opinion of course, but I can't agree with it. Perhaps Vancouver and Minnesota got better.

  36. JuicemaN says:

    No no, I’m not saying I agree with him, just explaining what I think he means.

    But yes, the Vancouver Canuks (or as like to call them the Luongo Canuks) have exploded as have the Wild; which of course makes life a lot harder for the Flames.

    I definitely agree with him though on the part of Sutter being coach, if he was still coach they wuoldn’t be in 8th right now…Calgary is not an 8th place team; I’d say they’re 5th at worst.

  37. wheresthesoda says:

    we wont lose to the islanders

  38. NYIsles16 says:

    First things first, I think it is only proper to give a lot of respect to Garth Snow for first and foremost, coming into the general manager job and taking all the heat he did. Not only did he handle the problems with class, but he came through successfully. For a team that was supposed to finish dead last in the entire NHL, we are looking pretty good. Unforunately for us, the luck has shifted and we find our Islanders sitting between a rock and a hard place. With only a few games remaining and a completely injury-ridden squad, we find ourselves in desperation. Although I feel there is still hope at making the playoffs if the team can come together, along with a little bit of luck, I feel that we should also focus on the offseason. I really hope someone in the Islanders Organization will see this…

    First, I think we have seen enough Alexei Yashin on the island. His 7.6 million dollar salary just does not do justice to his play. He is just not worth that much. If he would like to re-negotiate for maybe 2.5 million a season, then we might be in business, however, I feel it is best we part ways with Yashin and buyout the contract, therefore opening 7.6 million dollars under the cap. Secondly, we need to consider the fact that the cap is increasing from the current 44 million to around 47 million next year. According to the records, our payroll without Yashin's salary would be around 35 million. In that case, there is no reason we cant give Smyth the 6 million a year he wants for 5 years and we can also keep Jason Blake for 3.2 million a year for 4 years. Two heart and soul guys who could become the true face of this organization! I also find it highly important to re-sign Sean Hill to a multi-year deal and let him retire as an Islander. He has been nothing but solid. Re-signing Poti is huge as well as locking up Hunter long term and even offering Randy Robitaille a contract. Robitaille has been so solid for us this season in the games he has been in. He is fast and smart with the puck. If all these contacts are distributed evenly, we would still find ourself with about 4 million dollars of cap room. With that 4 million, there is no reason we cannot be in the hunt for another big name player this off-season. I really do think its time to make a true statement. In conclusion, dumping Yashin along with a salary cap increase would equal long term deals for Smyth and Blake, along with re-signing important key players, along with the opportunity to make another nice acquistion for next years team.

    Although this is speculation, I stick by it. More importantly, I think it's time the Isle's show some guts and get us into this year's playoffs.

  39. JuicemaN says:

    I respect your wishful thinking but if you were yashin making 7.6 million a year for the next handful of years would you renegotiate for 2.5 million? I sure as hell wouldn’t. It’s the organizations fault for being stupid enough to keep Milbury on board long enough to offer that contract and for allowing it to happen.

    just like the leafs will have to put up with paying Kubina 5 million for the next 4 years while getting only about 2.5-3 million worth from him; it’s their own fault and have to live with it.

    I know what you mean but as an organization; without buying out the contract (which I realize you mentioned) you can’t just say “we’ve seen enough, time to renegotiate” especially with yashin who is the same a** hole who suddenly decided while in Ottawa that he wanted to renegotiate….good luck with that one.

    I dont think anybody expected the Isles to finish last, I certainly didn’t.

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