Tyler beats Taylor (for now)

Tyler Seguin wins OHL most outstanding award ahead of Taylor Hall and Nazem Kadri
Tyler Seguin , for now, has got the better of Taylor Hall . Seguin , a centre with the Plymouth Whalers, has been voted the winner of the Red Tilson Trophy as the Ontario Hockey League’s most outstanding player for the 2009-10 season. One of Seguin or Hall, a winger with the Windsor Spitfires, will be the first pick overall in the 2010 NHL entry draft. The Edmonton Oilers currently hold the first pick, with the Boston Bruins, at No. 2, expected to take either Hall or Seguin, whoever is passed over by the Oilers. “It does not matter where I go,” Seguin said during a news a conference at the Hockey Hall of Fame on Wednesday.

“If I go second overall, I am not going to be disappointed or depressed. Either way, it’s a dream come true.” Seguin and Hall tied for the OHL regular season scoring lead, amassing 106 points each. Seguin had 48 goals and 58 assists in 63 games. Seguin, in the final rankings released by the NHL Central Scouting Bureau, was first overall, ahead of Hall, who was No. 2. Maple Leafs prospect and London Knights Nazem Kadri finished third in MOP voting, done by writers and broadcasters who cover the OHL, behind Seguin

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  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    This is such a close race. The day Seguin got the award Hall went out and potted the OT winner for game 1 of the finals and the Spitfires are now well on their way to another Memorial Cup appearance.

    I still don't know who I want the Bruins to land, and I still have no idea who the Oilers will pick. My gut tells me they'll take Hall as he's the bigger name.

  2. broc says:

    Hall DOES have a much better team around him than Tyler does, but so far Hall is a proven winner, and so far in his career he's been able to step up his game when the game is on the line.

    I take the proven winner. You should always draft the best player- not by position.

  3. Boston_Bruins says:

    If the Spitfires win the Memorial Cup again with Hall picking up another MVP I seriously doubt Lowe would have the cahones to take Seguin, even if he thought he would turn out better.

  4. number15 says:

    if Nazem Kadri waited one more season before entering the draft, he would have been the clear 3rd overall pick of this draft

  5. Kyleton says:

    Both of them are probably hoping to go #2 right now. I know I would

  6. nordiques100 says:

    Oilers will go with Seguin.

    they do have young centres already like Gagner, Brule and Cogliano.

    but they're pretty small and do not look to be true number 1's.

    Seguin has that potential. Plus, at 6'1 and growing, he is ideal to take the first line job. He is both a sniper and playmaker and with some good wingers, he could succeed.

    The Oil do have Eberle, Hemsky, Penner, Omark, Paajarvi-Svensson, among the team's core wingers. While Hall would only add to this core, usually its taking the big centre over the winger that happens in the draft.

    And in this case, it fills the Oilers needs quite well.

  7. FlamingHomer says:

    Flames just signed Bryan Cameron of the Barrie Colts. Does anyone know much about him? Such as why would LA give up on him?

  8. Magleaf says:

    When seguin says he wouldnt be dissapointed or depressed if he was drafted 2nd overall it kind of made me laugh.

    Of course not, your not defined by what number your drafted but how you play in the nhl.

    If i were in this draft id love to go 2nd, youd be going to a much better team helping you pad your stat totals.

  9. cam7777 says:

    That ignores the potential for the Oil to turn in those three centers for a legitimate number one.  News today suggests that Spezza is likely on the block, yet again, so they have him gone before his NMC kicks in.  Edmonton would have to outbid the Flames and Leafs, who are also going to want a big center, but Edmonton has the most at their disposal:

    to EDM: Spezza
    to OTT: Cogliano, Gagner, 1st in 2011

    Carter might also be available.  So they have other options for centers, potentially.

  10. cam7777 says:

    Only so many roster spots I imagine.  This is the result of what I'm going to dub "over-drafting".  Chicago's let a few prospects go too, and soon some of the other "tank forever" teams will have to start letting them go.  You can only have 50 contracts at once.  Before even dealing with any resigns, they have 36 in LA, so it's really just a numbers game.

  11. FlamingHomer says:

    That makes sense. I haven't seen the guy play at all so I was wondering if he had much of an upside. Obviously Calgary needs some offense but is this guy NHL material? 53 goals in the OHL doesn't always mean 53 in the bigs.

  12. cam7777 says:

    No, it doesn't.  I think the primary concern with his game is that he plays big, even though he's not, and the scouts don't think that will translate to the NHL.  Still, the Flames scouting is absolute shit, so nabbing other teams' left-overs is probably a good bet.  If nothing else, he pushes those above him on the depth chart to work hard to maintain their spot.

  13. DannyLeafs says:

    I think they will take Hall as well, but I think Seguin makes more sense and I think he will also be the better player. I think Hall will be good, but I think he is a little overrated. There are three things that make me a little weary about Hall's overall potential.

    1) He plays a lot like a power big time power forward in the OHL, and while his frame is ok, he will likely never be physically dominant in the NHL at just over 6 feet tall, and it will take some time to adjust his game accordingly.

    2) He hasn't taken a huge step forward in his progression in a long time. His first year in the OHL was his best in terms of Goal scoring, and while his assists have increased, it is a little misleading because he is not an elite playmaker, he is just getting many more assists because his team has improved so much that they finish on the chances he creates. Also, when you look at him compared to other players, his progression hasn't been impressive. Two years ago he was far better than Nazem Kadri, and Tyler Seguin hadn't even made the OHL yet, last year, he was still clearly better than both, but the gap had closed. This year, I would argue that both were playing better hockey since Christmas onward. Considering how great he was early in his career, he has seemingly been caught by players who aren't projected to be as good. I know in Kadri's case that he is right around the age where players take a big jump forward in their development, but I still think it is worth pointing out that Hall hasn't been as dominant as many projected him to be a few years ago.

    3) Finally, at the WJC tournament, while he was very good, he didn't stand out as much as is seemed he should have. He wasn't our most impressive forward, and there were several wingers in the tournament that really seemed more impressive.

    So, all in all, I really think Seguin will be the better player. That's not to say that I think Hall will be a bust, just I don't see him as a true franchise player. However, this could be more good luck for the bruins, because this means there is a good chance that even though they have the number two pick, they will still end up with the highest ranked and overall best player.

    I think the big difference is going to be that most scouts feel that Hall is more NHL ready, while Seguin will need another year of Junior, and that May prompt Edmonton to take Hall in order to give their fans something to be immediately excited about.

    Finally, getting Seguin could be better for the bruins in other ways as well. Being deep down the middle is never a bad thing, especially when a couple of your centers are also good wingers. Also, I wonder if this makes Joe Colbourne a little expenable, he could be a great asset the Bruins could use to obtain a good defensmen, or solid scoring winger.

  14. leafmeister says:

    I would bet my house that Murray would not send Spezza to Toronto, and Burke would not send the assets needed to acquire Spezza to Ottawa. I would not send them Schenn or Kadri, and obviously not Kessel or Phaneuf, so aside from Kaberle, they wouldnt really want anything we have.

  15. TmLeafan says:

    No I do not want Spezza the giveaway king on the Leafs at all. 

    He has proven throughout his career he cant get it done and is not a guy to build a team around. Theres no doubt he has skill but he has never really impressed me. And if your getting 7 million a season you better be THE guy. 
    No thanks Id rather develop Kadri who seems to be a more complete player.
  16. TmLeafan says:

    The positive thing about the Leafs right now is that they have no bad contracts, with the exception of Finger.  Giguere is overpaid but only for one more year and I suppose Komisarek is overpaid but if he is its only by about .5-1 mil a season.

    Id like to see the Leafs go after Bertuzzi in free agency.  Maybe a 1 year deal at 2 million.  As there are no players we can really sign this summer that can make a solid impact long-term why not bring in a veteran guy? There is no risk involved in a deal like this because its only for 1 year, if it doesnt work out we are no worse off, we either choose not to resign him or deal him at the next deadline for a mid round pick. It would only be a temporary solution but I think its worth a shot because he is big and has good hands around the net.  Something I think we are lacking and will help our PP a lot.  
  17. leafmeister says:

    At the right price, Spezza would be a good acquisition. He is overpaid, and he does give the puck away, but if we played him with Kessel, and a two way, pucking digger like Kulemin, he would be dynamite. I wouldnt give up any good young assets to acquire him though.

  18. cam7777 says:

    That's not the kind of return Spezza would garner anyways.  He has a NMC kicking in, and if they're trading him, that's the reason why, which means they have a significant disadvantage in trade talks.  I'm not really interested in Spezza either, but no one in the league is going to be tossing Kadri's or Schenn's Ottawa's way.  I doubt Flames fans would even want to part with Backlund for Spezza.  No, you can look for a combination of roster players, and maybe a 1st round pick.  That contract is just too big of a risk for most teams in the league.

  19. Boston_Bruins says:

    Yeah good points although I think you have to give Hall a bit more credit for his progression and playmaking ability. You have to consider that as his team got so much better there are huge stretches in games where they're up so they ease up offensively. I don't have proof of that but it would make sense. Even then his point totals have progresed very nicely. As for playmaking he's actually a really good passer. From what I've seen he has pretty good creativity but tends to go it alone often so he doesn't really showcase that skill set.

    I've hear that Seguin can play all three forward positions effectively so I don't think it would be a big deal for the Bruins to take him. Colborne can play wing effectively too so I don't thing he's expendable.

  20. DannyLeafs says:

    I do think Hall has progressed, I just don't think it's been as big a step forward as many people had expected of him when he broke into the OHL. Several players have closed the gap, and I think the fact that he has lost the moniker of consensus number one pick is somewhat telling. I think a good comparison for Hall is Evander Kane. They are virtually the same age, and both played their first full season in the OHL in 2007-08. In that year Hall was the vastly superior player, but last year, Kane had a coming out party and put up better numbers on a weaker squad. Also, they are very similar players in terms of skill, style of play, and are even almost identical in size. This isn't meant to be a knock on Hall so much as a reference point, I think Kane will be a very good player, as will Hall, but people tend to have much too high expectations of a player if he can has a chance to be taken first overall. I see no reason to expect Hall to be much better than Kane.

    Also, it's not that I see Colborne as unnecessary, just that Boston already has a trio of playmaking centers on the team, and if they pick up seguin, I think it will mean they are likely going to move someone. Given the fact that they have 46 million committed to just 12 players for next year, they will have some tough decisions to make. The contracts they would want to shed are Thomas, Ryder, and possibly Wideman, but even if they shed all three, they still have 33 million committed to 9 players. I think it is evident that Chiarelli is going to have some tough decisions to make. It seems inevitable that he will have to try and deal away at lest one relatively new contract, and I think given the situation, he may find it tough getting full value on the contracts he wants to move. Personally, I think the bruins might be better off dealing Krejci, but many bruins fans have said they would never part with him.

    Either way, I was simply trying to imply that the addition of Seguin could make someone expendable, and allow the bruins to move a decent center to get a player that could be more valuable to their team. Also, the bruins could conceivably deal away their own firsts in this year and next year's draft, and still hold out hope of getting another good player, which could make it possible for them to really fine tune their roster for next year. I think it may become necessary to package unwanted salary in these deals, but it could be worth it in the long run.

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