U.S vs. Canada…who cares?

A long time ago someone drew this imaginary line in the dirt. If you live on one side of the line, your brother gets to go play in a sandbox in Iraq and beat up the other kids that play there and if you live on the other side of the line, you can pay ridiculous taxes and boo other National Anthems.I don’t think a day goes by where you can’t find someone on this website or another saying something like “screw Americans” or “Canadians are whiners”. Is it just me that finds this ridiculous? I can’t legitimately speak for Canadians on this issue, but I do know that on the south side of the border, people generally don’t really care. I cannot recall any time in my life when I had a discussion about how rude or ignorant or idiotic Canadians are. Why? Because EVERYONE is. It has nothing to do with what country you are from. I guess the old adage from our youth holds true. “It takes one to know one.”

So why is it, that we mainly hear this argument between Americans and Canadians? Why not between Americnas and Mexicans. Is it because we can’t understand each others language? I know alot of Europeans and Middle Easterners bash the US, but that is because our government is a bunch od selfish pricks and their foreign diplomacy has given all of us a bad name. In that case…hate our government, not our citizens. I do.

The issue that tends to bring this arguement up more than anything is sports. I always hear and see things like “Hockey…Canada’s great game!” Why can’t it just be a great game? Baseball and basketball were created in the US, but we tend to do whatever we can to endorse other countries to play these games. When was the last time someone told Larry Walker that he wasn’t a good baseball player or that he was what was wrong with baseball because he is Canadian. How about Steve Nash. I can’t recall anyone ever telling him Canadians are ruining the game of basketball and that they play dirty.

As a born and bred American citizen, all I can say is thank you Europe for introducing us to soccer. Thank you Ireland for introducing us to golf. Thank you Canada for introducing us to hockey. And thank you Mexico for introducing us to…Taco Bell. Now can we all just play and watch this and other great games without retarded and childish comments based on what side of an imaginary line we all live on.