U.S vs. Canada…who cares?

A long time ago someone drew this imaginary line in the dirt. If you live on one side of the line, your brother gets to go play in a sandbox in Iraq and beat up the other kids that play there and if you live on the other side of the line, you can pay ridiculous taxes and boo other National Anthems.I don’t think a day goes by where you can’t find someone on this website or another saying something like “screw Americans” or “Canadians are whiners”. Is it just me that finds this ridiculous? I can’t legitimately speak for Canadians on this issue, but I do know that on the south side of the border, people generally don’t really care. I cannot recall any time in my life when I had a discussion about how rude or ignorant or idiotic Canadians are. Why? Because EVERYONE is. It has nothing to do with what country you are from. I guess the old adage from our youth holds true. “It takes one to know one.”

So why is it, that we mainly hear this argument between Americans and Canadians? Why not between Americnas and Mexicans. Is it because we can’t understand each others language? I know alot of Europeans and Middle Easterners bash the US, but that is because our government is a bunch od selfish pricks and their foreign diplomacy has given all of us a bad name. In that case…hate our government, not our citizens. I do.

The issue that tends to bring this arguement up more than anything is sports. I always hear and see things like “Hockey…Canada’s great game!” Why can’t it just be a great game? Baseball and basketball were created in the US, but we tend to do whatever we can to endorse other countries to play these games. When was the last time someone told Larry Walker that he wasn’t a good baseball player or that he was what was wrong with baseball because he is Canadian. How about Steve Nash. I can’t recall anyone ever telling him Canadians are ruining the game of basketball and that they play dirty.

As a born and bred American citizen, all I can say is thank you Europe for introducing us to soccer. Thank you Ireland for introducing us to golf. Thank you Canada for introducing us to hockey. And thank you Mexico for introducing us to…Taco Bell. Now can we all just play and watch this and other great games without retarded and childish comments based on what side of an imaginary line we all live on.

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  1. nicmich says:

    Just for the record, not that anyone really cares but golf was invented in Scotland not Ireland. Anyway with the playoffs just around the corner lets talk about what this site is supposed to be about HOCKEY!!!!!! Everyone is entitled to their respective opinions which is what makes both countries so great. Also mikster your right Canada has way better beer. Now like I said before lets talk hockey!!!

  2. DG says:

    No it wasn’t. It was posted because it brought up the topic of whether or not nationality really affects the game of hockey. I knew that if I didn’t say anything like “please do not talk about the war” the article’s discussion would veer away from that original point of the article and to the war talk, which is not allowed here, and I posted the World Issues link to remind people of where that discussion is allowed. I do not care if people do not visit my World Issues Page: I just want to ensure proper discussion topics are raised here (i.e. hockey) and not disallowed topics (e.g. the war).


  3. DG says:

    You are allowed to talk about the war, just not here at HockeyTradeRumors.com


  4. Just-Checking-In says:

    Or what Saddam……

  5. Lucky13 says:

    The bad thing about posting comments on a website is that the true intention of a comment or idea can never be fully expressed in one statement. It was not my plan to leave people witht he idea that they cannot express their opinion about the war if they haven’t been in one. My intention was to ask people to not discuss the bravery or “good intentions” of the US in a war. It’s easy to sit on a couch, watch CNN and say that American troops are doing great things. But can you really state that without knowing exactly what goes on. Let’s say Americans have the right to choose. What about the soldiers that don’t beleive in the cause of this war? When I was in Iraq, I saw American troops treat Iraqi POW’s like absolute trash. Spitting on them, throwing stuff at them, kicking them, etc. These weren’t Iraqis that were killing Americans, these were iraqis that sought out Americans for the sole purpose of surrendering. They did nothing to us. So the next time someone says the American troops are brave, think about the many that are psychotic thugs.

  6. Just-Checking-In says:

    Let me say again, I have the utmost respect for what you did. As I said, I had seriously looked into the Marine Corps when I was in college and in the end, decided that career wise, I would be better off going to grad school. I respect those that did decide that the Corps was the life for them.

    I am sorry if I misinterpreted what your intentions were. You do seem overly sensitive or critical about somethings, but you have earned the right in my book to be ornary.

    Your pyschotic thug experience reminds me of something I heard when I was talking with the Marines. Back then while in college, besides the recruiters they would sort of team you up with some reservists or other people that were in the Corps to be buddy-buddy with until you have signed on the dotted line. They are supposed to “tell you what it is all about” since they are not recruiters.

    Well to make a long story short, the guy I was teamed up with was a Navy Corps man who was assigned to some type of Marine Recon unit or something since I guess every unit needs a corpsman when they go out on missions. Well one day while talking about the aspects of combat, he told me about some SAS guys they had met while training once. While swapping war stories someone mentioned that in the Falklands war someone had taken some Argentina prisioners and put them in a foxhole and then fired a anti-tank weapons into the foxhole to see what it would do.

    The point he was making to me at the time is that combat can bring out the best in people and it can also bring out the worst in people as well.

    Sorry if I bored you with some of this stuff. And again accept my apology if I stepped on your toes.

  7. DG says:

    I do not care if you do not like it. Rules are rules and you have to follow them even if you do not like it, and mikster and I (remember, I am DG under a different name) have explicitly stated that talk about the war here at HockeyTradeRumors.com is not allowed. Furthermore, the topic of discussion for the article- whether or not nationality has anything to do with hockey- has nothing to do with the war, so any talk of that would be off-topic.

    This isn’t a freedom of speech issue, if that’s what you are thinking. When you signed up here at HTR you agreed to certain rules, and one of them is that topics for discussion here at HTR deal with hockey only, and any outside topics should have something to do with hockey (e.g. a governmental law providing help to hockey teams). As of yet, the war has nothing to do with hockey (the games and broadcasts still go on as planned), so, unless you bring up something about the war ABOUT HOCKEY (like the players’ reaction and/or if a player, coach, General Manager, etc. has a sibling fighting in Iraq), you are not allowed to talk about it. Other Web Sites allow the talk (like my World Issues Page, a part of the HTR network, for instance): this is not one of them. Simply put, you signed a contract upon joining and you are obligated towards it, and one of the rules you are to follow here is to simply TALK HOCKEY and not the war.

    Mikster and I are not out to supress pro-war or anti-war talk- we’re just out to ensure that everyone here at HTR stays in line with the rules. That’s all. You have places to discuss the war- please use them and stay away from it here.

    As for the Saddam comment: you also have to treat everyone with respect, including an adminstrator like me. In fact, try using it on TradeMan and see how far that goes.

    The bottom line is that the rule is non-negotiable. Follow it and I will leave you alone.


  8. Just-Checking-In says:

    Maybe I just don’t care for your selective enforcement Dan.

    In your warning to me, I wasn’t even talking about the war in my post, yet in all 100+ responses in this article and I am the only one getting a warning?

    So maybe if you were more dilligent in your job, instead of just giving me a warning then maybe I would treat you with more respect. IN the meantime, get off your high-horse.

    Respect is something that is earned. You used to have mine. Because you are upset with me, you decide to come after me. Maybe you should also be using some of that respect you talk about on me.

    The fact is that you showed poor judgement in posting this article in the first place. This article has very-very little to do with hockey, is rift with statements that are falshpoints for people on this site, especially considering the known history of peoples opinions on this site. And is also racially offensive (“And thank you Mexico for introducing us to…Taco Bell.”)

    Yet YOU still decided to put it out there for general discussion.

    So maybe if you did your job of promoting hockey related discussions on this site and less trying to promote your world issues site we wouldn’t have these problems.

  9. DG says:

    I made a general comment to this article as a reply to the 100+ posts about the war, yet after making it, you decided to continue. You said “however who in the hell are you to say that I have NO room to talk about the situation” which, given the context, refers to the war. I didn’t just target you: I targeted everyone. Furthermore, I was aware of the article’s war reference, so I had to say something to steer conversation away from it. I knew that if I just said “no war talk” someone would say “okay, so where can I say something?”, so I provided the World Issues Page link. I didn’t do it to plug the page- I did it to provide an example of where the talk is allowed. Also, Mikster was the first to bring up the page for the war discussions, so I wasn’t the first.

    Perhaps there were a few errors in judgement and for that I apologize. Yet realize that you were not the only one targeted.


  10. zednik says:

    Too Much CNN there J:

    “Even your worst PPO/HMO is 100 times better than any of the Provincial Health Plans”

    Every Governing Body in the world has ranked our Health Care system Between 3-5 Yours Between 7-14. ANyone who is Canadian gets Healthcare, because its the human thing to do,

    Sure your basic OHIP plan is not as extensive as an added insurnce of a a Health plan,

    But what you are doing is comparing Apples to Oranges

    You are saying that your Paid Health Plans are better then our free ones?

    Well yeah,

    But your paid plans cover MUCH more then yours do, abd we pay less for that coverage then you do because the government eats some of it.

    So I fail to see where :

    “Even those without insurance have somethings better.” has any grounding.

    We have better uninsured coverage,

    and we have better Insurured coverage

    I would love for you to find me anyone in the world that is not an American that will back up the fact that the US has a Healthcare system that is within 4 spots of us on international ranks,

    So if you want to pick on us find something you have a chance in hell at winning,

    I have been in Toronto Hospitals as well as one in New York and in Chicago, don’t tell me for a second that your healthcare plan is anywhere near us, because I never saw someone almost bleed to death in the waiting room of a Canadian Hospital.


  11. zednik says:

    This infuriates most Canadians. No matter how good they are, or what they do, the mass public of the United States will simply ignore them. And for the most part, even though the Canadians feel ignored, deep down they know they are dependent upon them and it just infuriates them even more.

    COme on J you know me,

    You make it seems that Canada is at the mercy of the USA Economically and in some sences its true,

    86% of our trade goes through the US, but keep in mind 39% of your trade is with us and 54% of your indirect Trade is through us.

    We make your Cars,

    We Feed Your Masses,

    We Provide the Materials to Build your Homes.

    So from one Economist to one who knows Economics,

    I will be the first to tell you its a Gun to eachothers head rather then the big Bad American who can crush is with one stroke.

    The Trade Numbers may seem quite different I mean all things told we have a 30% higher dependency right???


    Not So Fast.

    Of the Trade we do with you 78% is Raw Materials and Base Goods? Stuff that we can unload on the world Market, where 67% of the Goods you Trade with us are Direct Goods. . . .

    Needless to say we would feel the bang worse, but we sure would pull out a hell of alot faster then you.

    So like I said pull this with the Kiddies that don’t know any better not with me.

    If you want to have it out over this bring it to the WOWforum, I’m not here enough to do this.


  12. zednik says:

    All the Patriotic Shit Aside,

    I don’t care who invented Hockey, or who’s Health Care system did what to who.

    If there a line in the sand,

    Sure, We think Americans are Ignorant, they think we are Passivists.

    The Anthems got booed,

    Look, I am Canadian and I was ashamed of it, I thought it was petty and small, just as petty and small as the Americans who are pouring our French and Germans Wines.

    Some not all on both sides are playing this out like idiots. but never the less its on BOTH sides of this “line”

    I think the best line of Luckys statement was this

    “Now can we all just play and watch this and other great games without retarded and childish comments based on what side of an imaginary line we all live on”

    Damn Straight.


  13. Just-Checking-In says:


    I am sorry, however you are in violation of HTR rules here. IF you had bothered to take the time to read the rules you would have realized that this is forbidden talk here and just plainly against the rules, so as a good upstanding citizen, I cannot condone your action here.

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