UFA Predicted Destinations

With less than 5 hours to go, here are my best guesses as to what’s going down

Nylander– Sadly, Nylander will leave the best situation of his career for more money, and will be overpaid by Philadelphia after the rest have passed the flyers by. Their disastrous last season will certainly scare away consistent winners like Gomez and Drury. Jagr should get some commision on this one.

Gomez– Usually, Shrewd GM Lou Lam gets what he wants, but Gomez’s worth seems to have been inflated this year and he’s gettin big dolla bills and New York City thrills when he crosses the river to become a Ranger.

Drury/Briere– Up until today I thought Drury’s eventual departure to L.A. or San Jose (my bet is he replaces Marleau) would keep Briere home. But it seems the million dollar snub the team gave when handing out a larger offer to Drury will send Danny into the waiting arms of Montreal. He could also be the team that misses out on Drury’s second choice.

Smyth– For the first time in his career, Smyth gets to choose where his loyalty will lie. This should be a very tough decision for the ultimate team player. Smyth’s giant heart may not net him the most money, but he will be the most widely sought after.

Blake– The Smyth situation may be unpredictable, but it will take ALOT for him to re-sign with the Isles. Long Island isn’t the hockey hotspot of Toronto and others, and is not close enough to contender status to attract players. If Blake doesn’t land in Toronto, Wang and Snow will do everything they can to salvage this off-season and resign Blake.

Kariya– Kariya has always been about the game and his team before the money. His Colorado experiment failed horribly and he found a great niche with the underdog Predators, who he was hoping to resign with. Instability has thrown that out the window. He could sign with the L.A. Kings, who’s speed, youth and unassuming personality are quite similar to Nashville. Has always been long rumoured to play for home town Vancouver, but Nonis has publicy stated they are hamstringed by the cap and will not be making free agent offers.

BertuzziDetroit hasn’t become the highly respected winning franchise they are today by making the rash knee-jerk decisions of other short-sighted GM’s. They will let Schneider walk for bigger money and after working out wether Lang or Slava Kozlov works their second line, they will sign Big Bert for a conservative contract. Todd won’t fetch any big offers, and has already stated he doesn’t want to move anymore.

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  1. kamullia says:

    Congratulations. I do not agree with all your destinations, but it is certainly an article written by having done homework and research, and that means a lot and more importantly, reflects sound choices as to the final destinations.

    Well done!

  2. Antero says:

    these are hardly predictions.
    i've seen the same thing said for about two weeks now on TSN.
    you just said exactly what they said.

  3. Hanna says:

    The billionaire Coyote owner, Jerry Moyes, 15% owner, Gretzky, "acting GM", Doug Moss, coffee boy, Maloney, will do their best, to keep Coyote salaries at the low, 34 mil. This desperate franchise will look to make up for the 30 mil. loss of last season, at the expense of their fanbase. My feeling, is that the Coyotes will be forced to relocate, as a result of another season of loss and apathy by Coyote brass. Estimated losses, are about 100 mil., oover the past five years.There will be no big name signings, despite the huge cap allowance for the Phoenix Coyotes. They use the "youth movement,"reuilding line, to justify their cheapness.

  4. Triple-B says:

    Briere – Montreal  7m 5 years (The curse is over !!!!!!)
    Bertuzzi – Montreal 3.5 m 1 year (between him and Ryder… I choose Bert)
    Zubrus – Montreal 2.5 m 3 years (he lives in montreal in the summer actually)
    Vishnevski – Montreal 2.5 m 2 years (good cheap defensive d-man)

    Souray – Bye Bye
    Ryder – Bye Bye  (via trade or let walk after arbitration)

    I know… I need a second cup of coffee…

  5. UsedandAbused says:

    I predict your wrong =P

  6. Triple-B says:

    That gives :


    I like it already…

    (Did I actually replied to myself ?  Wow.. where's that coffee ??? )

  7. ranger_fan says:

    Nylander – Washington

    Gomez – Rangers

    Briere – Montreal

    Drury – SJ

    Smyth – Leafs

    Blake – Bruins

    Kariya – Avalanche

    Bertuzzi – Thrashers

    Yashin – -Russia

    Hannan – Avalanche

    Forsberg – Sweden

    Rafalski – Bruins

    Preissing – Devils

  8. Ryderman says:

    Visnovsky is not a UFA he has a deal with the LA kings

  9. mmonex says:

    i don't think the bruins could pay for either blake and rafalski…blake will earned 4.5 and rafalski 6 + the 4 m of fernandez acquired today!!!  but i'm agree with your possible destination

  10. Triple-B says:

    Vishnevski…. NOT Visnovsky.. different player.

  11. jmarkow says:

    Nylander – NY Rangers

    Gomez – Flyers

    Drury – San Jose

    Briere – Buffalo

    Kariya – Anaheim

    Bertuzzi – Detroit

    Smyth – NY Islanders

    Blake – Minnesotta

    Yashin – Washington/Atlanta/Russia

    Souray – Montreal

    Rafalski – NY Rangers

  12. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I can't see how Mr. Snyder can let Briere get away after such a terrible year last year. Gomez wouldn't be too tough to take but Briere is the pick of the litter.

    My family has season tickets (since 1981) and we considered getting rid of them as the demand for them went WAY down last year – despite the loyalty of most Philly fans. Cooler heads prevailed despite the fact none of us live in Philly any more. They basically exisit for the playoffs for us. I know a lot of other Philly fans who also considered giving up their tickets for this year. Kimo and Hartnell changed that FAST. Briere would likely cement the deal for most ticket holders as well as drive people to their HDTVs to watch the Flyers this fall. Remember who owns the Flyers (comcast) and their motivations. 
    Lastly, Mr. Snyder isn't getting any younger than their may be NO owner more desporate to win a cup. They spent a TON to make a SOLID run before the lockout. Expect them to spend to the cap this season to regain the franchise pride.
  13. Falvai says:

    NHL information that is leaked and becomes rumour fodder is used by everyone, from Sportsnetworks such as TSN to websites such as this one we're using presently.  I offer my guess as to the players motivations that lead to those predicted destinations and an estimate of what those decisions will result in. 

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