UFA Signing

It appears the LA Kings have made a little splash in the FA market. They have gone and signed former Canuck Trent Klatt. Details of the contract have not been determined yet.


12 Responses to UFA Signing

  1. titans says:

    More depth at forward…this is what they need. Great move, I keep tellin ya Kings are gonna make a run next year!

  2. Hockey_Fan says:

    Fedorov is goin to be next for LA.

  3. MantaRay says:

    This is the type of player that LA is going to sign.

    NOT Federov. This was a smart acquistion.

  4. infoengine says:

    what line do u think he’ll play. What kind of player is he. Can someone tell me?

  5. Blakefan says:

    Probably on the third line with Lappy & Avery. Wow, what a gritty aggressive line that will be!!!

  6. aaron says:

    Good signing by the Kings. Setting themselves up to possible challenge Dallas for the Pacific (though they still need to sign Robitaille and one more forward…maybe a defenseman to round their d corp out).

  7. angryjew says:

    the kings already have a third line with lappy/avery/belanger.klat is not better than belanger so he will not take his place on the third line.

  8. angryjew says:

    This is a bad pickup for the kings. the kings need a scorer not another gritty player. they already have to many gritty players

  9. golakings says:

    It’s a good signing because the kings added depth. But, the kings have to sign lucky Luc and sign a top 2 line forward. By the way people who say the kings need to sign a defenseman don’t know that the kings have 2 youngsters that have a shot at making the team next year. (Grebeshov and Gleason).

  10. regdunlop says:

    One more gritty player that doesn’t score is not what the Kings need. They need goals!!! They need at least Robitaille and someone else to round out the top two lines

  11. Aetherial says:

    I like it. Teams need players like this.

    I agree they need more scoring… if not Fedorov, what about a Nieuwendyk or Whitney?

    About Robitaille, I know he has always played his best hickey in LA and I am sure he would like to finish his career there. I just wonder if he has enough left in the tank to contribute significantly anymore?

  12. Blakefan says:

    It has now been reported that Klatt will play on line#1 with Allison & Deadmarsh or line #2 with Palffy and Stumpel. Look in the July 8, 2003 L.A. Times Do you think he is Good enough to be on either of those lines I don’t. He is not that good. hHe has played 12 seasons in some 700 games and only has 126 goalsthat amounts to a half a goal a game and he should be on the top two lines give me a break!!! Third line or checking lin ok but not the top two lines.

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