Ultimate Pool Preview 2008-09? IT'S HERE!!

Hey, this is a page to let you download the 2008-09 ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW.

Go inside to get your hands on the 2008-09 UPP!
Download Link to the ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW file

WOW! that was something!


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Marco Normandin
UPP Creator/Founder

37 Responses to Ultimate Pool Preview 2008-09? IT'S HERE!!

  1. Air33 says:

    Wow, I'm very impresses! You guys must have put a lot of work into it and it shows.

    I was just wondering how to sort the "Ratio: Pts. Cap" column. I'm not that great with Excel…

    Well thanks for this amazing tool!

  2. leaffaninva says:

    Wow a great tool – thanks

    Will HTR be hosting another Fantasy Hockey pool this year?

  3. Aetherial says:

    No sarcasm intended here but…

    If you aren't that great with Excel, I would not do what you are trying to do.

    The reason is that that page in particular has a lot of pretty complex formulae. If you sort, and don't manage to sort everything, then you will completely mess up the sheet.

    If you *must* do it… do the following:

    Try could-clicking the Points / Cap Ratio heading. (not sure if WPrager put this function in that sheet).

    If this doesn't work…

    Copy the UPP to some other file name. (this is a must).
    Select Tools –> Protection –> Unprotect sheet, password is "htr".
    Hilight ALL the player rows and ALL the columns up to, and including, column Z. (this is CRITICAL).

    Click Data –> Sort, and choose how you want it sorted.

    If you find the formulae is screwed up or the sheet is not working, delete it, re-copy your backup, and try again with your backup.

  4. Aetherial says:

    In the steps above, select the columns all the way to column AA instead as column z is hidden.

  5. Aetherial says:

    First link has hit the download limit…

  6. leafy says:

    This is amazing!  A gold mine of information.  And you've also pooled together all the media predictions into one summary prediction for each team and player.  Great job.

  7. leafy says:

    When opening the Excel file, there's a prompt asking whether we should allow/disable the macro.

    Is the macro essential for this file to run properly, or can we disable it?  Would the file run properly if the macro is disabled?

    Obviously if given a choice, it's better to run the file without a macro to reduce the risk for virus infection.  Thoughts?

  8. ty656789 says:

    anyone else having trouble downloading this???? I've tried all 3 links a few times today from different computers and it keeps telling me they've reached the download limit. Is there another link? Thanks in advance for any help.

  9. Bure96 says:

    The download limit is full in the 3rd one.

  10. leafy says:

    Has anybody been checking the sister website, http://www.wowhockey.com?

    Well, somebody who claims he knows Steve Stamkos personally says that Stamkos told him he wants to play for the Leafs!  He goes on to say that he would sign an offer sheet with the Leafs in 3 years when he's an RFA.

    Yeah, very nice.  But the problem is that Tampa has the right to match, which almost certainly puts an end to that dream.  But it's still nice to dream.

  11. leafy says:

    Oh, and by the way, some real cement-heads on that wowhockey website.  I cannot believe the bullshit comments I've been reading the past few weeks.

    I quickly realized why I hang around the HTR site instead.  The contributors are WAY more knowledgeable.  I'm dead serious.

  12. BruMagnus says:

    ALL THE LINKS have reached the d/l limit!
    I need a new link by tomorrow morning!!

  13. Radio says:

    If you upload to ysi again you should preface all links with


    that way it effectively ignores the download count.

  14. Air33 says:

    Sweet it worked.

    I joined a salary cap league and the draft is soon so this will make it much easier to find the best bargains.


  15. Hockey_Insider says:

    Wow, well I'm sure if he "knows" Stampkos, then he'll know he's a very well rounded type of kid, he's got values, and is probably gunna be in Tampa for a very long time. If he really wanted to be in T.O that much, then why not pull a Lindros? There's just no sense to that, although it would be amazing to see Stampkos in blue and white, but no.

  16. wprager says:

    The macros are there to allow you to double-click on a column heading to sort, or on a player's name to link to his TSN profile page (Players and Goalies pages only). 

    It's also what drives the UPP splash screen.

  17. wprager says:

    BruMagnus, the e-mail you have listed doesn't work.  I tried sending the file (1meg zipped), then just a quick note, and both bounced back. 

  18. Aetherial says:

    stastny, malkin, alfredsson, Price, Osgoode, Backstrom, Pomminville, Frolov, Parise, Burns, Cammalleri,

  19. Aetherial says:

    meaning that it is not necessary to see the statistics, but if you want to use the features of the sheet then enable them.

    WPrager didn't program any viruses into it 🙂

  20. Kramer says:

    My comments keep getting deleted.  Somebody hates me.

  21. wprager says:

    Yeah, unlike *some* people, I didn't password-protect the macros eithr, so you're free to look and see that there is no virus code there (and you can look at the code without enabling macros).

  22. Lint07 says:

    …or your act is getting old.

    who knows? 🙂

  23. Hockey_Insider says:

    Yeah Kramer, spice it up a bit and use some variety lol. Not sure how you use variety though when your writing random, yet entertaining (sometimes) stuff though :S.

  24. BruMagnus says:

    thanks for trying!

  25. BruMagnus says:

    You guys have all done a fantastic job yet again. Kudos! And thank you very much. Your Guide has really helped me in the past win 3 of 4 pools. If it helps make it 5 this year, I'll finally donate some money. 🙂 Also, if you want to hire me to write articles, let me know.

    Lastly, one suggestion.

    I LOVE what you do with the past 3 years' stats, but there is ONE glaring omission. 3 year PPG average. 3 year points average doesn't tell the story (completely). I know it says a player may be injury prone, but that's why having PPG alongside with it (for the 3-year tally) would be great. That way a guy like Zetterberg or Gaborik looks more attractive.

  26. flamingsenator says:

    yello yello….

    are u guys going to be hosting another pool?????

  27. Gtthouas says:

    Where is Ovechkin on the Cap Team Planner tab?

    Not sure how much I trust the sheets when players like Ovechkin are missing!

  28. Lint07 says:

    he's there.
    simply scroll down, he's playing LW.

    Not sure I trust YOU if you didn't know that by now. get your fact straight, buddy. 😉

  29. Aetherial says:

    We will try to remember to add this, not problem.

    You could add in a column yourself and do the calculation since there is a 3 yr. pts. and a 3-year Gams played average already there 🙂

  30. Radio says:

    How come I can't sort stats by highest to lowest?

    For example, Supporting Stats —> K value = Ice Time

    Can't sort by most to least ice time….what gives…?

  31. Radio says:

    Must be my inability to use Excel. Ay well.

    The UPP came in handy @ today's draft. I picked LAST tho, FFS >_>
    At least I got Datsyuk.

  32. Aetherial says:

    I dbl clicked the ice time heading and it worked for me.

    How many in your pool? Did you get to make two picks for picking last… i.e. First to Last, then Last to First, then First to Last etc.

  33. Radio says:

    God damn…I went to doa  reply, but then it erased itself.

    Anyway…yeah I got 10th + 11th pick:

    1. (10) Pavel Datsyuk C
    2. (11) Henrik Lundqvist G
    3. (30) Marc Savard C
    4. (31) Patrick Kane RW
    5. (50) Alexei Kovalev RW
    6. (51) Henrik Sedin C
    7. (70) Zach Parise LW
    8. (71) Teemu Selanne RW
    9. (90) Martin Gerber G
    10. (91) Vaclav Prospal LW
    11. (110) Kristian Huselius LW
    12. (111) Daniel Carcillo LW
    13. (130) Mark Streit D
    14. (131) Duncan Keith D
    15. (150) Patrice Bergeron C
    16. (151) Ryan Suter D
    17. (170) Martin Erat RW

  34. Aetherial says:

    WTF with Bergeron going that late, and Erat also?

    Wow. I know Bergeron is a risk, but still he is supposed to be healthy no?

  35. BruMagnus says:

    The other people in the pool must have been idiots to let you pick these guys at such great times. Sedin out of the top 50? Insane.

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