Union Being Broken Today?

I am not sure if I am seeing things or not but the scuttlebutt with Eklund and his sources (including a Detroit radio station, WXYT) say that a faction of players are trying to undo the unthinkable acts of yesterday. The radio station is reporting that Brendan Shanihan couldn’t comment on what is going on right now for fear of getting in the way of what was going on.

Notice the dates for the buildings have yet to be released?

Kevin Greenstein at InsideHockey.com said eloquently today that “at 11:00 AM yesterday, when Bob Goodenow realized no more offers were coming from the league, he did his players a disservice by not accepting the owners offer and getting on with the game of hockey” Kevin is DEAD right. How can any player sit in front of a fan like you and I and say “On my share of a 42 million dollar cap – I can’t make ends meet?” It is a direct insult to the people who earn the income to be able to afford the five figure per year investment it takes to own season tickets to an NHL team.

My guess on what is going on right now is that JR, Pronger, Yzerman and Iginla are mounting an effort along with many other players to undo what happened yesterday and to save the game from itself as well as to save the players hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenues from the season being canceled. I wish them luck.

Bettman has reason to listen to a player offer. He can save his owners BILLIONS of dollars in overall team value. He can save what is left of his NBC TV deal. And most importantly, he can DESTORY his enemy, Bob Goodenow. Is it legal for the players to break from the union and negotiate on their own? I am not sure. Nor do I care. If 70 percent of the players came back, we all will welcome the new faces to our team along with the reported radical rule changes designed to open up the game.

Something is brewing. I have not given up hope on this year’s season. Assault me if you must but I have stuck with my stance and I am STILL sticking with it. I think this deal is still going down.