Unions Ruin Christmas & NHL SeasonUnions Ruin Christmas And Possibly The NHL


I was lucky. My flight from Philly to Phoenix on USAIR (a cochair flight for one leg of a flight I booked on United) got canceled thus United rebooked me and my girlfriend weeks ago on a flight on United through Denver en route to Phoenix yesterday. Thousands of other travelers got hosed and many are still hosed.

WHY you may ask? The reason is USAIR, a crappy airline under the best of cir*****stances who has been on the verge of going chapter 7 for months now, had their union workers call in “sick” in unusually large numbers.

Anyone else getting sick of union workers acting in ways that are destructive? When USAIR goes out of business, these union workers will be unemployed yet they act in ways to guarantee that they have no job. They act in a way that is synchronized and designed to make you and me suffer. They additionally insult the hard working union workers who actually take pride in their work.

Does this situation remind you of anything we have been discussing for the last 101 days? As a capitalist first and a social liberal second, I would like to see more and more unions broken. If the NHLPA has to be the next on the list then so be it. I can’t decide who is more greedy and selfish – NHL players or these airline workers. Ultimately, we might learn to live with out both of them.

And as the icing on the cake, 17 year old phenom, Sid Crosby, was quoted on TSN.CA saying that next year that he wants to play in the NHL. It has been his dream and he will likely play. Guess what – the league will welcome you with open arms. So will TV. So will Madison Avenue. The only people who wont will be Bill Guerrin, Vincent Damphouse, Trevor Linden and Bob Goodenow. And buddy, if you play your cards right in your first year – you will be able to buy and sell them before you can buy them a beer.