Unsettling Times for Leafs

With a full lineup last night the Leafs did not look impressive. What needs to be done? Is this a playoff bound team? Is making the playoffs and probably being defeated in the first round of prime importance or is positioning yourself for next year and beyond the proper focus?

Lets look at the position JFJ is in:

Sundin is 35

does he continue to build around him or move him to a Calgary or a Colorado? He will never be more valuable than he is now?

McCabe turned down $5.2 for each of 4 years?

if he is not going to sign then lets get assets back now. There are UFA defensemen available on July 1. Trade him and resign him back maybe.

Belfour had more value a month ago. Now he’s a marginal prospect or 3rd rounder at best.

Allison has value to a contending team.

Klee has value to a contending team.

Remember however that this is a weak draft year and our answers don’t lie there. After the top 10 its a crapshoot. Even moreso this year.