Unsettling Times for Leafs

With a full lineup last night the Leafs did not look impressive. What needs to be done? Is this a playoff bound team? Is making the playoffs and probably being defeated in the first round of prime importance or is positioning yourself for next year and beyond the proper focus?

Lets look at the position JFJ is in:

Sundin is 35

does he continue to build around him or move him to a Calgary or a Colorado? He will never be more valuable than he is now?

McCabe turned down $5.2 for each of 4 years?

if he is not going to sign then lets get assets back now. There are UFA defensemen available on July 1. Trade him and resign him back maybe.

Belfour had more value a month ago. Now he’s a marginal prospect or 3rd rounder at best.

Allison has value to a contending team.

Klee has value to a contending team.

Remember however that this is a weak draft year and our answers don’t lie there. After the top 10 its a crapshoot. Even moreso this year.

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  1. GoalJudge says:

    I agree with dealing McCabe, but is there interest. To deal for him now is dangersous because he is well known across the league and is also known for being a fan favourite in T.O. So it is unlikely that a team is willing to accept him if they don’t think they can sign him to a long term deal (where is there guarentee, if he won’t sign where he is loved, why would he sign where he is new). This really makes him hard to move to any team unless he is the one piece of the puzzle that they are looking for. Anything in return is nice, if it is youth.

    I’d like a deal with Calgary because they have been reportedly looking for a #1 blueliner and PPQB, which McCabe has been. Plus the have Defensive depth so we could get good solid prospects in return. I have been is disarray the last couple of days since the olympics, hoping for some changes to come but are now reportedly not going to happen. I for one am on the side of rebuilding, look what happened last time, we signed a top coach (quinn, at the time) made a lot of splashes in the market and rebuilt fairly quickly cause we had the will. Now the Quinn era looks to be over (hopefully) and we can get some fresh legs under us.

    But the fact remains, not many people are interested right now, and not much is going to happen until the summer. As for tanking the season and going forward to the draft heres a little statistical observation. the leafs are 3pts out of 8th, yes, but they are also only 5pts out of 13th, which does put them in the top 10 draft picks for the year, maybe even a shot at top 5 or higher come draft day deals. They can get some value added to kick off the guarenteed retooling that will happen this summer.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but something tells me come deadline day I amy be right, and most definitely heartbroken, again.

  2. Hoondog2 says:

    players to keep

    SUNDIN- Yzerman type player (without the cups). Great Leader. Keep him to show the young guys what class looks like. Will always produce and his contract gets smaller each year.

    LINDROS- his injury made it hard to gauge his year- could probably get him cheap for 1 more year, and might do better with more ice time as a #2 center

    TUCKER- future captain

    PONIKAROVSKY- good young power forward

    KILGER- good young power forward

    O’NEILL- give him regular line mates and see what he does.

    ANTROPOV- This year was his last chance- I dont think he has looked bad- is still tradeable

    STEEN – the future

    WELLWOOD- ” “

    STAJAN – ” “


    KABERLE- good defenseman are hard to come by.

    McCABE- sign him on- good team player and leader, he is still young and will mature defensively.

    COLAIACOVO- I haven’t seen a Leaf throw an open ice hit like this guy in a long time, huge upside

    PILAR- could be back next season

    HARRISON – ready for the NHL

    KRONWALL – ” “




    POGGE – Goaltending future looks good

    RASK –


    Fill in roster with good free-agents (plenty available).


    players to lose

    Berg, Khavanov, Klee, Czerkawski, Belak, Domi, Allison, Belfour- trade them for whatever you can get for them, because they’re all free agents at seasons end anyways.


    Fire Quinn, bring up Maurice from farm- he knows the young guys and Quinn is’nt good with young guys.

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